Surviving dawn part 3

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 I could tell as Amber began to wash me, that she was enjoying giving me attention as much as I was enjoying receiving it. She ran the warm cloth over my face, wiping away three days worth of dirt and sweat. She smiled playfully was she wrung some water and watched it run down my chest. She ran her fingers through my chest hair and bit her bottom lip. I placed my hands on her cheeks and pulled into a slow, passionate kiss as she ran her fingers up and down my abs. I pulled out of the kiss and she smiled as she started washing me off again. She methodically moved down and around my body skipping over my groin, and making sure to clean away every smudge. After she washed down to my feet, she ran her fingers up my thighs making my penis twitch. After she rinsed her rag again, she started washing my penis taking her time slowly circling my head with the soft cloth as she massaged my balls, rolling them in her palm and tugging ever so slightly. Once clean she flicked her tongue over my head, and slurped it onto her mouth. A much as I wanted her to continue, I had to stop her. So I pulled her up and kissed her neck, while she braced herself against my thighs. I took the wash rag, and dipped in the cool water. She tried to catch her breath as I suddenly began washing her dripping pussy with it. She watched as I rubbed the cool wet cloth between her folds. Snapping out of her euphoria she pushed herself away and asked why. "Because, we need to have a serious moment," I replied "we will spend one more day here before we head out."   The next day went as planned, each girl was given a rifle and a sidearm. She was shown how to load and fix jams, then we worked on aiming using lasers. By sunset the girls were very tired. Each girl was given a role, Amber was to less in my absence, Stephanie was in charge of first aid, and elle was keep track of our supplies. The girls seemed to be taking their roles very seriously, which was nice. I went and checked the road, while I had the girls busy for as bit, in one if my snares I caught a chicken. Once cleaned, I took it back to the house. The girls were bathing each other in the last remnants of sunlight. I kept low and quiet as I came closer. Amber stepped around the corner and took a squat, Stephanie and Elle watched her walk out of view, then Stephanie pulled Elle into a kiss. Elle didn't resist, she pulled Stephanie closer and her hands latched on to her tight ass. they pulled away from each other just as Amber came back around the corner. As they went back to washing each other, I continued walking back to the house. Elle tried to cover herself when she locked eyes with me. I had enough time to soak up the sight of her pale, flat chest and curly red bush. Stephanie greeted me with a quick hug and a kiss, while Amber just face me a quick kiss and a smile. I boiled the chicken and watched the girls finish up from the cellar window.  After dinner, the girls sat together joking and laughing. Stephanie walked over to where I was sitting, and plopped down on lap. She put her head next to mine and asked what i was working on. So I showed her on the map where we are, and where we're headed. I highlighted the route in blue, and wrote in some landmarks to help us out.  Stephanie placed my hand on her stomach as she studied the map, I could see goose bumps begin to rise on her arms. I gently squeezed her sides, my middle fingers gently tracing half circles around her belly button. Elle was in the corner now, making lists of everything we had. Amber was laying down, watching us as she started rubbing her tits. Stephanie leaned back and put her head on my shoulder as she relaxed. Her tank top was thin, and I could see her nipples begin to harden and push at the material. Amber walked over to where we were sitting, and began to caress Stephanie's cheeks as she kissed her. Stephanie arched her back in pleasure as she kissed back. I ran my hands up to Stephanie's chest, and squeezed her firm mounds. I heard her wimper into Amber's open mouth as she forced their faces even tighter together. Elle came closer, focused on Stephanie writhing in my lap. When she reached the three of us, she dropped to her knees and kissed her way up Stephanie's side. Stephanie started grinding her ass into thigh, my hands wandered down to her crotch and found that they were soaked through. With Elle's help, I was able to remove the shorts without disturbing her too much. I ran my hands down Stephanie's stomach to get wet pussy, only to feel a still wet head of hair. Elle was lapping at the juices following from the pussy in front of her. Stephanie tensed up as waves of pleasure ran through her body. Elle began to fumble with my pants, only slowing down once she had released my penis from its confines. She licked the bottom side from the base to the tip, then circled the head before she slurped it into she warm wet mouth. She wasn't very experienced, but I wasn't going to complain about this beautiful ginger sucking on my dick. "Elle has been wanting to thank you for rescuing her, but wasn't sure how." Stephanie piped up, before she turned around and cleared off the table. Then she got on her hands and knees in front of me; her dripping pussy inches from my face. She started playing with Herself, her juices running down her legs. Her fingers darted in and out of her wet folds as she moaned into her fist. Amber lowered her mouth to my ear, "We've been planning this all day." She whispered, before she started sucking on my earlobe.  