Goa trip ch 4 (actual)

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(This is a story of our trip to Goa, when the 5 of us went and had a rocking time. Most parts are true, though some parts are exaggerated. I suggest to read previous parts, to get a better story line.)

I got up late next morning, severely hung over. Maya was lying next to me naked. When I went down and looked, everything was a mess. Anjali’s dress lying on the floor. There was a note on the table from Babita, stating that she was taking Anjali shopping and would be back in a few hours.

I took an aspirin and made myself a hot cup of black coffee. Taking the newspaper, I stepped out into the balcony and lay in one of the tanning beds. After a while, I heard footsteps and looked up to see that Maya had woken up and come looking for me. She looked very cute with her sleepy look and dishevelled hair. She was wearing hot pants and white tshirt.

she yawned.

“Good morning, darlin”

“I’m hungry”

Food or dick??” I mischeviously asked.

“First food, later dick” she naughtily replied.

I folded up the paper and went inside to order. I ordered my ‘hangover special’ which consisted of 2 eggs (sunny side up), with orange juice and black coffee. I asked Maya to see if Arya was awake and she checked on him; he was still asleep. I still decided to order a set for him. I told her about Babita’s plans, while we discussed what happened last night.

“I hope you are not angry darling, about what happened last night between me and Arya”

“No, I am not. Afterall, I had fun with Babita. And I have you to thank for yesterday with Anjali”

“I was a little worried about making out with Arya, in the middle of the club right in front of you, but I was also drunk, so my inhibitions were also lowered. I was so turned on. I wanted to come back and screw your brains out, but I got too drunk by the end of the night”

worry darling, I love you!! I was very turned on by the show you gave me. You let him finger fuck you, right there in the middle of the club. You know darling, I just want you to enjoy and have fun.”

“Thank you. I love you darling”

She asked me what happened after she climaxed, cause she didn’t remember what happened, except for some hazy memory of dancing somewhere else.

I proceeded to tell her of the events of the night (atleast the parts I could remember).

Soon breakfast came and we sat down to eat, while I continued about last night. After we had finished we sat down on the sofa and I asked her, “So how was the dance?”

“It was great, as you saw”

“No details for me” I answered, making an unhappy face.

She then proceeded to give me all the dirty details about last night, how he felt her up, groped her, fingered her and how much she enjoyed it.

It didn’t take much to get me aroused, considering I had not been able to release all the built tension in my balls last night. I soon got hard and my dick was now making a big tent in my shorts.

She saw it and remarked, “Somebody likes the details”

She placed her hand on my crotch and started to rub my dick through my shorts, while continuing with her narrative.

“I was wondering” she asked, “If we could have a threesome with another guy?”

I smiled at her, “you have anybody particular in mind” while perfectly well knowing the answer.

“You think Arya would be />
“After last night, I am sure he would be more that interested. Last night was a teaser for him. Plus, I would like to do a threesome with Babita. And I am sure they would be agreeable to the idea”

“Now that my hunger for food is taken care off, are you going to satisfy my hunger for dick?”

“ I thought that was />
“It is, but I need one right now”

My dick was straining to free itself from the confines of my boxers. With that she kneeled down in front of me and tugged my shorts down. When she pulled down my boxers my dick sprang free, rock hard.

Without waiting even a second, she took me in her mouth. She was soft, warm and wet. When she pulled her head back, I could see a small clear strand of precum between her tongue and the tip of my cock.

Opening her lips and drawing her tongue inside, she bent forward and engulfed my cockhead. She then licked the tip of my cock with her tongue. She then proceeded to use her tongue to flick and roll it round the tip.

she moaned.

She sucked my cockhead hard and I let out an excited moan.

We heard Arya coming down the stairs. When he reached down and saw Maya with my cock in her mouth, he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked unsure what his next move should be. I waved at him and wished him a good morning, acting if nothing unusual was happening.

I looked down at Maya questioningly asking her, if this was THE moment. She smiled and nodded. She then got up, turned towards him and said, “Come here, stud”

With that she walked over to him, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. After a few moments, he warmed up and started to kiss her back. I walked up to them and started running my hands all over her ass. By now Maya and Arya were making out pretty passionately. I lifted her shirt over her firm tits. They broke away from their kiss to allow me to lift the shirt above her head

Arya started to play with Maya's left breast and while I took her right one in my hand. Her nipples were already rock hard. We started to play with her nipples, flicking them with our fingers. We both pinched her nipples at the same moment making her winch. She absolutely loves her boobs and nipples being roughly manhandled.

She put her hand on Arya's boxers, on his hard cock. His boxers were tented and he was hard as a rock. After rubbing it for a while, she put her hand down his boxers and grabbed his cock, while using her other hand to reach out behind and grab mine. Breaking their kiss Arya bent forward and took her nipple in his mouth. I tilted her head to the side and started to kiss her passionately.

She started to stroke our cocks, but after finding the space inside Arya’s boxers constrained, she broke free from our kiss and exclaimed, "Take your clothes off. I want to see the two of you completely naked."

