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I can’t wait to get back to the condo. School has finally let out and summer is just starting, which means I have about a week of freedom before my job starts. One week at my condo alone is all I need to get ready for the summer. I drive downtown and the good thing is that it is Friday because no one goes downtown on Friday I turn onto the side road that leads to the garage. I stumble to find my clicker in my car. I finally find it and push the button down. The big doors start to go up and I slowly inch my mustang in. The parking spots are all assigned and I know which cars go where. But I noticed a car that I have not seen in here before. A blood red Porsche. Most of the cars in here are nice, Mercedes, Audi’s, Ferrari's. This Porsche is new though, and parked in my tandem spot.

I park in front of this mystery Porsche, I can’t see inside with its tinted windows as I park nose to nose with it. I get out and examine the car to see if I can tell who it might belong to. As I close in on the driver side window it rolls down and exposes a young brunet that I know quite well. She looks at me with devil eyes and a grin on her face that no man could resist. She looks into me with her brown eyes and says “so what took you so long to get back” cooing ever other word making it sounds incredibly sexy. She starts to climb out the car as I get pushed to the front of it by the door. Her black stiletto high heels hit the concrete with such a sound I’m sure everyone outside herd it. She climbs out more as I start to see the leather bra she wears. Her breast look like icing on a chocolate cake, that’s how much I want to eat them is what I think to myself. She closes the door and reviles her tight, leather g-string panties that match the top. She stands there with a stance that says come get, one of her hands on her hip with her finger wrapping around the straps of the g-string, her other hand plays with her lips as she take a piece of gum out of her mouth.

I sit on my hood stunned at the sight in front of me. The bulge in my pants grows as she walks towards me, the look of lust deep within her eyes. Shaking her hips she glides towards me I have a smirk on my face that tells her I’m all ready to give her the fuck of her life. As she gets closer I start to lean back on my hood, she continues to stare at me with the brown eyes that mesmerize. I can’t look away, all I can do is feel her hands climb up my leg and begin to rub the bulge that has grown in my pants. She draws whines from me as she freely starts to kiss on my jaw and neck. I feel the zipper of my pants get pulled down. My eyes widen even more. The garage door starts to open again and I quickly grab her and drag her to the elevator then to my Condo that awaits us.

I throw her in and close the condo door behind me. It’s located downtown and across the street is a very popular bar that’s open all night. The bits of sun show through the floor to ceiling windows as it sets behind the buildings set the mood of dramatic effect. She looks scared as I slowly walk towards her with deep lust and pent up frustration in me. My animal instincts take control and all I want is the raw, hot, passionate sex. I run up at her and pin her against the windows that show out to the street that the bar faces. Her body pinned under mine, I take my time using my hands to explore her much toned body. Her olive skin so moist and soft. I start to kiss her lightly, leaving small wet spots on her skin. She shivers under my touch as I torture her more with my fingers lightly touching the skin of her inner thigh moving higher and higher. Our lips finally meet and with an explosion the passion flares into the action, tongues cross as lips caress lips.

Her head moves to the side as she tries to hold her whimpers, her slight moans encourage me to be more meticulous in my torture. My hands stroke her hair before grabbing hold of it and pulling it down exposing her neck to me. My other hand moves to her back and quickly pop the straps and rips it from her body. She groans at the rough treatment. I move slowly up into her neck, letting my nose hit her skin and letting her feel my breath. She shakes under my breath. My hand reaches for the edges of her underwear, I play with them getting muscle spasms from her. She can barely stand. I whisper to her “Not liking the view?” She just moans in agreement.

My fingers push the leather panties to the side and slowly rub her outer lips. She gasps as my fingers push her pussy open. My middle finger slightly touches her clit; she moans and jerks as I do. I lower my head licking my way down, passing between her full perky breasts, my lips gently touch her stomach, and my teeth gently grasp the top of her panties and slowly push them down. The front of my teeth gently touches the front of her perfectly shaved pussy. Her legs spread as I take them from one leg. My hands lightly touch her outer legs as my tongue gently licks up her inner leg. She whimpers like a little school girl, the sound is so erotic.

My tongue inches closer and closer to her increasingly wet pussy. She shudders in the window, ass pressed against it, her hands help up to her breast to try and retain her dignity. Her eyes are still closed as I continue my way up. I finally reach that area between her beautiful dancing legs and that hot, tasty pussy. I lick once and stop there. Her head goes down, eyes wide and whines in disappointment. I growl “Aww other people want to see the show” She looks behind her at a couple of drunks walking home that have noticed the actions taken place across the street. They start to hoot and holler as they see us. Her eyes go wide again as tries to hide herself from them now.

