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Good laid!- FF7 lemon First part in "Final Phantasy" Trilogy by MISTER BIG T

This story happens after FF7.

"Ungh.. Oww my fucking head. What ever did happen to that meteor?" Cloud asked himself as he arised from the pieces of highwind. Meteor was gone, probably, because of that green light. Then he remembered his friends.

"TIFA!!! CID!! Barret! REDXIII!! Yuffie! Where are you?" he exclaimed out loud.

Silence was the response.

"I'm alone now.." Cloud thought to himself.
"Look at this babe! Her tits are easily over D cups!" a man said with grin.
"Yeah, no shit! Let's have our fun with her, before someone else finds her!" another man stated.

The two men were probably from Midgar or from some other slum, judging by their clothes. These two had spotted Tifa's helpless body, unconsious.

"I'll take her tits, you take her ass!" said the first one as he began to remove the sweaty shirt from Tifa, revealing her tits. (She doesn't wear any bra, since there ain't no bra big enough for her… Or something, maybe she just prefered the freshness.) He immedialty began sucking on them, which made Tifa move her head and softly whisper "Umm.. Cloud..".

"Look at this! She thinks we are his boyfriend or something! This will be easier then!" the second man smiled as he raised the skirt of Tifa, revealing her damp panties.

With one swift movement, he moved them off. Then he began licking her pussy, while fingering her ass. The first left tits alone for a moment and unzipped his pants, revealing his already hard dick. He then placed it between Tifa's tits and began to pump between them, like he'd lose his cock tomorrow. The other one licked the sweet pussy juice that kept flowing from Tifa's hot pussy. Soon he got up and unzipped his pants. Then he inserted his erect member deep inside Tifa's cunt, making her moan from it's size. The first one kept fucking and soon he came, sending several drops of hot cum in Tifa's mouth. He then slided his dick out from her tits. The other one however, was in no rush in coming. He kept pumping her pussy and now that the first one had stopped, he also began licking her tits. Tifa began sucking his finger while making sexy moans, which made the first one to become hard again. With one swift motion, he inserted his penis inside Tifa's mouth, while taking hold of hair and pulling her further towards the cock. The second one pulled his dick out, turned Tifa around and then inserted his cock in her ass. All three of them were having a great time with this erotic threesome.(Expect the fact that Tifa still tough that she was having sex with Cloud) Soon they both came at the sametime, filling Tifas cunt and mouth with hot cum.

In the meantime, Cloud began climbing up the crater, in hope to get again back into somekind of a civilization. When he reached the top, he saw a familiar character. It was Yuffie laying on ground! Cloud immidiatly began to run towards her, only fearing the worst. Luckily, she was alive.
"Yuffie? Are you allright?" he questioned, shaking her a little.
"C..Cloud? What did happen?" Yuffie softly asked.
"I…I don't know. It seems we made it." Cloud replied.
"What about the others?" she asked.
"I.. I haven't seen them." Cloud answered as he gazed down. Slowly, he muttered a faint

Yuffie came near him.

"Don't worry. I know she is allright." she comforted him.

Then all of a sudden, she kissed Cloud. Cloud was amazed by this event and he just stared at Yuffie.
"I..I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." she told him, blushing.

Cloud looked deep inside Yuffies eyes and saw passion and love in her eyes.

he softly spoke to her.

Cloud took a step closer to Yuffie and returned the kiss to Yuffie. They began kissing each other more and more passionetly, while undressing themselfs. Yuffie's tits weren't as big as Tifa's, but they were very beatiful and Cloud began licking them. Yuffie rubbed his hair and smiled. She had been dreaming about this for a quite some time and now it would finally become true! Cloud went more down, kissing Yuffie's belly button and rubbing her sweet butt. He placed his both hands on her butt and removed her shorts. He then went lower kissing her clit trough those panties. Yuffie closed her eyes and pulled his head back. Cloud then placed one finger on her pussy and began rubbing it through the panties. Soon the panties became too wet and Cloud had to remove them. Just as Cloud was unzipping his pants, Yuffie said "Be gentle, I'm still virgin."

Cloud couldn't believe his luck, would he really get to have some virgin tight cunt? He slowly inserted his erect penis inside Yuffie's pussy.

"Does it hurt?" Cloud asked.
"N..No. Go on." Yuffie softly answered.

Cloud began slowly pumping his erect dick into her, being as gentle as he could. Yuffie seemed to enjoy it somewhat, so he went on harder this time. He went deeper, making some pussy juice coming out from Yuffies hot cunt.

"Ahmmm.. More Cloud!" Yuffie moaned.

Cloud now began playing with her clitoris, while still pumping, this time even harder than last time. It felt so tight, that it almost hurted him!

