For the first time pt. 1

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Out back, by the porch, I, my friend Jakob, and my other friend Matt all sat. We had a fire place just off the porch and we all sat around it, stoned out of our minds, staring into the fire, each of us thought about something "really deep" or "so cool".
"Hey Josh," Matt said.
"What?" I replied a few seconds later, looking over at him.
"What if the stars were just eyes watching us?" He was looking straight up at the stars, looking a bit worried that they might really be eyes.
"Man, you're just trippin'. Calm /> "Dude, I am calm."
"Hey, you guys." Jakob said. "Look at that."
"At what?" We all looked around.
"Do you not see it?!" He asked us looking around.
"See what?"
"This dick!" He sprang up, flashing his half hard dick and waving it around.
"Come on, man, knock it off" Matt and I said almost at the same time. Jakob finally pulled his shorts back up and sat down.

We sat silent for the longest time. It was almost midnight now and the weather man had said the rain was supposed to start around midnight that night. I looked up and both Matt and Jakob were asleep. I went inside for a drink and a bag of chips, leaving them outside. My stoned brain told me it was a good idea to stay inside for a bit longer to relax away from the fire. After ten minutes of sitting on the couch my brain clicked and reminded me that it was going to rain soon. But by the time I made it to the door, the rain had already started. And it was starting to pour down onto the two sleepers, waking them up with a start. Both yelling and swearing. I ran to the bathroom to get them towels. When I got back to the door, the were both standing there shivering and their clothes were nearly soaked all the way through. I could see the faint outline of their crotches if I looked hard enough. I handed them the towels and they thanked me. "Where were you? You could have given us a warning about the rain." Jakob scolded me.
"I'm sorry man, I came in to get chips and I phased out." I told him and looked to Matt for some kind of sign that told me he believed me. Matt shrugged his shoulders.
"Now my clothes are all wet."
"Dude, chill. You can wear a pair of my shorts and I can dry your clothes. Same for you, Matt. If you want I can dry both of your clothes together.
"Yeah, that's fine with me." Matt said. Both of them followed me to my room and got a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Matt went to the bathroom to change and Jakob went to the laundry room to go ahead and put his clothes in the dryer. I returned to the living room and sat down on the left side of the couch. A few moments later, Jakob returned and sat on the other side. After almost five minutes, Jakob asked where Matt was. I said I didn't know.
"I'll go see if he fell asleep on the toilet." I laughed. I went back through my bedroom and walked up to the bathroom door, which stood slightly cracked, allowing the other side to be easily seen. Just as I thought, he was on the toilet. But he wasn't asleep. He was moving but all I could see was a leg. I pulled the door open a little wider, peering into the bathroom. On the toilet, Matt was sitting there stroking his dick. It was at least 6 inches from the looks of it. I stopped and my mouth dropped when I saw hime. I had never actually seen his dick fully hard before. I mean yeah, I saw it when we were in the locker room showers, but that was nothing. He didn't seem to notice me yet an my hand went down to my semi hard on and grabbed it. I watched Matt's dick and how he slowly stroked it around the head and all the way down it and back up, twisting his hand back and forth, up and down. I was so mesmerized I had my dick in my own hand and stroking it as well. Then I remembered Jakob in the living room. I pulled my shorts back up, hiding my hard on. I whispered across the living room. "Check this out." I pretended to hide a laugh.
"What is it?" He asked.
"Matt's whacking off!" I whispered loudly to him.
"No way!" He got up and snuck beside me back to the bathroom door.

The door was still slightly open and available to prying eyes. "Look." I whispered and pointed.
"I'm bigger that that." Was all Jakob said.
"What?" I looked at him. /> "Really. Do you want me to prove it?" He looked at me determined, like he knew he was bigger.
"Prove it." I told him. Without hesitation, Jakob stood up and pulled out his dick. He had it almost at eye level with me. He turned and pushed open the door to the bathroom, giving Matt a heart attack of a life time.
"Stand up, Matt." Jakob commanded Matt. Still out of breath from the scare, Matt stood up and held his hand over his hard dick. His face was a bright red and he turned away. "Turn towards me." Jakob said.
"W- Why?" Matt asked, his face still a shade of red.
"I'm comparing dick sizes." He turned Matt to face him. Jakob took a step closer and moved matts hands, which went sheepishly over his eyes.
"What is this for?" Matt asked very nervously.
"Because Josh doesn't believe that my dick is bigger than yours." 'Wow, very I thought.
I looked at their dicks and they were both hanging almost touching each other. Matt's was a good 7 inches and Jakob's came just short of being as long as his. They both looked fantastic. Standing there both almost naked in my bathroom. Their dicks were beautiful. Matt's was darker than the rest of his skin, not too thick, and it curved slightly to the right. The head was a bit darker than his pinkish red lips. Jakob's, on the other hand, was paler than the rest of his body, his dick was straight and normal, but was thicker than Matt's.
"Well, whose is bigger?" Jakob asked. I blinked a few times to remind myself this was actually happening.
"Uhh, it's hard to tell from here." I stood all the way up and walked into the bathroom and knelt before the two of them.
"Getting a nice view?" Jakob teased. I just wanted to put them both in my mouth. They looked so tasty. My head shook up and down. I finally spoke.
"Matt's is bigger." Matt looked at me and grinned at Jakob.
"Bull shit!" Jakob yelled.
"It's true." I told him. Jakob grabbed my shirt and backed me into a wall. He looked at me almost angrily, but at the same time, he didn't look at all angry.
"Whose dick is bigger?" He asked me, pushing himself closer to me. I felt his dick graze my abdomen.
I told him again. He got even closer, pressing his dick into me. It felt good. He started pushing me by my shoulders down. When he stopped, I was at his chest.
"I couldn't hear you, who has the bigger dick?" He looked down at me and pressed his dick into my stomach. I looked him in the eyes.

