Ethereum gladiator (chapter 3)

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Kyla leaped from the top of a ramp.

Her momentum carried her in a graceful arc through the air and over the second bulwark. Wind rushed over her nude body, fluttering her headdress as she flipped herself, getting her feet under her. She landed in a graceful crouch atop the ridge that ran around the perimeter of the Melee Pit, grinning triumphantly. She bounced up, her breasts jiggling and a few dropplets flying free from her artificially arroused nethers. Four colored flags were gripped tighly in her right hand, which had been the objective of this training session.

"I didn't fall once!" Kyla declared happily.

"I saw," Lonji replied, flashing down to hover in front of her. "Only a month of training and you can already navigate the Melee Pit better than most veterans. You're good at this, Kyla."

Kyla beamed, still breathing kind of hard. It still took a little concentration to stand on the slightly spongey, ultra lubricated terrain of the Pits, but it had only taken her a few days to really get the hang of it and it was almost as easy as standing on normal floor now.

The Melee Pit was one of several arenas inside the Colleseum, and the largest by far. The Pit itself consisted of a large square area sunken into the floor and built full of moguls, ramps in various shapes and sizes, and other such constructs. The whole thing was one seamless surface, coated with the same slick lubricant the NESTs used. Gravity was distorted within the Melee Pit as well, to keep the lube from pooling and to keep contestants from getting stuck in the lower areas.

It was about constant motion, about sliding around at almost frightening speeds, but Kyla loved it. Sliding around down there was just fun.

Lonji had shown her a visual recording of one of the last season's Melee Pit events. Dozens of glistening naked bodies zipping around, trying to steal the sashes tied around each other's bellies. Each person had three, and the object of the contest was to incapacitate a person by hitting their orgasm triggers and pulling a sash free. The rule was you could only take a sash from someone in orgasm, and you could only take one sash per encounter. If you lost all your sashes, you were eliminated and set to permanent orgasm, and the winner was whoever managed to be the last one standing.

"Can we go see Zyle?" Kyla asked. "I want to gloat."

Lonji chuckled. "After lunch. Zylesen is still training in the Puzzle Pit."

Kyla nodded, hopping off the slick surface of the Melee Pit. "That probably means she'll be doing some gloating of her own, huh."

Kyla sighed dramatically, grinning. Lonji turned with her, taking her by the shoulder, and Kyla's implants clicked off. Her pussy spasmned, a mild orgasm overcoming her without the implants to hold it at bay. She let the pleasure wash through her, sighing happily, and didn't even stumble. With Lonji's familiar hand on her, Kyla headed toward the corridor that ran under the stands down to the lifts. She saw a familiar face coming up the other direction, framed by a brilliant golden headdress that matched his eyes. She waved.

"Hi, Shandel."

Thraiza, the night elf's handler, smiled at her as Shandel himself looked up and noticed her. He'd long since gone through the Cleansing and other prepratory operations. The smooth curves and hard lines of his body were clean, his skin a flawless uniform shade of blue without a blemish or hair anywhere, other than the eyebrows which were protected by goggles during the Cleansing. Shandel's cock stood out perpendicular to his body, bobbing slightly with his heartbeats; his implants were active already.

"Hello Kyla," Shandel replied politely. "How are you today?"

"Great. I totally owned the Melee Pit," Kyla said. "You're up next?"

The night elf nodded. />
Kyla smiled softly. She had developed a bit of a soft spot for the gloomy night elf, and usually went out of her way to try to make him feel better. Because Kyla and Shandel were both owned by Falavax, their handlers were allowed to allow her to do so. Kyla glanced at Thraiza for permission. The ethereal nodded, so Kyla reached out to put her hand on Shandel's chest. She moved closer to him until his cock poked her belly, then looked up at him as he towered over her.

Shandel blushed, his face darkening. It was bizzare that he was still afflicted with enough modesty to do that, Kyla thought. She pushed him gently towards the wall of the corridor, where a padded bench was mounted to run its length. The night elf sat with a sigh, his hands limp at his sides.

