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Logging into a favorite adult website, she went to check her mail. She found an email that she was compelled to read and respond to. She read it and decided to write back. She read through the email and found that it was from a man who lived about an hour away and who was her age, and seemed to fit what she was looking for. She really had no expectations other than a few emails back and forth, since she really wasn't looking for a relationship, or sex, or anything.
She corresponded with him back & forth via emails for a while, then they switched to yahoo instant messenger. They spoke for a while, and finally exchanged phone numbers. Before she realized what was happening, she found herself calling him and talking to him on the phone. They chatted until early the following morning, when she finally chose to get off the phone to get some sleep. The next morning she awoke feeling pretty good about herself. After all, she had just celebrated her 38th birthday the night before, and was pretty optimistic about the future. She spoke to him on the phone again, and he convinced her to come out to see him, so she dressed and got into her car to make the hour long drive to go visit with him for a few hours.
They spoke on the phone for most of the drive and when she got to a place where they could meet, she sent him a quick text so he could come and she could follow him to his home. Little did she know her life was about to change forever. She got out of her little car and waited for him, knowing she was dressed pretty casually, yet knowing that with her massive chest, it would make a huge impact on him when he saw her in her white flowing skirt, her swim suit that showed off her 54FFF natural bust, and a sheer white shirt over the swimsuit. When he pulled in and got out of his truck, she gave him a quick hug to say hello. She followed him to his home, and spent the next hour talking to him and getting to know him. She found out that she had a lot in common with him.
She had no intention of doing anything that would permanently change her life, and impact her in so many ways that she wouldn't know which direction her world was going for a few weeks. Meeting him changed all that, however. He took her into the house and showed her the house, and they spent some time getting to know each other. Before she knew it, the night was there, and he talked her into spending the night. She figured she would stay and head back the next morning, and she would sleep on the couch in his living room.
She wound up sleeping in his bed next to him, wrapped in his arms and feeling more secure than she had felt in many years. Surprisingly, she woke up the next morning with no feelings of shame or for spending the night in the bed of a man she had just met.
That was the start of the beginning of the rest of her life. He talked her into moving out and renting a room from him, and she never returned to her home to live. She spent the next 3 days sleeping next to him and finally made arrangements to return to her home for some of her belongings and her pets. The more she slept next to him, the more she realized that he had gotten under her skin and she had fallen in love with him instantly, without having any intention of it, and without knowing how or why it happened.
She knew that there was just something about him. He was her ideal man in more ways than one. Standing almost 6' tall, blonde hair, gorgeous eyes, and the 'look' she loved seeing in men. He had spent his entire adult life in the military and that was a huge turn-on for her. What it was about military men, she wasn't sure. She just knew that they made her knees go weak and were a huge turn-on for her. Was it the uniform? She didn't know.
He didn't touch her much at first, unsure of how to proceed with her because of how quiet and shy she was. But when he did touch her, she melted and became putty in his hands. In her entire adult life, she had never been with a man who could cause her to orgasm just with a look, or placing his hands on her neck, lightly touching her. At night, when he pulled her into bed beside him, she was content to lie next to him and just be held, or allow him to touch her sexually in any way he desired.
The first week was minimal as far as sex, as they were still learning about each other and still learning how to spend time with each other and be able to live in the same house, and maintain a sexual relationship as well as a non-sexual relationship. She easily fell into the pattern of what she knew best…taking care of keeping his house clean, making his lunches for him for work, fixing supper for him when he got home from work at night, and making sure his sexual needs were met as well.
Within a couple of weeks, they were more like lovers than anything, and she realized that she had inadvertently gotten pregnant. She pulled him aside after work one night and told him, and he was absolutely floored.
There is more to come…true story, folks.

story by: LadiTawni

Tags: consensual sex romance authoritarian fantastic sex story written by women

Author: LadiTawni

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