Part v: little pink toy

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Part V: Little Pink Toy

I woke up, Holly was still asleep, her nice round tits still poking me in the back, her lovely shoulder length brown hair tangled with mine, our legs mixed together, just the way they were when she laid down after her orgasmic shower last nite. I grabbed her hand that had been draped over my arm, as her tight hug had loosened during the night. I rubbed her hand, and she awoke. she moaned in my ear. She rolled back away from me, allowing me the freedom to get up. When I returned from my shower, she was laying on the bed, all the sheets thrown off, her naked body exposed, she was smiling and looking at me, both of us naked. “I masturbated for the first time last nite, while you were said. I said, not giving her any hints. “Ya, in the shower, Stephanie said I should do it, she said she does it all the time.” “I bet she does” I said ‘I saw the way she ate your pussy, and I found her vibrator, remember.” “Well it was hard, I couldn’t get off, it took soo long” she said “then I thought about your hard cock just pounding my pussy, and then I was coming.” “Your welcome” I said playfully. “I want to get a vibrator, so that I can masturbate when we can’t be together, I have been going crazy those nights.” She said. “Well, we can go get you a toy then.” I said. This part of the conversation had my cock getting erect, and she noticed. “Wanting to enter the conversation are we?” she asked my crotch. She got up and started to get dressed. “I need to get some things over here so that I don’t have to wear dirty clothes every morning.” “Yeah, you wouldn’t want to be wearing your dirty dirty clothes” I said playfully. I began dressing too. In a few minutes we were out the door. I rode in her car to her dorm.

Being a Saturday morning on a college campus, it was dead. Everyone, bored from the week of studious behavior, had partied the night before. We went into Holly’s dorm room. To our surprise, her roommate wasn’t alone. There was a set of decidedly masculine arms around Stephanie. Holly hugged me sideways as we both looked down into the heap of hair, arms, legs, clothes, and blankets. “I’ll get dressed” she whispered. I sat down on Holly’s bed trying to ignore the two of them. Holly was in the corner changing, when Stephanie awoke. She seemed panicked, waking up the guy. Stephanie didn’t want to get caught by her roommate it seemed. She sat up and saw me, covering her exposed small tits, with her arms. “Hi John, meet Brad” Stephanie said. The waking Brad was shirtless, and barely conscious, just realizing there was another man in the room. this guy”, he muttered. “My roommate’s boyfriend” she said. Holly came back and sat next to me, in her fresh clothes. “Is that Brad?” Holly asked Stephanie. “I told you I was going to fuck him last nite.” Stephanie said. “I thought you were kidding” Holly replied. “So did you two do it finally” Stephanie asked, looking at me. “Yes” I responded “Thanks for the words of encouragement by the way.” “I knew you would be thankful” Stephanie replied. “Oh, we would like to know where you can buy a vibrator around here” I asked. that adult video store on… uh…15th street, by the grocery store”
She responded. “Oh, right, I think I know it.” I said. “Thanks Steph” Holly said as we rose to leave.

