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Ami was a shy girl, just turned 18 years old. She grew up in a small town north of Chicago, a town where everyone knew your name and no kid could get away with anything. There were a couple of girls that were pretty much carbon copies of Ami, young, naive, sweet and trusting who Ami called friends but neither one of them had ever had a boyfriend. They decided that they wanted to concentrate on their studies and it was paying off because all three were at the top of their class. She was the middle child, sandwiched between an older brother and a slightly younger sister who was almost 17. Her brother Robert was an old 21 and was going to school at a local community college.
Ami was a senior in high school and was heavily involved in her local church's youth group. She loved helping those in need and was always signing up for one event or another. The church was sponsoring a father/daughter dance that Friday and her dad John was going to take her. He had the whole night planned. There would be dancing and then a late dinner and they would stay the night in the five star hotel across town. Ami adored her father; he was tall, had blondish hair and was exceedingly gentle with his daughters but loved to play a bit of tackle football with his son. When Ami was a child, she would bounce or just sit on his lap for hours watching her favorite TV shows. He would sing and laugh along with the characters on the screen and he never once complained about watching some childrens show.
She also adored her mother Jessica too. She was on the short side, but had a beautiful figure and gorgeous green eyes that she passed on to Ami. She also had long silky hair that Ami loved to touch and run her fingers through. Her mom was always the one to run the household. She cooked and cleaned and ran all the errands. She was constantly running one kid or another to and from various practices and was always on the sidelines cheering them on. Even though Ami was surrounded by a very loving family, she was still insecure and painfully shy.
Ami's best friend was named Susan and they, along with Mary, were in the backyard one warm spring night, swimming in the above ground pool. Susan had wrung the water from her hair when they saw a light flash on in the bathroom. To their surprise, the curtains were not pulled and there, standing in the light was Ami and Mary's dad. Apparently he was washing up for dinner. The girls didn't think much about it until they saw him take off his shirt. Now Ami and Mary had seen their father many times and didn't give it much thought, but in this situation, it was bringing about feelings that she had never experienced before. She felt so naughty, watching her father take the rest of his clothes off. All three girls climbed out of the pool and snuck closer to the window. There was her father, completely nude, his penis hanging down.
The girls giggled and squealed as they ran off. John heard something outside of the window and looked out just in time to see all three girls scampering around the house and knew immediately what had happened. Ami secretly regretted that the other girls had been there with her. She wanted to watch more. It wasn't long before Jessica called her daughters to come in for dinner. They were eating late tonight and were starved from running around all afternoon.
The rest of the evening was uneventful and soon, the kids were taking their baths and getting ready for bed. John and Jessica kissed each good night and the room went dark and each fell into a night full of dreams. When Ami awoke, she was aware that she had dreamed some very strange dreams…dreams that had never occurred before, strangely arousing dreams, but she couldn't quite remember what they were. Her thoughts soon turned to the sight from the night before, of her father getting ready for a shower.
The next night, Ami was by herself and was poking around in the garden, absently pulling the weeds that were starting to pop through. Her father had just returned from a hard day's work and was cleaning up in the bathroom. She started wondering if there would be a repeat of the night before? Surely not, but Ami found herself gravitating towards the bathroom window. She saw the light turn on but to her dismay the window was closed! Ami didn't know why she felt disappointment; certainly this wasn't something that she should be seeing. Suddenly, the curtains opened and there was her father. He was looking out the window as if he was trying to see something, but due to the darkness, she knew he wouldn't be able to see much of anything.
Then it father started taking his clothes off again! Certainly he knew that anyone outside of the house could see him. She felt his eyes lock on hers and she thought that there wasn't any way for him to see her but sure enough she saw a flash of a smile! Ami was cemented in place, watching her own father taking his clothes off. She saw that he was in pretty good shape, not much different than the pictures of when he was in college. As he unbuttoned his pants, Ami blushed but couldn't turn away. His pants slid down his legs and he stepped out, followed by his underwear. Ami could see the beginnings of an erection. She had never seen one this close. She marveled at the masculinity of it all. It looked powerful, strong and forbidding. He began to stroke and caress the shaft. She watched him in this very private moment as he jacked off. His pace began to pick up…his balls pulled up into his body and she heard him grunting as he got closer to climax. He tightened his grip at the base of his cock and with his other hand he played with his balls. Sticky white cum shot out and hit the window and he immediately cleaned up the mess. He bent down to start the hot water for a shower and then stepped inside the steam. Ami couldn't believe her eyes. She had just watched her father in one of the most intimate moments a man can have but she didn't feel ashamed. She wanted to see more!
Ami felt herself responding to the sight. She felt a trembling deep inside of her and a moistness gathering between her legs. Her hand found its way to her breast and she absently started tweaking her nipple. Her fingers slid inside her jeans and panties and felt how wet she was. Just then, Ami heard the familiar voice of her mother calling her inside. Not now, not like this! Frustrated, Ami made her way inside and started to get ready for dinner.
