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In high school I was not exactly the most popular kid but not exactly an outcast. I did keep to myself mostly but had several people I guess I could consider friends by definition. When it came to girlfriends I had no experience at all due to my shyness around girls at the time, even around Stacy, a girl I got to see every single day because not only was she in nearly every single one of my classes, she was my neighbour too so I often walked home with her making awkward conversation about small unimportant things and it didn’t help that I had a huge crush on her.
I had known Stay since we were both 7 but did not know much about her except that she went out a lot and she knew nothing about me except that I got really high grades which is what I guess led to a certain incident. One afternoon on my way back from school I heard someone calling out to me from behind, I turned around to see Stacy pacing herself towards me.
“‘Hey Tom”, she said with a smile once she had caught up to me.
I said shyly trying not to make too much eye contact and seem weird.
“That was some math test”
“It sure was”, I said even though knowing full well I nailed it.
“I know you nailed it Tom”, she said with a smile, “but it was quite tough for me, which is why I want to ask you a favour.”
“Which is?”
“If it’s not too much trouble could you tutor me a few times so I do better next time please” she said as she gave me this pleading look with her eyes wide open and head tilted slightly. Who could say no to that?
“Um… sure, just let me know when”
“How about now? I can just change and come over real quick”
“Okay no problem”. It was only when I got home when I realised what was about to happen, I was going to spend an entire afternoon with the girl I’ve liked for so long… all alone. My heart wouldn’t stop pounding hard I swear you could hear it all over the house. I started freaking out and started cleaning my room but there was not enough time, the bell rang and my heart nearly stopped. I fixed myself up as fast as I could in those few seconds then ran downstairs to let her in.
When I opened the door it was quite a site to behold, she was wearing tight shorts and a tight shirt that hugged her C cup breasts quite nicely, her long black hair seemed to reflect all light and make her shine, she was actually quite tall, nearly my height and her legs were really smooth and long I nearly started drooling but I had to compose myself. I let her in and started to lead her to my room.
“I you sure it’s okay for us to be in your room alone?”
“It’s okay my parents are not home plus I think my dad would be happy I have a girl in my room” I said with an awkward laugh.
“No I mean if your girlfriend were to hear of /> “Oh… I don’t have one.” That response seemed to surprise her but she said nothing. The rest of the afternoon went by without incident but it was nice. I started tutoring her one many afternoons and we grew more accustomed to each other’s company, we talked about all sorts of things and got to know each other well. One afternoon we finished up early and started chatting.
“So what happened with your last /> “I’ve actually never had one”
this seemed to surprise her more than I expected. up with that? Why? I’m sure it’s not your looks” She said with a wink, this was new, she had never been this board but it was nice so I accepted it and smiled back.
“I guess am just bad with girls”
“Well you’re doing just fine with me.” That statement puzzled me but I did not look too much into it thanks to my immense innocence. The chat went on and I found out that she had broken up with her douchebag of a boyfriend 2 weeks before.
“So does this mean you are a virgin?”
“Yeah pretty much last I checked” I said jokingly but she got that I was serious.
“Oh poor guy, you’ve at least kissed someone right?”
/> “Ah now that’s just not right” she paused for a bit as if to think about it, ”maybe we should change that.”
I was so lost I felt so foolish.
“Come on, how bout it? I don’t mind giving you your first kiss”
I said quite excited, not believing what was happening. It was awkward a bit because I wasn’t sure what to do until she finally come closer to me until her seat was next to mine. Her face inched closer to mine and I closed my eyes and accepted her soft lips, they felt so great I couldn’t believe it. We kissed for about 2 minutes then she pulled away.
“Sorry this is sort of an uncomfortable position, let’s use the bed”
I nodded and we both quickly moved to the bed, even I could tell she was quite excited. She pushed to onto the bed on my back and got on top of me, her legs on my sides and started kissing me again. This time I felt her tongue press against my lips and push through to my teeth and so I opened my mouth and accepted her, this felt much better. I enjoyed playing with her tongue and she seemed to be into it too, this was confirmed when she moaned into my mouth. This is when I realised I had a raging hardon. My dick was desperately trying to escape my pants and attack her as though it were a predator. She must have felt it rubbing against her stomach because she started pressing herself down on me and starting doing grinding motions with my body so to rub my cock, this felt heavenly I almost came right there but somehow didn’t. After a while of this she reached down between us and wrapped her hand around my cock in my pants, it felt nice but slightly uncomfortable but thankfully she stopped rubbing and looked up to me and said “ I think today will be a day of many firsts.”