Holly drove to the adult video store. I had never been to one before, I wondered if they carded at the door, but they didn’t, its funny how once I am 18 I always want to be carded, because its weird to me that I am that old. It was the same thing with R movies when I turned seventeen. She parked and we walked into the video store. It was dead, there was one employee at the counter half asleep, and no one else in the store, it was a Saturday morning. We walked down one isle of porn videos. Holly started laughing at some of the titles. “Have you ever seen porn?” she asked me. “Yeah, on the internet” I said. “I’ll have to try that sometime”. We found the toys isle. There was strapons and dildos hanging from the racks, small, medium, large, gigantic, black, white, brown. There was pink, white, red, black, vibrators. There was even a thing that looked like a flash light but it had lips on the end, for masturbating I assumed. We stood there looking at the assortment. “that is fucking massive” she said, pointing at one of the black dildos. “I told you I don’t have a huge penis, above average. I have seen black ones that big in pornos before.” “Jesus, how could you walk with that between your legs.” “Like this” I said, as I waddled through the isle, which resulted in a giggle. She pulled a small pink vibrator off the shelf. Through the plastic covering she switched it on, and it rattled in her hand. Holly’s gasped, amazing” she said. She gave a quick look over the top of the rack at the lone employee, then she put the still packaged vibrator down her loose sweatshirt. She couldn’t stop giggling. “Why stop there” I said, grabbing another vibrator and putting it up her sweatshirt, to her unattended nipple. She pushed me away laughing,. A bell dinged as the door opened, I put the vibrator back, but she continued. At the other end of the store, a couple, middle aged man and woman, had entered the store, they could only see our heads. The woman was fake blonde and looked about thirtyish, the man looked to be a little bit older than her, he looked like the kind of guy you see at a stoplight in a little sports car, old guy, younger girl, fast car. They started browsing through the isles. We still stood looking at the various toys. “I think I’ll get the little pink one” Holly said “Its making me horny”. Then the couple reached the end of an isle, and we could see each other, head to toe. The woman was wearing very tight, leathery pants, and a black shirt that was too small, for her DD at least sized obviously fake breasts. She was way too skinny to have those tits. She wasn’t that skinny though, but very good for her age, she also had a bit of a fake tan look to her. I had always enjoyed Holly’s pale yet semi-tanned look, it was her natural color, I kept telling her she shouldn’t tan to change it. The couple rounded the corner and were now in the very next isle. Holly turned to me, “Were you checking her out?” she asked me, but she was smiling, knowing my love for her, I could tell she didn’t care. “Yes, she must have paid a lot of money to get guys to do that.” I said. She giggled “I know look at those ridiculous things” she said. “Those huge tits, don’t you just want to squeeze them.” She asked me. I looked at her puzzled. “Am I exciting you?” she asked. “A little” I said. “I was hoping for big” she said. Holly hugged me tight, put her mouth next to my ear and whispered, “I want to suck your cock”. Then she knelt down, and pulled her sweater off in the process, exposing her naked tits, very hard. I had no choice. She unzipped my jeans, and pulled down my boxers, popping out my hard cock. I put my hands on the back of her head, just holding her. She started stroking me and licking my cock. Then the woman rounded the corner into our isle. She walked right up to us, and stood there watching for a few moments. I wondered if Holly had even noticed, she was so concentrated. Then the man came over too. They both stood there watching us. The man must have thought that Holly was just a slut that had seduced me, and not my girlfriend. He whipped his cock out. It was shorter than mine, gladly for me. The Woman looked down, “He’s bigger than you” she said. The guy put his cock right next to Holly’s face. She pulled off of me. “Point that elsewhere” she said. The man stood next to me, pulled his pants down, and motioned for his woman to do the same as Holly. She kneeled down next to Holly and started working away on the guy. After a few moments of slurping noises of cocks and mouths and hands and saliva, the guy started shaking and orgasmed. The woman took every drop without flinching. The guy just leaned against the wall. The woman, clearly disappointed that her man had come already, looked at me. “Hi I’m Cindy” she said. “Hi I’m John, and this is my girlfriend Holly” I said very normally. She stared at Holly for a little bit. “Relax your throat, stick your tongue out” she said. Holly complied, and then stuck my cock deeper into her mouth. I watched in amazement as a Cindy gave Holly pointers on Deepthroating. After a few minutes she managed to get my cock almost all the way down her throat. She came off, panting. “It’s kinda hard” she said. “Let me show you” Cindy said, grabbing my cock. She shoved her mouth all the way, balls deep, and stuck her tongue out, massaging my balls. I was amazed. Holly’s jaw dropped. I bet mine did too. “Do that again!” Holly said, before I had a chance too. Cindy did it again, and she did it several times, in and out, her wet mouth wrapping my cock, and her tongue playing with my balls, all the way, very fast. It was amazing. “Now you try it” she said. Holly tried but couldn’t get it all the way down. “No tilt your head like this” Cindy said. Holly did, and she shoved my cock all the way down, for the first time. Cindy said. Then Holly resumed on my cock, going quickly, using her tongue, using her hands on my balls, and Cindy sat back and watched. She pulled her shirt off, pulling her huge fake tits out, playing with them. Soon I was close to cumming. “Im close” I said. “Will you come on my tits?” Cindy said. I looked down at Holly, and she pulled off, stroking my cock and pointing it at Cindy’s massive mammaries. I came, the first shot was way high and hit Cindy’s lips, Holly pointed me down, with an The following shots Holly split between the massive tits. When I was finished, Cindy was dripping with cum, she was licking her lips where my jizz had splattered, and playing with her wet tits. Holly started to lick some of my come off of Cindy’s tits, making a point of sucking one of her large nipples. When Holly took a big lick of come, Cindy grabbed Holly’s face and they made out, with my cum in both of their mouths. “Wow” I said, at the same time that the guy did. a fine girl you have there” I said to him. he said, both of us still staring.

We did eventually purchase something at the store. She got the little pink vibrator, and I bought another one “in case we need two”. Holly drove back to my apartment, she couldn’t wait to get it out of the case. She almost ran inside and grabbed the scissors to cut away the plastic package. In half a minute she was naked on the couch sitting up, with her legs split wide apart, playing with her clit. I watched as Holly rubbed and massaged her pussy with the little pink toy. “You looked like you needed one of those last nite.” I said. “YOU SAW ME!?!?!” she yelled, shocked. “Yeah, I almost joined you, but I decided to let you think I was still sleeping. It was very hot” I said. “I wish you would have joined me” she said. “Holly, next time I will” I said. She continued masturbating, and I went into the kitchen getting the scissors, to open the vibrator I bought. Hers was just a little nub, for using on her clit. This one was white and skinny, but longer. I opened it and turned it on, I held it out to her for her to grab. But she wouldn’t take it. So I knelt down in front of the couch, her legs spread wide. I pushed in her new, white toy, into her tight slit. She moaned, I started to fuck her with it. “Now if you do this a few times, it won’t hurt at all when we have sex.” I said. She was too far along now. She couldn’t take the double action, she came and juices started pouring out onto the toys and ran down my arm. “Have fun with your little pink toy”

story by: John Morrison

Tags: fiction masturbation blowjob exhibitionism threesome female/female toys sex story

Author: John Morrison

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