Out of the corner of her eye, Kyla saw Lonji flicker over to Thraiza and whisper something to the other ethereal. A moment later, Shandel's implants switched off. His body twitched, pale lavender cock wobbling in the air before deflating slightly to a more natural level of arrousal.

Kyla quickly knelt onto the bench, climbing ontop of the sad-looking kaldorei. Settling her creamy thighs, still slick from her session in the Melee Pit, against Shandel's muscular blue ones, Kyla positioned herself over the night elf's bobbing shaft. She reached down, her slippery fingers closing around the thick phalus and stroking it a few times, rubbing her own saturated loins against her wrist.

Watching Shandel's face with a smile, Kyla guided his cock's purplish head to her dripping sex, lowering herself slowly onto the night elf's lap. Her flesh squeezed over the throbbing phallus, rippling tightly around Shandel's warm shaft as her tunnel stretched to accommodate his girth.

The night elf whimpered softly as his manhood disapeared into Kyla's body, tiny rivulets of her juices running down to his lavender sack. Kyla could have taken him more quickly that she was, but he was a kaldorei. Night elves lived a very long time, and as such, they experienced things slowly. Kyla wanted to let him really feel her taking him, so she did the opposite of what she usually did; she tensed her muscles as she went, producing as much resistance as she could.

Kyla finally bottomed out, settling down on Shandel's lap, her hips swaying a little with his thick cock inside her. Shandel took a ragged breath, lifting his hands to cradle her ass, feeling it move under his palms. Kyla began to slowly run her hands over his chest, massaging his taut muscles, running her hands down to his belly, working her way up his sides, rubbing his chest, moving up to the shoulders, then to the neck, and back down to his pectorals. She swayed as she worked, the night elf's heavy shaft still lodged inside her, held tightly as her lubricious walls squeezed its mass.

Shandel sank back, tension leaving his face. Kyla slipped her hands to his back, putting her arms around him and pressing her chest to his. Slowly, but firmly, she rubbed her slippery breasts against him, rolling her hips as she did so, her tight passage milking the night elf's cock as her squishy orbs slipped and slid over his chest.

The night elf shivered–as sweat dewed on his smooth skin, a low groan rising from deep in his throat. He sucked in a sharp breath, his fingers suddenly digging into Kyla's bottom as his cock leapt against her gripping walls, pulsing powerfully inside her as cum bathed her innards, filling her until it leaked out around the base of Shandel's cock.

Kyla smiled, sliding her hands up to Shandel's face and looking into his eyes as his cock slowly softened within her. After a moment he smiled.

Kyla grinned, punching him gently on the arm. "Now go slip and slide. I'll be waiting to hear how you do."

Shandel chuckled. "Thank you for that."

Kyla climbed off of the night elf, returning to Lonji's side. She caught Thraiza looking at her oddly, but the ethereal turned away before Kyla could decipher her expression.

Shandel stood up slowly, following his handler. "See you, Kyla."

"Good luck," Kyla said.

Kyla and Lonji entered the lifts, leaving Shandel and Thraiza to the Pit. Lonji shook his head. "You know us handlers are supposed to be fostering competitiveness, not compassion. Thraiza is using you to cover her own />
"So you keep saying," Kyla replied.

"You know I appreciate your empathy," Lonji told her. "I just like to remind you sometimes of our purposes. You seem almost too comfortable here, />
Kyla laughed. "What? Are you asking me to />
Lonji made an expression that was equivilant to rolling eyes. "I'm serious, Kyla."

"I like it here, Lonij. You know that. I may have even chosen this life voluntarily, had it been offered," Kyla said, squeezing her legs together to feel Shandel's cum squish in her nethers.

"So you keep saying," Lonji chuckled. "I just want you to remember why the Lords and Nexus-Princes pay good money to keep this Colleseum going. The crowds don't need to come here to see sex. In fact, the stands usually erupt in an orgy by the end of most Game Days. They pay the admission price to see />
"I know, I know," Kyla said as the lift platform slowed to a stop. "And you know you don't have to worry. I've been kicking ass in my practice matches in the Duel Pit."

"That you have," Lonji admitted, walking her into the dormitories. "Except for the few times early on when your warrior training took over and you were disqualified for injuring your opponent," he added.