This got me crazy and couldn’t wait to see what she had in mind, she slid down and pulled my pants down together with my boxers and my 7 inch cock sprang free. She seemed impressed and had this look of lust on her face. She looked up to me and smiled as she wrapped her hand around it, her fingers felt so good, they were soft and firm. She started rubbing her hand up down my shaft and a slow steady pace but even this alone nearly had me over the edge in a matter of moments. She then came closer and I could feel a warm breath on my dick before licked up and down then finally put in in her mouth, the feeling was ecstatic and my legs moved slightly as if with their own will, I even let out an involuntary groan. But then after getting it all wet she took it out of her mouth and continued stroking.
“It was just a bit dry, I don’t usually do that cos am not really into blowjobs sorry”
“Oh no this is more than fine!” I managed to get out as now her speed had increased. Her grip on my shaft had tightened and she was going at it with all she had and as expected I started to feel my cum rise. I managed to warn her in time and she squeezed my cock tight as I came harder than I ever had before, she had put her other hand at the tip off my cock so all the cum went on her hand but even then some dripped out onto my stomach. When I was finally done she squeezed my quickly softening cock one more time which sent a surge of pleasure throughout my body.
“Got any towels around?”
“Um they are far now, here” I handed her a shirt which used to clean everything up
“Shit that was amazing, lay down so I can return the favour”
“Nope, this day is all about you babe. That can come another time” we both laughed realising what she’d just done there.
“I’ll be right back.” She darted out of the room and I had no idea why but was in no mood to question anything but rather just enjoy the afterglow. After a few minutes of recalling what had just happened she reappeared at the door with a condom in her hand, she must have run home and gotten one.
“I see someone is ready for more.” She said with a wink looking down at my cock which I just then realised was fully hard again. She came on to the bed and I quickly reached up to her and kissed her hard then flipped her over on her back which seemed to please her. While kissing her I stopped one to take off my shirt she then took this opportunity to remove her clothes and I was instantly mesmerised. Her figure was perfect and her boobs were in amazing shape just the right size with huge nipples begging for a sucking. I looked down between her legs and saw the ultimate treasure, her pussy was well shaved and wet just waiting for me. Disregarding her earlier words I reached down and started sucking on her nipples and she instantly started moaning but she kept to her word and pushed me away. She reached for the condom and put it on my cock which felt odd but strangely pleasing. When it was on I started to move towards her pussy and she since she still had my cock in my hand she guided it to her entrance which I eventually reached. When I started to slowly push in she looked at me with frustration and grabbed my ass so I completely entered her completely at one, it seems she didn’t have patience for any of that slow stuff. The feeling was amazing, it was as though her pussy was sucking me in, she lifted her heard and got her lips to my ear.
forget you are the virgin here, I can take it, so don’t hold back” I didn’t need any more instruction, I started thrusting in and out of her at fast pace from point 0. She started moaning with every thrust and after a while calling out my name. Her hands were all over my ass and back as I continued to fuck her hard. Her moans got louder and then her body froze and she screamed out my name then faded off. At this point I was so glad we were home alone. He pussy squeezed my cock and I thought this must just be some sort of skill she has not knowing she was actually coming on my dick. When she finally seemed to gain control of herself again I resumed thrusting hard now reassured she was okay. It didn’t take too long for me to feel my balls tighten and I thrust one final time as deep as I could and came even harder than the first time then collapsed on her side.
“Wow” was all I could say after regaining my breath. She looked at me with so much happiness in her eyes and at that moment I knew I struck a gold mine and simply smiled back. She looked at the watch and panicked.
“Oh god babe am so sorry I have to go my parents will be back soon I need to go clean up” she kissed me and told me to call her on her way out. I sat there for hours simply enjoying the memory of that afternoon. I eventually called her that night we decided to started dating and so our lives went on just with a lot more sex in it.

story by: stuntman-john

Tags: fiction first time teen male/teen female virginity sex story

Author: stuntman-john

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