Forbidden furry love part 3, julia joins in

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Forbidden Furry Love
Part 3
Julia joins in on fun and games

So, there she was Julia, Caitys best friend who I hooked up with in a drunken stupor at the schools senior spring dance earlier this year, before Caity went to the same school as us. Julia was , just a tad taller than Caity, she had 40DD tits, which seemed a little bigger in here red t-shirt with a picture of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory with his catch phrase under it. This shirt was accompanied with her black mini skirt she wore to the dance. With her athletic build it cut quite the picture with her cat-like tail and ears, small nose, and mainly white fur and hair with natural pink highlights going vertically down her body.

She looked at Caity in her blue singlet and blue mini skirt then at me in my light blue shirt from Khol's with the Pepsi logo on it and my black jeans, my brown medium length hair was now messy and wet, she returned her glance towards Caity and said “Hey Caity, I was wondering if you could help me.” Caity gave her casual smile, the one I only saw her give when we were around other people as she only gave me her seductive sexy smile, then replied “Sure Julia, what with?” Julia seemed to pause for awhile as if trying to make an excuse to be allowed in on the spot then finally said “Oh, just some classics stuff, and seeming Danny is here.” She said with a nod to me “Maybe both of you can help me.”

Caity thought about this for two seconds before finally giving in “Sure thing Julia, anything for my BFF.” Caity had two official BFFs Julia and I, but she used to call me her BGFF (Best Guy Friend Forever) and seeming we were now in a secret relationship, she just called me her BFF, possibly to draw attention from the obvious that the I was a guy, and she was a girl and that we were… well having sex, a lot of sex, at any chance we could we had sex. Caity steeped aside and watched Julia as she walked in. It was extremely awkward for me, being in the same room as my GF whom I had sex with just minutes ago, and the only other girl I have made out with, luckily that was as far as Julia and I got, my GF at the time caught us and went absolutely ape shit at us.

Caity told Julia to take a seat next to me on the couch as she walked in to the kitchen to get us some drinks and something to eat, Caity and I were long over due for some food. As Julia sat next to me, the awkwardness level rose sevenfold. Julia looked at me and said “So what are you doing here, player?” Player, that was a nickname from her that she gave me after the dance. I just simply replied “I am staying here for the weekend, my mom is in Miami for her class reunion and Caitys parents are away for a wedding for the whole weekend.” Julia laughed and said “Well, I heard you two,” with a nod to the kitchen door, indicting Caity “Getting comfortable last night, and this morning in what I presume was the shower, well Caity sure was loud, so I pulled out my dildo and imagined I was lucky enough to be her with you on top of me and in me.”

I just sat there looking at Julia, dumbfound. Julia smiled giggled and asked “So, are you two up for a threesome?” I just looked at her, shook my head to clear it then pinched myself, I said “Can you please say that again?” Julia laughed and said “I asked if you and Caity were up for a threesome, Caity and I have been meeting and going to each others rooms for 'study' then taking out our dildos and having some fun, we have kissed, sucked each others boobs, but that's as far as she wants to go. She kept on moaning out the name Daniel, I presume that's you Danny?” I sat there chuffed to bits, she has liked me for awhile, but obviously didn't know if I felt the same way about her I thought to myself. “Yeah Julia” I said “My real name is Daniel, but Danny is just a nickname that has stuck since 3rd grade.” I was amazed that Caity has liked me for ages, and even more amazed that she and Julia have really become such good friends that they do stuff like that together, but the thing I was amazed about most was the Julia had the nerve to come here, and ask for a threesome. Caity walked in looking a little nervous and uncomfortable and gave Julia and I a Dr Pepper and a Snowball each before sitting down to her Dr Pepper and Snowball. I took a gulp of my Dr Pepper and then started to eat my Snowball as fast as I can, it was the first thing I have eaten since last night.

I looked up and saw Caity looking at Julia nervously, then she looked over to me and gave me that seductive smile of hers, I smiled back and that's when Julia started saying “Look, lets cut the crap, I heard you two last night and I want in.” Caity and I looked at Julia, when I glanced over to Caity I saw a look of shock on her face. I could tell she was thinking something along the lines of, how the hell did Julia find out about Danny and I? Caity noticed me looking at her then asked Julia “Um Julia, can I talk to Danny in private in the kitchen?” Julia replied “Sure thing.” Caity grabbed my shirt and lead me into the kitchen.

