Freshman follies

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This is so wrong, Kayla thought to herself.

First, who has a mirror right there on the wall?
Second, I don’t do this kind of thing.
Third, I don’t even know his name.

Kayla continued to tick off all the things wrong with her current situation.

Do you want a blowjob? Who says that to a freshman in college? Who says that to any guy? Ever since the first blowjob, no man has ever refused.

Kayla looked up at the mirror and saw the hard cock that was now inches in front of her face.

It’s bigger than my entire head, Kayla thought as she looked at the reflection of her face and the cock that easily was longer than her face.

Kayla’s hair fell down around her face as she leaned forward closing the distance between her mouth and the hard cock. She reached up and wrapped her hand around the cock but it was too big for her fingers to completely encircle. Leaning closer and kissed the side of the tip while she looked in the mirror.

Kayla reflection looked back at her as she took the tip in her mouth.

You slut! Kayla screamed in her head, Do you want a blowjob? What the fuck is that? Why don’t you just bend over and let him fuck you in the middle of the quad?

Kayla slipped her lips around the soft flesh at the very tip.

How can a guy be so hard but soft at the same time? Kayla wondered as the thickness of the cock filled her mouth but the skin was so silky on her lips and tongue.

Kayla felt his fingers brushing her hair away from her face. He hooked the strains of hair in his hand and placed his hand on the back of her head and neck.

His hands big enough to hold both my head and neck at the same time! Kayla thought as she watch his cock slide deeper into her mouth.

She was watching herself suck the biggest cock she had ever seen. Not that Kayla had a lot of experience with cocks, but still it was the biggest cock she had ever seen.

A deep soft moan escaped from his throat as Kayla couldn’t take anymore of the cock.

Should ask him his name? Kayla thought as she felt his hand lightly push down on her head.

She looked in the mirror and watched her own eyes expand in panic as his cock started to go too deep. Her focus started to blur as she felt tears starting to ring her eyes.

The hand pressed down even more and his hips pushed up into her mouth.

Kayla heard the gurgle in her throat as he lowered his hips and release the tension on the back of her head. She raised her head up off of his cock while long strands of saliva spanned the distance between her mouth and his cock. She swallowed hard and gasped for air. Again she looked in the mirror at her reflection.

What the fuck am I doing? Kayla as herself as the hand on the back of her head pressed down.

His wet cock sliding between her lips and into her mouth. He raised his hips. The thick cock filled her mouth and he moaned.

Kayla looked at the cock sliding in and out of her mouth. It was like she was detached from herself. It was her face in the mirror. It was her mouth. It was some guy she didn’t even know’s cock in her mouth.

She watch the saliva spread down the cock and coat her lips with each thrust of his hips.

Kayla felt his hand tighten and hold her still.

“Do you like watching yourself suck cock?” a deep male voice asked.

Kayla looked into her reflection.

nothing sexier than a beautiful woman sucking your cock. Watching as your dick slides between her lips. Her mouth stretched wide. The skin of her cheeks soft and smooth. Her tongue and cheeks caressing your cock. All the while knowing that you’re going to blow a huge load of cum in her mouth.”

Kayla’s eyes expanded as she looked in the mirror. A moment of panic.

Oh my God! Kayla thought. She hadn’t thought about that. He’s going to cum in my mouth.

The hand on her head gently directed her farther down his cock.

Kayla felt the tip of his cock press against the back of her throat.

“I bet your ex-boyfriends loved you sucking their cocks. So pretty. Sexy as hell. Soft lips. You learned to do it well.”

“Watch yourself! Watch my cock slide into your mouth. Look at your pretty face. I’ve got a huge load of cum for you.”

A loud noise exploded at the door, Bang! Bang! Bang! as someone aggressively pounded at the heavy wood.

Kayla tried to lift her head off the cock in her mouth but the unseen hand on the back of her neck held her in place. She looked into the mirror and was able to see the young man holding his finger up to his lips in a “keep quiet” gesture.

“Hey Brian! You ready? I want to get down to Frat Row early so I can see the new talent on campus,” said an anonymous voice on the other side of the door.

Kayla looked at the mirror as the hand gently pressed down on her head. Well, I guess his name is Brian, she thought as faint gurgle escaped from her throat.

Brian responded, “Go ahead and head down without me. I need about 15 minutes to do some stuff.”

“What the fuck are you doing? Jerking off or />
“Yeah. That’s it. I’m jerking off. Jerking off thinking about that pretty little honey down the hall sucking on my knob,” Brian said as his hand gently followed the motion of Kayla’s head going up and down on his cock.

“Dream dude, dream. That little princess is the marrying kind and even then she wouldn’t suck dick even if you bought her million dollar />
“You are so wrong. She’s got those beautiful cocksucker eyes. I would bet good money she knows how to suck some serious cock. Go see if she wants to come with us. I’ll meet you at Sigma Kappa in fifteen />
Kayla never stopped sucking Brian’s cock. During the entire conversation she kept sliding her mouth up and down the thick shaft. Princess? Cocksucker eyes? What the fuck?

