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Crystal Meets the teen Lesbians
Kristina and Jenny were high school juniors and had lesbian lovers ever since they first met while they were freshmen. Kristina was a very petite Brunette with small perky breasts and big brown eyes that appeared to search your soul when she looked at you. Jenny was a natural Blonde and although weighed twenty pounds more than Kristina she was very fit. Jenny was somewhat tall for a woman, being five foot nine and towered over the five foot two Kristina. They wanted a soft core video taken of the two of them while they made out and placed an ad on craigslist. Crystal saw the ad and thinking it would be the ideal way to get her next victims, she replied using one of the libraries computers. Crystal knew the law could trace a computer’s IP address and locate any computer with little effort. The local library had ten computers that anyone could use at anytime as long as one was free. In her reply she told them she was a professional videographer but would be willing to do this free of charge but she would be out of town until the next morning but would check her email then. She also told them if they wanted to go ahead and email a time and place to meet and talk it would save time.

After a short introductory conversation, Kristina and Jenny felt comfortable around Crystal and agreed to follow her back to the cabin to shoot the video. Crystal had plans to go ahead and let the girls make out and do the video before enslaving them. It would make a nice primer video to send to her clients for a nominal fee, knowing they would then be eager to see more of these two high school girls being tortured and eventually snuffed. Crystal enjoyed having her cabin twenty minutes outside of town and on this trip heading home she fingered her cunt and had a nice orgasm thinking of the young girls and how hot they looked. Crystal loved performing oral sex on other women and this time it would twice as special as she’ll see first hand how excited the girls got while she video them willingly. All of her oral sex with Sara had been against Sara’s will and she never got to see just how sexually charged the girl could be.

To begin the video Kristina and Jenny were dressed in nothing but baby doll nighties with no bra or panties and sitting at the foot of Crystals lacy king sized bed. They began by kissing each other passionately while cupping each other’s faces in their hands. Their young sweet tongues probing each other’s mouth as their fingers slowly slide down and caress their heaving breasts. Jenny’s hand easily covered Kristina’s small breast but Kristina’s small hand could only encircle about half of Jenny’s more ample but firm breast. Zooming in on them, Crystal encouraged the girls to push the satin fabric back and expose their naked breasts to the camera. Moaning softly and never breaking their kiss, the girls slowly fall back on the bed and as Jenny’s leg covers Kristina’s, Crystal felt a warm glow between her own thighs as Jenny’s firm round naked as became exposed. Jenny began to run her leg up and down Kristina’s, causing her ass globes to move and Crystal would catch sight of her small brown asshole peeping out. The girls continued this foreplay for quite some time and as the continued to stroke each other’s breasts and Jenny’s leg caressed Kristina’s, Crystal could see the wetness forming on both girls steamy cunts.

Keeping true to their original plan of keeping the video soft porn the teens never did perform either oral or fingering of each other’s cunts. With Crystals direction Kristina and Jenny did replace their baby doll nighties with bra and panties. Crystal also had them put heels on and suggested they walk to her gazebo and while sipping wine she would take still photos of them. Posing seductively while kissing and sipping the wine Kristina and Jenny let Crystal direct them in posed positions as she clicked away with the camera. Crystal had the girls sit on the wicker loveseat and kiss while placing hands on each other’s breasts. Their hands began to fall down each other’s bodies and their heads appeared to begin to nod and Crystal knew the drug she put in the wine was taking effect. While the drug took full control, Crystal opened the door to the chamber and brought the rolling table to the entrance to strap Jenny to. Once Jenny was secured on the table, Crystal dragged Kristina to the nearest cell and placed her inside.

While the teens were unresponsive due to the drugs, Crystal had given them exams and found out both of the 16 year old girls still had their hymens intact. With Jenny strapped to the table naked and in a spread eagle pose, Crystal set up the Versa Fuk machine. This machine was designed where you could attach different length and diameter sized dildos to use to fuck yourself or in this case a strapped down person. The factory specifications was set where you could control the speed from 50 thrusts per minute up to 300 thrusts and penetration from 3 inches to 7 inches. Although the speed adjustment suited Crystal fine, she wanted the thrust to go up to 15 inches and had it modified to do so. Crystal knew if she started with the dildo at the victims opening she could have it penetrate the body up to 15 inches, however, if she started with the dildo already inside the full 8 inch length then she would be able to penetrate her victim a total of 23 inches and that should be more than enough to accomplish her task. She did have a number of dildos ranging from 7 inches in length and 2 inch in diameter to 12 inches in length and 5 inches in diameter. Since Jenny was a virgin and also since the beginning of her torture Crystal felt compassion and pushed the 7 inch dildo inside the girls cunt about 2 inches and set the machine so it would fuck her at 75 thrusts per minute and penetrating her another 4 inches. With everything set in place, Crystal went to the cell and sucked and licked Kristina’s cunt until the girls began to revive.

