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Heather arrives at 7pm by limo at Century Tower in LA, She is greeted by the doorman opening the limo door and escorting her into the elevator. Heather is light-headed as she looks at the rich wood of the closed penthouse apartment door. She feels a bit of apprehension but a much larger dose of primal urgency shouting from her throbbing pussy. Every one of her senses; smell, touch, taste, hearing seems to be flooding her brain at a new and higher level as the door opens. The sensory overload makes her a bit dizzy as she rushes toward the tall man who had stepped back, bowed slightly and directed her into the entranceway with a sweeping arm gesture. She sees and smells the old oak flooring and the rich crimson oriental carpets. She sways a bit and needs to steady herself by holding my strong arm. As we walk down the short hallway to the grand dining room, she instinctively strokes the rich cloth of my sports jacket and dranks in the pungent odor of my cologne. Paintings of a classic style adorn the walls.

As she enters the huge room, she sees a long dining table in the center of the room, antique straight back chairs surround the table. I look at Heather admiring her fresh beauty. I finish walking all the way down while drinking in her beauty. " Goodnight and welcome to my new home, Heather. I will be entertaining you tonight." I offered her my arm and proceeded to walk the short way to a chair. It is a much anticipated night with Heather after our lust filled afternoon in Palm Springs. We have dinner and drinks, we laugh and flirt over a steady flow of drinks throughout the evening. What a perfect way to end a long day, we were both anticipating the climax of the evening. I was clearly horny and aggressive about it. My touches grew rougher and a little more urgent throughout the night; She hadn't seen liquor do that to me before.

There was no doubt what I wanted! I had walk up behind her in the entrance hall, then very nonchalantly gripped her hips firmly and pressed my hard cock against her ass. WOW, that turned her on. Getting away with that made me more brazen. I step alongside her, leaving right arm draped around her and my hand on her ass cheek. Then I squeeze and raise her cheek, sending her skirt inching higher and higher up her thigh and her tiny panties deeper into the slit of her ass and moist pussy. Heather jumps a little, shuffling to lower her skirt. She almost moans, she clearly wasn't hiding her arousal very well with the lusty look in her eyes.

I led her by the arm up the stairs to the bedroom, I spun around fling her hard into my arms and begin kissing her deeply as we fumble frantically to get one another undressed. Heather wanted to cum soooo bad!!!! I unzipped the back of her dress, flinging the straps from her shoulders sending it crashing to the floor. She fumbles with the buttons of my shirt when I sat down, roughly yanking her bra over her breasts, then pulling them hard into my mouth. Pinching and biting her hard nipples, I squeeze her tits hard, yanking one into my mouth after the other. Heather loves rough play with her breasts and I know it!

Finishing my buttons, she thought she knew what was coming next — but she was wrong. I stood up, threw off my shirt and shove her onto the bed on her back. To her surprise, I quickly spun her around, dragging her to the edge of the bed — leaving her head hanging upside down off the edge. That's when she understood what was about to happen! I quickly drop my pants, exposing a monster rock hard cock, and steps intently toward her face. What a sexual sight! Heather didn't have long to appreciate it. I cradle the back of her head, lifting it just enough to slid my cock deep into her mouth in one firm stroke! She wraps her lips around my cock struggling to breathe as I fuck steadily into her mouth with long, strokes. My heavy balls pressing against her nose with a warm scent as I lean forward, sliding the head of my hard, wet cock into her throat! She puts a hand up to stop me but was quickly distracted by the presence of two thick fingers now inside her pussy. There was no introduction!

Already wet, they just dart in and out of her furiously — causing her to arch her back and moan whorishly around the head of the cock now another inch down her throat. She gasps and flails from the burning sensation until I pull my cock free from her mouth. That didn't slow me down! I simply raise my sack to her mouth and continue pounding her pussy as fast as my arm allows. I curl my fingers upward, opening and shutting her opening with increasingly wet sounds. Muffled screams of ecstasy fills the room as she erupts hard over my invading fingers. My curled fingers against her g-spot; my palm slapping against her clit — they were too much to take as she couldn't stop cumming. It was amazing!

Than I remove my fingers, I spin her around again, leaving her legs and ass dangling off the bed this time. I quickly scoop up her legs, raising and pressing them firmly against her shoulders. She is pinned — folded completely in half with her warm, wet pussy high in the air. She is helpless to resist when I kneel and drag my tongue firmly over her asshole, pussy and clit. Heather shutters, she is still tingling from several hard orgasms. I work my mouth over her body like a starving man, slurping madly at her clit, dipping my tongue deep inside her only to trail downward and swirl my tongue around her ass. GOD, it was an amazing sensation, each a little different than the next and almost too much to bear! I dig my tongue deep inside, making her gasp and beg me, " UGH, PLEEEEASE fuck me! I want you inside me! Please, baby, FUCK me!!!"

Raising my mouth, I flip back the bed sheets to uncover a collection of toys I keep tucked away for special occasions. My favorite orange vibrator with the big, wide head, a small silver bullet vibrator, — and much to her surprise, a thick green rubber cock and a bottle of lube. Heather is a little scared but very ready! I scoot her to the head of the bed, leaning over her and kissing her deeply, fondling her hips, stomach and breasts. It feels wonderful! Then I find her pussy again. She feels her wetness oozing around my fingertips. She is very wet as the cold tip of the small vibrator touches her clit. The vibrations start slow as I work it around her entire area — down and around her wet pussy lips and back up to her growing clit. I work circles around it as she squirms and grips the sheets. Then in a stroke of pure evil, I dip the small vibrator just a short distance inside her and turn up the vibrations!