I flip her around and push her up against the window again, her breast and pussy now in full view for the boys downstairs. They start to get louder with their cheers as I spread her legs open with my arms. Her back is curved out as it leads to the perfect ass of hers. With me on my knees I start to lick her outer lips from behind this time. She coos in response to my pleasurable torture. I let my tongue slowly slip into her tight cunt. She takes a deep, ragged breath as her nails scratch the glass. I know I’m doing my job right. I continue to slowly lick her wet pussy, enjoying the taste of her delicious pussy, the tip of my tongue hitting her clit every now and then. I lick and lick gaining more delectable sounds from her with each pass of my tongue.

My tongue finds her sweet hole and begins to probe. It’s hard to even get my tongue in her she is so tight. It continues to go in and out of her fast and faster. I use my finger on her clit, rubbing it in circles, pinching it with two fingers, and flicking it with my index. Her breath gets choppy and shakes as she tries to speak. guys down stairs cheering me on as I draw her to an orgasm. She screams and moans as her cum starts to pour out of her slit. I let it fall onto my tongue and drink it all. Even her cum taste wonderful.

She slides down the window arching her back more, her orgasm lingering in her body still. I stand up, my dick dragging along the inside of her leg. Her head looks over her shoulder; I respond “Were not done yet…” Her eyes go wide as I start to push my 8 inches into her. She still so tight even after cumming that all I manage to get in is the head of my cock. We both moan as I her pussy contracts around my tip taking in its toy. I push harder trying to get more of myself in, she screams at my rough treatment. I start to stretch open her pussy so much she begins to scream loud. She bits her lip to handle the pain.

I pull out of her slowly, her breaths hard as she tries to catch her breath. I slam my hard cock back into her and continue to do so for a long while. Her wetness builds again making my cock slide easier in and out of her. I still don’t reach all the way to the base of my dick; she can only take 6 inches of me. My balls flap up and hit her clit with ever every stroke and trust I force into her tight cunt. I groan at the way her pussy grasp my cock. Her pussy muscles contracting as my strokes go out and get even tighter as I thrust forward again. The pleasure is so intense. The guys downstairs are really hooting and cheering now as her breast knock against the window as I thrust into her. “I think they like the show” I say before slapping her ass. She whines at the pain.

I grab her hair and pull back on it. Her head leans back. I go in and kiss her from behind. Our tongues entangle as my dick pounds her pussy hard. I let go of her hair as she continues to pant building to another orgasm. I lean in forward and kiss between her shoulder blades, she gasp at the feeling of my wet kisses on her sensitive skin. I make my trust long and slow, she starts to beg me for more. “NOOO Fuck! MORE PLEASSEE, PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!!” I push so hard I reach the hilt of my dick. She tries to scream but cant. Her mouth gapes open, I moan at the feeling that I have myself all the way in her. I get fast with my strokes again; she adds her own fingers to her clit rubbing up and down and hard in motion with my thrust. It only takes a little while before she cums again. Her juices stream down my long cock and drip from my balls.

I lay on the white coach that lies in the front room. Spent from so much work making her cum. She lies next to me panting herself. “I bet that’s the best fuck you ever had yet”, slightly laughing I boast to myself and her. She looks up with a devilish smile to her; a light mist of sweat covers her body. She crawls up to me and starts to lick her own cum off my dick and balls. She teasing licks my balls lightly making sure they are clean first. Then she takes them both into her mouth full sucking on them. Once she is finished with them she turns her attention to my shaft. Her tongue on the underside of my cock feels amazing even after I have fucked her. She takes her time cleaning me thoroughly, licking every inch of my dick clean and tasting the precum that has started to leak.

Her lips circle the tip of my dick making her lips wet with cum. She licks it off is all she says. Her lips press against my dick and I get extremely excited for the pleasure and attention I’m about to receive. My head breaks through her lips; the wet tight mouth of hers is heaven. She slowly sucks on my head drawing moans and groans out of me. I grab the back of her head urging her on to do more and o deeper. She looks up at me from the other side of the coach and smiles. She goes down as far as she can on me. I feel the head hit the back of her throat and her muscles squeeze me. The feeling is so intense I nearly come then. She bobs her head again and again taking more and more of me into her mouth. She drags her teeth along my length; it makes me shiver with delight. She takes time and licks my balls again She continues her sucking, adding her hand is a rhythmic motion. She gets faster and faster concentrating more on my head. I feel my own orgasm building fast. She adds tongue to her motions as well and now I can’t stand it. I look down mouth open as I groan and cum into her perfect mouth. I shoot 3 huge squirts of my hot cum into that waiting mouth, the feeling of finally release only accompanied by the euphoric feeling of her lips and body on me. She continues to suck me and drinks every drop of cum I have. I shiver as all the fluids are drained out of me.

I fall back onto the couch as she climbs up and nestles into my arm and put her head on my chest. I kiss her four head and we fall asleep…. That is until my roommate gets back…

story by: angelofpleasure

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Author: angelofpleasure

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