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The summer after I turned 17, I was watching our neighbors dog for the week. She was divorced, about 38. SHe had a 14 year old daughter. Mrs. Crown was 5ft 8 with huge breasts and beautiful legs. Her daughter Jessie, was beginning to devlop just like her. Anyways, I went over one day and let the dog out and put food in his bowl. I went into the bathroom and noticed one of Mrs. Crown's bras hanging up. It was plain white, but I was very curious, and checked the size. It said 36D. I noticed my dick getting hard, as I was looking at it. I thought to myself, that their were probably more bras, and maybe even panties and thongs upstairs. I quietly snuck nobody was home, I was still quite nervous of being caught. I went into Mrs. Crown's room and opened up her top drawer, and boy did I find sexy undergarments. I found 3 thongs, a pair of silk stockings, and dozens of bras and regular panties. I was curious so I took out the thongs, and looked over and saw another one in the laundry. I picked it up and smelled her sweet juices on it. My cock was throbbing by now, so I laid on her bed and took my dick out, my tip was glowing purple. I wrapped one of the silky thongs around it and began to rub my cockhead with it. I slowly stroked my dick with the silk thong wrapped around it, and then before I knew it, I was jerking very fast and very hard. and I felt myself tighten and I stayed tight and then began spurting out. I laid frozen for like 10 seconds then realized that i needed to clean up well! While I finished cleaning up, I went to toss some paper towels in the toliet, and say one of Jessie's pair of panties. My dick was hard again, and I began to smell them also. I didnt hear the door unlock. I turned around and Mrs. Crown was standing right outside the bathroom door. I walked out pretending like nothing was wrong, hoping I had cleaned up enough… She asked me if I could do her a favor, of course I said sure. I hoped to god that she didnt know what I was doing. She wanted me to tell her how she looked in a new dress, and in a new bathing suit. First she put on the dress, and walked into the bed room where she had me sitting waiting for her. It showed off her nipples, but I didnt say anything. I wanted to know what type of underwear she was wearing. She then went out of the room and came back in wearing the bathing suit. IT was silver and held each breast separately. The bottom was a thong. Mrs. Crown, Becky, had a huge ass. It was pure beauty. She noticed my erection and called in Jessie, who had been downstairs. She told Jessie, "look at his pants, he is getting hard just by looking at me" "What do you mean mom?" "Go unzip his pants." I was in shock and didnt know what to do, so I just let her unzip my jeans and I sprang out of my boxers and was standing at attention in the air. "If you touch it, kiss it, suck it, or stick it into your puss…I mean vagina or butt it will grow even bigger and begin to throb inside of you. It is the best feeling in the entire world." Jessie looked confused so Becky came over and began by giving me a few quick jerks. It was a good thing that I had already cummed once. Becky told Jessie to start doing it. So Jessie came over wearing a white blouse and skirt with nylons. She started touching me and then took the head of my dick into her mouth. I just began moaning. Becky went and was sitting in the chair next to her bed. Jessie was on her knees giving me a great blow job. Becky chimed in and told her to take off her clothes. "but mom, I am very moist right now, is that normal?
Oh yes it is!" Becky Said. Hurry now and take off all your clothes, and bend over at the waist and grab onto the bed post.
I was way to horny to pass this up, so as soon as she undressed, I took my 7in dick and put it into her wet pussy. She began to moan, with a painful pleasure. It was incredible. I grabbed her tiny buds on her chest and pinched her nipples hard. I moved my dick in and out faster and faster and then she began to cum before me! I was surprised. her pussy exploded onto me, and before I knew it I filled her 14year old pussy with my cum.
Becky said that it had made her very horny watching us. I still had my dick in her daughter and Becky undid the clasp on her bikini top. She wanted in, and my teenage cock was ready for it!

story by: youngandhorny

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Author: youngandhorny

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