Kyla flushed. "Yeah okay, but I haven't done that since the first week."

Lonji chuckled, placating.

Kyla gasped, straining against the binding embrace of the NEST as her body convulsed, exploding in orgasm. She writhed in the grip of the winding tentacles as they wriggled over her skin, holding her upright and stroking her as one of the slippery limbs rapidly jammed itself up into her pussy. It's glistening surface threw droplets of moisture that were a little more white and opaque than usual, from the remains of Shandel's cum.

"NEST, C-cradle," Kyla panted.

The tentacle in her pussy slowed to a stop and withdrew as she sank down into a more relaxed position, the tentacles releasing their hold on her but still supporting her weight, simulating suspension in water.

"NEST, Slow Massage," Kyla breathed, floating limply face-down.

The tentacles began to gently stroke her body and lightly kneed her flesh, squeezing the tension out of her. She sighed, rolling onto her back as she came down from her orgasm. The tentacles continued to caress her, matching her movements so the sensations were uninterrupted.

After a short while, Kyla heard Lonji come in with her lunch. "NEST, Release."

The tentacles gently lowered her and set her on her feet. Kyla turned, walking out of the softly waving limbs and saw Lonji setting a tray on her desk. She padded across the soft rug to see what he'd brought.

"Ooh, wolfsteak," Kyla noted, eyeing the modest portions.

Lonji perched on the edge of the table while Kyla sat down to eat. "The rated matches start tomorrow," Lonji said.

Kyla nodded, chewing.

"You'll have two," Lonji continued. "One in the straight bracket, and one in the lesbian bracket."

Kyla nodded again, swallowing. "I'm actually excited, though I'm not quite sure how having thousands of eyes on me is going to make me feel."

"Just focus on your opponent. You'll be fine," Lonji told her.

"Yeah," Kyla said between bites.

Lonji folded his arms. After a moment, he slid off the table onto his feet and said, "I'm going to go talk to Nahri and arrange for you to see Zylesen."

A short while later, with Lonji's hand on her shoulder, Kyla stepped out of the lifts into the gladiator's lobby.

The lobby, distinguished by its yellow hangings, was a communal and social area for the well-behaved gladiators. The space was dominated by a large open area in the center of the level. Around the perimeter of this area was a ring of cusions and couches, all very soft and comfortable, each upolstered in a water-tight shiny black material similar to the skin of the NEST tentacles. Arranged in a smaller, concentric ring, were a dozen shallow sunken pits, each filled with the warmed lubricant used by both the arena and the NESTs.

The key feature of this area was the GNEST. The GNEST was essentially the same thing as a NEST, only it was mounted in the floor rather than the celling, and it possesed over three hundred tentacles. It stood centered in the ring, a small portion of its many flowing tentacles occupied by the three moaning women writhing in its grasp. Kyla recognized the gasping green orc but not the two dwarves she was samwiched between. They belonged to one of the other lords. The orc, though, was a free gladiator, and Kyla had met her briefly. Her name was Theig.

Each dwarf had her legs locked around the Theig's middrift as they kissed furiously over the orc's shoulder. The GNEST's tentacles cocooned them, squeezing the three women, squishing their slippery flesh together. Six more tentacles were snaking up underneath them, penetrating all three women both anally and vaginally.

Outside the ring, the yellow hangings divided the remaining floorspace into communal eating areas and equipment rooms. Kyla looked around as Lonji walked her towards the couches, but didn't see Zylesen anywhere. One of the twelve pits was in use by a male blood elf and a female night elf. The night elf was laying face-down with her head propped up on her arms on the cushioned edge of the pit, while the blood elf slipped and slid over her back, using his whole body to massage hers.

As Kyla passed them, the blood elf slid his chest up and down the night elf's toned ass. After several slow strokes, he slid himself up her body until his cock rested in the crack of her ass, then with a little more sliding, slipped his cock down to her cunt. The night elf didn't react other than to gyrate her ass a bit against the blood elf's hips as he thrust into her. Her eyes remained closed with a relaxed expression on her face.

