Flight 247 lost boys

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This is a story about a group of boys
stranded on an isolated island after
a plane accident.


You are about to read a story that
contains sexual activity between
boys and teens and you need to be 18
and over to continue reading this.


What you do when you have read this chapter is up
to you, I am not concerned what you do and will not
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As the boys waited for someone to come and rescue them
from their small Island their parents back in the states were
frustrated that no news was given about any reports of the
lost boys.

"Captain Mc Cain, what news have you about the navy and air force
looking for our boys. "Mr Jenkins asked. "Yes, you are the twin's dad,
am I right, well we have had contact from the Aussies and they have?
informed us that they have searched most of the islands and have
seen some wreckage floating near an island and found no boys there."
Captain Mc Cain replied.

"I can't take much more of this; my little Wesley must be right out
of his mind by now." Wesley's mum cried out. If she only knew what
her son was really doing and that he was in fact in love with another
boy and loved the friendship he got from Simon.

"I know you are all upset and that we have not yet found your sons
and as no bodies were ever found floating in the sea could mean that
they could have survived the crash and are alive somewhere and we
will find them soon enough." Capt McCain reported.
"We know you and the Aussies are trying their best to find our boys
and as a parent we need to be kept up to date on what is going on."
Jackson's dad said.

So after the meeting with the U.S coast guard captain the parents
mingled outside in the car park and talked about today's meeting.
Back on the island all the boys were having fun the ocean, naked as
the day they were born and no one could care less.

"Hey Desmond, lets splash Ron and the twins and see if they scream
at us." Jackson asked. "Ok then, but you can take all the abuse they
send our way." Desmond replied. So two cutie nude boys ran
towards Ron and the twins screaming like Indians whooping and
splashing the other boys as they ran around in the water.

`Great, just great guys, you sure can whip up a storm." Ron
giggled as he and the twins splashed the boys back again.
"We just wanted to have some fun with you guys as we have missed out
just hanging out with you all." Jackson giggled. "Yeah, you two have
put a lot of time in sorting out the camp site and finding all the goodies
that we needed to make this a liveable place and all the boys will thank
you all soon enough." Ron said.

"It looks like all the guys are now not bothered about being nude as all
of them are now swimming and walking about in the nude." Desmond
laughed. "I think that some of the boys were shy about showing off
their junk, like seeing their pubes and having bigger peckers and having
boners all the time so now they don't care." Peter hooted.

"Did you ever feel embarrassed when you started growing your
pubes and other boys saw them." Mike asked. "Gee you twins sure are
sure full of questions all the time, Well I was at first as only a few boys
in my gym class had pubes and we always got looks from guys that
had not started growing any yet." Ron quipped.

"It's because they wanted some and could not wait to grow a bush on top
of their peckers." Mike laughed. "You don't have much there yourself
but I like what YOU have there." Ron grinned as he squeezed his younger
friends cut bell end. "Thanks I need that." Mike replied. "Hey what about
me." Peter asked. "You are just the same as your bro; it looks like a crew cut
of pubes on top of your pecker." Ron hooted as the twins ran around in circles
and whooped a war cry and splashed anyone in their way.

Wesley was on the beach looking for Simon, he saw him early on with some
other boys Simon's age and wanted to be with him as he was feeling down in the
dumps. Grunting could be heard from the deflated life raft and it sounded like
Simon's moaning and groaning as Wesley heard the same noise when they fooled
around together.

"Come on Harry, hurry up and shoot your goo, I want to taste it." Simon lusted.
"I'm trying, Simon, you need to suck harder, dude." Harry gasped as he was close to
unloading his first boy milk to another boy for the first time. Wesley was getting
closer to the life raft after what he thought he heard Simon's voice.
Harry was about to squirt out his ropes of warm clear goo when Wesley
walked in on the fun and saw his boyfriend giving oral sex to another boy.

"SIMON, What are you doing, why are you doing that to Harry."
Wesley cried out as he ran out of the life raft screaming like his life
was in danger. Ron and the rest of the boys ran towards screaming boy
and asked why he was screaming and crying like that.
"Si — Simon was, sob-sob — Simon was sucking –sob — Harry's dinky
and — and I saw them doing it." Wesley said.

"Oh shit, holy frigging hell, Simon was giving Harry a head job and Wesley
caught them." Desmond shouted out. As the boys tried to calm Wesley down
Simon walked up to the shack and asked how Wesley was.
"Why-why — did you do that to Harry, I—I thought you were my friend."
Wesley cried out to Simon.

"I'm sorry Wesley, I'm really sorry, I just went to talk to Harry and we ended
up having some together." Simon replied. "But — you—you licked his
dinky and saying shoot your milk in me." Wesley groaned. "I-I know,
I just wanted to taste Harry's goo and as you can't shoot yet I just wanted
to see what Harry's goo's tasted like." Simon pleaded to Wesley.

