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Hadley Ann Evans sat on the edge of her bed, putting on her running shoes for her morning jog down by the beach. She got up grabbed her keys and checked her phone… one new message.

She opened it – Hads can’t make our run this morning. Sorry loves x – it was so like Holly to cancel on her last minute, she probably had a hangover from the night before, Hadley laughed to herself. Holly wasn’t really the running type she had only been with her once or twice and that was long ago when they were still in the 10th grade.

She texted her back and was out the door. She climbed into her white Ford Fiesta and drove down to the beach, it wasn’t that far away from her house but she was going to go get Holly’s ass out of bed after her run.

She parked her car, got out and began to run. She then got her iPod out, plugged it into her ears and hit play. She loved these early morning runs, they helped her relax and clear her head.

She had just got to the end of the pier, when she felt her phone vibrate against her hip. She pulled it out of her hoodie and saw she had a new message. She opened it and read it as she continued to run
– You wouldn’t dare!! – Holly threatened; she had obviously read her last message
– Oh yeah? What makes you think that?:)-

She tucked her phone back into her pocket and decided to start heading back to her car. A few minutes later she felt her phone vibrate again and she pulled it out opening her message form Holly – Um … you love me?;;)- Hadley began typing her reply to her best friend when she ran into She was flat on her back and had this incredibly sexy guy on top of her. Thee guy! She had seen him here before, also jogging.

He immediately got up off of her, she looked up at him memorized by his face and realized he was talking to her. Shit! She pulled her IPod out off her ears
“I’m so sorry” she began “ I /> “No it was my fault, I wasn’t watching either” he cut her off. He was smiling down at her as he held out his hand to help her up.

As he helped her up she realized how sore her back was, figures since she had just fallen and been crushed by this gorgeously strong guy. He must have noticed her wince from the pain.

“Are you okay?” he asked genuinely worried
“Um yeah I’ll be fine, thanks” she smiled up at him.
“I’m Josh” he held out his hand for her to shake.
they both began walking in the direction of her car
“Nice to meet you Hadley” he said smiling at her.
“You too” she said politely. She couldn’t believe how perfect he looked with his dirty blonde hair, green/blue eyes, sexy tanned skin and just the right amount of muscles!

She suddenly felt self-conscious being next to him she probably looked terrible, her long blonde hair in a messy bun, barely any make up and all sweaty from the run.

“Wow” Josh said truly amazed looking down into Hadley’s icy blue eyes
she asked nervously and looked down to her feet
“You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen,” he said regretting it instantly! Damn, what was he doing? He probably crept her out.
she blushed. Wow he actually thought her eyes were beautiful.

Before she knew it they were standing at her car.
“Well this is me,” she said pulling out her keys
“Oh “ he sounded disappointed, she was too. She wanted more time with him
“I guess I’ll see you around?” he continued sounding hopeful.
“I guess you will,” she said flatly. Could she be any bitchier? … She could if she tried but that wasn’t her intention at all.

He gave her a smile and headed off back in the direction they had just come from.

Hadley got into her car resting her head on the steering wheel, oh God what was wrong with her. Josh probably thought she was a stuck up bitch. She couldn’t believe she blew it like that. Hadley looked up out her window when she heard the knock. It was Josh. She opened her window a little embarrassed and smiled at him.

“Hey, um do you think I could maybe give you a call sometime and we could go do something together?” he asked nervously
“Like a date?”

“Um no not like a date…. Well um yeah like a date. Only if you want to ”oh gosh he hoped she would want to because he sure did. He got almost half way back to the end of the pier and couldn’t stop thinking about her, so he came back to ask her out. He wanted to spend more time with this beautiful girl.

“Um yeah sure” she smiled up at him like an idiot. She wrote her number down on a piece of paper from her notebook and handed to him.
he sounded relieved and happy she didn’t say no
“No problem” she smiled and watched him run back towards the end of the pier.

She reversed out of the parking space and began driving to Holly’s. She was stopped at a robot when she decided to text Holly telling her she was on her way. She looked at a phone and read the message that was waiting for her
-Glad I knocked you off your feet today ;)will give you a call later :D, Josh-
Wow he had texted her! She was so happy, almost in a daze but was pulled out of it by the sound the car behind her honking. Oh the robot had changed. She had been so distracted she hadn’t noticed.

By the time she pulled up to Holly’s house she was in the best mood ever. She got out her car and knocked on the front door. She was greeted by Mrs. Tyler who told her to go right up.

