Daddy's daughters diaries part3

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Disclaimer All characters in this story are fictional and are over the age of 18.

Chrystal woke as the sun was beginning to peep through her curtains. Had it all been a dream? She thought. Instinctively she touched her pussy. It was a tiny bit sore, so no it was real. Slipping out of bed Chrystal wanted her Daddy. She crept into James room, he was still asleep but he must have been having a nice dream by the look of the erection that poked out of the covers.

Chrystal leaned over to kiss her Daddy passionately on the lips. James grabbed her pulled her over him and kissed her with such intensity that it left her breathless.

"Morning gorgeous girl," James drooled looking at his daughter in her cute shorts and vest pyjamas.

"Morning, were you having a sexy dream," Chrystal giggled taking hold of his very erect cock.

"Gently, you will do me damage." He sighed looking into her eyes.

Without a word Chrystal slipped under the cover and took James cock in her mouth gently sucking the very tip and licking down the shaft to his balls. James took hold of his cock.

"Let me do it please baby girl I need it quick."

Chrystal let him tug and pull masturbating in front of her it was so hot. She licked and sucked his balls until he was ready. Sting after string of cum flew up his chest until he was done.

"Daddy that was hot!" Chrystal exclaimed.

"Sorry sweetheart, I have an early morning meeting be home early though, so we will go out to dinner. Somewhere no-one knows us and you can be my date." James said with a slight disappointed tone. He wished he could stay home.

"That would be lovely. I am going for coffee with Madison, we only have 2 lectures today." Chrystal replied.

Climbing off the bed she went back to her room. Chrystal picked up her diary and wrote better things to come!

James got up, showered and got ready for work. "I wish I could stay home today," he said to himself, sighing he went to make breakfast.

"I'm off now Crystal," James shouted up the stairs. No response so he knew his baby girl had gone back to sleep.

Chrystal woke just as she heard her Daddy's car pulling off the drive. "Ah well, might as well get up," she said aloud.

After showering and dressing Chrystal left to meet Madison for breakfast.

"Hi Madison," Chrystal waved at her friend as she walked into the coffee shop near to their university.

"Hi Chrystal, have you ordered yet?" Madison replied.

"Yes the usual, egg on toast, extra toast and a latte."

"Fab I'm />
The girls sat chatting while having breakfast, all the usual girly stuff, when Chrystal remembered about Madison saying she had a secret desire to!

"Hey Madison spill the beans about who you desire then? No holding back we are best friends after all." Chrystal teased.

"Only if you promise not to tell anyone, and you tell me about you and James then I know you won't tell." Madison said with a slight quiver in her voice.

"Pinkie promise." Chrystal replied holding out her little finger.

Madison looked at her friend and began; "It's Harry!"

"Your brother Harry?"

"Yes." Madison said looking down at the table blushing." Don't judge me />
"No way, silly, how can I when you know about me and Daddy!" Replied Chrystal,

giving her friend a hug.

Madison continued. "The other week Harry was in his room and I was downstairs working on an assignment, when I needed to get some papers from my room. I walked upstairs, probably not making much noise as i didnt have any shoes on, and Harry's door was slightly open and he was making weird groaning noises. I could see him but he didnt see me and i saw he was masturbating. Cor blimey his cock was making me so horny, anyway I watched him cum while watching something on the laptop and it was all over his stomach. I wanted to go and lick it off. Then he started to get up so I scurried to my room. I was so turned on I just had to make myself cum and to tell you the truth it didn't take long." Madison paused a moment and looked at Chrystal.

"Go on, is there more!!" Chrystal asked.

"Yes," Madison replied looking rather sheepish. "I watched him twice more and on the second time he caught me."

"Oh no Madison, what happened?

"Well he beckoned me into his room, and told me to close the door, so I did. He asked me what I was doing so I told him the truth I liked to watch him cum and would love to lick his cum off his chest."

"What did he say," Chrystal whispered.

"He said I could next time but first he would show me what he was watching. I was a bit apprehensive but he put the screen on and it was a mobile phone video of me in the shower and completely naked full front views the lot. He said the feelings are mutual."

"Has anything else happened," Chrystal giggled.

"No but maybe that's another story to tell real soon," Madison smiled with a dreamy look in her eye.

IT was soon time to go to class, so the girl's said goodbye and said they would meet up real soon. Chrystal's classes went well and soon it was time to go home and get ready for her date with Daddy.

