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Dear Adelle:
The other night, after our exchange of e-mails, I asked my daughter Beth if she ever thought about sex. She said, in typical teen fashion, But then she admitted that she had become interested in her developing body and had played with herself a little bit.

I asked if she would mind showing me her body, and she giggled, but eventually lifted up her t-shirt and let me see her young breasts. They are still cone shaped and pointy at the tips. . .a lovely mouthful to be sure. I got bold and lifted her t-shirt over her head and felt her breasts with my fingertips, and then with my hands. She admitted that it felt good.

When I moved my hands down to her panties she pulled away a little, but I assured her it was okay for a mother to see her daughter's privates. Then I lowered her panties over her thighs and knees, and after they puddled on the floor she kicked them away. I could tell they were damp and gave off a very pleasant, sexy scent.

When I bent to plant a kiss on her pussy, which is covered with thin, curly hair, so soft to the touch, she demurred a little. But I looked up at her and smiled, and then she let me kiss her pussy lips.

That's as far as we went that night, but I have a feeling there will be more to cum…er, come!

Love, Georgia
/> Dear Adelle:
Well, tonight things went a bit further. When Beth finished her evening shower I was there to dry her off, which I did with a mother's most tender attention, patting down her breasts, her back, her buttocks, and taking special care to dry the sweet crack that is her pussy.

Then I had her sit down on the toilet seat while I dried her feet and legs, ending up at her crotch. I asked her if she would let her mother kiss her there again, and she just nodded and spread her thighs open for me. I bent and planted a light kiss on the tender lips of her vagina, but couldn't resist licking her slit with my tongue. Beth moaned and thrust her pussy into my face as I began to lick and suck in earnest, tasting the sweet musk that my daughter was producing in her developing teenaged body.

Beth squirmed and moaned in a lovely orgasm while I cupped her ass cheeks and pressed her into my hungry mother's mouth. When she finished gasping, she pushed my head away and bent to give me a nice, juicy kiss on the lips. I relished the idea that she could taste her own pussy juice on my lips and mouth.

I sent her to bed then, and went to my own room and got myself off with my fingers, remembering every detail of my first sucking of my dear daughter's pussy.


/> Dear Adelle:
Well, my dear daughter and I have taken another step in our new relationship. When she came home from school this afternoon I was waiting for her, lying naked on my bed, and playing with my pussy.

But if Beth was surprised by my being there in such a vulnerable position, I was even more surprised by the fact that my daughter was not alone! She had brought her friend Joanie home with her, and both girls were standing in the doorway, their eyes popping, and a shocked look on their faces.

I tried to cover my pubic area with my hands, but it was a hopeless gesture since both girls had already seen me. I told them to come in and sit down on the side of my bed. I asked Beth what she had told her friend about our relationship, and she admitted that she had shared with Joanie the details of our earlier encounter in the bathroom.

Joanie's eyes sparkled and she smiled shyly as Beth told me about her sharing this information and admitted that she had invited her friend over in the hope of being able to also share some sexual activity with me. I was flattered to think that my daughter was so favorably impressed by our mutual experience, and said that I would be happy to let Joanie join us if she would promise to keep our activities private. She assured me that she would love to do something sexy with Beth and me, and that she wouldn't tell a soul about our experience.

With that assurance, I had Joanie stand up in front of me while I unbuttoned her blouse and revealed her sweet, youthful breasts, still cupped in her cotton bra. Beth removed the blouse and undid the back of the bra, letting it drop as I placed my hands on Joanie's breasts and massaged them gently, watching the little nipples sprout up in all their pink splendor. I bent and licked each nipple in turn, and felt the girl lean into me in her enjoyment of my motherly ministrations.

Meanwhile, Beth had removed her blouse as well, and having no bra under it, she showed off her somewhat more developed breasts to her friend and invited her to sample them. When Joanie bent to kiss Beth's breasts I took advantage of the opportunity and undid Joanie's skirt and worked it down and off. Her panties were already moist at the crotch, and she wriggled her bottom as I worked them over her ass cheeks and hips, pulling them down to her feet and off. I sniffed the crotch of her panties, thrilling to the young teenager's pussy juice as it filled my nostrils.

Having the girls stand there by the side of the bed seemed uncomfortable, so I told them both to climb on the bed with me. Joanie was naked now, and I instructed her to remove what was left of Beth's clothing, inviting her to smell the pussy juice in Beth's panties as she removed them while Beth lay on her back and let her friend do the work of slipping her panties off.

When all of us were naked, I lay on my back with my legs open and instructed Beth to come and taste her mother's pussy while Joanie got acquainted with my breasts. Joanie took to sucking my breasts like a puppy nursing at it's mother's teats, while Beth lost no time in crawling up between my thighs to reach my wet and open pussy, the place from which she had emerged only thirteen years before.

Her young tongue slurped over my pussy lips and found my clit with unerring accuracy, and I felt my body tingling into its first of many mini orgasms. Beth was a natural pussy licker, and I knew we were in for some very good times, both together and with some of my lesbian and bisexual friends.

I moved Joanie up to kneel over my face, and I gazed in awe at the beautiful sight of her young pussy, barely covered with fuzzy pubic hair. She lowered her vagina to my lips as I pressed down on her small ass cheeks, and I was soon buried in the young girl's delicious passage of pleasure. Her taste was different than Beth's, but just as delicious in its own way.

Finally, I couldn't stand any more of the continuous cumming that the lips and mouth of my daughter were giving me, and I told her to come up for air. Then I had the girls get into a 69 position while I watched them tongue each other into sweet orgasms while I caressed their buttocks and ran my fingers down into their pussy slits while they sucked each other's little cunnies.

By the time we had all become exhausted from cumming so much, I suggested we get together in my big shower and help clean one another up. The girls laughed and played together even after I left the shower to go and make us some supper. I told them they didn't have to dress, and Joanie called her mother to get permission to spend the night.

You can use your own imagination to picture how we spent the rest of the night.

Love, Georgia

story by: Don

Tags: fiction female / girl incest lesbian sex story

Author: Don

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