"I think you should make your amends to Wesley and apologise to him as you have
broken his heart as he loved you and now he may never want to be with you
ever again." Ron yelled out. "I'm really sorry Wesley; I truly love you, like I said
I just wanted some goo like I give you mine and I only wanted to see what it was like
to have some goo in my mouth." Simon replied to Wesley. "Ok Simon, if you want some
goo we can fill your butt so full of it –it will be running out of your mouth
if you ever do that to Wesley again." Ron quoted.

"Please forgive me Wesley, I love you and won't ever hurt you again."
Simon cried out as tears began to fall from his eyes. "You you
better as you have hurt me." Wesley growled. Ron and the other boys
walked out of the Shack and left Simon work out his problem with Wesley.

The twins went out to the reef and fished out some rock lobsters and caught some
fish with their spears and soon had dinner cooking. Jackson and Desmond and a few
other boys went looking for fruit and coconuts for dinner and soon returned
with a crate full of goodies. Dinner was almost ready when Wesley and Simon
walked out of the shack hand in hand and had smiles on their faces.

"We made up and as I explained to Wesley I only wanted to taste some boy
juice as I was horny and my pecker was talking to me." Simon gasped.
"Ok, it's all over now, but we will be watching you as Wesley loves you like a
brother and friend and we never want anyone hurting him ever again."
Ron told Simon as dinner was brought out.

"We have roasted the lobsters in hot coals in their shells and fried the fish
with banana's so eat up guys." The twins yelled out. All the boys cheered
as the food was handed out in the coconut shells. Water and coconut milk
was passed around in the coke bottles to the boys.

`As always you guys have come up with a great meal, when we get home you
will have to cook a B.B.Q as you two sure can cook up a fantastic meal."
Rob said as he hugged the twins and said thanks for the food. "Thanks Rob
it was a pleasure to cook for you all." Peter and Mike replied.

Empty coconut shells were placed onto the fire and the glass bottles were
cleaned up and placed back in to the crates ready for the next meal. `You
feeling better now Wesley." Desmond asked. "Yeah — a bit, I really like
Simon and I forgave him." Wesley smiled. "That's good, Wesley, I think he
just got a little randy as he is going through puberty and it can do
strange things to you." Ron giggled.

"Will that happen to me to?" Wesley wondered. "I don't know, each boy goes through
different phases as some boys just want to jerk off all the time, some want to
fool with other boys and some want to do it with a girl so when it happens
it will affect you soon enough." Ron replied. "Ooh, I will never fool around
with a girl. they have cooties. "Wesley giggled.

Night was falling as the sun went down and some boys went and placed some
large logs on the fire and sat around and talked about life in general.
New banana leaves were placed in the shacks and life raft to be used as
blankets as most boys had only their underwear left as their clothes were
getting torn or dirty and were not able to wear them again.

"I do miss my folks but this is like a long summer camp and not having any
parents around telling us to clean out teeth or go to bed before 9 pm
is real nice but I bet they are missing us a hell of a lot." Jackson told
his friends before heading to the life raft to lie down and rest after their long
day at the beach. Desmond said good night to his friends as Simon and Wesley
Joined the boys in the raft and cuddled up next to one another.

"Well another day at the beach, what fun we had today." Desmond laughed
as he spooned up next to Jackson and felt the warmth of his friend next
to him. "Thanks for forgiving me Wesley; I sure was a jerk to you and I
will try to be a better friend to you." Simon said as he lowered his head
to kiss Wesley on the lips and gave him a cuddle.

Rob was doing the same as he had the twins with him as the boys looked
up to rob and it was not for the sex but he was like a big brother to them
and the twins loved the friendship they had with Rob. "Dam you can snore
at times Rob, you make thunder sound like baby farts." Peter laughed.
"Well I can at least say your farts sound worse than my snoring as you
could blow up a building with that fart of yours." Rob told Mike.

"He sure could blow the skin off a rice pudding if he tried hard enough."
Peter hooted. The sounds of boys heavy breathing meant that most of
the camp was asleep by now and Jackson and Desmond gave their final
good night kiss for the night and soon fell asleep.

The boys didn't know but a rescue plane flew by their island and had missed
them as night time had covered their shelters as their fire went out before
anyone up there could see it. It might be days or weeks before another
plane could pass over them and find the boys alive.

End of chapter 5

Is rescue coming for the boys or are they
doomed for the rest of their lives on that
deserted Island, well we will see.

Thanks for reading and let me know
if it was ok for you.

Boys in the hood.

story by: boys in the hood

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Author: boys in the hood

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