We didn’t need to be told twice. We took off our shirts and Arya took off his boxers.

Maya knelt down in front of us and gazed at the two hard cocks standing at rapt attention in front of her. She licked her lips and her hands moved to cup our balls. She moved her hands from our balls up until she had our cocks in her hands and stroked them softly.

She squeezed his dick a bit and a clear drop of precum appeared. Keeping her lips close together, she put them right over it and sucked it.

Maya took Arya's cock first, opening her lips and swallowing just the tip. I smiled as he closed his eyes. I kept looking at her, slowly engulfing him taking him deeper. Her mouth began to move back and forth over his cock, her hand clenched around the base. Her other hand still held my cock as she stroked me the whole time, while I enjoyed the sight of my fiancée sucking another guy's cock.

Then she pulled back and turned her head towards my cock. She took me right into her mouth, sucking it long and slow. Slowly she began to deep throat me. I could feel the head of my cock against the back of her throat. In this position, she pressed her tongue against the base of my cock and started to move it back and forth, massaging it. I absolutely love this trick of hers.

Her other hand jerked Arya off, his cock still well-lubricated with her saliva. When his cock started to get dry, she switched back to him, while jerking me simultaneously. She performed the same trick on him and he almost climaxed, so she had to stop it.

“That was fucking amazing” he exclaimed.

Teasingly she licked the underside, coming from Arya to me. She went down and licked my balls. She then by taking both my balls in her mouth and started to play with them using her tongue.

She then continued alternating sucking our cocks and the whole time Maya's pace was slow and sensual. It felt amazing!!

After a while stretching her mouth she took both our cocks and put them both inside her mouth, but the most she was able to was take the heads inside. She then started to lick the heads of our cocks simultaneously. This went further than I had imagined, but was incredibly hot.

We helped her to her feet and bent down to take a nipple in our mouths and start to suck on them in tandem.

She moaned, “ This feels amazing, having both my nipples being sucked on. Suck them, suck them, please don’t stop”

I moved my hands down and opened her hot pants. I pulled them down leaving her only in her black thong. I moved my hand over her pussy and found her thong was completely soaked. She was dripping. I pulled down her thong, leaving her completely naked. Arya moved his hand down to her smooth pussy and put his finger inside her pussy. She was so wet that his fingers slid in without any resistance. I moved my hand back and placed on top of her asshole. I pressed against it and began to rub it in a circular motion.

"Oh, yes!!! Yes!!!! Fuck that feels so good!!" she screamed and began to buck her hips against our fingers.

We both sucked hard on her nipples. They are very sensitive and were sticking out like a couple of bullets. She put her arms around our necks and pulled us in crushing her breasts. We didn’t relent sucking on them, while at the same time fingering her pussy and asshole. Within a short while, her breathing grew rapid and she climaxed. She had climaxed so hard that her pussy juices were running down her thighs.

We gave her a few minutes to catch her breath, while the two of us decided to open up the sofa cum bed.

I pulled her closer to me and kissed her passionately. I sat her down on the bed. She looked at us with our dicks pointing in her face and smiled, “My />
I made her move to the end of the bed, where she could rest her back on the headboard. When she got into position, I spread her smooth legs and started to kiss and nibble my way up, starting with her beautiful toes, then her feet, slowly moving up, to her calves and to her inner thighs, licking up her pussy juices which had flowed down her legs.

Arya had climbed up the bed and was standing with his cock next to her mouth. She grabbed hold of his cock and ran her tongue up and down his cock a few times, before lifting it up and licked his balls. She enclosed her hot lips around the tip of his cock and took him all the way into her mouth. Her head started bobbing up and down his dick as she blew him.

As I moved up to her pussy, I saw that her lips were swollen and puffy. She was in an advanced stage of horniness. I ran my tongue around her outer lips a few times before moving to her inner lips. She moaned and spread her legs even further apart, exposing her pussy even more. I moved on to her clit and started to rub my tongue across it.

After a few licks, I pushed my tongue inside her pussy as deep as it would go and started to fuck her pussy with my tongue. She moaned, “Oh God!!!! This feels so good!! Don’t stop!! Please do stop!!! Deeper!!!” and with that she took Arya back into her mouth. Pushing her hips into my face, she took my head and buried it into her snatch.

Within a short time, I could feel her body buckle and her pussy getting wetter as she came into my mouth. I eagerly lapped up all her juices, but some of it leaked out and dripped all over her asshole. I pushed her legs even higher raising her ass and licked all of her juices off her asshole. When I was just about done, I felt her climax again. Like I said before, she is very sensitive down there.

When she had got her breath back, she gasped, “Fuck me now!!! I fucking need to have a cock inside me!!!” and climbed on the bed and got on all fours. She wanted it doggy style

We repositioned ourselves. He sat at one end of the bed against the headboard, with his legs spread wide and cock pointing up at the ceiling. Maya got on all fours and took his cock into her mouth. He took her soft sexy boobs and started to play with them.

