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By Cuckold for Kelley

As Kelley told me, she had a date for Saturday night with Kevin, the enormously hung stud who had given her such a good time the week before. She had told me she was going to see him at our house and I spent the week experiencing a lot of mixed feelings.

I was anxious and sometimes upset. I wondered just what I was supposed to do – it didn’t seem likely that she would want to introduce Kevin to her husband. But then with Kelley, I never knew. And I admit I felt some sexual excitement, especially when I thought about how she had come home after getting fucked, to tell me all about it and get off while I ate her recently fucked pussy.

Kelley, for her part, was quiet and acted for all the world as though nothing had happened and nothing else would happen. She dropped the sarcastic, domineering stuff that she had used the night she went out with Kevin. In fact, life was pretty much normal. That means we were nice to each other, even affectionate, but there was no sex.

But by Friday night, Kelley showed that she must have sensed my uneasiness. As we lay in bed reading, just before it was time to put out the lights, she rolled over and put an arm across my chest. It was reminiscent of the night she had regaled me with her tales about Kevin, but tonight she wore a modest nighty and her touch felt gentle, not aggressive. I felt a stirring in my cock and thought that maybe I was about to get lucky.

“Hey, watch it there mister.”

Kelley must have sensed the beginnings of my arousal, but her voice was gently humorous, not sarcastic.

“Look, I just want you to know that I’ve thought about it and I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to have Kevin over.”

My mind raced, trying to sort out the possible meanings. Was she going somewhere else with him? Was she planning to call it off?

“Yeah, I talked to Trace and she said it would be fine to use her place.”

So that was it. Looked like another long night here alone for me.

“But it’s kinda awkward, I mean having her there. She doesn’t have a date or anything. So I told her I’d have you come along.”

A quick image of Kelley’s friend and our neighbor, Tracy flashed in my mind’s eye. I wondered if that meant I might get a chance at her big firm breasts or even to fuck her from behind with my hands on her sweet ass.

“Hey, don’t get any big ideas. Or in your case, little ideas.”

She flicked the bedclothes above my crotch for emphasis.

“Believe me, Tracy isn’t interested in your little thing. And if I even think that you’re trying to do something with her, I’ll be out of here so fast it’ll make your head spin. Then we’ll see just how much alimony you can afford.”

It wasn’t an empty threat. Back a few months ago, when we hit a bad spot in our relationship, Kelley had moved in with Tracy for a couple weeks. Tracy was divorced and made out really well with what her ex was ordered to pay. She hooked Kelley up with her lawyer and they sat down to tell me the facts of life a few days later. Even though I didn’t have anywhere near the bucks of Tracey’s ex, the lawyer convinced me that she could get a settlement for Kelley that would keep me poor forever.

Bad as that would be, I was even more threatened by the thought of losing her. Our relationship might lack a lot, but I still loved her. Totally and completely.

“So just watch your step tomorrow, ok?”

I said ok. Her tone was gently mocking but there was an underlying edge. Then, as she sometimes did when I least expected it, she leaned over and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. Then she rolled over to turn out the light.

I kept busy around the yard the next day, doing my best to stay out of Kelley’s sight. I knew how she would get as she psyched herself up for that night. Fortunately, she spent a good part of the day next door at Tracy’s. As evening came on, Kelley came home. She showered and made herself smell good, then put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt. I was a little surprised that she was so casual.

“Hey, why bother to dress up? I’ve already got his attention. Besides, it’s not like I’m gonna keep these on for long.”

As if for emphasis, she took off her wedding band and engagement ring and put them in the jewelry box.

yours too.”

Reluctantly, I took off my wedding band and gave it to her.

“Look at that – a cheater’s ring.”

I realized she meant the white area on my finger that marked where the band had been.

“Oh well, I’ll just explain to Kevin that you’re cheating on your wife to be with Tracy.”

She put the ring in the box.

