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So hi everyone,

I don't really know if people read these stories or not but im going to write it in hopes that you all do read it. About me I'm Blake Manor and I have (at this stage) an amazingly beautiful girlfriend called Lizzy (Elizabeth). I live in Buckinghamsire with both of my parents and life is really good to me having wealthy parents can have that effect on life. I'm a male that is 6 foot tall and is 10 stone in weight. I have black hair, brown eyes, pearl white teeth and im white in skin colour so thats me

When I was leaving College after a long day of studying i got out my phone to call Lizzy. "Hey babe what you up too?" "I'm getting ready for tonight babe. Remember the dance are families are going to?". Now my family attends so many funtions it is really hard to remember them all. "Of course i remeber" saying that knowing full well that Lizzy would know i did'nt remember "Lier, but I love you for it"

When i got home i was greated by the silence that I became accustomed to. I walked upstair into my bedroom and got undressed. When i was fully naked i came back out my bedroom and into the bathroom. I took a shower and got changed into one of the many suits i have, When i was restyling my hair i heard the front door close and my parents had come home.

"Blake? you home son" my dad asked. I shouted from the bathroom "Yes dad I'm almost ready to go" When i left the bathroom I went down stair and we left I drove in my car (merc)

The dance was amazing and when i sore Lizzy she looked stunning we was dancing and laughing and having so much fun and thats when i first met him the guy what was going to change my life forever and I never had a clue he was. A blond haired tall waiter come over to me and Lizzy and asked "Would you like a 'horderves Sir..Madam?" Lizzy answered with a sway of her hand and a smile on her face. I answered "No thank you" so the dance went on and I wanted to go for a smoke outside to get away from everyone.

When i was out there smoking away the waiter walked up to me and said "excuse me do you have a match i can have?" I turn to face the man and i said "I'm sorry i don't but i do have a lighter if thats is any help to you?" say this as i pulled it out my pocket. The guy took m lighter and light up a fag of his own. He handed me my lighter back and said "You do know you can smoke inside. right?" looking at the guy i thought is he trying to get ride of me. I said "I'm well aware. thank you" the guy smiled at me and I gave him a faint one back as I was smoking I was also studying the waiter he made no effort to hide the fact he is/was gay. The guy noticed me doing it and said "you study business don''t you?" I smiled and said "yes I do. How do you know that?" "I'm in your class and I'm good friends with Lizzy" I looked at this guy more intrestedly and said "You know my girlfriend?"

Lizzy came outside and said "Yes he does." i turned to face Lizzy and gave her a kiss. She took the half smoked fag out of my hand and finished it her self. She turned to me and said "Lets go to your house I can think of something entertaining to do" I smiled at Lizzy as she was pulling on my tie and said so Lizzy pulled me along with my tie to my car with this guy still insight I shouted bye to him and Lizzy said "bye McKenzie see ya tomorrow"

Half way down the road Lizzy said to me "What was you two talking about?" i kept my eyes on the road and said "He asked me for a light and mentioned he had seen me in class" the rest of the drive home we was tilled by talking about the plans for my brithday.

when i was pulling into my drive Lizzy smiled at me and said "I'm going to fuck you so hard" Strangly enough when Lizzy said that my mind flashed back to the waiter what was his name Mckenzie just for a second. When we got inside Lizzy was all over me and normally i wanted her to be but tonight i wasn't getting any pleassure out of the sex we had. we both went to sleep and woke up fresh the next morning. After we got dressed we walked down stair and had some breakfast with my parents and went to college.

When we got to college I kissed Lizzy goodbye and went to my own class waiting outside the room for the teacher was boring like usual however Mckenzie tapped me on the shoulder and said "hiya Blake. how are you" I turned to see who it was talking to me and said "hi umm McKenzie is it? I'm fine and you?" "yeah,yeah i can't complain" i smiled and said "You look different from when you was wearing a waiters uniform" mcKenzie smiled and said "I know you was checking me out last night but don't sweat man" I looked really confussed and said "mckenzie your way of the mark I'm straight. the reason I was looking at you like that yesterday was because you knew things about me that I did'nt think you did" so we sat in class and I was thinking to my self. Was I checking him out or was it as innocent as I said it was the thoughts keep cycling my mind all day but something for sure I knew this guy wasn't going away and I don't think I wanted him to neither

to be continued

story by: blake19

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Author: blake19

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