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Mike's heart was beating real fast as he was turning into the coffee shop parking lot. Through the streaky windshield from the light rain he spotted the smal blue car with a person inside. You see, Mike, married for 17 years was about to meet Sarah whom he had been exchanging e-mails with for the past year and a half. Five years earlier Mike made a promise to himself that if the opportunity arises to get laid, he's going for it. Sex with his wife just seemed to get duller and duller and it was now to the point that he only fucked his wife just to keep his cock happy. Most of the time they fucked, all she did was lay there and oral sex wasn't even in the picture anymore. The promise he had made to himself came about after some serious arguments they had but with four kids he didn't want a divorce.

Sarah on the other hand was seperated from her husband. They have a little boy 5 years old. She booted her husband out after he had gotten laid off six months earlier and wasn't putting any effort into finding a new job. She had been fucked once, by her husband since she had booted him but it was a spur of the moment thing. She managed to keep her pussy happy with her dildo and porn movies. But this was all new to her because her pussy has only known one cock and the thought of a different one filling her up made her moist between her legs.

Though they never evened exchanged photos of one another, they each gave a breif deion of one another. Mike is 5' 11", 160 pounds and works out to the point where he is not muscle bound but he is keeping his gut in shape. He has a little gray in his hair but he doesnt feel old at the age of 47. Sarah was 30. She is a strwberry blonde with some what short, wavy hair. She doesn't work out but at 128 pounds she has a nice figure. Mike pulls his truck into the empty space next to the blue car. He opens the door, gets out and steps towards her car. Sarah rolls down her window. She smles "You must be Mike". He gives her a warm hug through the open window. After a few minutes of some small talk they decide it would be best to take one vehicle and drive to another place so they wouldn't be spotted. Thay each buy a coffee and Mike opens the passenger door for her. Sarah Slides over to unlock the other door but then stays in the middle of the bench seat. As Mike gets in the driver's side, the semi rigid feeling in his pants now gets harder.