Kyla sat down on one of the couches, the sensuous material slippery-soft on her skin as it cushioned her. Idly watching the scenes of sexual wholesomness, she let her hale frame sink further into the slippery cushions until her head lay on the backrest.

Always attending to her needs, Lonji appeared on the floor between Kyla's knees mere seconds after she felt the urge to slide a hand down between her legs. As usual, Lonji beat her to it. He rested his palm against her slick slit, massaging in a slow but firm circle.

A moment later, Kyla felt a subtle change in the air, the indication that someone was behind her. She supressed her warrior-born impulse to tense up and defend herself, instead only smiling slightly. Slender fingers–the same fingers Kyla had suckled during the street orgy on her first day at the clamped over her eyes from behind and a voice giggled, "Guess who?"

"Hey Zyle," Kyla said dryly.

The waifish blood elf released Kyla's face and slid her hands down to Kyla's breasts, leaning down over the back of the couch. She rested her chin on Kyla's shoulder as she caressed Kyla's volumous chest. Lonji looked up over Zylesen and nodded to the blood elf's handler. />
The female ethereal assigned to Zylesen nodded familiarly to Lonji.

"So," Zylesen said, rolling herself over the backrest and onto Kyla's lap, catching Lonij's hand between her cunt and Kyla's, "I hear you're in the opening bracket tomorrow, Kyla. I hope I get to watch. They're starting me in the Puzzle bracket because apparently I get to much of a thrill out of being dominated to put my full effort into winning a grappling match."

"You do get to much of a thrill from being dominated," Kyla pointed out, chuckling. Most of the gladiators, Kyla included, had a submissive bent. Zylesen, though, made them all look like dominatricies.

Zylesen, Kyla had learned, had been one of the most talented mind-controllers in Silvermoon before she got reassigned to Draenor. The blood elf had developed psychic abilities at a very young age, and was just starting to go through puberty when she had mastered the ability to take over and control another person for a limited time.

A horny teenage elf with mind-control powers was not the most stable combination, and Zylesen had of course given in to the temptation to use her powers for sexual gratification. Her first had simply been a kiss, but from there, she had grown more and more bold with her powers. Her submissive tendancies coupled with her powers giving her total control over her sexual experiences, created a downward spiral seeding her now outlandishly submissive desires.

Eventually, she had started taking over physically strong women and making them rape her. Of course, Zylesen was in total control, but she would play at resisting and struggling against her puppet's advances until they overpowered her. Once, she had made a passing visitor from Orgrimmar throw her down, rip her clothes off, and fist her to orgasm right there in the street in broad daylight. The orc was arrested for rape, but was soon released when she was examined and found to have been under Zylesen's control. Zylesen was almost arrested herself, but was instead recruited into the Silvermoon government's secret task force of mind controllers, where she spent several years quelling riots before being reassigned to Outland.

Zylesen wiggled on Kyla's lap, still supporting herself with her hands on Kyla's breasts. "Well, probably," she admitted, tossing her head, which was crowned by a pony-tail style black and green coiffure. "But I still want to win. They modified my implants to supress my psychic abilities. I didn't really miss them at first, but I do now and the only way to get them back is to win free and get the implants removed, you know."

"Yes, well, you're still in the Lesbian bracket on the second tier," Kyla said. "You still have that chance."

"You have three, though," Zylesen said, making a face. "And I talked to a man named Zethriel yesterday who is in all four />
Kyla let a soft smirk onto her face. "Don't you remember how we met? You made a complete fool of me in the Puzzle Pit. I've never seen anyone who could keep their hands that steady while they were cumming. Judging by everyone else's reaction, they hadn't either. I think your odds are pretty good, Zyle."

"Maybe you're right," Zylesen giggled, squishing her forearms up under her perky blood elf breasts with her hands together. "But, Nahri says they won't let me stay as a voluntary gladiator if I get my implants removed. And I don't want to leave."

"That's quite a dilemma you've got there," Kyla said in a mock sage-voice.

"It is," Zylesen nodded.

