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Hi, my name is Ben and I am 31 years of age. I am a hard working person within the Advertising sector. I exercise regularly and try to be as fit as I can be. I would like to take you on a ride down memory lane to when I was just 17 years old.

I had finished my summer job and was now ready to move to FL to start a temporary job at an automobile repair shop. I was mostly working just to survive and did not have any real goals but just wanted to have money and enjoy life. I was renting a small room at the back of my boss garage and as the weeks pass by I was starting to get bored and wanted to get another job. I was rewarded for my hard work with an increase. It seems that Mr. Vick liked my work approach and so he gave me an increase of $50 per month. I was happy because that extra cash would go a long way. I was now able to save $100 per month and things got a little easier for me. My job is basic since all I have to do is clean and give maximum assistance to the head mechanic which was Mr. Vick himself. He liked me and so he was nice to me.
Now I am a laid back kind of guy and would spend most of my free time either ready or listening to music. I didn’t have a girlfriend and I would normally jack off about 3 times per week. I have always fantasized about different women but on a few occasions I would get flash images of men cocks and I liked it. I was a bit vigilant to this mild cock addiction but I was not worried.

One Tuesday afternoon at work I was sitting around when a black 2008 Audi rolled in and as the door opened it was an older gentleman about 55 and he looked important from the way he talked and dealt with Mr. Vick. So the man left and we started to work on his engine. A few days later the man came back and Mr. Vick was not around and so I had to take the payment. Upon doing so the man asked me your name son”? And I replied He then said “My name is Tom Davies”. He was a good looking man with a firm upper body and was just a sexy looking guy. Tom was a successful businessman with his own Advertising agency. As he drove out he looked at me and waved and said “see you around Ben”. About a month later Mr. Vick gave me some bad news that he is closing down the shop and going to live with his brother in Canada. I was saddened but had to deal with it. Mr. Vick was indeed a nice chap. He actually got me another job at another Auto shop about 30 miles away and so the only problem was to get somewhere to stay. I was successful and got a small apartment to rent for an older couple and I was back on track again. After a few weeks in my new job that is when I saw Mr. Davies again and he was going home which was the private compound a few blocks away and he normally brings his vehicles for servicing. When we met again he was very nice as usual and so Tom and I became like business friends.

One Sunday afternoon as I was taking a nap in the park I heard a soft voice say “You must be tired Ben” and when I opened my eyes it was Tom and he was standing next to me. I was a bit nervous and he took a seat next to me on my blanket on the ground. We spent the next 2 hours talking and I found out that Tom is divorced and has 1 daughter aged 11. Tom was a real nice guy and he and I kind of became friends and we would normally meet up in the park on Sundays and spend time together. He was a true gentleman and very down to earth. I like him too since he was like a father figure I never had. As the weeks went by Tom and I became good friends and on one of our regular Sunday afternoon meets Tom asked me for my phone number and I gave it to him and he did the same as well. One afternoon as I was cooking some dinner my phone rang and it was Tom and he was just calling for fun and I asked him if he wants some dinner and surprisingly he agreed and said he would come over to my place. About 30 minutes later I heard his car pulled up and he knocked and I let him in. He smells so sweet and tropical and he quickly requested a beer and I did bring him one. After we ate I asked him about his daughter and had arranged for her to spend the weekend with his sister out of town.

As we sat and drank a few beers Tom said he had something to say to me and that he wanted my honest answer. Tom said “Ben, I think I am in Love with you”, I literally froze and did not know what to say but I did and replied “you mean love me as a friend or like real lovers”. When Tom replied I was a little nervous but deep down I loved the idea so much. I told Tom “So you want us to be lovers?” he said “yes, but not just lovers”, he continued “I feel safe and secure with you Ben, you make me smile and happy and over the months we have become close”. He was correct and I said “I feel the same with you Tom” and with that said we both hugged and shared a passionate and romantic kiss. When our lips touched it was sent pure electricity over my body. I got so aroused and horny and Tom was a gentleman as usual. Suddenly someone knocked at my door and our moment was broken. It was my landlord who came to collect his rent and I was short and told him I will give it to him at the end of the week. Somehow Tom knew I was low on cash and he went to his car and came back with his check book and payed my rent for the month. I was impressed and so happy that Tom was around. We did not do any more kissing but drank a few more beers and Tom had to go.

Later that night as I was lying in bed thinking about Tom and me, my phone rang and it was him. I was happy to hear his voice and what he said next gave me an erection right away. He had asked me to come and spend the night with him and I happily said I quickly took a warm bath and took a shave and used my best cologne and put on some clean clothes and within 30 minutes a taxi pulled up and I made my way. It was actually the first time I was going to Tom’s home and I was excited to see him. By the way it was almost 10 pm that night and as I entered the house it was beautiful.