Elle was beginning to find her rhythm as she kept sucking and stroking me. Amber sat down beside Stephanie, and began grabbing and spreading her ass. I pulled Elle away from my dick so that she could watch the show unfolding. I ran my hands all over Elle's delicate body as she watched Stephanie. She pulled my penis to her hairy folds, and began to grind them together. I rolled her nipples around between my finger tips, as I noticed her licking her lips. Amber must have noticed as well, since her grabbed Elle's face and gently pushed it into the wetness in front of her. Immediately all of Elle's attention was focused on Stephanie. Amber got down from the table, and when I went to caress her pussy she batted my hand away. "I'm too prickly" she said  before bending over and kissing me. "I have a fix for that" I replied. Elle pulled her face away from Stephanie, "you do for real?" She asked, as she finger fucked Stephanie. "I sure do" I replied, reaching forward and lightly rubbing Stephanie's pink asshole with my index finger. I told Amber where to find my shaving kit, she returned with a big grin on her face.  I told her to set it down for now, and pay more attention to Stephanie. Amber made her get off the table and straddle me where Elle had just been. Her pussy was still seeping juices down her legs, a solid trail all the way to her knees. Amber lined her up with my penis and wasn't going to be gentle about what was happening next. Elle kissed Stephanie hard as Amber pushed down on her shoulders instantly sinking my penis deep into her. Her muscles began to relax aster a few minutes, and she stopped screaming into Elle's mouth. She pulled away from Elle, and wiped the tears from her eyes. Elle sat right behind Stephanie, whispering sweet words of encouragement to her. Elle ran her hands up and down Stephanie's body  and when she was finally ready Elle coaxed her hips forward and back in a slow and gentle motion. Stephanie grid firmly onto my shoulders, but each every stroke of her hips she relaxed a little, until she finally leaned back into Elle. She put her hands on the back of Elle's head, keeping them in perfect rhythm with one another. Stephanie had several more orgasms in a short time. Amber must have thought that Elle was being left out. She reached under the girl and ran her hands all over her slick folds gathering her juices; before letting my suck her fingers dry. Then, she continued to play with the girl until she reached orgasm. Then Amber's eyes got wide, and she picked up the young girl and put her on the table. "She squirted all over my hand!" were the only words that she could muster. Stephanie was euphoric, she kept rocking her hips. She lowered her head to my shoulder, and started to nibble. Amber threw Elle's legs as wide open as the would go. She furiously played with the poor girls clit, trying to get her back to an orgasm. She inserted two fingers deep into the tight pussy in front of her. As Elle arched her back, Amber picked up her pace and started sucked on one of the pale nipples by her face. Just before her orgasm Amber pulled out her fingers and kept rubbing her clit. Then as Elle started to peak, she moaned loud and sprayed her juices all over Stephanie's back. Elle's muscles continued to contract in her orgasm, as Amber rubbed the pussy juice into Stephanie's skin. She periodically stopped to take a taste, I continued to watch Elle's pussy contract and relax as she gradually came down from her high. Then Stephanie's pussy began to tighten around my dick as she reached her own orgasm. She squinted her eyes as she moaned and threw her head back; running her hands through her hair. I pushed down hard on her hips pushing deeper into her. She squealed as she came, Amber pulled her off of my still hard dick, wanting to take ride herself. She turned her back to me as she sank herself onto me, playing with the two beautiful girls in front of us. POP POP POP.   I jumped from the chair, throwing Amber forward into the girls. "Everyone in the hole" I shouted; before grabbing my pants off the floor and throwing our things behind the wall. Once I got the girls in place, I gave Stephanie the map and told them to leave at first light. They knew to stay off of the road, keep An eye out for anything suspicious. I covered the entrance to the hole, grabbed my gear, and headed our into the night. I made it to the highway bridge and kept a low profile, I didn't heat any more rifle fire. Then, two pairs of headlights pierced the darkness, troops jumped from one of the trucks and began what looked like a house to house search. They took their time,  people were being taken hostage and thrown into the second truck. After a few hours the trucks were close enough for me to make out more detail. Then, one man yelled to another, he in turn yelled to the rear truck in what sounded like a different language. The sun was breaking the horizon at my back, this was my best shot. I grabbed my deer rifle and focused in on the translator, his head disappeared in a red mist, mid-sentence. Then the man in charge dropped beside him, both bodies laying limp in the middle of the road. Now that they knew I existed, they needed to know where I was. I ran down the down of they hill raised my ar and popped off a few rounds and ran 50 yards down the road. They took the bait, as they crossed the bridge, they hit my trip wire. A violent explosion rocked the cool fall morning, I could feel the heat from where I stood. As the flames subsided, I investigated the vehicle nothing of real value in the front. The back held some ammo and food, so that would need to be buried if I had time. I checked the two bodies in the road the translator's uniform appeared to be middle eastern, while the man in charge looked Korean. I found several documents that I couldn't read, but I took them anyway. I found a spot, and buried what anno and food I couldn't carry. I found a sone grenades and booby trapped the area, saving several for later. Now it was almost nine in the morning and I needed to catch up to the girls.

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