Donna, the daughter in law.

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In the days that followed, Donna was strangely quiet. She and

Bob came by for dinner and a visit but she smiled demurely and

played the loving daughter-in-law. I was getting more than curious.

I found myself answering the phone, expecting to hear her sultry,

sexy comments.

A business trip took me out of town for two weeks. By the time

I returned I was ready for Thursday and the afternoon sex with

Jenny. Wednesday was interminable. I made a couple of advances at

Jenny during the afternoon and she shrugged them off politely.

As Thursday morning dragged toward lunch time, I caught Jenny

looking at me with hunger in her eyes. I smiled and licked my lips.

The office started to empty and I made a quick trip to the

bathroom; combed my hair and loosened my tie. I stepped back into

the office and stopped in my tracks.

Donna sat on the couch, large eyes staring innocently back at

me. She was wearing those funny faded looking jeans and a large

baggy shirt that was the fashion with the teenage girls I had seen

in the mall. High topped sneakers on her feet and all her hair

pulled into a one sided pony tail, completed the costume. Had I not

known her, I would have taken her for a fifteen or sixteen year


"Hi, Daddy," she chirped. She was smacking gum and staring

round eyed at me.

"Uh, hello, Donna." Speaking was a struggle. I could feel the

blood pounding in my temples and pumping to gorge my dick.

"This is a nice office, Daddy," she squeaked in character.

She bounded off the sofa and to the window. Pressing her pug

nose to the glass, she stared out from the fifteenth floor. She

pushed her hands into her pockets. That motion pulled the shirt up

and I could see her round little ass wrapped in tight denim. My

cock throbbed.

I looked around toward the door. I suddenly remembered Jenny.

I did not need for her to burst into the office, tearing her

clothes off.

"Don't look for your secretary," Donna chimed without turning

from the window.

I looked back her.

"She's out to lunch with her husband." Donna looked knowingly

over her shoulder.

"Have you had lunch?" I asked.

"Nope." She had turned and was leaning back against the


I could almost feel the heat of her body from ten feet away.

I could feel the heat in her eyes. She licked her pink lipstick and

glanced down at my crotch. Her dark eyes came back to mine and she


"How about if I had my Daddy for lunch?" she asked.

"Why do you continue to play this 'Daddy />
"Is it a game?" She licked her lips again and stared at me.

"Is it? Do you have some dark unrequited incestuous desire?"

I stepped to the desk and sat on the end of it. I could smell her

'bubble gum' perfume. The heat was rising fast in my blood.

"Maybe I sense some dark desire in you to fulfill." Her hands

were back in her pockets, her arms squeezing in, making her breasts

thrust out.

"I don't have a daughter," I retorted.

mean you can't have the fantasy!" She turned her back

and crossed to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

I stared at the dark, rich wood of the door. I felt the surges

of dark passion bubbling deep inside. I shook my head to deny what

she said. That didn't work. I heard the commode flush.

She re-entered the room. Her expression told me that she knew

she was right. A vague smile ebbed across her lips and she sniffed


"So why don't you be my Daddy and I'll be your little girl and

both of us can play out our />
I shrugged and nodded slightly.

She stepped quickly and hugged my waist, her hard little

breasts pushing against my belly, her face against my chest.

"Good! That's my nice, Daddy," she purred.

I stroked her hair and let my fingers scrape down her back.

she hummed, snuggling closer. "You feel so good,


"You feel good, too, Kitten," I croaked. My cock was pressed

against her belly and was growing by the second.

"Ooooo, Daddy! Your thing is swelling up! I can feel it!" she


She stepped back and looked down at the bulge in my pants and

then up at my face.

"It looks so big! Is it really that big?" She gestured with

her slender fingers, only inches from the 12" throbbing organ.

"Not really." My throat was dry and I felt like I had a fever

of 100 degrees.

"I've only seen two and they were little boys. Their things

weren't any bigger than my thumb." She was playing the part very


She stared at the bulge with wonder in her eyes. Her hands

flitted close by but never touching.

"Did I cause it to swell up?" she asked.

"Ummmm hmmmm." Speech was getting very difficult.

She turned and walked away. I almost yelled. She stopped at

the desk and turned.

"Can I….," she hesitated. "Can I see it?" The words were a

bare whisper.

I glance toward the door to the outer office.

"It's locked," Donna's voice whispered.

When I turned back to her she was still the little girl.

"That's what you can give me for my nineteenth birthday next

week!" she gushed.

"What?" I was confused.

"Show me your she said proudly.

She took a step toward me and paused. Her eyes flicked from my

crotch to my face.

she rasped.

I sighed, unzipped my slacks and reached into my shorts. I heard her

suck in her breath. I stopped.

"Kitten, we can't tell anyone about this. This has to be our

secret," I cautioned.

"Oh, I know, Daddy," she shrugged it off. "You aren't

molesting me. You're just doing what I asked you to do."

I pulled the pulsing shaft of my dick from my pants and held

the dark head for her to see.

"Ooooo, Daddy!" she crooned, stepping closer. />
My fingers slid from the shaft and the head bobbed slowly in
the thick air.

"Does it hurt?" she asked.

"No, not exactly."

She leaned forward for a closer look. Her finger touched her

lower lip. She was playing a very convincing part. I was getting

lost in the play.

"Can….can I touch it?" Her eyes met mine as she asked.

"If you want to." I was holding my breath.