"It really must be her first time." he tought as he continued fucking her.

Yuffie began panting heavily and screamed "Cloud.. I'm comiiing!!"

Cloud hearing this, pulled his dick out and jerked it awhile and then shooted his cum around Yuffie's belly. Tired and satiated, they both fell asleep.


Tifa had just awakened, because some gunfiring. She wondered why her ass was so sore and why in the nine blue hells was she naked? But she still quickly put some clothes on and went to see what was going on. He saw Barret fighting an army of Shinra soldiers. Not even with his gunarm, would Barret stand a chance against so big posse. Tifa started running towards them and jump kicked against one soldier's head, making it bend in nasty way. Barret turned his head facing Tifa and yelled out loud "Tifa! You are alive!"

"Behind you!" Tifa screamed.

Barret quickly turned around shooting the 4 soldiers that tried to sneak behind him.

"Come Barret! Quickly!" Tifa exclaimed, while trying to pull him out from the battle.
"They are too strong! RUN!!" one of the soldiers yelled.

Soon, every soldier was gone.

"Thanks Tifa." Barret said.
"Your welcome. Have you seen the others?" Tifa asked.
"Yeah, I saw Cid nearby." Barrest answered.
"What is he doing?" Tifa questioned.
"Probably taking a dump or something." Barret joked.

Just then the bushes crumpled. Barret pointed his gunarm at it and from there jumped… REDXIII!!!

"Red! You are alive too!" Tifa proclaimed and hugged the furry dog.
"I tought I was gone for sure. When the highwind crashed, Cloud and Yuffie dropped inside the mountain.." the red dog replied.
"Wheres Caith Sith and Vincent?" Barret asked.
user was killed. Untill someone finds a new user for him, he won't be able to fight. Vincent is also missing." Red explained.
"Well, let's go and see if we can find Cloud!" Tifa stated.

Everyone nodded and they began departing towards the mountains in hope to find their lost friends.


Cloud and Yuffie had just been dressed, when…

a familiar voice yelled.

Cloud turned around and saw Tifa running towards him. They both hugged and soon they all were re-united. Expect for Vincent..

"Cloud doesn't care for me.. He just keeps thinking of that bitch Tifa. Is this how he repays to me the fact that I lost my virginity to him?" thought Yuffie when she saw Cloud kissing Tifa. "I hope Tifa would die, so Cloud would become all mine!" she thought.
Vincent woked up with a huge headache. When he tried to touch his forehead, he realized that his hands were tied.

"So Vincent you are finally awake" a female voice said calmly.
"Uhhhn.. Who's there?" Vincent questioned.

The female figure stepped closer. It was Aeris.

"A-aeris!! You are dead!" Vincent exclaimed.
"No, I'm faar from being a dead." Aeries calmly stated.
"B-but, I saw you getting killed by that sword!! No one could have survived from that!" Vincent nearly screamed.
"You are right, I died. But haven't you ever heard of thing called the 'Crystal of Life'?" she asked.
"Theres a myth that it has ability to revive creature that not even Phoenix can't.. Wait a minute.. Are you saying you.." he said, his jaw nearly hitting the floor.
"Yes, I've got the Crystal of Life." Aeris repleid, holding the blue crystal in her hand.

It shined light that was one of the most beatiful things that Vincent has ever seen.

"But apart from missing you guys.. Do you know what I missed the most?" Aeris asked.
"What is that?" Vincent questioned.
"The taste of cock in my mouth!" Aeris said, tapping her lips.

Vincent didn't even have time to even get amazed, when Aeris ripped the top of her dress, then removing bra. She brought her nipples so close to Vincent, that he could lick them. Vincent circled around the whole area of her firm tits and her hard nipples.

"Ummm.. It's been so long." she said as she pulled Vincents head up, so she could kiss him.

Vincent gladly returned the kiss and rubbed her tits. But then something hitted his mind. There was something fishy. How could she find Crystal of Life? Why didn't she apear sooner? And why would she tie him??

"You are not Aeris.." he silently said.
"Hah hah haa!" the voice of Aeries had becomed all blurry, as in she would have been under water.

Then it started. The whole body of Aeris shaked and it looked like she was battling against herself. Then she changed into gulf of flames, making a huge flash blind Vincent. When Vincent could see again, he was shocked to see.. Scarlett!
"Scarlett! Y…You are alive!" he exclaimed.
"Yes, the perfect Cloud test was succesful. We have began building more perfect Clouds!" she laughed.
"More perfect Clouds.." Vincent repeated.

Scarlett moved closer to Vincent.