I saw Tom walking towards me from the kitchen and as he approached I got weak in my knees and he held my hand and we went into his lounge where he got me a drink. We drank a few beers and then it was only a matter of time and in a dash we started to kiss and he tasted so sexy and delicious. I was enjoying kissing a man and he sure was too. I can feel a bulge in his crotch and I had one too. Suddenly I felt his hand move over my bulge and he started to slowly massage my hard cock and I paused and he stopped and enquired “are you ok Ben? Have you ever done this with a man before? I replied “no, never” and what came next took me by surprise. Tom said “well this is my first time as well to be honest, I have been dreaming of this for years now and here we are”. I felt so much more relaxed now knowing that I was not alone. We continued kissing again and this time we both were massaging each other bulge in our pants. We stopped and Tom said “do you want to go to bed with me Ben?” I agreed and he smiled and we went upstairs to his master suite which was classy and expensive. Since it was the first time for both of us we had to take it slowly and so Tom went and took a shower and after he finished he came with a robe on and I was lying on his bed all naked. I felt horny and wild and he quickly removed his robe and crawled next to me. My heart was racing but as soon as we made skin contact all nervousness became a rush of excitement and pleasure. I layed on my back and he lay on top me and we kissed passionately and our cock were grinding against one another.

Tom had a wonderful 8” erected cock while mine was a bit less. His body was a bit hairy and he looked sexy for a 55 year old. After we kissed he started to move slowly down my tummy and then he reached my cock and as he held it with his hands it felt right that this man was making love to me. He then bravely lowered his head and took my strong cock in his mouth. He was so warm and soft with his mouth that it sent chills up my back and around my entire body. After he sucked me for about 5 minutes he moved back up and I told him to roll over and lay on his back. His thick cock was standing straight up and when I held it in my hand it felt so soft and warm. It was what I was fantasizing for. I then manned up and slowly lowered my head and took his hard love meat in my mouth. He tasted a little salty from the pre cum but it tasted good and when I found a rhythm I started to enjoy my first cock. It was so sweet and fulfilling.

After about another 5 minutes of sucking I stopped and asked Tom “do you have any KY or anything close to it?” he said he had some petroleum jelly and went and got a bottle and so we both knew what was coming next. I said “I want to feel you Tom, I want your manhood in me now”. I slowly layed on my back and Tom moved between my legs and lifted them over his shoulders. He then took the petroleum jelly and started to apply it around my virgin anus and it felt mind blowing that every time his finger made contact my cock would twitch with pleasure. He then lubed up his mature cock and moved himself into position. He then placed his cock head at my entrance and slowly started to massage my anus opening and soon my hole started to relax and Tom was now making his way in me. I felt like he was ripping me apart but the pleasure and thought of his cock in me was more than enough to push the pain aside. In a moment he was all the way in me and I felt so full. I then asked him to pull out and put more jelly and he did. This time as he entered I was more open and he started to slow fuck my anal pussy. I had never felt such pleasure in my life before especially from being fucked by a man. Now Tom was having the fuck of his life. He was moaning like and animal and he was stroking me with care and love. We were making love and as the minutes of pleasure passed I can tell that he was ready and he then started to pick up speed and then he was ramming me good and I was enjoying it. His balls were slapping against my ass as he gave me his love. He held onto my waist and gave me his juices. I felt his warm sperm splash inside my ass and that alone gave me an orgasm that took me by surprise. I did not ejaculate but had an immense sensation as Tom was wetting my inside with his water. He quickly got limp and a bit tired but was so anxious for me to take his mature cherry.

After we caught out breath again he started to massage my cock and rub my pre cum all over his ass. I knew he was ready and so was I. I guided him to get on all fours into the doggy position and I lubed his opening with petroleum jelly and he was horny and begging for me to insert my cock in him. I took my cock and started to play with his pink entrance. I then positioned myself behind him and slowly pushed my cock head into his ass about 3” in and I pulled back out since he was in some pain. I then went back in and back out and finally I made my way in and I was all the way in him and he loved it. I paused for a bit to let him settle and then I started to slow fuck him. With each stroke he was just saying yesssssss, Ben, make daddy happy, fuck me”. I felt shots of pleasure running all over my body. His ass was squeezing on my cock and his inside was warm and slippery and also tight. He was experiencing some pain but he liked it and then I started to work my youth on Tom. I picked up my pace and as I went in and out of him I was ready to blow and boy did I blow. I shot about 7 shots of juice deep in his hole and Tom was just enjoying himself. I then got limp and pulled out from his ass and we both layed next to each other and quietly fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning at 6am and Tom was up already but all cleaned up and had breakfast ready in bed for us. As soon as I mentioned going to work, Tom said worry, you’ll work with me in my company. I was happy and with that said we hugged and had breakfast. Now since Tom was 55 he cannot perform in bed as often as he would like but 3 times per month was ok for both of us. I would fuck him at least 3 times per week.
Tom and I now live together with his daughter and things have been going well for us.

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