Heather is shaking and moaning loudly " OOOHHH as she feels her opening gripping at the toy, almost like trying to pull it inside her. It feels soooo good then I pull it away just as she was about to cum. She moans a sad " OHHhhhhh" and I chuckle sinisterly. She moans more nicely when I put it back against her clit. " that sensation is accompanied by the cold rubber touch of a very thick, very wide green dildo. It looks as wide as four of her fingers! Would it fit? Would it hurt? Would it stretch me?

Nervous or not, she badly wanted to feel something deep inside her! She feels her wetness trickling from her pussy down over her anus and onto the sheets. No lube is necessary, she feels the rounded tip of this green giant slip slowly into her wetness. The same width as my monster cock, it feels very good sliding inside her with short slow strokes, going a little deeper each time. It slids effortlessly back and forth, as her wet pussy grips tightly around it. Watching this smooth translucent green cock in its width — slide shiny and wet in and out of her body — was positively mesmerizing at this slow, steady pace. Much to her surprise, there is still length left as it nestles against her very sensitive cervix — where my cock usually touches her.

Swirling the base around in small, twisty circles, My next thrust presses firmly deeper, passing the depths she had ever been fucked before. " OOOHHHhhh!" She moans and fucks her hips back into me gently, feeling this thick cock spread parts of her, she has never known!!! OH WOW! Only moving it slightly, it presses into deep her cervix. Then a little further, in small strokes sending her into uncontrollable fits!!! Pulling on my arm, moaning mouth open, she almost sat straight up and sees that the thickest part of this fake cock has disappeared inside her. The mouth of her pussy is stretched WIDE around this green mass, she couldn't feel it! All she could do is cum and cum and cum around what feels like an arm in her.

Heather is amazed to see that more and more of this gigantic green cock had disappeared inside of her until it was gone! Her senses hit overload when I press the small, shiny vibrator tight against her clit again. WOW, what a sensation!!! Her full pussy clamps tighter around the large, invading cock as she erupts into another screaming orgasm, panting " please stop" as she couldn't control her movements or breathing anymore. Content with her helplessness, I move the vibrator and slowly withdraw the giant green cock as she collapses back on the bed, eyes rolled fully back into her head. Slipping out of her, the toy left her feeling open and vacant as it feels like oceans of hot fluid draining easily from her.

She wasn't vacant for long, I'm very horny by all this. In one smooth motion, my long rock hard thick cock finds her opening and thrusts violently inside! " UGH..UGH!" fills the room as I slam into her relentlessly ! As the long strokes leave her pussy then ram back inside a split second later. The sounds of moaning and slapping skin echoe throughout the room as nothing feels better inside than my warm, throbbing hard cock! Overwhelmed with pleasure, she erupts again, sending waves of warm fluid cascading through her and over my invading cock. I moan deeply " uuuuhhh..aaaahhhh " and stop thrusting, leaning my body forward, tilting my cock far back inside her. With slower thrusts now, I whisper panting into her ear, " I want inside that beautiful ass of yours."

Heather hesitates a bit as she feels my cock slip from her wet pussy and drag down a bit, resting its thick head in the crack of her ass. A click of the lid from our favorite lubricant lets her know that it is definitely going to happen tonight. Heather is slowly becoming comfortable with anal play and the pleasure from it, she knows there is no denying me this tonight!

The warm, wet head of my thick cock returns to her anus, the tip rubbing small circles around her opening. She lays motionless for the first time in what feels like hours! I press forward gently, then rock away only to return again gently — bumping against her opening in hopes of prying it open a little at a time. It feels alright until the burning sensation returns as I maneuver my cock firmly forward and into her asshole. I moan deeply, " " leaning backward to survey my work … balls hanging low as the length of my cock ultimately disappears with the tip of my cock wrapped tightly in her ass. We were one as I resume my small bumping motion, more so shaking her ass than penetrating it. She is slowly getting use to the sensation when I grab the orange vibrator with the thick bullet head. I turn it on and rest it against her clit, a pleasant alternative to her current predicament. I move the large, curved vibrator up and down over her clit, occasionally dipping it inside her open pussy! WOW! That is AMAZING! What a FULL feeling again as the mouth of her pussy welcomes the vibrator — vibrating and quivering — with my cock inside her ass.

The traveling vibrator causes her to squirm a little, unintentionally driving my cock deeper into her ass a little more with each movement. We both moan collectively as she fucks that orange vibrator, fucking my cock with her ass. It is escasty! I lean forward and in fluid stroking motion, stroke once in her ass, then surprise her with a deep, hard stroke in her pussy! Then I return to her ass! Before long, she is so aroused, wet and loose that I fuck her freely — stroking easily into whatever hole I point my thick cock to! The vibrator on her clit, I thrust my cock into her ass more aggressively but she didn't care. We were both in ecstasy as our collective breathing grows faster.

I slip back into her pussy, pressing deep inside and erupting — filling her with my warm, wet cum!!! The warmth on her insides and the vibrator now crushed against her clit sent her into another dizzying orgasm — that is quickly followed by another and another and another as I slumped over her and slamming in her fast and furious with my thick, hard cock!!! I slammed into her like engine piston, into a roomful of wet, sloppy sounds as I brutalized her wet, cum-filled pussy! It was amazing as we ultimately crumbled into a sweaty, breathless lump, intertwined and kissing passionately!

My softened cock slips out of her worn wet pussy, followed by a flood of our combined juices. She squirmed to cover it but I roll her on top of me and spread her ass cheeks, encouraging all of our warm juices to spill over my wet cock and balls. It was very erotic … and sort of nice not to scamper off to the bathroom so quickly. Exhausted, she collapsed onto me, juices still trickling slowly from her. It is an amazing, amazing night that we'll never forget.

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Author: graylover

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