"But you know.. I was saved by the fact that I'm in such a large position in Shinra company. They used their only Crystal of Life to bring me back to life." she explained.
"What do you want?" he asked.
"I want you! And you can't lie to yourself, you want to fuck me too!" Scarlett shrieked.

Vincent couldn't say a word. He had always despised Scarlett and now she is saying that he wants to fuck her?? But before he could protest, Scarlett was already unzipping Vincent's pants. The sight made Scarlett back away. It was 6 inches and still soft. Scarlett came closer and took a hold of it real gently. She soon began sucking on it, making some very sexy sounds at the sametime on purpose. Vincent just couldn't help it. He began to like it. Scarlett then began licking the base of the dick, sending some pre-cum coming from it. (Blowjob or two in a day will keep dentists away.-Old chinese saying)

"Enough, you are ready." Scarlett said as she raised her skirt.

She then sat on top of Vincent's dick. "

Ahm…T-this can't be! No dick is this big!" she exclaimed.
"You wanted it, so you have to take it all" Vincent yelled as he pushed himself deep inside Scarlett's cunt, making some tears of pleasure come from her eyes.
"YES!! You are great! More!" she gooed.

Vincent began thrusting harderer into her and Scarlett began moving her hips in sametime, copying the rhytm. Vincent then roared like a beast and came right inside Scarlett's pussy. There came so much cum, that some of it poured to ground. When Vincent fell asleep later, Scarlett dressed herself and smiled. Her plan A had just started. Now the supreme victory of Shinra would be near!

"But what about the people living in Midgar and on other cities?" Barret asked.
"I don't know, but I hope they are fine." Cloud answered as he gazed down. In the meantime, Tifa was showering herself in nearby fountain. She suddenly dropped the soap (Cliché I know, but please bear with me) and just when she tried to pick it up, she felt something stink her into butt. Then everything went dark.

When she awoked, she could see that she was surrounded by an army of Shinra soldiers. There were plenty of them, but the person who walked near her made her blood boil. It was that bitch, Scarlett.

"Hello Tifa. Let's just skip the boring, I'm alive comments and let's get to the bussiness part, shall we? Gentlemen, you may begin." she told to the people.

Many of the guards smiled, but Tifa couldn't understand heck of what was going on. Soon one guard grapped her from her ass and the other from tits. She tried to yell, only relaising that she was in a soundproof room.

"Go ahead and scream untill your voice will be gone. No one will hear you! And even if one would, no one is dumb enough to challenge an entire army!!" Scarlett laughed as she began rubbing her tits.

One of the guards pointed a gun at Tifa and then took his dick in other hand saying "Suck it bitch or else I'll blow your brains out!"

Tifa didn't have any chance for saying no, so she slowly began licking his balls and the top of his dick. Just then, one of the guards entered his dick inside her ass. Not even waiting for Tifa to recover from it, another one was inserted in her cunt. She moaned uncounciously and pressed her face against the cock next to her, trying to catch her breath. Soon she saw two new dicks, one on her left side, other one next to the mouth one. She began jerking the dick on her left and she began to suck on the other dick aswell.. Scarlett removed her wet panties and began circeling her sweet pussy.

"Umm.. I need cock here!" she moaned.

Immediatly after hearing this, two soldiers ran next to her. She unzipped the other ones pants and began hungrily sucking the edge of the penis, while the other one was playing with her ass. The dicks in Tifa's ass came, shooting the cum deep inside her. She took both of the dicks infront of her, inside of her mouth and suddenly, the left one came. She swallowed the cum and focused fully on the cock in her pussy, one in her mouth and the one in her left hand. She began to jerk the dick on her left with more tempo, which made it cum, making little white drops spread accross her back. Finally both dicks, the one in her cunt and the one in her mouth came. She panted heavily and swallowed the cum. Then she saw Scarlett keeping her mouth open and two dicks jerking, untill they both came inside her waiting mouth and some on her face.

"Mmm… " Tifa murmured as she was floating high in air. It was like all the gravity was gone.

"Hey wait a second?" she thought.

Just the she awoked.

They were in highwind mk II. Few soldiers were guarding her.

"Hey? Where are we going?" she asked.

The soldiers just looked at each other and laughed.

At the sametime at crater.

"Tifa is gone. Only her clothes are here." Cid said and sighed in frustration.
"Tifa… Please be allright." Cloud thought as they began walking down the road to their tents.

On his way, he was greeted by Yuffie.

"Cloud… I can't stop thinking you… Please, be with me! Hold me! I want to be yours!" she exclaimed and gave a hug to Cloud. Cloud kissed her cheek and moved into his tent fastly. He didn't notice the tears coming from Yuffies eyes.

To be continued…

story by: MISTER BIG T

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