Kyla grinned. "What will it be?" she asked. Snatching the blood elf's wrists, Kyla twisted Zylesen down onto her back on the seat. Kyla rolled her body down ontop of the squirming blood elf, pinning Zylesen's arms down over her head. Kyla's breasts squished pleasantly against Zylesen's slightly smaller and slightly firmer ones. "Or />
Zylesen giggled involuntarily. "I wonder if they'd let me take a NEST home with me?"

"You should find that out," Kyla breathed as she tightened her grip on the other woman's wrists, pressed her lips to the blood elf's neck, and started sucking on the spot under Zylesen's jaw that she knew was sensitive.

The trio in the grip of the GNEST cried out, juices splattering everywhere as the nimble tentacles wrung orgasms from their quivering bodies. The nearby night elf sighed, her eyes still closed and a froth of cum visible on her ass between the rapid and vigorous thrusts of her pale male companion. And Zylesen's reply was swallowed up in a loud, lusty moan of her own.

The booming, amplified voice of the commentator echoed from the stadium, muffled by its journey down the lift shafts. Kyla couldn't make out what he was saying, but his tone implied the imminence of great excitement. The first match must have been about to start.

Sure enough, the call came down only moments later in a cool, disembodied voice that said, "All contestants in the heterosexual bracket, please enter your lifts now."

Kyla stepped forward onto the lift platform and was joined by Shandel, as well as a draenei named Vhela and a troll named Jud, both of whom Kyla had only met that morning. Their handlers followed them into the lift and the platform began to rise towards the stadium, carrying Lord Falavax's team to their first matches.

Vhela was muttering strategy to herself, her tail swishing the air with nervous anticipation. Jud was grinning, swinging his arms in front of him to limber up his shoulders. Shandel was like a statue, standing mutely. Kyla shot him an encouraging smile.

The lift reached its destination in Falavax's Alcove up above the stands, and their implants clicked on. Kyla and Vhela's vaginas flooded, the outer lips parting like a pair of sliding doors, and the males' erections sprang to their full size.

Between the lift and the Alcove proper, was a sheet of falling liquid that the gladiators had to step through. An artificial waterfall of the same lubricant used in the NESTs and the arenas. Kyla walked through it, drenching her body in the warm liquid, and as she emerged on the other side, the noise of the crowd rolled over her like something tangible. From behind her, Lonji appeared with Kyla's headdress, placing it on her head as the other handlers did the same for Shandel, Vhela, and Jud.

The massive stands were packed thousands full, with a mix of ethereals and biologicals. Lord Falavax himself stood on the balcony above the Alcove with his entourage. Spaced evenly around the rim of the stadium were other Alcoves where other Lords and Ladies stood above their own teams.

Eventually the cheering died down and the commentator announced the first match. "Please welcome newcommer Zethriel Nethergale of the Lady Halzala! And for the Lord Bulivi is returning fan-favorite, Vieti />
Kyla squinted at a pair of Alcoves on the other side of the stadium and saw a male blood elf with a midnight black coiffure fringed with gold step onto the teleportation pad in Halzala's Alcove and reappear down in the Duel Pit, followed immediatly by a dark-aqua-skinned female troll wearing a sky blue coiffure from Bulivi's Alcove. In mid air in the center of the stadium, just below Kyla's vantage point, two giant zeroes formed out of sizzling bolts of energy.

"And, begin!" boomed the commentator.

Vieti, the troll, immediatly sprang forward, skating gracefully through the shallow pool of lubricant towards the blood elf. Bracing himself, the elf dove aside at the last second and spun. Kyla saw his hand slip between the troll's thighs and with an electric sizzle, the rightmost zero became a one, then a two. Vieti stumbled as orgasm wracked her body, but mangaged to bring the elf down with her, snaring his hand between her knees.

newcommer gets the First Touch!" the commentator announced. "But it's going to cost him, as Slitherslash turns the tables with a Triple Leglock!"

They were too far away for Kyla to see the details, but the troll had somehow backfliped onto Zethriel's neck and caught his arms in the crook of her knees. Vieti was now writhing atop the elf, trying to keep him from throwing her off by lifting his face off the floor as her nethers ground on the top of his spine.