He dropped me to my knees and I fell right in front of his dick. It was rubbing against my face. I gasped and I felt it touch my lips. I grabbed it, squeezed slightly, and looked up at him. He didn't say anything, only looked at me. I couldn't hold myself back, I licked the head of Jakob's dick and swirled my tongue around it. His dick jumped. I took it as a good sign and put my mouth around the head and swirled my tongue up and down his tip. I slid my tongue between the slit and licked it all around. I heard Jakob moan. I pushed myself down onto his dick an inch at a time. I had almost half of his dick in my mouth before I felt like I would gag. He grabbed my head and pushed it down further. I fought against it and pulled my head back and got a breath before he pushed his dick further into my mouth. I loved it. The way his dick tasted was like heaven. It filled my mouth and made me want even more. I went up and down faster with my head. I felt his head knocking into the back of my throat. I gagged the first time, pulling myself back to get a breath. I sat and looked up at him. He had his eyes closed and was enjoying the blow job. I looked though his legs and saw Matt sitting on the toilet watching me suck Jakob off and stroking his own dick. I was cock-thirsty and I wanted more. I motioned him over and grabbed his dick.

I held Jakob's dick with one hand and Matt's in the other and began giving both of them a hand job at once. I turned to Matt and I licked his tip and licked all around his head. He tasted somewhat sweeter that Jakob did. I put my lips around his head and started bobbing up and down on his dick. I licked around and around his head and I heard him moan heavily above me. I stroked Jakob's dick beside me and felt his ball sack. It was hairy, but not too bushy. I fondled him softly rolling each of his balls between my fingers. He had a large set so I assumed he was a heavy cummer.

I focused on sucking Matt and slid my tongue around his shaft as I bobbed. He ran his fingers through my hair and gripped the back of my head. He wasn't pushing me down, but he wasn't holding me back either. I pulled back and stopped at his head. I swirled my tongue around the tip, getting in the slit an the end, spreading it with my tongue and licking up and down it. Matt's dick jerked and he moaned again. I repeatedly licked up and down making him spasm. I shoved my head down onto him I felt his dick hit the back of my throat. I didn't gag so I pushed harder. I felt his dick push down into my throat. I went slowly up and down until I had to pull off and breathe.

I switched my head back over to Jakob and swallowed his dick again. I pushed it all the way to the back of my throat and just beyond it. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me more. I felt his dick swelling up in my throat and I pulled him until my nose touched his pubes. I backed off and pushed myself back onto him. He moaned loudly above my. I felt him thrust forward into my bobs so I timed it right and got into motion of his pulling back and me pulling back, then him pushing into and me pushing onto. I swallowed his cock like a pro. I fondled his ass cheeks and pressed my finger at his hole. I pushed myself all the way down to the base of Jakob's dick and I smelled his pubes, they smelled faintly of sweat. I grabbed his ass cheeks tighter and pushed into him, taking his entire length. I pulled back and took a deep breath. "Damn!" Jakob said. "You're good at this."
"First time." I said.
"Fuck yeah." He replied.
"I want you to fuck me Jakob." I said, looking up at him. "I want you to make me your bitch. I pulled off my shorts and tossed them aside. They tossed theirs aside as well. My hard dick was not as long as either of theirs, but mine was probably the thickest. I gripped mine with one hand and began to deep throat Matt. I got almost to his base before I pulled off. "Let's go back to the bedroom." I suggested…

To be continued

story by: Thatguy120

Tags: fiction blowjob first time anal threesome gay teen male / teen male domination/submission sex story

Author: Thatguy120

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