“Goddamn girl. I thought I was gonna lose it with Tommy at the door. Now let’s see how good you really are.”

Brian grasped Kayla’s hair and lifted her head off his cock and stood in front of her.

“Look in the mirror. Look at Daddy’s Little Girl on her knees. Daddy’s Little Girl is about to get a nice hot load of cum.”

Kayla glanced into the mirror. There she was. The princess. Daddy’s Little Girl with cocksucker eyes. She turned her glance back to Brian.

Kayla started to open her mouth to speak but Brian had other plans. He reached out and placed a hand on each side of her face. His thumbs gently caressing her cheeks and his fingers slipping under her ears and around to the back of her head. His cock easily slipped into her opening mouth.

Brian started to push his hips forward. His cock passing between her lips and across her tongue. Kayla’s placed her hands on his thighs and held onto the material of his jeans. Her eyes closing as she accepted his cock into her mouth.

“Open your eyes. You’re fucking gorgeous. Is this what you did with all those guys back home?” Brian asked not expecting an answer.

Kayla looked up as Brian pushed his cock into her mouth and eased out. Kayla snickered to herself, all those guys. She had only one had boyfriend. During her time dating she had sex a grand total of 4 times and had given 2 blowjobs. She had never had cum in her mouth or pussy. She had never given a hand job and she definitely never been face fucked like she was right now. This was completely new for her.

“Oh, fuck!!!” Brian grunted and tensed. His cum surged out of his cock into Kayla’s mouth.

Kayla’s cocksucker eyes changed quickly into panicked eyes as she felt hot cum splash against the back of her mouth. She tried to pull away but Brian’s hands held her firmly in place. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God he’s cumming in my mouth she kept thinking.

Her mouth, already full with Brian’s cock, quickly filled with his cum. Brian pulled Kayla’s head closer to him as he continued to cum. Cum started to leak from the corners of Kayla’s mouth, down her chin and onto her neck.

When Brian finished cumming he hunched over hugging Kayla’s head causing his cock to slip out of her mouth. Without warning the hot cum spilled out and down her chin.

Kayla swallowed, tasting the warm salty liquid.

Brian stood back up bring his cock close to Kayla’s face. It wasn’t intentional. It was really because of how close the two of them were together.

Kayla smiled up at Brian and looked at his cum glistening cock. She took his softening cock in her hand and with her best cocksucker eyes took him back into her mouth. Caressing his cock ever so softly with her lips.

Brian whispered. “Gentle, gentle.”

“I’m not a princess you know. And even if I was, is that so bad?”

“I never said you were a princess but if you were a princess that sucks cock like that I would happily put up with the diva />
“You know,” Kayla paused.

“You kept saying that I’ve given a lot of blowjobs. It’s not true. That was my third time and that was the first time I’ve had cum in my mouth,” Kayla sheepishly said.

fucking kidding me. Right?”

Kayla shook her head, “Nope. That was my third time ever. I’m not a princess, I’m not Daddy’s Little Girl, and I don’t have cocksucker eyes.”

Brian smiled, fucking drop dead gorgeous and yeah, you have cocksucker eyes. You may not think so but it was everything I could do to keep from cumming the first time you looked up at me. Your eyes did as much or more to make me cum as your mouth did. Looking at you with my cock in your mouth. Your eyes so innocent and gentle but your mouth trying to make me to cum. Yeah, you have cocksucker eyes.”

Kayla blushed.

“And you have to forgive me for thinking you had a bit of experience. It’s not every day that a smoking hot girl walks up to you and asks ‘Do you want a blowjob?’. I think it’s a pretty fair assumption that the hottie asking that question knows what she’s doing.”

Kayla giggled, “Okay, I’ll give you that.”

“You want to go hang out at Frat Row with me? We can get a beer and get to know each other?” Brian asked.

“Oh! I kind of thought that’s what we did. You can learn a lot about someone when you’re staring at yourself in a mirror sucking a guy’s cock while he’s having a conversation with his />
Brian smiles and let out a low laugh.

“I guess now you don’t need to ‘Jerk off thinking about the honey down the hall sucking on your’ what’d you call it, your because she’s already done it. That is if I’m the you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, you’re that honey alright. So, you want to go to Frat Row?”

“Nah. For some reason I kind of need to take a shower. I got a little mess on my,” Kayla stopped and pointed at her face and shirt.

“I have to tell you something. That’s really pretty hot. Like, a real fucking turn on.”

“uh huh. I’m sure on my walk back to my room it will turn on all the guys. I’m gonna hang out in my room />
“I can wait while you clean up. I’m in no rush to get there and I’m sure Tommy will find,” Brian said.

Kayla interrupted.

“I was gonna say ‘beautiful young />
“Anyway, after I take a shower I need to try />

“Well, asking a guy if he wanted a blowjob was a pretty good pick up line. I’m wondering if I ask a guy if he wants to fuck if I’ll have the same luck.”

story by: MichelleK111

Tags: fiction male/teen female blowjob cum swallowing oral sex sex story written by women

Author: MichelleK111

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