The elf's knees slipped and slid as he tried to get his feet under him, but Vieti got herself braced first and reached forward, clamping her hands down on the sensors in Zethriel's hips. He flailed haphazardly as his cock pulsed wildly, spraying cum onto the floor of the ring between his knees as the other giant zero started counting the seconds.

"If Nethergale doesn't break her hold, he's going to be in serious trouble, folks!" shouted the commentator.

As the pool of white cum under his throbbing shaft continued to grow, the elf struggled to throw off his opponent, but with orgasmic spasms pulsing through his body and impeding his coordination, he wasn't having much luck. He finally manage to work an arm free. Vieti tried to counterbalance but she wasn't quick enough. Zethriel shoved himself over, throwing the troll off to the side as he rolled.

His counter stopped at twenty-six.

The troll wasn't down for long though. Before the elf could even clear his head, she had rolled ontop of him and pinned his arms down next to his head. He tried to keep her pussy away from his cock by pulling his legs together and yanking his knees up, but Vieti countered by sliding her ass up his thighs, using them as a track to guide her opening right onto the head of Zethriel's cock.

"By the nether, folks! Looks like Slitherslash has got Nethergale straddle-locked and is going for an unusually early Coital Finish!"

Vieti shoved her cunt down on the elf's shaft, enveloping it completely in less than a second. Both of the giant numbers began to count simultaneously while the elf's body and the troll's atop him shook with orgasm. Zethriel was bucking widly, still trying to throw the troll off, but she rode him with as much grace as she could muster with her body spasming orgasmically.

From a distance, it almost looked like they were making insanely passionate love to one another, rather than competing. After thirty more seconds, cum was splattering everywhere as the two gladiators slammed wildly into each other. Finally, the elf surrendered, too exhausted to keep up the fight. He fell slack underneath the troll, twitching rythmically as his cock continued to pump cum into Vieti's pussy.

Zethriel's counter reached one-hundred and exploded in a shower of sparks as the other number flashed a bright seventy-six and the commentator declared Vieti Slitherslash the winner. Vieti threw her fist into the air in triumph to meet the cheers of her fans, lurching slightly as her implants clicked off.

While the troll had her fun with her defeated opponent, Kyla replayed the match in her head. As she did, she felt a growing confidence. She could spot mistakes both gladiators had made, and was sure she could have avoided most of them herself. So far, it was looking like she might actually be able to win, Kyla thought with a grin.

Several more matches followed the first, including one against a male troll that Vhela won, and a startling victory by a female blood elf in a sun-colored headdress against a male orc. Kyla watched each match as closely as she could, looking for anything that might surprise her in her own match.

Finally, as a male draenei finished his victory-fuck with the female dwarf he'd just bested, the commentator announced Kyla's match. "Brace yourselves, for now entering the arena is Lord Bulivi's Kelden Moonscar, facing off against Lord Falavax's newcomer, Kyla Valstar!"

Kyla saw a slender blue-grey night elf wearing a thin silver coiffure like a crest step onto the teleport pad in Bulivi's Alcove and reappear in the arena. Kyla herself stepped onto Falavax's platform, and the world blurred around her. When it resovled itself once more, she found herself facing the tall elf across the Duel Pit.

Kyla took her stance, lightly shifting her weight from one foot to the other. The night elf was even taller than Shandel. Kyla could have given him a titjob while standing. Kelden took his own stance, meeting Kyla's eye and giving her a slight nod of respect.

Kyla skated forward at once, feinting low. Her opponent had the height advantage and would expect her to go for his thighs, so she pretended to. Just as Kelden was about to twist aside, Kyla backspun to meet him, leaping into the air and placing her foot on his thigh instead of her hand, and pushing off.

Pushed off-balance, Kelden was unable to block as Kyla contorted her body in the air and caught the night elf's neck between her shins. Unfurling her body, Kyla transfered all her momentum into her legs, and thus, into Kelden. The elf was hurled off his feet, landing flat on his back with a loud wet slap.

