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Candice was a lovely girl who everyone adored for her good looks and more importantly her personality. She is a spontaneous and compassionate woman who always puts others happiness and emotions before herself. She is very loving and has a silent hint of being the submissive role in the relationship. She always seemed to have this fantasy of having her first time having sex with someone who she cared about, but none of them were boys since they were always trying to slip into her panties. Candice also seemed to get flustered around her friend, Cherry. Cherry was Candice’s best friend who also had her own reputation for good looks and her personality. Candice can be jealous of Cherry at times because she was always having small one night stands with every hot chick in the dormitory. The thought of Cherry late at night always made her wet, thinking about Cherry being the one to choose her for her next target. And it was not until one night that the fantasy might come true with a very special surprise.

Candice was quite the typical athletic and tanned girl. Toned thighs, a waist that stretched a measurement of 30 inches, an ass big and round enough to place a dinner plate on and eat and a rack comfortably fitting in a 26C. Her favorite sport to watch was track, but she knew she didn’t have the body for that. However her figure was compatible with weightlifting. Strong core, broad shoulders, biceps that makes the average girl jealous and hands as soft and firm handshakes with her were always a must. Candice always enjoyed teasing everybody, despite her shyness. Her hair was of a bright baby blue hue, long, straight and silky like a soft blanket throw. Candice loved to socialize with close friends but occasionally her shyness took over, making it almost impossible to meet new friends.

Cherry was more of the high metabolistic girl who enjoyed to pig out and play video games. Her figure was a lot different than Candice’s. She had breasts that filled out a 32D bra. Her tummy was flattened and was soft to the touch with a glide of the fingers. Her bum was also round and firm, but also squishy and bouncy. Her thighs were thicker and wider than her hips, almost double the size of her chins. Unlike Candice, Cherry was very outgoing and social. She loved to talk and share her interests with others, even if it meant talking about her private life. Everybody adored her for her friendly mindset and caring and kind-hearted personality. Cherry also loved to seduce everybody in the building and have her way as she pleased. Of course she didn’t want to just force them into it as she waited for the other individuals to be enticed by her looks and naughty teasing actions towards them. Toying with her prey was her go to that made her drip all over, watching them squirm under her touch excites her. Cherry’s dominant grip was yet gentle and loving.

Candice was on the bed laid across in her black laced lingerie and her face glowed in the reflection from her laptop. She was writing a college essay for her economics class and it frustrated her greatly. Anything with politics, government or the economy was not her strong suit. She has tried applying for tutors for the last 2 months and so far none have showed up, nonetheless texted her to tell her they can not do it. She moved the laptop over to the side, closing the lid on the laptop. Candice then flopped her face into her pillow, sighing heavily. How can she focus with little to no sleep? Clearly knocking herself out with masturbating isn’t cutting it, letting alone it not being easy with just her fingers and no toys.

A knock was hard at the door, and Candice jumped up slightly frightened as she was not expecting anyone this late. Candice looked at the clock. It read 2 A.M. Who needed her this late at night? She quickly got up, dazed and confused as she walked to the door, turning the knob to open it. Before she opened the door fully, she reached for her robe hanging on the back of it slipping it on hoping it wasn’t a guy trying to come in. Pulling the door all the way open, Her eyes gazed upon what was in front of her. She couldn’t believe who it was. Cherry was standing before her, wearing what looked like her own lingerie underneath her tight robe. The robe filled in her body, outlining her hourglass figure. She held 2 coffee cups, packs of sugar and her laptop under her arm. She also had a mysterious package lodged under the other arm, it looked to be a shipping package. Candice tried to glance at the label but it could not be barely seen. Cherry giggled and smiled, handing Candice the items still clenching the package.

“W-what are you doing here, Cherry?” Candice’s face began to flush to a bright red, and she looked away in embarrassment. She held her robe tightly, opening the door to let Cherry in. Cherry slowly walked in, setting the package on the end of Candice’s bed and turned around to face Candice. “Well, i can’t sleep and i have been trying to work on my schoolwork, but since you are the only one that seems to be up, i thought i would come try to work with you.” Cherry said with a confident smile, holding her hands together down under her tummy. Her arms pushed her breasts together, and she lifted one leg up at a perfect 90* angle. Cherry smiled and winked at Candice, bringing Candice’s attention to the package. “This is for you but we should get to working on the schoolwork before you open it.” Cherry giggled and her face also began to blush bright pink, barely noticeable in the dark room.

Candice seated Cherry onto the edge of her bed, and placed the coffee cups onto the nightstand closest to her. She handed Cherry some of the packs of sugar, letting her put it in herself. Candice ripped open her packages of sugar, dumping them into her coffee cup. She then walked over to her coffee machine, looking over to the side and grabbed her coffee grounds bag. She wrapped her hand around the opening of the bag, pouring some of the contents into the container labeled Candice closed the lid onto the container, then grabbed a pitcher of water and proceeded to fill the tank to its fill line. Cherry watched her every move, wherever Candice went, Cherry’s eyes followed. She couldn’t help herself to study Candice’s body figure the more she walked around. Cherry’s blush began to thicken, taking her eyes off of Candice and onto the package. She knew what was in the package, and bit her lip curiously. “So, you have one of the good rooms. I have never been here.” said Cherry. Candice looked back, eyeing Cherry with a soft smile nodding to her response.

