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By Samantha G.

My Mom, and Dad had a great sex life, from what I remember. Just about every Saturday night I could hear them in their bedroom around midnight just going for it. Being an only child and spoiled by attention and not material garbage, I had a really good upbringing. I had a super neat bedroom with my hero Scooby-Doo all over my walls when I was 5 years old. And of course stuffed animals everywhere. My bedroom was at the end of the hall and as far away from my parent’s as possible. At night, they really enjoyed their privacy.

But as I was growing up, into my early teens I became interested in boys. Heck, I was getting boobs, and an hourglass figure. And to top it all off, pubic hair! My body was ahead of girls in my class. I knew my Dad had a collection of Playboy’s and other things that helped to keep the old fire burning. Once in a while as I was doing chores, like vacuuming, I’d see a magazine or two on the floor of their bedroom. So on a particular Thursday during summer vacation, I explored the notorious inner sanctum of ‘My Parent’s Bedroom.’ Of course there was a bounty of helpful items carefully hidden in plain sight under the bed in a cardboard box; which a girl of fourteen would naturally investigate. So I pulled the treasure out from under the bed and ran outside to the garage. It seemed like a logical place to go. Besides, I wanted to find out about sex, and this stuff was loaded with information.

I got settled in behind my Dad’s old Mustang. A classic as he called it, but to me it was just a blue car that needed a carburetor at that time. Our neighborhood was sparsely populated due to the fact that this was a town just starting up, Chandler Arizona. So, there were virtually no kids to play with, and therefore no interruptions in my quest for sexual knowledge. I had the, ‘Holy Grail,’ of sex, right in front of me; I slowly opened the box.

The first thing I saw was a bunch of Playboy and Penthouse magazines. I rifled through them quickly to get a broad overview. Wow, these women were just all so beautiful, and really built. But not much for getting wisdom from. Most of the centerfold models had a brief biography mentioning the things that turned them on. Very few academic articles on sex with boys for me to absorb. I wanted Boys! I wanted SEX! I wanted to see a penis in a vagina!

The hours passed by all too quickly. Playboy was very boring. Then I discovered the Penthouse offerings. Cool, I thought. The magazine was loaded with sexier women, and some actually had photo shoots with naked guys and women together, but no actual sex. The men models in these photo-shoots were all really good looking, nicely tanned, muscular, and sporting a nice dick. Then I accidentally discovered the magazine had these, ‘Forum Letters.’ Samantha started to get educated. One letter written by a sexy woman named stays with me to this very day. I found it so lustful and intriguing, how she finally got this guy she was after even though she was married. All of Linda’s friends told her ‘he needed a saddle because he was hung like a horse.’ I read how Linda was having a house party while her husband was out of town, and she did invite this certain guy she was after. She approached him after the party really got going and asked him if she could see just how big he was. She snuck upstairs to the bedroom and he followed soon after. She described how she was lying on the bed when he came in, and dropped his pants and it swung out big and thick, over a foot long. Well he fucked the shit out of her, and the people from downstairs heard her screams and dashed upstairs into the room to watch the show. Linda really used the term a lot.

It was the first time I ever heard of a guy being I had no idea what it really meant, but I knew it was very sexual and categorized the size of a penis. At the bottom of the cardboard box was a collection of eight-millimeter film boxes made by, ‘Swedish Erotica.’ Oh boy, now I needed a projector. I had to find out about this guy on most of the covers, this ‘Featuring John Holmes’ guy who seemed to be the part and he always had a really pretty woman going crazy on the end of his big penis.

But it was almost time for my Dad to get home from work, so I kept one film out of the box, and put everything back in it’s place, or so I hoped. I returned the stolen treasure trove of wonder to its rightful place and ran down the hall to my bedroom, slamming the door shut and turned on my stereo. I gazed at the box top. The woman on the box looked like she was dazed and not all there. She knelt on this blanket on the floor clinging to a pillow while this guy was pumping her from behind with what had to be a really big penis. Judging by the dicks in the Penthouse pictorials, this guy had a horse cock. (As Linda would put it.) This would be the night I would experienced my first session of masturbation. I didn’t have an orgasm but I was a rookie at this sex stuff. I guess I crossed over the threshold of semi adulthood. I remember waking up around two in the morning, and all was dead quiet. I gazed out my bedroom window and noticed a few clouds drifted by the orange colored full moon. I began to wonder how the woman on the movie box got to be with the guy with the huge penis. ‘Maybe it was a date,’ I thought, and some people wanted to film it. So I began to fantasize about being that woman in the movie.