“OK – here’s the deal. I’m going over to Tracy’s now. You wait here. A little while after you see Kevin pull up, come on over. You’ll know Kevin when you see him – he’s the one with the really big dick.”

The scorn and derision were back in her voice.

“Remember, no funny stuff. Trace is gonna make it look good, but you only do what she tells you to.”

With that, she left. Through the open window I heard her going into Tracy’s house a moment later. Then I waited. I watched the street for about half an hour. I had an absurd mental image of Kevin as a muscular, dark haired guy walking up to Tracy’s door with a huge erection in one hand. When he did arrive, he turned out to be a sandy blonde with a moustache. He was well built, but his dick was in his pants – at least until he went inside. I screwed up my courage, waited a few minutes, then headed to Tracy’s.

Tracy met me at the door when I knocked. She was dressed the same as Kelley, but as always, presented a real contrast to Kelley’s slight figure and almost ethnic complexion. I had to hide how startled I was when Tracy hugged me, her big breasts squashing up against my chest. I tried to look natural by putting my arms around her but at the same time trying to avoid touching her the wrong way.

As unnatural as it felt, a month or two ago, this would have been unimaginable. Time was when Tracy seemed to hate me and I found myself feeling much the same for her. I blamed her for the change in Kelley’s behavior, and she blamed me for, well, God knows what. At least recently we had reached a sort of détente. I think it was because we had Kelley in common.

Anyway, it turned out that I didn’t have to worry too much about putting on a show for Kevin’s benefit. When Tracy released me, I saw that he was on the couch with Kelley and they were much too wrapped up in each other to notice me. At least, Kevin was. I saw Kelley open an eye and glance at me while Kevin held her close and pressed his lips against hers. Still looking at me, she opened her mouth to his and pushed her tongue deep inside.

After a long, hot kiss, Kelley pushed Kevin back slightly so that he would notice me. He looked somewhat impatient as Tracy introduced me, as if he had already heard enough negative stuff about me and didn’t want to take time from his hot little date to meet me.

After the brief introduction, he got back to the business at hand – making out with my wife.

Tracy sat me down on the big chair directly across from them and settled herself onto my lap. With her arms around me and her head bent over mine, I’m sure it would have looked like we were making out too, but in fact; she managed to direct my head so I was watching Kelley and Kevin while Tracy whispered in my ear.

“Look at how she’s kissing him. She just can’t get enough of him. See where his hands are?”

Kevin was groping Kelley’s firm little tits. Tracy’s breath was hot in my ear as she whispered.

“Look at how turned on she is! You know she wants to have his cock inside her. Did she tell you how big he is?”

At that point, with this sexy woman writhing on my lap and watching Kelley make out with her stud, I was about as big as I ever get. This went on for a while – I’m honestly not sure how long. Kelley was so worked up that she was panting while Kevin kissed her and fondled her. Slowly, reluctantly, she pushed him away from her.

“Whew! I need a break!”

Kevin looked impatient again. I sensed that he was about ready to take her to the bedroom and a break was not in his plans.

“Hey Trace! Is the hot tub fired up?”

Tracy told her it was. She stood and took Kevin’s hand.

let’s go get wet! Or />
She cast a quick, wicked glance my way, then at Tracy.

girl, let’s all hit the tub.”

Kevin protested mildly that he didn’t have a suit.

“Hey, it’s clothing optional. Besides, it’s not like you’ve got anything to be ashamed of.”

Another wicked glance at me.

So we ended up at the hot tub. Kelley was out of her clothes right away and in the water. I was in a bit of a quandary. Tracy was stripping, more slowly, and I desperately wanted to look but I knew Kelley was watching me. Kevin was also pulling off his clothes and I have to admit that I was curious to see this big dick I had heard so much about. But again I hardly dared look.

Meanwhile, the raging hard on I had gotten earlier had not gone down much and I was afraid about exposing that. I gulped and consciously forced myself to calm down. My dick drooped some and I felt better about stripping. I even thought that maybe I’d look bigger than usual, still half hard.