After the usual initial screaming and cursing once her victim come to and a couple well placed fists into their stomachs Jenny and Kristina calmed down and only cried as the realized no matter how much they screamed or threatened this matronly young woman they trusted was not going to release them. Watching her friend from the confines of her cell, Kristina winched when her friend screamed in pain when the machine initially ripped through her hymen and was fucking her with a total of six inches of hard rubber cock thrusting into her more rapidly. When Jenny’s screams turned to moans of pleasure, Crystal increased the speed to 100 thrusts per minute and the penetration from 4 to 7 inches. With the full forward thrust shoving into Jenny a total of 9 inches now, her screams of pain returned and Crystal looked directly into her eyes and told her it was just the beginning. The blood covered dildo thrusting in and out of Jenny’s cunt was so beautiful to Crystal so she decided to make Kristina lick it as it contined to fuck her lesbian friend. When Kristina refused to lick the bloody dildo, Crystal punched her in the mouth then snapped her head back while gripping her hair, she forced Kristina to swallow her own blood. “If you don’t want to lick you blood then I’ll make you swallow your’s you fucking bitch” Crystal spat at Kristina as she slammed her face into the table, knocking out five more teeth and opening up both lips. “You ready to do as told?” Crystal asked Kristina as she pushed the girls battered face into the driving dildo. Holding her head fast against Jenny’s cunt and the driving dildo, the hard rubber cock was tearing more of Kristina’s flesh from her lips and gums. “Lick it bitch, lick her cunt and taste her blood, or I’ll drive this dildo in you mouth and out the back of your fucking skull” Crystal told the crying but obedient child. Keeping the penetration at the same level for now, Crystal increased the speed of thrusts to 150 per minute, not so much for Jenny’s benefit but more to tear more of Kristina’s flesh from her lips to teach her to keep her mouth shut and do exactly as told. When Crystal finally shut the machine down, Jenny’s cunt was so wet from involuntary multiple orgasms and over a third of Kristina’s lips were torn away. Putting Kristina back in the cell and locking the door, Crystal returned to the table to take care of her own lesbian lust. Crystal licked and sucked as much cum from Jenny’s raw cunt that she could reach and then used her fingers to withdraw more of the young sweet cum out of the girls cunt and licked her fingers clean repeatedly. Fingering herself to orgasm as she ate the 16 year olds cum, Crystal was about to complete her most satisfying first day ever and knew she would sleep well that night.

Jenny let Crystal lead her back to her cell without so much as a whimper of protest and Crystal was surprised she was so docile but it was refreshing. As Crystal walked by Kristina’s cell however, she started running her mouth again and told Crystal to unlock the door and she’d kick her ass all over. Crystal unlocked the door and as soon as she opened it, she landed a boot toe in Kristina’s chest, knocking the wind out of her and probably broke a rib or two. While still gasping for breath, Crystal picked the petite 16 year old hellcat up by the hair and with her free hand, punched her in the stomach until Kristina coughed up everything she ate the last 12 hours along with a dose of blood. Dropping her to the floor Crystal told Kristina she had ten minutes to clean up the vomit or she would break every bone in the bitch’s body. Handing her a rag, a flat piece of cardboard and a small waste can, Crystal turned on her heels and left. I’ll teach the little bitch good tonight, Crystal mumbled to herself as she went to the locked cabinet and retrieved a bottle of wine. Once Kristina had the cell cleaned up, Crystal told her to swallow the pill and drink the glass of wine. Evidently the kick in the chest and punches to her stomach mellowed her out and she done as told.

Crystal saw at least 8 homeless men milling around by the old abandoned factory. Crystal went on down the road then turned around and headed back but with her headlights off so not to be noticed. Kristina sitting in the back seat dressed only in bra and panties and drugged. The sedative will keep her from fleeing but she’ll still feel the men as the rape her. Dragging her out of the car by her hair, Crystal told Kristina she was free to go and handed her a flash light. Instinctively Kristina walked towards the fire where the homeless men were and as Crystal figured when they saw the young girl, almost naked they were all over her. In the darkness, Crystal doubt if the men even noticed Kristina’s mouth was busted pretty bad and all they wanted was to fuck this young thing. Crystal mounted the video on a tripod so it would capture everything as she eased her way closer to the group so she could hear Kristina’s pleas. While one filthy homeless man held her shoulders to the ground another one, ripped Kristina’s panties off and without any formalities shoved his nasty six in cock up the virgin’s cunt. As Kristina tried to scream, the man holding her shoulders punched her in the face twice before Kristina was knocked unconscious. Grunting and thrusting his hips the man savagely pummeled Kristina’s young tight cunt. In less than two minutes he finished and deposited a load of his inside her. All eight men fucked Kristina one right after the other and once she came to, one would have his cock in her mouth, making her gag and puke but stopping her from screaming. After the eighth man brutalized her young cunt, Crystal thought they were done and would head back to their shelter inside the factory. To her amazement, one man flipped Kristina over onto her stomach and announced to the other bums that he was going to rape her little ass and shove her shit deep with his eight inch cock. Lifting her head from the dirt, he forced Kristina to suck until he was nice and wet. Crystal’s fingers was dripping wet from fingering her steaming cunt as the old nasty bum drove Kristina’s body into the ground as he fucked her ass while pulling her head back almost to the point Crystal thought he might break her neck. Crystal was about to put an end to it, not wanting the girl dead, when the man shot his load inside Kristina and pulled his cock from her ass and wiped it off in her hair. Before another man could attack Kristina Crystal was back at her car and after starting it up she turned on the headlights and turned into the factory’s lot. The homeless men scattered and left Kristina lying there, cunt and asshole stretched and raw, and scratches over ninety percent of her body from being driven into the ground as they took turns on her.