She went into Holly’s room jumping on her bed.
Holly said groggily
“Wake up, we have to meet the real estate agent at 8:00” Hadley said cheerfully. She was so excited to go apartment hunting with her best friend, she was so happy that they were moving out of their parents houses and in together.
Holly replied hauling herself out of bed. She walked over to her cupboard and pulled out an out fit and disappeared into the bathroom. She came back 20 minutes later ready to go.

“Your car or mine?” Holly asked
“Um mine I’ll drive” Hadley replied with a smile, Holly looked at her weirdly
she asked self-consciously staring at Holly
“You seem weird…like overly happy” she said raising her eyebrow at Hadley.
being silly, come on lets go” Hadley said as she began walking towards her car.

At 11 a.m. they had looked at about 12 different apartments some nice and some not so… uh nice. They were beginning to think it was hopeless trying to find a decent apartment on or even near the beach until this one.

It was perfect, everything they were looking for, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big living room, open plan kitchen and it was right by the beach, you could see the sea from their bedroom windows! It was amazing. By 12 o’ clock that afternoon the girls had signed a lease and put down their deposit and the apartment was theirs! They were going to start moving their stuff in on Saturday.

Once they had finished with all the apartment stuff the decided to go for lunch at a cute little café on the beach close by.
“What are you going to have?” Hadley asked over her menu, Holly made a face
“I was thinking the mac and cheese or spaghetti… you?” she said
“Um probably a toasted chicken mayo on rye”

The waiter came over and as Hadley was placing their orders her phone rang bringing a huge smile to her face.
Holly watched as Hadley answered noticing the excitement in her face.
“Hi Hadley?”
/> “How are you?” josh asked
“Pretty good thanks and you?”
“Great. So up I was wondering if you’d like to meet up a bit later? A friend of mine is having a thing and I thought we could go together,” he asked nervously

Damn!! She already had plans to go to a house party with Holly.
“I’m so sorry but I have plans, how about we do something tomorrow? Morning jog? Same time as today”
“Sounds great,” he said a little disappointed
They said good-bye and she hung up. Now she had to deal with Holly and all of her questions, gaaaahh!

“Who was that?!” Holly asked excitedly with a huge smile on her face
“A boy I ran into this morning” she laughed and explained the rest of the story to Holly. When the girls had finished lunch they drove back to Hollys.

“I’ll pick you up at 7” Holly said getting out of the car
“Okay, cool. Thanks”
“Pleasure, see you later. Love you”
“Love you too” Hadley said then drove home.

At about 6 p.m. Hadley started getting ready. She decided to wear her black short shorts with her yellow crop top, it looked great on her because of her summer tan and flat tummy. Once dressed she put on her make up and pulled her long blonde hair over her shoulder. She looked at her phone and opened her text from Holly – Be there in 5 -. Hadley put on her black strappy sandals and walked downstairs, said bye to her mom and went out to wait for Holly.

A few minutes later Holly pulled up in her red mini cooper and Hadley got in.

At the party the girls split up, Hadley spotted Holly across the room talking to some sexy college guy. She was so envious of her, not because boys weren’t talking to her, they were but she wasn’t really interested because all she could think about was Josh. She should have gone with him, she’d probably be having more fun then she is now.

She was feeling a bit feint, so walked out side to get some fresh air. She walked past a bunch of people to the back of the house. She looked at her phone and saw she had a message from Josh. – wish you were here, party sucks without you 🙂 x-
She began typing her reply.

“Hey baby” slurred some drunk guy as her slipped his arm around her. She dropped her phone and tried to pull away but he held her tight. She looked up and saw it was Ryan. Her ex-boyfriend. Oh great just what she needed.
“Let go Ry, you’re hurting me” she tried to pull away again
“I want you” he pulled back to him, trying to kiss her. This is why they had broken up, he kept pushing her to sleep with him and when she wouldn’t he left her.
“Ryan NO!! You’re drunk” she struggled in his arms but he didn’t budge, he pulled her tighter too him forcing his tongue into her mouth, pushing her up against the back wall of the house. Why did she come outside alone? She broke their kiss and began screaming although she was sure no one would hear her because of the blearing music. Oh gosh this was how she was going to lose her thought brought tears to her eyes.

Josh was outside at a house party with a couple of his friends from college when he heard what he thought was a cry for help. He asked his friends about it but they said that he was imagining it, he felt uneasy about it so decided to go and check it out.

As he walked he heard the scream again and ran to where it was coming from. It was coming form her. What was she doing her she said she had plans? She had plans to come here with him? He felt a pang of jealousy, but why he had only known her for a short while? She wasn’t his. He watched a tear run down her cheek and this brought him out of his daze. He pulled the kid off of her and shocking him.