I guess it wasn’t enough. Kevin was already in the tub next to Kelley. She giggled out loud and said, not too quietly,

“See what I mean?”

I knew what she meant. It’s not like I’m tiny, but I am a bit on the small side of normal. I’ve had enough experience with enough women to know that it works just fine for most of them. But I guess it’s easy to make almost any guy self-conscious about his size if you try. And Kelley could be relentless.

I eased into the warm water next to Tracy, still trying not to stare at her. It was mostly dark anyway, so there wasn’t a lot I could see, though I admit I tried a few sideways glances. She put an arm around my shoulder and pulled up beside me. One of her breasts pushed against my side and the hard nipple poked at me. I started getting hard again.

Kelley and Kevin were in a similar position on the opposite side from us. It only took a moment before they were making out again. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could see Kevin’s large hand squeezing one of Kelley’s perky little breasts. Kelley leaned over as he lay back and let her take the lead in kissing and touching. My sweet little wife was all over this hunk as he lay back and let her run her hands over his chest while their mouths locked together.

Tracy moved in closer to me, in a similar posture, even draping a leg across me. I could feel her pubic hair against my thigh and my hard cock rubbed slightly against her. Again she whispered in my ear.

“Look at that!”

I realized after a second what she meant. The head of Kevin’s cock stood out stiffly from the water. Kelley reached down and wrapped her small hand around it. The water splashed slightly as she stroked him. She continued doing that for several minutes, then he shifted away fro her and climbed up to sit on the edge of the tub with all but his lower legs out of the water.

Tracy gasped slightly in my ear as she saw what I did – the silhouette of Kevin’s huge cock bobbing erect . Kelley moved over between his legs, her back to us. Though my view was blocked, it was obvious she was sucking his cock. Her head moved up and down and she made slurping noises, sometimes mixed with a slight gagging sound as she tried to take that monster cock down her throat. Kevin supported himself with both hands at his sides. His head tipped back and he seemed to be loving Kelley’s oral attentions.

Meanwhile, I was definitely aroused and I realized that Tracy was too. Her body rubbed against mine and her breathing got more rapid. Still, I didn’t dare do more than hold her.

After several minutes of sucking and stroking Kevin’s cock, Kelley stopped and got out of the tub herself. She took Kevin’s hand and led him back inside. Tracy calmed down as they left and seemed to remember what she was doing. She pulled away from me, but only slightly.

“Come on. Let’s go see what they’re up to.”

She stood and took my hand, leading me into the house. The lights had been turned off in the living room and a soft light glowed from the spare bedroom. I heard Kelley’s giggle coming from there. Tracy led me to the couch, but as I started to sit, she said “No. Lie down.”

I did as she asked, wondering, hoping that this might be the start of something nice. As I hoped, Tracy climbed on top of me, straddling me, but instead of lowering herself onto me, she remained kneeling. I almost reached up to pull her to me but I realized that from her position, she was looking right into the bedroom. I began to understand that she and Kelley had planned it this way.

From the bedroom, the giggles silenced and were replaced by soft moans. Tracy put one hand between her legs and began fingering herself. Her big breasts swayed inches above my face.

sucking his cock again. God it’s big! He’s got his hands on her head and he’s fucking her mouth with it.”

From the bedroom a muffled gagging confirmed Tracy’s report. She continued to play with herself but after a minute, apparently got tired of supporting herself with one arm. She moved up to squat with her cunt right over my face. It was too dark to see much of it, but I could smell the musk of her desire. Her knuckles brushed my face from time to time as she masturbated.

“Now he’s got her on the bed and she’s got her legs apart. He’s getting on her. I can see his cock – he’s putting it in />
And on cue, I heard Kelley moan loudly.

“He’s pushing it in deeper and deeper. He’s working it in and out – shit, I can’t believe she can take all that!”