I sat up and pulled off my ‘Phoenix Suns’ tee shirt and massaged my small breasts. I was feeling pretty dam good, and lightly pinched my nipples, which sent a jolt of lightning into my groin,’Oh how wonderful that felt!’ I was aware of a slight tingling sensation in my pussy and my panties were getting warm and damp. I laid back and quickly removed them letting them drop to the carpet. Now I had a double feature going, with one hand kneading my breasts and nipples, while the other explored the pussy. Flashes of men and their cocks flew through my imagination, never staying in focus long enough. The hand at my dripping pussy picked up speed as it rubbed my little clit; I squealed when I hit the live nerve endings,’Oh my God!’ did that feel good. So I did it again and again as the slight squealing turned into moaning and the breathing became rapid and the heat began to build inside of my loins. I was humping my butt up and down on my sopping wet hand. I was scared and losing control. I remember thinking that I needed a cock in me to really make this all work just right, and slowed down. I got under the covers and gazed out at the moon again. It was hard to get to sleep after that.

My Mom left for work early at seven or so. Her name was Elaine, and she was, and still is a beautiful woman. She rarely talked about her life in Vietnam when she was a little girl, but I knew it was a hard life by all the things I read. I sat at the kitchen table with my Dad reading the ‘Arizona Republic’ as usual. I was wolfing down my frosted flakes, had my legs moving restlessly around. I thought, a lot happened yesterday, and that feeling I gave myself last night. I wanted to take that further, and the sooner the better. ’Got any plans today Sammie?’ my father just scared the hell of me. A mouthful of cereal flew out of my mouth hitting his raised newspaper. Not a good start for a girl on a secret mission to discover sexuality. My Dad is my hero. No if, ands, or buts about it. He’s always been there for me. Taught me all about sports, cars, and Phoenix Suns basketball. I knew he wanted a son, and when I came along, he named me Samantha. He told me it was so he could call me Mom couldn’t have any more kids after me, so Sammie I was.

Dad peered over his wet messy periodical, milk dripping on his sports page that lay on the table under his arm. ‘Something wrong, Sammie?’ He started laughing when he saw milk trickling out of my nose. I could only shake my head that I was ok, but I was just as messy as his paper. ‘Going to town today, Dad,’ I said as I got up from the check out the pawn shop for good stuff.’ That’s if I couldn’t find his projector. ‘Well got to go to work,’ he said got up and took out his wallet. He handed me fifty dollars,’ If the shop has a Holley 650 carb, try to get it for fifty, ok?’ Yeah I was a full-fledged tomboy. Dad needed a better carb on his mustang so I took the money and kissed him goodbye. I had the house and the sex stuff to myself again! I ran to my bedroom and closed the door.

I heard his old truck chug away down the gravel road towards the interstate. He worked at the University in Tempe a good forty-minute drive. I dove on my bed and stared at the ceiling for a while, frantically planning the course of events. My hand went to the crotch of my jeans and I slowly massaged it. In a few minutes, I could tell something was inside that wanted to come out. I felt light headed, and turned on!! I was most definitely getting wet. But now was not the time for this, I had to find that projector! I ran down the hallway towards my parents chamber of sex, when I really began to notice just how wet my pussy was. I thought, wrong with me?’ Well, no time to analyze this new discovery now and I enter their bedroom. The search was on.

It took all of ten minutes for me to find the last piece of equipment needed to get this show on the road. The projector was in their walk-in closet under a few boxes of old garments. I took the bulky thing back to my bedroom, and unclasped the top of the case taking the cover off. I carefully positioned the thing, on the floor so it pointed at the lower part of my closet door and I plugged it in. I quickly stood up and took off my jeans and wet panties. I glanced at the mirror just above my dresser on the far side of the room. I stopped and really looked at myself. I was becoming a young woman. My body told me so. I stared at the small mound of black pubic hair and ran my fingers around my pussy, yep, still wet. Then I turned like a fashion model on a runway and studied my butt. It was narrow and bubble shaped. I liked what I was looking at. ‘Get going Sammie,’ my mind snapped me back to reality and I opened my underwear drawer to get the movie box.

Swedish Erotica was under a pair of my favorite panties, the purple ones. Quickly brushing those aside, I picked up the box staring at the cock again, and the expression on her face. I thought, really pretty.’ She had long wavy dark hair a pretty face and a nice body with a perfect ass. And he had his big cock into her from behind. I sat down next to the projector and opened the movie box. The small gray plastic reel rolled out into my hand. I studied the directions to loading the film. Some idiot had the sense to glue these to the bottom of the deep cover on the inside. ‘Goddamn it,’ now I needed my flashlight. I popped the reel onto the top spindle of the projector, reached behind me for my night table; I retrieved my light and clicked it on. I studied the diagram and followed it all, step by step. A loop here and thread it there, clip it here and up around this part, and that part. I secured the film into the catch reel and took a deep breath. ‘I guess we’re ready,’ I told myself and clicked the start button.