“What the fuck!” Ryan said throwing a punch at air, it was meant for Josh but Ryan was so wasted he couldn’t really tell up from down. Even if he could Josh could easily taken him.
“You okay?” Josh asked Hadley, she nodded he walked over to Ryan shoving him
“Get out of here… GO” he said with pure venom. Ryan did as he was told.

Josh looked over to Hadley who had sunken to the floor sobbing, Damn she looked gorgeous. He walked over to her and sat beside her pulling her into his arms.
“It’s okay” he whispered into her hair. They sat like that for about 10 minutes before Hadley spoke.
“Thank you”, she murmured looking up at him, she had finally stopped crying.
He looked down at her in his arms “No problem” he smiled at her.

“Hey do you want to get out of here?” he continued
she watched him get up and offer her his hand. She placed her soft slender hand in his big strong one and he helped her up, she expected him to let go as soon as she was up but he didn’t he held on to it as he lead out to the street where his car was parked. They walked up to a black Range Rover and he let go of her hand opening the passenger door for her. She got in and watched him walk around the car getting in the drivers seat.
“Who did you come with?” he asked looking over at her
SHIT Holly! “Um one of my she said a
“Will she be okay here?”
“Yeah, Her brother is here so she’ll be fine” she smiled at him, how sweet he was worried about her friend
“Okay, so my place okay?” he asked
she watched the road he pulled off the curb into the street.

The ride there was quite. They arrived to a fancy looking townhouse right on the beach, quite close to the one she and Holly would be moving into. He stopped the car, got out and walked around to open hers. He helped her out the car taking her hand again, leading her into the house. Wow, it looked amazing, it looked like it one of those fancy houses you see in magazines.

“You want something to drink?” he asked leading her to the couch.
“No thank you” she smiled up at him as she sat down.
“Are you sure you’re okay” he asked sitting next to her
“Yeah, I am. Thank you again .If it wasn’t for you Ryan would’ve … gotten his way” she said as she blinked back tears. She couldn’t believe what nearly happened.
“Hey, its okay. You’re safe now,” he said comfortingly pulling her into his arms.

Josh was woken up to the bright light the next morning too warm, he still had Hadley in his arms, he was still holding her from the night before. They sat like that talking most of the night before they fell asleep. He sat caressing her arm for a while before she woke up.
“Hey” he smiled at her
“Hey” she said groggily rubbing her eyes ”what time is it?” she continued
“Its 7a.m.” Josh said looking at his watch. Hadley stood up and stretched, her crop top lifting in the process giving Josh a view of he bruised ribs
“What happened here?” he asked tracing the bruise along her side, she pulled her shirt to look at the bruise.

She hadn’t noticed it but it could only be from one thing.
“Well this incredibly sexy guy crushed me yesterday” she flirted
“Oh shit, I’m so sorry, I had no idea…you said you were okay! “He said feeling very guilty
Hadley laughed “Chill, its okay. I’m fined” she smiled up at him
“Are you sure?”
I think you owe me a date” she said as she batted her eyelashes at him
“Oh yeah?” he asked amused
“Well it is the least you could do… I mean you did crush me” she winked at him
“In that case, may I please take you to breakfast Miss Evans” he said getting down on one knee.
“You may Mr. Daniels,” she laughed as she gave him her hand.

After breakfast Josh took Hadley home. He stopped in front of her parent’s house and turned to look at her
“Thanks for breakfast” she said as she smiled sweetly at him “and for last night”
“No problem” Josh said as he leaned closer to her, looking at her gorgeously luscious lips. Man did he want to kiss her. She lean closer too gently pressing her lips against his and slightly pulling away. He cupped her face pulling her back kissing her properly this time. She pulled away with her eyes still closed, pressing her forehead against his.
“Pick me up at 6?” she whispered
he argued, he wanted more time with her
she kissed him chastely on the mouth and got out of the car and walked inside.

She walked into her house said hello to her parents then got straight into her bed and when to sleep. Her mom woke her up at 3 p.m. and asked her to keep an eye on Sydney and Kyla her younger sisters. She got out of bed and went to shower, when she got out she decided to call Holly to let her know she was alive.

“Hey squeaks”
“Hey, you sound happy”
“I am, remember Matty?” Holly asked excitedly
Hadley asked keenly
“Well we kinda hooked up last night” Holly said truly happy. Hadley screamed with joy happy for Holly.
“What did you do? I saw you leaving with J.D and your mom called this morning to see if you were with me”

That explains why she wasn’t in trouble. Holly had covered for her, Gahh she loved Holly.
Hadley asked confused
“Joshua Daniels, he is one of Elliot’s friends. That’s what everyone calls him,” Holly explained “ Wait, how do you know Joshua?” she asked
“He was the guy who knocked me over on the pier” Hadley said, shocked that she didn’t realize Josh was one of Elliot’s friends.