Kyla came down ontop of him, her gaping nethers mashing into the night elf's face as her hands shot towards the sensors on Kelden's chest while Kyla splayed her legs in an attempt to keep his hands off her hips. She made contact, and Kelden started cumming. Unfortunately, his cock was aimed directly at Kyla's face and the first spurt of his seed almost caught her in full in the eyes. She jerked her head up at the last instant, catching the night elf's cum on her neck instead.

"First Touch goes to Kyla after a stunning display of acrobatics!" boomed the commentator.

Kyla had to shift her weight back and forth to keep Kelden from throwing her lighter body off him, but for the moment was managing to stay on top. The night elf's cum continued to splatter over Kyla's neck, and he seemed to be trying to aim it, angling his hips so it would land on Kyla's face and impede her.

Sudden orgasm wrenched control of Kyla's body from her as her loins convulsed violently upon the night elf's face. Kelden had managed to get a hand onto one of her hips. Pressing his advantage, he rolled with Kyla as she dodged his cum, tipping her over.

Kyla sprang away to avoid being pinned, scrambling back to her feet as Kelden did the same. The night elf's cum covered her from neck to nipple and small globules were dripping from her breasts. Above them, Kelden's counter displayed a nineteen, and Kyla's a two, putting her in an early lead.

The night elf dashed forward.

He went for a grab, but Kyla slipped his hold by dropping to the ground and sliding herself knees-first between his legs. This time, she went for his thighs for real, and managed to contact one as Kelden tripped over her.

As the night elf toppled forward and his cock lobbed a single spurt of cum into the air before him, Kyla flipped herself onto her belly and shoved hard against the gooey arena floor. On her feet again, Kyla dove forward while Kelden was still on hands and knees. Before the night elf could stand up, Kyla landed on him. Her breasts squished over his ass and slid up his back, painting swaths of white cum up either side of his spine as she clapped her hands onto his upper ribs.

Kelden's body gave a small shudder as his cock started pumping cum onto the arena floor. Kyla locked her legs around his hips, her wide-open sex rubbing on the night elf's lower back as she tried to shift her weight forward and drive Kelden's face into the floor. It almost worked, but left her without an anchor.

Kyla realized her mistake at once, but Kelden was already lurching sideways. She released her hold on him to avoid being pinned, but the night elf shifted his weight at the last moment. Rolling to the side had been a feint, and now Kyla was in trouble.

Contorting to get his feet under him, Kelden then leaped straight up, backfliping over Kyla's head. His lithe body arced through the air and the last few spurts of cum before Kyla lost contact were flung upward in a glistening arch.

The crowd ooed and the commentator was shouting something, but Kyla wasn't paying attention to them.

Kyla tried to dive out of range but she wasn't fast enough. Kelden snared her as he landed, yanking her back against his chest as his hands groped for her cleavage. The squishy flesh of Kyla's boobs filled the night elf's fingers as he smashed his palms against the sensors there and her pussy exploded.

Fighting the orgasmic convulsions, Kyla managed to slip her hands behind her. She felt Kelden's heavy, slippery balls slide over her knuckles as she reached for his thighs. The night elf tried to pull back, but he couldn't get out of her reach without giving her room to break his hold. Kyla made contact and felt the night elf jerk against her. His cock throbbed powerfully against her spine, spurting cum between her shoulderblades as her own loins spasmed, splattering the arena floor with droplets of her juices.

Letting a moan out through clenched teeth, Kyla shut her eyes for a moment and forced herself to stay lucid through the haze of orgasmic convulsions.

Kelden mashed his legs together, but Kyla's hands were too strong to crush that way. It was easy to ignore the pain in her upper arms and keep her hands on the night elf's thighs behind her, so he changed tactics. Kyla felt him lurch forward, trying to knock her down and force her to use her hands to catch herself.

It was just the sort of move Kyla had been waiting for. With a mighty contortion, she sumersaulted under Kelden. She slid ass-first through the night elf's legs as he tumbled over her and his cock scraped up her back, ricocheting off the back of her jaw and leaving a smear of cum across her cheek. Kyla ducked, escaping a headlock between Kelden's legs by inches.