I sat on the carpet with my back resting against my night table. I was slouched down a bit; with my legs spread wide and the projector between my feet. A flicker of lights began to hit my closet door, and the Swedish Erotica logo flashed on, in full living color. I was really eager. My hands were at the ready, I was going to be the second woman in this private orgy and I began to rub my pussy. I wanted to have an orgasm and watch this movie at the same time. You know, ‘Kill two birds with one stone.’ Little did I know I would accomplish a lot more than that, on that Friday morning. Then the title of this movie announced its arrival,’ Always a />
I was panting with excitement when I saw the couple in the kitchen, but they were fully clothed? So I occupied myself by rubbing my young pussy, and waited for the action to begin. I didn’t have to wait long as my hand had picked up speed and I was getting aroused, besides all those two were doing was walking around anyway. No action yet. I closed my eyes and began to fantasize. I was in the movie, not her, and he picked me up in his strong tender arms, kissing me and telling me how much he loved me, and how he couldn’t live without me. I slowly opened one eye and glanced at the closet door.
‘Holy Shit!’ I missed the part where they got undressed. She was now lying on her back and he had straddled her chest. She was sucking his huge cock! The picture on the box of this movie was nothing compared to what I was witnessing on my closet door. Jesus Christ I was turned on!

The woman on her back was licking and sucking his cock with both hands wrapped around it, and her fingers didn’t touch. I picked up my flashlight and compared it to that guys cock. His was a lot bigger. Then I gasped. My fingers were going in and it felt great! The bottom of my butt was getting cold because that part of the carpet was wet also. I began thrusting two fingers in and out of my pussy, panting and moaning now began. I could feel a warmth building deep inside me. I kept watching the movie. These two people on the door of my closet seemed to be ahead of me, so I rubbed faster and hit my clit. Then I saw a close-up of his cock as she pumped it faster and faster, her mouth hung open, her tongue licked at the tip. Then a zoom-in of his painfully contorted face, then again to the cock. And a big spill of white liquid flowed out into her mouth. It hit me like a hot bolt of lightning, I came. My head slammed back against my nightstand as my pussy gushed onto my fingers. My head was spinning and the room was fading away as euphoria began to visit my vagina. I lay there gasping and moaning, trying to see what those two were doing. I was in a pure sexual haze, I became more than a girl. My hunger was growing as I watched him kneel between her spread legs. His cock was still huge and swaying at her vagina. The camera zoomed in as he rubbed the large head around her pussy lips and plunged the thing in, going deep on the first stroke.

There was no sound with this movie, and it didn’t need it. The expression on the pretty brunettes face, said it all. Her eyes were bulging and her mouth hung wide open. Her whole body began to spasm and she gripped the blanket under her as though her life depended on it. Now I sat up again and watched as he pumped her pussy. ‘Jesus Christ!’ I said, his cock was really stretching her a lot. It looked like she was going to rip wide open at any minute,’ Holy Shit,’ I gasped, as he plunged it balls deep and the camera panned up to her face again. I was expecting her to be in tears at this point. Her head was thrashing this way and that way, while she was pulling her own hair! Her eyes were rolling back in their sockets and her breasts were heaving,’Oh my God!’ I yelled, coming too!!’

Not to be out done by these two, I leaned back against the nightstand and put my fingers into my pussy again and slowly pumped them in and out, imagining a cock. Any cock. I was well on my way to another orgasm when I peeked at the show on my closet door again. He was behind her and his cock looked even bigger as it plunged in and out of her pussy. Her head tried to lie on the pillow, but she couldn’t keep it there. She kept flinging it all around. She was coming again! And, so was I! This time I slid down the nightstand and surrendered to the forces inside my pussy

The huge wave of euphoria flooded me. I couldn’t hump my fingers anymore, as I felt paralyzed. All the energy in my young body was washing into my hot loins, I was quietly screaming and delightfully drifting out of my body. I was vaguely aware of anything on earth at that point, as I was laughing and crying from all the properties of a huge orgasm. a woman, Samantha, you’re a woman’ I whispered my name over and over.

It’s funny how the best-laid plans can come to ruination, isn’t it? I don’t remember the passing out part all that much or the part where I kicked the projector over or why the back of my head was bleeding, but I woke up.