Her slender fingers reached out and brushed the satin skin of

the head.

"Oooooo, nice!" she cooed.

Her fingertips traced the round head around and around. I was

holding onto the edge of the desk and breathing through clenched


"All this is making me wet and warm between my legs," she


Her fingers circled the pulsing head and closed. I almost went

to my knees. She held on snugly and savored the sensation as I


"It's sooo hot!" she gasped. "I feel all funny down between my


Her fingers squeezed my throbbing dick and released it


"Don't stop," I croaked.

"Do you want me to touch it some more?"

"Yes!" I wheezed. "It feels good when you touch…. Daddy's


"Oooooo, Daddy, I'm glad you like it!"

Her fingers curled around the head of my dick.

"Stroke it back and forth," I coaxed.

She rubbed her fingers over the top of it.

"Like this, Kitten," I said.

I guided her fingers back around the head and moved the

circled collar back and forth. Shock waves of lust ran up my body.

I felt as if I would shoot any second.

She shook her pony tail and licked her pink lips slowly, her

eyes fixed on the swollen head of my cock. Both of her hands

wrapped around the shaft and pulled slowly. Back and forth her

small, hot fingers moved.

Suddenly, she stopped.

"I'm so HOT down there!" she rasped.

Without warning, she stripped the jeans down over her hips and

stepped out of them and her high topped sneakers. White cotton

panties peeked through the tails of the oversized shirt. Her

fingers flipped the buttons on the shirt and it fell open,

revealing what I was sure was a cotton training bra. With her full

breasts, it was over taxed. It looked like it was a 32DD size.

"Fell how hot it is!" she demanded.

Her hand grabbed mine and pulled it between her smooth thighs.

A damp, slippery cotton crotch met my fingers.

"Ooooo, Daddy!" she crooned. "Your fingers feel so good there!"

She clutched my hand to her crotch and rocked slowly.

"I feel sooooo strange!" she gasped.

"Rub your finger THERE!" she rasped.

My finger moved back and forth over the swollen bump under the

cotton crotch. She wheezed and jerked as I rolled it slowly.

"Oh, Daddy!"

Her fingers were locked around my wrist, holding my hand

between her slightly spread thighs.

"It… it never feels… this good…. when I />
Her body was jerking and thrusting with the rhythm of my

fingers. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes were clamped shut. My

fingers pushed the soggy cotton cloth into the gooey, hot slit. Her

clit pulsed against the tip of my finger.


groaned. />
Her hips thrust forward and her back arched. I could feel the

contractions of her pussy around the tips of my fingers. She shook

violently and the froze in a rigid position for several seconds.

Her eyes finally fluttered open and she smiled. My cock was

jerking in the open air, my blood pounding in my temples.

"Now… it's… Daddy's turn!" she wheezed.

She pulled my hand from her crotch and pushed it toward my

face. The strong, sweet odor of pussy wafted top my nostrils as she

pushed my fingers under my nose. Her fingers left my wrist and

suddenly grasped my aching cock.

"Does it hurt?" she whispered.

"Yes!" I rasped.

"Will it feel better is I kiss it?"

I gasped. Her slender fingers curled around the throbbing

shaft and she dropped to her knees. I could feel her warm breath on

the swollen head. She smiled up at me and the dipped her head.

"Poor thing!" she crooned.

Her lips touched the tip of my cock and I almost fainted.

"Smells nice," she whispered. She rubbed the dark head against

her cheek and hummed.

"Can I taste it, Daddy?"

"If… you like," I croaked.

Her pointed, wet tongue snaked across the head and under it.

It flicked across the sensitive spot and I gasped and jerked.

"Feels good?" she asked.

I nodded at her upturned face and trembled.

She licked again. And again.

"How do I make it feel as good as you made mine feel?"

I stuttered. "Take it in your mouth and suck it."

she cooed.

Her pink lips opened and her eyes watched mine as she slipped

the head into her hot, wet mouth. The tip of her tongue made

circles around the throbbing blunt end.

she hummed around it as she sucked and laved it.

"Careful… Kitten," I wheezed. "I'm very close to… to

…doing it!"

she hummed. My cock popped wet from her


"You mean making the white stuff spurt?" she asked.

"Oh, Daddy! Give me your stuff!!!"

Her mouth plunged over my straining disk.

Back and forth. Up and down. Gentle fingers cupped my balls

and rolled them as the small mouth worked on my cock. I felt the

convulsion deep in my balls and I grabbed her blonde head.

KITTEN!" I wailed, thrusting my cock into

her hungry mouth.

she hummed and sucked harder.

The flood broke and what seemed like quarts of scalding cum

erupted from my cock and flooded her mouth and throat.

Finally, I fell away from her and dropped to a chair. Her

mouth and chin were smeared with my come and she licked at it


"Delicious, Daddy!" she gasped.

Wheezing, I looked at her passion distorted face.

"Whose fantasy is this? Mine or yours?" I rasped.

She smiled and kissed my drooping cock.

"A fantasy is something that you create in you imagination but

have never carried through. It's too late for it to be a fantasy

for me." She smiled at my wide eyed stare.

"What…what do you mean?" I asked.

"It has to be your fantasy. It is no longer one for me." She

rose and gathered her clothes.

"See you soon, Daddy!"

She stepped out of my office, zipping her jeans.

story by: God

Tags: fiction blowjob job/place-of-work cum swallowing incest older male / female sex story

Author: God

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