This was the first time I have seen Caity be anything close to angry. She hissed at me “How did she find out? Did you tell her? Oh my god you did tell her! How could you tell her you asshole?!” I just stood there and put my hands on her shoulders and looked her directly in the eyes and said “Caity, baby doll listen. I did not tell Julia about you and I and what we done last night and this morning, is something I wouldn't even dream of telling people about unless you are okay with it. I will never do anything willingly to hurt you in any form. I don't know exactly how she found out but we are gonna have to take her word on how she did, through hearing us.” Caity smiled and kissed me passionately then asked me “Did she tell you what we, Julia and I, used to do?” “Yeah she did.” I answered. That is when Caity asked me something I never thought I would hear her ask me, not in my lifetime “Do you wanna let her in and have a kinky threesome? She is my best friend and she is bi, like me. Also from what I have been told, guys like threesomes with two bi horny girls.” She giggled and hugged me I returned her hug and she looked up at me and gave me her seductive smile, I smiled back and said “Thanks Caity, you are the best, and if you insist on sharing me with your best friend and having a threesome with her, well who am I to turn you down.” Caity kissed me and held her kiss for 10 seconds with a little bit of tongue action, her tongue and mine being entwined for the briefest of moments before pulling away from the kiss and the hug, grabbing my hand and we both walked out of the kitchen, to the lounge were Julia was waiting anxiously for us both to return.

Caity announced to Julia “We have come to a decision Julia, we wanna have a threesome” Julia smiled and immediately stood up and took her red shirt off and then her mini skirt but did not take off her plain white bra and plain purple panties. She stood there looking at us as we stripped, I took off my light blue Pepsi shirt and black jeans leaving my boxers on, Caity just took off her shirt and let her 38DDs free. I got a boner straight away after seeing her great, gorgeous tits that I have grown to love, I walked over to her and started to suck her right tit and caress her tit that I was sucking with my left hand.

Julia took her bra off and let her 40DDs free, they came out of her small bra jiggling, as if happy to be freed. Julia walked over and stood next to Caity, while kneeling my other hand went out and grabbed Julia's boob that was closest to me and began to fondle it while my other hand and mouth were sucking Caity's right boob, my mouth enclosed on Caity's nipple and my tongue started to flick and circle it, like what I done to her clit in the shower earlier on. If I had looked up, I would off seem Caity and Julia kissing passionately with their tongues in each others mouths. I swapped over and started to suck Julia's left tit as my left hand still on Caity's boob started to make its way down her body, from breast, to stomach and finally stopping at her pussy. My index and middle finger joined together while my other fingers joined together to look sort of like a fist, my ,middle and index finger started to slowly prod in and out of Caity's pussy until they eventually were in there as far as they could go and going in and out at a mild pace. I heard what sounded like Caity's unmistakable moan, but it was muffled, as if she had just moaned from me fingering her, in Julia's mouth!

As I sucked Julia's left tit and fingered Caity, I couldn't help but think how lucky I was, I mean how many guys would kill to be doing what I was doing with the two best looking Shangoys in my year? I stopped sucking Julia's boob and started to lick all the way down her body until I stopped at her white, furry pussy. I started to wonder, I have seen hairy pussies before, but this was furry. It was the same type of fur as was all over Julia's body, it was the same with Caity. This meant I had no idea if they could even grow hair down there at all. But I decided not to ponder over this for too long as I started to lick the lips of her pussy. I felt Julia relax a bit as I done this and slowly, like a flower blooming, her lips parted for my tongue as it started its voyage inside Julia's pussy. It didn't take me long to find her clit, after all it was in the same general area as Caity's was. When I found it I started to put my lips on it and flick it and circle it with my tongue while sucking it with my mouth, the same thing that I had done to Caity not so long ago. I heard Julia moan as she parted lips with Caity. Now Caity was loud, but Julia was louder. In fact including various porn stars, Julia had the loudest moan I had ever heard before, but this moan just turned me on even more and I continued to finger Caity and lick Julia's sweet sweet clit.

My left hand started to feel a bit wet as I could tell Caity was close to climaxing, and as I continued I could tell Julia was getting close to climaxing as well, so I continued to lick and finger as Julia and Caity, now no longer kissing but feeling each other boobs above, moaned, Caity getting slowly louder and louder and Julia taking shallower breathes between each moan. I licked and fingered constantly for what felt like half an hour until the two guys climaxed. Caity first sending her sweet salty cum all over my hands, after she came Julia grabbed my hand and she and Caity started to lick each of the fingers that had got Caity's cum on it. This made me flick Julia's clit even faster until two minutes later, she climaxed, her cum going on my lips, on my tongue, my chin somehow and the small part between the upper lip and my nose. I looked up at Caity and Julia and they had finished with my fingers, making short work of the cum that was on them, man these girls really were horny and really loved sex and cum, guy or girl cum. They shoved my onto the carpet of Caity's lounge and started to lick the cum from in and around my mouth, the feeling of all three of our tongues in my mouth is something I know I will never forget. It took Caity and Julia 5 minutes to get the cum off my face. Caity said “Why don't we move this to my room? Danny you have not seen how comfy my bed is.” I smiled and said “Sure why not.” So Caity led us to her bedroom, all of us still naked, and Caity and Julia lay down on the bed and I sat on it near the edge.