I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and rubbed the head of my dick against her wet pussy lips. I slowly started to ease into her pushing my dick inch by inch inside her until all 7 inches were buried inside her.

I watched him stuff her mouth with his cock while, I pumped her pussy. I was turned on by the sight of two cocks inside my fiancée at the same time, her pussy and mouth being stuffed. I had fucked her countless times doggy style, except this time she really was sucking on another cock. It was such an erotic moment.

I began fucking her nice, slow and deep.

“Faster, Faster, Fuck me faster!!!” she groaned as she pulled up from his dick and started to jerk him, pushing her hips back against my dick.

I move my thumb to the entrance of her tight asshole. Applying little pressure, I slip my thumb inside her pussy and wiggled it around.

“Fuck yes!!! fuck yeah!!! oh God!! yessss!” she screamed.

“You like this Bitch?? You like getting fucked in both holes?? Do you like that slut?? Do you like your slutty holes being fucked”

“Hell yesss!!! Yeahh!!!! Fuck />
I sensed her excitement growing and increased my pace and started to hump her faster, with my thumb pressing against the walls of her ass. I pull my thumb out and give her ass a good spank.

“ Yeahh!!! Spank me!! I am a naughty dirty slut!!! Spank me!!!”

I hammered away at her pussy while squeezing her ass and spanking it. She stopped jerking Arya and screamed as I felt her pussy contract against my dick, as she enjoyed another orgasm of the morning.

Maya looked up at Arya, her chest heaving.

“Do you want to stick your fat cock inside my pussy?”

“Fuck yes!!” he exclaimed. We exchanged places as Arya took my place and placed the tip of his cock against the entrance of her pussy. She moaned as she slowly took all of his cock inside. I moved up the bed, kneeled in front of her and presented my hard throbbing cock to her.

I felt her tongue swirl around the head of my cock, before taking it inside her warm, wet already fucked mouth. At the same time I watched as Arya’s dick moved, unprotected, in and out of my pussy. Arya grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide for me. It was such an erotic sight, watching Maya's pussy being stretched by another guy’s hard cock. I looked down at her face and it was flushed with intense pleasure. She was definitely enjoying the experience as much as I was, probably more.

Her head bobbed up and down as her body kept slapping backward. Her tongue was playing with my cock, sending shivers down my body.

She was now being by us, sandwiched between two cocks. She was certainly getting her hunger for dick fulfilled today. Having many inches of hard meat to feast on with her mouth and pussy, must have thrilled her.

Arya started to increase the pace with which he was fucking her. Soon he was pounding her really hard. With the force he was fucking, my cock was forced deeper into her mouth. The bed was now rocking and the headboard started to thud against the wall. I could actually feel the sofa move, as they were on wheels.

The room was filled with sounds of creaks, grunts, moans and sounds of smacks as I fucked her mouth, Arya fucked her and Maya fucked him back. I could see and hear his thighs and balls slapping against her, as humped her for all he was worth. I was impressed with Arya's endurance. He was fucking her at a killer pace without any let-up.

I could tell by Maya's moaning that she was going to come again soon. Arya moved up another gear, fucking her even faster. Wanting to hear her express herself, I pulled out of her mouth.

she screamed. “Fuck me!! Fuck me!! Fuck me with that fat cock!!!! Fuck yess!!! Fuck me like the dirty whore that I am!!! Yeahhh”

“You like it, bitch??” and he slammed into her pussy, fucking her, spanking her ass hard.

She screamed. I could tell that Maya was going to climax. I grabbed the sides of her head and thrust my cock deep into her hot mouth and started to fuck her face. My face fucking suppressed her moans. Her body shook as she climaxed. and continued shaking, as she came multiple times.

Arya’s eyes closed and body froze as he came INSIDE her. Spurt after spurt shot into Maya’s welcoming pussy. When he was all spent, he pulled out of her pussy.

Seeing another guy cumming inside her, sent me over the edge. My balls were aching for release since last night and with a loud groan I pushed my cock as far as I could into Maya’s mouth. I grunted as I felt my cock start throbbing with such an intensity and I climaxed sending several blasts of cum into her mouth, flooding her mouth. The tension built up in my balls from the previous night was finally released.

She wrapped her lips tights around my cock to prevent my cum from leaking out, but was unable to do so. My cum dripped down her chin. I could feel her swallow my cum. She sucked me dry and then released my cock from her mouth.

Maya was a sight to behold. Her beautiful naked body, hair dishevelled and cum dripping down her neck onto her perfect breasts. Her pussy puffy and looking thoroughly used with cum leaking from it, down her thighs

We collapsed on the bed exhausted.

“How was it?” I asked.

“You guys were phenomenal. I have never had two cocks inside me filling me up. It was absolutely fucking wonderful!! Thank you guys!!!”

(Hope you guys are enjoying the series so far. We would like to hear your thoughts on it. Like before feedback is appreciated. I can see that the last two parts were not received by you’ll as well as we thought it would be. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this more.

The last part will take a while coming out, as we both will be busy over the coming month. It might be written by her, but we are still not decided)

story by: mayakaran

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