When Chrystal arrived home her Daddy was not home. Time for a hot bath. Walking into her room she saw her diary open and there was a note from James. Chrystal things will always be better for us now. Please where your black dress and high shoes, the rest is up to you. Love you gorgeous kisses Daddy xxx

Chrystal's heart raced. She was going to look her best! An hour later Chrystal heard James arrive home.

"Chrystal I'm home! Going to shower and get changed will be ready in 15 minutes." James shouted.

"Almost ready Daddy or is James this evening?" Chrystal giggled.

"James, I think don't you."

"Yes James."

Fifteen minutes later James was sitting in the Lounge, drinking coffee, when Chrystal glided into the room what a stunning sight. Chrystal was wearing a very daring short black shift dress, black fishnet hold ups, 4 inch black stiletto sandals. Her hair was wavy and cascading down her back like a brunette waterfall.

Was all James could say as his mouth dropped open.

Chrystal turned and bent over slowly to reveal her pantyless arse. James could not stop the erection forming in his trousers.

"Chrystal if you don't stop I will have to take you right here never mind food."

"Whatever you say James." Chrystal giggled wiggling her arse at him while looking over her shoulder and licked her lips.

That's was the last straw, James was up like a flash pulled the zipper down of her dress and let it fall. Chrystal was a little surprised but took James hand. Stepping out of her dress she let James lead her to the sofa. James lay Chrystal down and looked and the beautiful woman led there dressed in black fishnet stockings and high shoes. He removed her shoes then knelt beside her. Chrystal was breathing heavily with desire. James leaned over kissing and sucking her left nipple then ran his tongue over her chest to her right nipple teasing that before running his tongue down the edge of her body to her hip. Chrystal arched her back moaning feeling a great need developing inside her.

"Oh James don't stop!" She whimpered.

James ran his tongue across her body and back up. He then traced a line from the centre of her boobs to her navel and down to the edge of her pussy. Chrystal was panting, getting more excited by the second. James started to work on her pussy, nibbling her lips and gently biting her clit.

"Daddy, James if you continue I will cum!"

"Good, that's what I want. Cum for me baby." And with a few flicks of his tongue on her clit, Chrystal's body started to spasm into an almighty orgasm that seemed to last for an age.

James held his daughter tight as she came down to earth.

"Are you ok? My baby." James asked.

"Yes Daddy that was awesome thankyou." Chrystal replied close to tears.

"What's the matter did I upset you?"

"No Daddy I am so happy! And I love you so much. Let's not go out let's get a takeaway and chill. Please!"

"Ok baby," James replied his head resting on Chrystal's stomach. "Go and put something comfy on and I will too."

Takeaway ordered they sat huddled together on the sofa drinking a glass of red wine, just chilling and enjoying each others company.

The door bell rang and Chrystal got up to answer it.

"Hello Harry, I didn't know you did takeaway service?"

"Yea started a month ago saving up for a place of our own, I mean my own!" He replied.

Chrystal knew what her best friends brother meant!!

The food they ordered was delicious, coupled with the red wine both Chrystal and James fell asleep on the sofa.

James woke first and looking at his daughter asleep he thought to himself I need to make love to her right now! No I don't I want to fuck her till she begs me to stop. Kissing Chrystal roughly on the lips brought her awake quickly.

James whispered into her ear "I want to fuck you right now."

"Yes please James." Purred Chrystal.

"Daddy is the best name now please."

Taking her by the hand he led her upstairs. At the top of the stairs they removed their pyjamas and headed for James room.

"Please tell me if I hurt you," James said in a trembling voice.

"Daddy I love you!"

James pushed Chrystal onto the bed and put his erect cock between his daughters legs. One thrust and he was in her he didnt go slow he wanted her so badly.

"Fuck me Daddy," screamed Chrystal as James rammed his cock faster and deeper into her soaking wet pussy. Before long Chrystal was bucking and wriggling as her orgasm rose.

"I'm coming Daddy!"

"Me too Angel."

They climaxed together a sweaty mass. Lying side by side catching their breath, Chrystal yawned.

"I'm going to bed now Daddy." She said kissing him and sliding off the bed.

"Night baby girl."

Chrystal sat on her bed, picked up her diary and wrote

I will be 21 in two weeks time wonder what surprises will happen?

To be continued

Thanks for reading all comments welcome and suggestions.

Should Madison and Harry become a new story!!

story by: loobyloo2

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: loobyloo2

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