Caity and Julia looked at me and Julia sat upright and asked “So which on of us gets the pleasure of your cock first?” I smiled, I had a brilliant idea, I told Julia simply “Whoever turns me on the most.” Caity immediately jumped on Julia who was siting upright on the bed and started to make out with her, while rubbing her pussy lips. While Caity was softly moaning from rubbing herself and the feeling of her naked body up against Julia's, Julia was in a state of shock, obviously she didn't expect Caity to jump on her so fast, after five seconds she sorted herself out and started to kiss Caity back, they parted lips slightly but I could still see that they had their tongues wrapped around each others. They lay there, making out for five glorious minutes as I sat their and enjoyed the show, they parted lips yet again and Caity let out a big ecstasy driven moan, before putting her lips on Julia's and continued to rub not only her pussy, but Julia's as well.

My cock, now rock hard from the two horny, sexy, naked Shangoy girls making out in front of me was urging me to join the fun, and I was only too happy to oblige. I shuffled over and asked the girls to part their pussy lips, which they done so instantly. I got on my knees, positioned Julia's and Caity's legs so that her pussy was up to where my cock was and slipped my cock in between the two wet, Shangoy pussy lips and started to rub both of the pussy’s with my rock hard shaft, and in doing so made Julia and Caity part lips yet again to let out a soft, long moan. I started to thrust fast in between the lips and let my cock slip into Julia's pussy. Now Caity was tight, but Julia was tighter, not unbearably tight, but tight nonetheless at first, however after a few seconds, it loosened up. But as I started to pull my cock out, it started to tighten up again, Julia moaned loudly as I pulled my cock out of her pussy. After I got my cock out of Julia's pussy, I started to yet again slide it between both of the girls pussy lips, causing both of the girls to moan softly while still making out. Caity's moans were obviously getting louder and louder as I started to jackhammer my cock between her and Julia's pussy lips. Then as the moans started to get less intense, I rammed my rock hard cock suddenly up Caity's pussy causing her to instantly part lips with Julia and let out one of her loudest, longest but sexiest moans yet as I started to fuck her hard and fast, the way she liked it. As she moaned Julia started to kiss up and down her neck. Unlike Julia, Caity's pussy didn't tighten up around my cock, but still stayed tight refusing to get looser, it got wetter and wetter as I continued to plow fast, hard and now deep in her pussy. I continued to do this until I couldn't go any deeper, I was balls deep in wet tight Shangoy pussy, and it felt great. Then as suddenly as I started, I pulled my cock out and replaced it with my index and middle finger of my right hand and began to finger fuck her. I continued to finger fuck her, my fingers getting wetter and wetter with each thrust going knuckles deep until she started to pant really fast and all she could manage to say was “Oh god Danny, k-keep going, don't you stop.” Just as she stopped talking she let out a orgasm driven moan as she came on my hand, and part of Julia's pussy.

But that didn't stop her, oh no, once she came on my fingers she locked lips with Julia yet again, man did those two girls love kissing. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and slide my cock into Julia's. Julia moaned in Caity's mouth as my still rock hard cock entered her tight wet, cum covered pussy and like before her pussy tightened around my cock, so I started to thrust harder and deeper into her pussy and it started to loosen up a little allowing me to thrust faster and still go balls deep, but as I got balls deep it started to tighten again. I continued to fuck her, going hard, fast and deep just like I had done to Caity previously. She moaned and her body convulsed as she started to orgasm underneath Caity, Caity got off her and started to lick and fondle her right tit. I continued to thrust slowly getting slower and slower as my lack of fitness caught up with me, but I still continued to thrust anyway. Julia soon orgasmed and came all over my cock, her cum flowing out of her pussy, on to my cock and also on to Caity's bed. I pulled my cock out and aimed it between Caity and Julia, and let out three large bursts of my cum onto both of the girls. As Julia started to breath shallowly her body covered in cum that Caity was licking off, I fall over beside her, laying their on Caity's bed next to her and Caity. I panted and started to smile.

story by: scarecrow20

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Author: scarecrow20

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