By the time Crystal got Kristina back to the chamber and hosed her off with the garden hose, the sedative was wearing off. Looking Crystal in the eye, Kristina pleaded with her to let her sleep and promised from that point on she would do what she was told and when she was told without any backtalk. Taking her word for it, Crystal told her to lie down and get some rest and they would talk more in the morning. Going to Jenny’s cell, Crystal ordered her to come to Kristina’s and told her to suck all the nasty cum from her lover’s ass and cunt. Seeing Kristina’s bruised and battered body, Jenny crawled to her friend and lick and ate all the cum she could from Kristina’s cunt and ass, before being put back in her cell and locked up for the night.

Kristina and Jenny stayed on all fours as directly while Crystal put collars and leashes on them and led them outside and made them use the bathroom outside like dogs. The girls licked each other’s cunt lips to clean them then obediently crawled back to the chamber and waited for further instructions. After having their breakfast served in dog dishes the girls ate every bite and drank their water while Crystal prepared for the morning session. In the quiet of the chamber any talking is amplified and when Crystal heard Kristina tell Jenny she’s going to try to get away later that day, Crystal’s entire body tensed up and she wanted to just kill Kristina and get it over with. Ushering them back into their cells, Crystal went through their hand bags and found Kristina’s phone. Hitting fast dialing number one marked home Crystal waited for an answer. When a woman answered Crystal inquired if she was Kristina’s mother and when she confirmed she was Crystal put her plan in motion. Convincing Kristina’s mother that her daughter was fine but had her car broke down her mother agreed to come and pick her up. Not wanting to take a chance she would have a friend or someone with her she told Kristina’s mother she would meet her at a particular intersection and led her the rest of the way. Kristina’s mother was alone so Crystal led her to the cabin and told her Kristina and her friend was down by the Gazebo. When Kristina’s mother saw her daughter’s car with the hood up she thanked Crystal for all she done and followed her to the chamber. As soon as they entered the room, her mother shrieked as she saw Kristina and Jenny locked up like animals. As quickly as the mother shrieked, Crystal ran the knife into her back and twisted, dropping the woman to the floor like a bag of rocks. Lying there writhing in pain, Crystal looked at Kristina and told her it was all her fault her mother had to die. “I heard you tell Jenny you were going to break free today and that’s after you promised me you would do every thing you were told” Crystal said with so much venom in her voice that it really frightened Kristina. Grabbing Kristina’s mother’s hair, Crystal raised her head and slit her throat. As the blood spewed forth and the woman’s eyes went blank, Crystal once again asked Kristina if she got the message. Talking to your mother, I know you have a younger sister and brother and of course there’s your dad, and as you now know, I have no trouble with disposing of people.

Watching Kristina over the next several hours as she rambled to herself and seemed one the edge of shock, Crystal knew the secret to keeping Kristina in line until she was done with her. Kristina didn’t respond to pain and torture to herself, but it was destroying her watching other’s she loved being tortured or killed. Crystal hummed happily to herself knowing she could mold Kristina like a piece of clay and she had the catalyst in the next cell. Taking Kristina from her cell, Crystal tied her in upright position to a hand cart. Bringing the heavy wooden chair over and placing it within three feet of Kristina, Crystal strapped Jenny to the chair paying special attention making sure both hands were immobile. Taking Kristina’s chin roughly in her hand Crystal told her because of her, Jenny has to suffer and experience some extreme pain. Kristina’s began screaming incoherently as Crystal went to her wall of implements and came back with a pair of needle nosed pliers.