The prized projector was lying on its side like a wounded animal, smoking and moaning. A bright white box of empty light emitted against my dresser now. ‘OH no!’ I yelled, trying to gain enough composure to assess this emergency. I really did it this time. The film had gotten stuck and the hot projector light had melted it into oblivion. It burned the pigment off the frames, and it was a near the middle of the reel. I panicked and tried to get the film out by unthreading it, and of course it broke because it was now brittle. Next the projector bulb ended its own life by popping a bright flash that told me the cooling fan had quit working too.

So there I was. Sitting on a pussy wet carpet with a big knot on the back of my skull, and a dead projector between my legs, and miles of film strewn all over my room. That Swedish Erotica box began to laugh at me. If my Mom or Dad suddenly walked into my room, how could I possibly explain the sight? They would have me locked up for life. I swore I could hear my Dads voice, something wrong with that girl.’ Fortunately I had time to organize a restoration effort. My legs betrayed my as I tried to get dressed, and my head was just pounding. I created a crude assembly line on my bed, with everything laid out in order. The projector, near the foot of the bed, next was the dead light, followed by the split reel of film. And last was that fucking box. I knew I had to replace that bulb and splice the film together. I could use tape for the splicing part, but I had to get on my bike and ride three miles into town for the hope of finding a replacement bulb. I’d try ‘Jakes Pawn Shop,’ he always had off the wall kind of stuff.

I know it’s hard to imagine but I kept thinking of the morning’s events all the way into town, just the sex part. That woman’s face was etched in my mind, as was my earth-shattering orgasm. I wanted to chuckle a little bit and feel proud at my accomplishment but dire consequences awaited me if I didn’t fix that projector. My new pussy just tingled on that bike seat all the way there.

Jake’s was on the outskirts of town and was home to a lot of people that looked for great deals. It used to be a run down gas station, but it was a pawnshop now with fresh yellow paint and the old gas pumps still outside. ‘Hi Sammie,’ Jake greeted me, ‘Hi Shaky,’ I replied. Most everyone around town called him because he had a bad stint with the bottle in his past. The alcohol stole his ability to hold anything still in his old weathered hands. I looked at Jake, and he seemed different to me. He was in his fifties but I looked at him through a woman’s eyes now. I approached the long glass display case where the really valuable stuff was kept, watches, guns, and knives were placed in order then his crotch below broke into sight through the glass. I began to imagine what he had for a cock. ‘What are you looking for Sammie?’ he asked. I fumbled into my front pocket and pulled out the dead projector light and handed it to him. He studied it. I couldn’t help but glance at his crotch when he wasn’t looking me in the eyes.

‘Be right back,’ He turned and walked to the back of the shop where he had a long cluttered workbench. I leaned on the counter top and had time to daydream about sex for a few seconds then I started to pray he had a bulb. help you with this one, Sammie.’ His voice still held hope, ‘but I got something with the same kind of plug.’
And he walked back to the counter smiling. ‘You know, you’re a really pretty girl,’ he went on, ‘If I was sixteen, I would crawl over broken glass for a date.’ I looked into his sad green eyes, ‘Thanks Jake,’ I said and he handed me the bulb. It looked like it would work, Then I saw it, next to the cash register. My heart began to dance! A Holley carburetor.

that?’ I asked pointing to the Dad needs a 650 for his mustang, Jake.’ He looked at me then back to the Holley,’ It’s a 600,’ he replied. ‘You can have it for twenty bucks.’ I asked him if I could use the phone so I could call my Dad. he said and handed me his phone. My Dad was thrilled to hear there was any kind of Holley at the shop, and pleaded with me to get it. All was right with the world as I headed back home with that carburetor in a sack and the bulb in my pocket. Our home seemed different as I rode up the gravel driveway. Now it looked like a house. I put the Holley on my Dads workbench next to his toolbox and ran in the house. It took me a couple of hurried hours to put everything back together, but I did it. The projector worked fine and scotch tape worked to splice the film back together.

As I was rolling the small gray reel back into the box, I looked at the picture on the cover again. I thought as I studied that cock,’That guy is really big.’ I began to wonder what something like that would really feel like in my hands. What would it taste like? I could feel my pussy start to wake up again.

"Oh, please, not now Samantha." You need some rest. My mind was a comfort, there's always tomorrow.

I would spend the rest of that summer with all those erotic actors and actresses debuting on my closet door. I discovered my own sexuality and what pleases me. As I went on in life, I dated and enjoyed sex very much. I‘ve had my share of guys, some small, some average, and some large. I got laid by a guy that might have been bigger than John Holmes, or as put it, hung like a horse. The summer of my fascination with guys and their cocks was just beginning.

story by: goodsamantha

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Author: goodsamantha

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