Hadley told Holly how Ryan had tried to force himself on her and how Josh had pulled him off of her and then taken her back to his apartment where they talked all night. Then she told her about what had happen this morning and about how they were going on a date later. Holly was so happy for both of them, everything was going perfectly for them right now. The girls said their good byes and Hadley began getting dressed for her date.

She decided to wear her faded skinny jeans that hung on her hips perfectly and a pretty white blouse with white pumps. She had just left her long blonde hair to air dry, so it was wavy. She clipped half of it back and put on her make up. She was ready for her date with Josh. She was so excited to see him again, although they had spent the whole morning together she found her self missing him.

She went down stairs and chatted with her mom and sisters about her moving on Saturday and told them all about Josh when the doorbell rang. It was Josh. Hadley and her sisters squealed while her mom went to open the door.
“Hi Mrs. Evans, I’m –“
she cut him off warmly “ I have heard so much about you” she smiled at him “I’ll go get Hadley” she said walking back into the house moment later Hadley appeared at the door. He was mesmerized by he beauty.
“Hey you” she said cheerfully
“Hey yourself “ he said pulling her to him, she looked up at him waiting for him to kiss her. ”You look beautiful,” he said as he looked into her eyes, kissed her chastely and led her to his car, opening the door for her.

He walked around the car got in and began to drive.
“Where are we going?” Hadley asked curiously
“It’s a surprise” Josh smiled at her.
They sat in silence while Josh drove to “the surprise” Hadley was trying to figure out where they where going but gave up when they hit the freeway, there was no way she was going to figure it out.
she whined “Teeeell meee”
“No! It’s a surprise,” he said as he gave her leg a squeeze “be patient”
She pouted at him and continued to look out of the window.

20 minutes later Josh had parked the car, walked over and opened her door for her. He grabbed her hand and led her into a cute little café. A ridiculously pretty young waitress seated them and handed them menus. Hadley couldn’t believe how she openly flirted with Josh right in front of her but Josh barely looked at her. Stupid Bitch! Hadley rolled her eyes as the waitress left

Josh asked amused
Hadley said dryly
“Miss Evans are you jealous of our waitress?” he laughed
“What? No that’s insane!” she hissed
“Cause you have nothing to worry about, I only have eyes for you” he said grabbing her hand and rubbing her knuckles with his thumb.
Hadley looked up at him
“Yes” he replied lifting her hand to kiss it

Once they had finished eating Josh took Hadley’s hand and led her out of the restaurant where she pulled him to her to kiss her. Their kiss was amazing and full of passion. This made Hadley want She pulled away.
“Lets get out of her” she whispered seductively looking into his eyes.
“Are you serious?” he asked shocked
she said biting her bottom lip
“What about your surprise?” he tried to reason with her
“I have something better in mind” she flirted
he said kissing her once more before leading her back to his car. Wow she was truly something but her wasn’t going to do that with her! Its not that he didn’t want to… he really did but he wanted to make her first time special.

“Hey this isn’t the way home!” she pouted at him
“No is not,” he said amused, did she really think he was not going to take her to her surprise.
she sulked
“Sorry babe, but you are going to love your surprise,” he said smiling at her “I promise”
Where the hell were they going? It was about 7:30 when they pulled up to a carnival and parked.
“Are we going in there?” Hadley asked as her face lit up
“We are” he smiled at her. He knew she would love it.
“Eeeeep “ she screamed excitedly

Their date was amazing, Josh had taken Hadley on all the rides and played those silly little game and won her a giant smurf! Hadley loved smurfs, she thought they were so cute. Josh and her walked around until they had done every little thing there was to do at the carnival.

It was 11:45 p.m. Josh pulled up to Hadley’s parents house.
“Thank you so much for tonight, it was amazing,” she said leaning in to kiss him
he whispered as he kissed her “ I’ll call you tomorrow” said as she got out the car. He got out the car and walked her to her door. At the door she put her hands around his neck as she kissed him goodbye again. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her to him. They kissed for about 5 minutes before the sprinkler’s came on. Danm Hadley’s mom was resourceful. They began laughing breaking their kiss.
“talk to you tomorrow” Josh called as he ran back to his car. Hadley waved as he got into his car and drove off. She walked into to the house
“Thanks mom” she called sarcastically

story by: Love.Bug771

Tags: fiction male/teen female romance sex story

Author: Love.Bug771

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