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This is a story from an experience I had, hope you guys enjoy and comment.

I used to post ads online looking for older men that i could dress up for and they could fuck me, but only when I got a craving for it. Well I had sex with this guy one time, but didnt talk to him again for a while. I got a craving again so i called him up, but he was out of town. He told me he had a friend with a big dick that would like really enjoy me, and asked if he could give him my number.

He called me up the same day, telling me he was really horny and needed to get pleased. I told him i could see him the next day cause i would be working late, but he wanted me that same night. I told him i would see what i could do. We talked a bit and asked me to talk to him like a dirty girl, so i did my best girl voice. He wanted me to moan and scream like i was having an orgasm, so i did that. I sent him a few pics of me dressed like a girl I had on my phone, and he masturbated over the phone while i talked to him and cheered him on. After he came, he said he would call me back. He called back in like 15 minutes, telling me he wanted to fuck me right now. I said I could not because I was working. He told me he wanted to fuck me bareback, which I agreed to. He kept texting me and asking me to show up that night, calling me a whore and all sorts of things. I was enjoying the verbal abuse, and how he was treating me like a girl, though he was being kind of rude. He continued texting me asking me to go to his place, calling me a whore, slut, bitch. Kept asking how much longer until i got off work. He would text every 5 minutes with the same questions. I got off work at around midnight, and he called me asking me to go to his place. He made me moan like a girl for him as I drove home, so that he could jerk off.

I made up an excuse for my girlfriend at the time just to go see this guy. He kept texting me every 5 minutes wanting to know where I was at and telling me to hurry up. I got there and he told me to open the door and walk upstairs. A fat, drunk, 40 something man in boxers and a shirt laid in bed. He looked me up and down grabbing his crotch and ordered, "come here and get to work bitch." I crawled into bed and began gently biting at his crotch area. I pulled down his boxers, and his dick popped up. He wasn't fully hard, but it was already about 6 inches, and really thick. He had what I thought was pre-cum. I began stroking him and gave it a light sucking going about halfway down. I could taste cum all over. He hadn't even cleaned up his dick after jerking off all day. I continued sucking him slowly and going about halfway, then going slightly deeper each time. I could feel his thick dick growing in my mouth the deeper I went. I took it all the way down, which made me gag a bit. He moaned in pleasure saying, "yeah just like that". I began sucking him going all the way up and down. I could feel his dick growing even more, and the tip was already passing the entrance of my throat. I came up to catch my breath and stroked him with my hand. He immediately pushed my hand away and told me, "no hands bitch, suck it like a whore." He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his dick all the way into my mouth. I felt his dick go past the entrance of my throat again. He began using both hands to control my head, making me go down all the way, gag a but, then let me come up to the tip, but not letting me pull it all the way out. I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks, his dick down past the entrance if my throat, fully hard, really thick filling my mouth. My gag reflex got worse, I had thick saliva coming drooling out of my mouth already. He began holding me longer at the bottom when I gagged, making tear up and drool even more. I felt like I was going to vomit, so I came all the way up. His dick was about 8 inches, really thick, fully hard. I could see it throbbing. I stroked him a bit, then he pushed my hands away, "No hands bitch." He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his dick all the way in. He held me at the bottom and I began gagging again. He thrusted his hips upwards, thrusting his dick into my throat, fucking my face. He went hard and fast. My gagging was overwhelming. I tried coming up, but he held me in place saying, "Don't pull it out, hold it there so I can use your mouth like a pussy." He kept thrusting, without mercy, until I felt myself vomiting. I came up, and saw it was just that thick spit. He slapped me, a few times saying," every time, you pull it out, you are gonna get slapped around for not being a good bitch." He pushed me back down, and felt myself gagging again. He fucked my throat hard and fast. I felt like I was vomiting again and had mucus coming out of my nose. I tried coming up. He held me with the tip of his dick in my mouth as I caught my breath, "thats what I like to see, now I am going to fuck your face, and I want you to hold on until I cum." He pushed my head down all the way. His pelvis smashing my nose, dick all the way in, balls deep. He fucked my throat hard and fast, with no mercy. I gagged and drooled out of control. I felt my throat stretched, my jaw was tired, my face a mess of tears, snot, and spit. I felt humiliated and abused. I felt his body tense up, his dick throbbing, I knew he was close and couldn't wait for it to end. I drove myself to make him cum, pushed my face deep into his pelvis, driving his dick all the way in until my nose was buried deep in his pelvis each pump. My bottom lip was one with his balls. He orgasmed in pleasure. His body tense, dick throbbing, I felt it pump in my throat. He held my head hard for a a second, then completely lost control and let go. He was screaming. His body relaxed, I felt his dick stop throbbing. I finally came up for air. His dick and balls were covered with all my fluids, along with my face. I could see a big smile on his face, but little did I know, he was not done with me.

To be continued.

Comments very appreciated.

story by: islutmyself54

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Author: islutmyself54

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