Fifteen minutes later the pickup enters into the state park and drives slowly down the road. Being a cool Fall day there are only spot a couple of cars. They drive a little further so they can be as isolated as best they can. Mike pulls into a parking spot over looking a small pond. He turns off the engine, slides the seat back to have a little room. He turns to Sarah and puts his arm on the back of the seat and his hand touches her shoulder. She slides closer to hime and puts her righthand on his leg. They each smile at each other and what seems to be an eternity, was really only a few seconds and their lips were locked and theur tongue dancing togther. Sarah's hand slides up Mike's leg and right to the now straining member in his pants. He lets out a moan as she gives it a strong squeeze. With their lips still locked, Sarah moves her other hand over to Mike's lap, unbuckles his belt and his pants. Mike raises his hips up and in a second his pants and underwear were down at his knees. Sarah's right hand then grabs his 6 inch pleasure tool and strokes hs shaft. Their lips part. "Oh baby. That feels so good". Sarah kisses him on the neck and then slides her head down to his cock. She grabs the base of his throbbbing member between her thumb and index finger while her other 3 fingers massages his cum filled balls. Sarah's tongue licks the tip and then s;owly down and up the legnth. She does this for a couple of times, each time at the toip licking the precum oozing from cock. Sarah finally takes the head into he mouth but quickly and toyfully lets it pop out. Each time she does this, Sarah takes more of it in her mouth until she easily swallows the entier 6 inches in her mouth. Sarah continues to slowly expertly works Mike's cock, as Mike meets every downward movement of her head with a thrust. After about 5 more minutes Mike manages to utter "You have to promise to let me return the favor" between his moans of pleasure. Sarah, looking up at his eyes as his cock pops out of his mouth and a thick string of precum running from his tip top her lips, smiles, "You better".
That was the flame that lit the fuse. Grabing the back of Sarah's head with both hands, Mike forces her back onto his rocket. With the help of his hands and the move ment of his hips Mike is now fucking Sarah's mouth. Sarah is now sliding her hand on his shaft as she eagerly wnats to take his creamy load. In a about 2 minutes Mike was there. He lets out a load moan as he thrusts his hips up, he pushes her fead down and holds it there. His first shot hit the back of her throat and went down as did the second. He allowed Sarah's head to move up a little as another shot of cume filed her mouth.
Mike forces her head down and shoots another couple of time, Sarah swallowing every salty drop. She has drained him for now and pulls off his cock kissing it all over, not as hard as it was a second ago but still hard enough. Sarah sits up with a little of Mike's juice dripping out of hte corner of her mouth. He pulls her lips to his, licking up the drop and getting a taste of himsif. He hadn't tasted his cum in over twentyfive tears when he ate his girl friends cream pie. Mike's hands went to work on her breasts. As Sarah unbuckeld her jeans, Mike slid his hands under her shirt and pushed Sarah's bra over her ttits. She had 36B's with her nipple sticking out. Mike tookone in his mouth then the other, taking turns sucking and flicking the with his one hand was guiding his head while she managed to slip the othe one down to her sopping wet cunt. "Eat me. Please eat my pussy". she was begging. Mile pulled off of her nipples and ran his tongue down to her bellybutton. She wanted his tongue so bad in her slit. Mike grabbed her jeans and yanked the off but her panties got hung up on her foot. Mike grabbed them, and feeling how wet they were brought them up to his face, savoring her musky, sweet aroma and tasting her as he put them in his mouth.. Mike reclined the back of the seat and positioned himself between her legs. As he was doing this he slid his pants off all the way. Mike put his hands under each of Sarah's legs and pulled her forward. As he did this he moved his face towards Sarah's garden of eden. He moved one hadup ato spread her pussy lips as he tickled and lapped away. She tasted so so good. It was now her turn for all the moaning, groaning and the occaisional eat me, lick me thrown in. Mike concentated on Sarah's now stiff clit flicking it the way he worked her nipples. Mike then slip first one, then two and eventually three fingers into her, sliding them in and out. Sarah was now in a state of ecstasy, thoroughly enjoying what Mike was donigh do her. Wanting more of her sweet nectar, Mike slid his tongue down to his fingers, licking her juices off of them and as he placed his tongue at hte opening, Sarah pushed his face hard against her crotch. Her pussy seemed to grab Mike's tongue as he worked it in and out. She was now close to releasing the floodgates, with the final move causing her to cum was Mike taking her clit in her mouth and went back to fucking her with his fingers. Sarah started to shake as her breathing becamine irregular. She grabbed the back of Mike's head and holding tight against her pussy, and humpedhis face. Wave after wave came as she shook. As wet as she was, she became drenched with her juices even as Mike triied to lap it all up. Soon she was finished cumming as Mike continued to lick her. "Stop, please stop you are tickling me". Mike raised his cum drenched face from her pussy. Now as he was working on her cunt with his tongue and fingers, his cock was now ready for some good old fucking. Mike slid up on Sarah and his cock slipped into her tight, warm pussy. What a feeling. For Mike, having his cock now inside Sarah and for Sarah, the rigid cock filling her hole, this was heavan. As he stuffing her pussy with his cock, they both started swapping kisses as Sarah tasted what Mike was eating a second ago though this wasn't anything new to her since she always licked and sucked her fingers and dildo when she played with herself. They ground their crotches togther as Mike tried to get every inch inside her and Sarah wanted every inch she could get. As the bump and grind continued, so did the dirty talk. "Fuck me baby. Fuck me with your hard cock. I want all of it in me. Then I want you to fill me with your cream". Mike, not at a loss for words, "Take it baby. Your pussy feels so good on my cock. I want you to cum all over it". This was going on for the next 20 minutes or so as the pace increased. Mike was now pounding Sarah's pussy and he was getting close to shooting his load. He had Sarah move her hand down between them to start rubbing her clit. With in a minute her flood gates opened again, filling her pussy and covering Mike's cock with her cum. At about the same time Mike exploded. Shot after shot of his thick white cum filled Sarah's loving cup and mixing with her cum. When their orgasms subsided Mike kept a slow, steady thrusting movement going as he continued to slide his cock in and out of Sarah's wet, sloppy pussy. Liquid seeping out and down her crack every time his cock was pulling back. She felt like a dirty little cum slut but she loved it. Mike continued his methodic and steady humping, determined to cum again. He moved his arms under Sarah's legs wich caused her legs to be up on his shoulders. In this position no more cum came out of her love hole but the sound his cock was making every time he plunged it deep into Sarah got him that much more excited. Mike didn't say anything as he concentrated on the work at hand but Sarah was again urging him on. "Come on baby, fill me again. Do it. Sink your cock into my cunt. Fill me up. Fuck me. Fuck me hard". Not soon after Mike exploded with another intense orgasm. He shot what was left in him, but it was still intense just the same. As he subsided his cock also softened and as he moved his body it slipped out of Sarah's pussy. When she lowered her legs she could feel the juice oozing out from between her legs. Exhausted, Mike pulled a blanket upover them as they dosed off with the sound of the rain hitting the vehicle. About 45 minutes latler Mike woke to Sarah's stroking his now hard cock with her finger. Tracing his cock with her finger caused it to get harder and harder. Smiling at one another, Sarah rolled on top of Mike and his cock was swallowed up in Sarah's pussy. Sarah positioned her self as she thrusted her hips back and fourht on Mike's unit. He could hardly beleive himself, thinking that he had never had a sexual performance like this. Way back, when he was younger he did cum three times when he was screwing this girl he was seeing but this was amazing. He wasn't conplaining, he was enjoyoying. As Sarah ride him, she once again started playing with her clit wich got her thrusting harder and faster. This in turn brought closer to his point of no return and with a load moan he let loose once again. The sounf Mike cumming tooking Sarah with him. Gasping, moaning and other lustful sounds, Sarah came again. This time though all the liguid flowed down Mike's cock, over his balls and down his ass. Sarah colapsed in Mike's arms. "When can we do this again?" Mike smiled, knowing that his once a month fucking with his wife is coming up soon he figured in a couple of weeks. That isn't what Sarah wanted to hear but she knew she had to accept it. They both agreed to send more frequent e-mails to one another and every time they played with them self, they would have to describe it in detail. Mike also would like to meet Sarah at a motel and he asked her to bring one of her female friends. Sarah smiled, they both kissed, got dressed and drove away.

story by: cjay

Tags: fiction male/female cum swallowing cheating oral sex sex story

Author: cjay

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