Tracy’s voice was a hoarse stage whisper. From the bedroom, Kelley’s moans turned to cries, even yelps.

“He’s fucking her hard />
Kelley was crying out,
“Oh yes! Yes! OH God! Give it to me! Oooh Oooh shit yes!”

Her words turned to pure sounds and cries. Meanwhile, Tracy was starting to pant and then to moan. She pulled her hand out of her cunt and pushed her wet slit against my face. As I moved slightly to get my mouth on her, she seemed to remember herself and pulled away.

“Oh no you don’t! I’ll tell Kelley if you try that again!”

She slapped my face as best she could from that position, then, to my surprise, shoved her fingers into my mouth. I tasted the musky, slightly sour smell of her cunt juices. Before I could react in any way, she pulled her hand back.

From the bedroom, Kelley’s cries were joined by moans from Kevin. The bed was creaking wildly as he must have been fucking her hard. The climax wasn’t hard to identify. The noise got louder than ever, and then stopped. Kelley was whimpering softly and I thought I heard Kevin panting.

Tracy knelt over me almost as if frozen. She was watching, but she wasn’t telling me anything. After what seemed like a small eternity, she moved, sliding back down on top of me. Her breasts swelled against my chest and her slick pussy grazed my hard cock, and then came to rest on my thigh.

I heard a few muffled words from the bedroom, and then Kevin came out. He headed to the tub area, apparently gathered his clothes and was gone. Tracy got off me and went into the bedroom. I stayed where I was, uncertain what to do next. A minute or so later, Kelley called out to me and told me to get in there.

She was lying on the bed, still flushed from her sex with Kevin. There was a strong smell of sex and sweat in the air. Tracy was sitting on the edge of the bed beside her. I felt exposed and vulnerable as I stood naked in front of them, my cock still mostly hard.

“Tracy says you tried to eat her pussy.”

I stammered in an attempt to deny or explain or something but Kelley shushed me.

“She says that for a minute, she wanted you to. Do you still want to?”

I was frozen. I didn’t know what the right answer was or if there even was a right answer, so I croaked out a />
“Well come on. The poor girl’s been turned on all night!”

Tracy spread her legs, still sitting on the bed. I knelt on the floor between them and put my mouth on her pussy. She was still wet and her clit seemed to jump as my tongue flicked it. She grabbed the edge of the bed with both hands and like Kevin earlier at the tub, tipped her head back. I stuck my tongue deep inside her and heard her start to pant, then moan as she came. It only took a moment, she was so worked up. I finished her by licking her slowly and softly.

“Very nice. How sweet. Now it’s my turn.”

Kelley rose and swung her legs over the side of the bed. As she spread them, I moved away from Tracy and between Kelley’s open thighs. The smell of sex was almost overpowering. Kelley didn’t trim her bush as much as Tracy and there were glistening drops of her and Kevin’s juices in her pubic hair.

I hesitated just a moment and felt Kelley’s hands behind my head, pulling me to her crotch. Just before my mouth met her cunt, I saw a thick ribbon of Kevin’s cum slipping out of her.

She practically fucked my face, moaning and panting. Not as loud as with Kevin, but I could tell she came at least twice. Her cunt was hot and wet with cum and her own juices and it felt like I was swallowing a lot of Kevin’s thick cum. She held me hard against her for at least fifteen minutes while she came and came again. Finally she released me.

Standing, a little unsteadily, she took Tracy by the hand.

going to sleep in the other bedroom. You stay here.”

I looked at the bed and saw a huge wet spot from where she and Kevin had gotten it on.

“Oh yeah, and tomorrow you’re gonna have to wash out these sheets for Tracy.”

I got on the bed as they left. Kelley called back,

jerk off too much!”

I don’t know how much is too much. I hope four times was ok.

story by: cucucold forckcuold for kelley

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Author: cucucold forckcuold for kelley

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