The night elf landed facedown, his momentum carrying him a short distance away from Kyla on the slippery arena floor. Flat on her back, Kyla gasped for breath as her loins stopped spasming with pleasure and her head cleared. The score display snapped into focus above her. Kyla's read fifty-nine, and Kelden's read eighty-seven.

With a sharp exhalation of excitement, Kyla yanked her legs up and rolled her weight onto her shoulders, throwing her weight down again and flipping up onto her feet. Kelden was still on his knees with his ass pointed at Kyla as she skated towards him, struggling to get his feet under him.

Once she had enough speed, Kyla dropped to the ground, sliding feet-first between Kelden's legs and kicking his hands out from under him and bracing her feet in his underarms to keep him from reaching down. The night elf's cock skimmed up Kyla's belly, nestling between Kyla's squishy breasts. As Kyla reached for Kelden's hips, he jerked his legs straight, trying to prevent her grab and drop his weight onto her at the same time.

Again, he had underestimated Kyla. As his body dropped onto her and his cock squished more firmly between Kyla's breasts, the head sliding down to her navel, Kyla caught the night elf's hips directly above her, supporting his weight on her arms.

Kelden's body spasmed powerfully as his cock erupted once more, jerking between Kyla's breasts and spraying her belly and mons with his hot cum. The night elf's dark lavender balls contracted with each orgasmic pulse as they hung down above Kyla's face. He thrashed in a last-ditch attempt to get away, but since he was cumming and Kyla wasn't, she was easily able to hold on for the thirteen seconds it took for Kelden's score to reach one-hundred.

The three glowing digits exploded in a shower of sparks and with a grin of triumph, Kyla rolled the night elf off of her and stood up, raising a fist to meet the wild cheering of the crowd. Kyla felt the pleasurable lurch in her gut as her implants were switched off and saw Kelden's body jerk as he started cumming again, his cock lobbing small spurts of white into the air.

"An astounding match, ethereals and fleshfolk!" cried the commentator. "Valstar takes the win in breathtaking fashion!"

With her implants off, lust crashed over Kyla like a wave. Unable to keep the grin off her face at the sound of thousands of spectators cheering for her, Kyla sat down on the twitching night elf, guiding his pulsing cock to her dripping hole before slamming down and hilting his thick shaft in her muscular flesh with an audible squelch.

The night elf's massive meat spasmed continuously within Kyla's constricting passage as Kelden continued to orgasm, the implants keeping his cock alive and cumming even though his body's store of semen was severly depleted. Not in the mood to prolong things, Kyla grabbed roughly at her own breasts as she undulated vigorously on that thick organ.

Moaning freely, a triumphant smile still on her face, Kyla's loins clamped down on Kelden's spasming cock and powerful shocks of pleasure wracked her body. Kyla let her cries fly free and let her body jerk and shake as pleasure cascaded through her, unresisted.

An orgasm brought on by external stimulation was just so much more satisfying.

Kyla felt the night elf spasm one last time as his implants were also switched off and his cock rapidly deflated within her. He blinked dizzily before focusing on Kyla and giving her another small nod, acknowledging her victory with grace and respect.

The commentator started to announce the next match, but before Kyla could hear the names her surroundings blurred and disappeared. The world quickly reformed into the gladiator's lobby and Kyla found Lonji and a female ethereal she didn't know waiting on either side of the teleport pad.

Smiling with what might have been pride, Lonji offered Kyla his hand and helped her up once she grasped it. The other ethereal did the same for Kelden, and each with a hand on their charge's shoulder, Lonji and the female walked Kyla and Kelden off towards separate lifts.

"Fel of a first match, Kyla," Lonji told her, a distinct note of pride in his voice.

Kyla felt herself beam. "I know! It was awesome."

Flushed with exultation, she threw her arms around her ethereal handler and began to giggle hysterically. Kyla sagged into Lonji's arms as a month's worth of nerves dissipated in the wake of her first victory. She let her head fall back onto Lonji's arm and caught her breath, grinning happily.

story by: AloneIsCold

Tags: erotica exhibitionism male/female female/female interracial extreme alien science-fiction sex story

Author: AloneIsCold

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