Sitting off to the side of the chair and commenting on how beautifully sculptured Jenny’s fingernail were, she firmly gripped the thumb nail and with one quick yank, she ripped the thumb nail off. Although the blood curdling scream of pain from Jenny drowned out Kristina, it was Kristina’s babbling that turned Crystal on. This bitch is losing her mind completely and I’ve just started, Crystal thought to herself. One by one, Crystal ripped Jenny’s fingernails from her hand and each time she would be looking directly at Kristina to get the reaction. By the time Crystal took the last fingernail off, Kristina was slobbering like a rabid dog and had pissed all over herself. Kissing her on the scabbed lips while gently massaging Kristina’s clit, Crystal whispered in her ear that next time it will be Jenny’s limbs to be removed. Walking back to Jenny, Crystal poured rubbing alcohol over her bleeding nail fingertips while kissing her on the mouth to muffle her renewed screams. Putting a queen sized air mattress on the floor of Kristina’s cell, Crystal put her back in the cell and told her to get some rest. Crystal then let Jenny go into the same cell and said they should relax and she’d be back later. Crystal had to leave town for 2 days and she wanted the girls to mend so she could start the torture all over again. If things went her way, when she returned, Kristina would do anything she asked her to do without even thinking twice about it.

Kristina strapped Jenny to the table without hesitation and even double checked to make certain all the straps where tight enough to keep Jenny from moving. Going across to where Crystal was sitting and watching, Kristina kissed Crystal’s hand and thanked her for letting her help. Crystal gave her permission to go back to her cell and lock herself in while she tended to Jenny. Kissing Jenny’s cheeks and eyebrows, Crystal told her not only would Kristina do anything she asked, but also she had the sweetest tasting cunt ever and it was a shame Jenny would never get to taste it again. She told Jenny how she was planning on destroying Kristina’s mind completely but keep her around for a while just to use as her personal sex slave. When Jenny said she’s let Kristina know what was going on Crystal just laughed as she took a scalpel and made a small incision on Jenny’s neck. Reaching in with tweezers, Crystal extended Jenny’s vocal cords and severed them, while looking into Jenny’s eyes and telling her to go ahead and try. Using a hobby sized torch, Crystal cauterized the wound. I wouldn’t want your screams to upset poor Kristina, Crystal told Jenny as Jenny tried her hardest to scream out. The only sound Jenny will make now is a low pitch humming and some gritty gurgling. Taking advantage of the situation, Crystal burned Jenny’s eyebrows and lashes off with the torch,, and marveled how little sound came out of her mouth as she screamed with the pain.

Even though Kristina’s mind was scrambled and Crystal could keep it that way with drugs, her brain still recognized stimulation and Crystal could edge her for hours and then drink Kristina’s sweet juices until she was full. Not only did Kristina respond to Crystal’s oral stimulation she also knew how to make love with her mouth on Crystals cunt. She could make Crystal cum within minutes and would suck every drop of juice from her before moving to her asshole and making love to it so well. Crystal was smart however and remembered what she had done to Jason when he put his trust in her and got lax with the restraints. Whenver she made love to Kristina or had Kristina make love to her, she made certain she was strapped securely.

Crystal had Jenny hanging above the water tank with only her legs submerged. Bringing Kristina over to the hand winch, Crystal told her to start turning it and lowering Jenny into the water. As her body slowly began to be submerged into the clear cold water, her soundless voice was screaming and her eyes were pleading with Kristina to stop this madness. Although Kristina was looking at the water tank, her stare was blank with no emotion or even recognition of what was happening. Slowly the rope lowered as Kristina’s hand kept turning the wheel of the winch. Crystal stood within inches of the glass container as Jenny’s mouth went below the water level. With her cunt wet with excitement, Crystal fingered herself as the air bubbles got smaller and smaller as Jenny’s entire body was fully submerged. Her head shaking wildly from side to side as she struggled to hold her breath. Damn she was athletic Crystal thought as she was impressed that even after two full minutes, Jenny was still holding her breath and refused to take that last gulp of water that would fill her lungs. At two minutes and 27 seconds it happened and as the last huge bubble of air escaped her lungs, Crystal had a knee weakening orgasm.

Kristina worked for over two holes digging the shallow grave for her ex-lover Jenny but as Crystal watched, if there was a spark of sorrow or remorse of how she had drowned her lover, it had to be a quick one because Crystal didn’t see it. Rolling Jenny into the hole and covering her up with the fresh pile of dirt, Kristina let Crystal lead her back to the chamber while walking on all fours and attached to the leash. The only time she stopped was to spread her legs a little further apart so she could piss without pissing done her thigh. Once inside the room she rolled onto her back and let Crystal hose her down with the garden hose then after sucking Crystal to orgasm she went into her cell, closed the door and curled up in the corner to sleep. Crystal decided she would build a sound proof small cell in the cabin and keep Kristina there as her sex kitten for now. There’s a world of victims out there so she could keep Kristina as her slave until she found another cunt as sweet as hers.

story by: henryweeks

Tags: female / girl bi-sexual rape drug bondage and restriction fantasm death slavery snuff sex story

Author: henryweeks

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