“I was lucky. The dean knows me well and since i dont like alot of music, i don’t have to live in the middle of the dorm. I have some peace and quiet tro myself.” She told Cherry, looking back at the coffee maker to turn it on. Ding! Went the coffee machine, and Candice walked towards the bed with her robe untied but still tucked together. She fell backwards softly on the bed accompanied by Cherry hovering over her head. Cherry looked around once more before gazing upon Candice’s figure, the robe moving around to show hints of Candice’s body. Cherry bit the corner of her lip, crossing her leg over the other. She looked at Candice into her eyes saying, “So i have been wanting to get to know you. Some of the girls say bad things about you but i want to make sure they aren’t true.” Candice’s face expression grew from happy to almost upset. Her hair flopped on the bed as she leaned up, propped up against the end of the bed. “Ask away.” Cherry plopped her legs up against the edge of the bed, wiggling them side to side. Her robe slid up, exposing a little more than half her leg. Candice’s face grew a bright red, and looked away embarrassed. Cherry giggled with delight, and looked to the side towards the door, smirking evily. “Are you in a Cherry asked, still smiling and blushing. Candice smiled and softly giggled, gazing back to Cherry. “Im working on it. I haven’t really had much luck or time to have one, but im always open for one.” Candice tilted her head in curiosity, pushing her lips to the side. “Why did you ask that one?” Candice fired a question back at her. Cherry sat there with a small blank face, and squinted her eyes together, thinking to herself.

“Just out of curiosity. Like i said, to get to know you. Do you have any preferences to who you like?” Cherry inquired to Candice. “I-i like you..” Candice’s face was flushed with embarrassment and awkwardness and stared into Cherry’s eyes. “N-n-no! I meant what is your sexual you could tell Cherry was obviously flattered as her face was now a lobster. Cherry eyed the package again, trying so hard to not open it in front of Candice. Cherry began bouncing her leg up and down as she sat up with her legs crossed on the bed. haven’t really thought of i said, i have never had sex.” Candice uttered with a soft toned voice. She smiled softly, biting her lip onto the side. Cherry nodded and began to ask more questions. “Have you..been thinking of naughty ways..?” Cherry asked to Candice who became a cherry tomato red. Candice attempted to cover up the truth out of embarrassment, her soft flower buried in her thighs began to litter her legs with her sweet secretion. What is Cherry trying to do? Cherry began to rub Candice’s cheek, gliding the back of her hand against her soft tender skin. door was open last night..and i couldn’t help but stare a little..and then i saw a picture of me next to you..” Cherry laid opposite direction to Candice, her feet towards Candice’s face.

“Damn it. I thought i locked it behind me” Candice thought to herself out loud. Cherry giggled softly, hoping Candice didn’t hear. Cherry then rubbed the top of the package in circles, gliding the tips of her fingers along the very straight edge. “So…you really have been thinking of me, huh? I see you want to know what is in the package.” Cherry crossed her thighs together as it made her panties in full view of Candices angle she was laying. Candice squeaked out of the seductive sight, trying to not be aroused. Her womanly folds were already quivering just by the thought of her idol laying with her. “U-uh.. i do. But n-not desperately. I can w-wait.” Candice struggled to keep the sentence clear and not shaky. Cherry giggled again and began to stroke Candice’s thigh gently with the tips of her fingers.

“Would you..fuck me..if you were given the chance..?” Cherry questioned, blushing for a response. This made Candice anxious for her reaction. She didn’t want to seem desperate but she also really wanted to enjoy the woman’s touch. Candice craved her soft body under the grip of Cherry’s hands. She craved to be dominated but was also scared since it was her first time. would. But someone as fucking sexy as you i wouldn’t stand a a weakling and will probably end up being an even bigger pussy than what i am putting myself out to be. Like i’ve already said before, i’ve never done anything sexual..except masturbating. But that’s it.”” Candice’s face was now completely lobster red and she began to moan excitedly and quietly. Her moans began to turn into soft whimpers as she smiled happily and nervously. Cherry clicked her mouth, smiling to herself with her tongue to the side of her lips. A big grin established on her face and leaned into Candice’s mouth. She placed her tender lips onto Candice’s and suckled on her bottom lip, pulling away. They began making out with each other, exchanging soft and firm kisses with the others mouth. Candice slowly reached up and began running Cherry’s breast, swaying her hand across to and fro.

story by: Aaron Osborn

Tags: masturbation school first time virginity romance lesbian female/female toys oral sex female domination diary fan fiction sex story

Author: Aaron Osborn

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