That next morning, Ami sat in her bed remembering most of her dreams and although they were vague she remembered most of each one. They involved her father and herself kissing and playing with each other. She should have been disturbed about these images that were inside of her head, but strangely she wasn't. She was trying to reconstruct each scene but couldn't quite manage it. She found that her body had responded to the images being played out in her head and her hand was gently massaging her pussy. She was extremely wet. She wanted to continue the fantasy but looking over at the clock she realized that she had to get ready for school and tonight was the big dance.
Ami found herself smiling as she dressed. She made her way to the kitchen and saw her sister and brother in the pj's eating pancakes that her mom had just prepared. She saw her father reading the morning paper and caught his eyes as he looked up and smiled and winked at her and she knew that he knew she was watching him. It wasn't a lecherous smile, but rather one of love and compassion. Ami felt her heart melt and she sat down to eat.
All throughout the school day, Ami thought about her father and the emotions she was experiencing. She may be a virgin but she was old enough to understand sexual attraction. She just couldn't explain why she was having these feelings about her father. The end of the school day couldn't arrive soon enough for her and the bus ride home was excruciatingly long. When the bus finally rolled to a stop, she hopped out and ran up the sidewalk to the house and let herself in. No one was home, so she threw her school books down grabbed a cold soda and decided to take a quick swim. It was Friday and her homework could wait.
Ami had a beautiful two piece suit that her mom thought she was outgrowing. It barely covered her nipples and pussy and if she moved the wrong way she would end up showing more than she should but it was Ami's favorite and her mom wasn't home to tell her to take it off. The water was soothing and cool in the warm afternoon sun. She splashed a bit and was growing a bit bored when a strangely exciting thought crossed her mind. No one would know! She was alone and she could hear if anyone drove up. They also had no immediate neighbors and were surrounded by fields and she had a clear view of the road in front from both directions. She was safe. Ami quickly untied the straps holding her suit on and both pieces floated to the top of the water.
The feeling was exhilarating. She felt so naughty and a bit scared that she would get caught, but the thrill was addicting. Ami splashed, dove and swam around the edge of the pool. Eventually, curiosity got a hold of her again. Quickly looking around, she climbed up on the deck that surrounded the pool. She stood up, completely naked, exposed to everyone who happened to look, if there had been anyone around to see. Emboldened, she decided to walk around the backyard, testing the limits.
Ami was so enraptured by this experience that she failed to hear the car pull up in the driveway. The sound of the back door opening caught her attention. Ami twisted around in fear to see the awed expression on her father's face. He slowly closed the door and vanished from sight, but was that a smile that she had spied on his face?
Embarrassed, Ami threw her bathing suit back on and ran into the house. Her father acted as if nothing had happened, but smiled as she quickly walked past. She could feel his eyes burning into her as she entered her room. What was happening to her? What was happening to her father? Why couldn't she stop these feelings? She felt overwhelmed by all of the feelings running through her.
That night, Ami was getting ready for the dance. She slipped into her favorite bra and panty set. The bra accentuated her curves and the panties gripped her ass nicely. Grabbing her faded jeans she realized that she was turning into a beautiful woman. Her features were much like her mom's but she could also see a bit of her dad. Running the hairbrush through her hair she began to wonder what the night held in store for her and her father. She felt herself moisten at the thought. She could hear him getting ready and caught a glimpse of him in the mirror as he walked from the bathroom past her bedroom. Her father was incredibly handsome, at least Ami thought so. She found herself jealous of her mom and sister and the attention he would give to them.
But not tonight, tonight he was hers and hers alone. Her heart raced as she got into the passenger side of the car, butterflies in her stomach. She glanced at her date and saw complete devotion and love in his eyes. She smiled as his hand gripped hers as the car exited the driveway. They had an easy conversation on the way to the dance. He always knew how to get Ami talking and he could see the fire in her eyes when he asked her about what she wanted to do when she was done with school.
The music was going full bore already and the couples were twirling and moving in rhythm to the beat. She had never thought of herself as a dancer but apparently could dance without stepping on his feet too much. He moved her around the dance floor expertly. The beat was fast, their bodies moved and swayed back and forth. Just like that, the music slowed, the lights dimmed and the dance became serious.
Ami looked up at her father and saw his eyes. He smiled, brought her closer to his body and kissed her on the cheek. Ami wasn't sure what was happening, but closed her eyes and snuggled in close to his chest. She could smell his cologne and it made her heart race. They gripped each other tightly and Ami began to feel something stirring between them. She felt something that she had never felt before, something growing within him. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He bent down to kiss her on the cheek but this time she turned her face towards his and their lips met!
At first Ami thought she was in trouble over what she had done. She started crying and sobbing, but she felt the gentle hand under her chin, lifting her face up and when she opened her eyes, she saw the loving look on her father's face. This time, he bent down and kissed her full on the lips. Their mouths opened and she found his tongue with hers and she felt his hand slide down to grab her ass. This was her first kiss and it was perfect, just as she dreamed it would be.
Reality quickly overwhelmed them as they realized where they were. Fortunately no one saw the incestuous kiss. They broke their embrace and her father suggested that they both walk outside. As they left the building, they decided to walk down the old dirt road. They strolled down the lane, hand in hand, like any other couple in love. They were out of sight of the building when they stopped; they were in front of an old barn. Ami's father pulled her towards the door and they slipped in. Looking around, the only thing they could see is hay, an old tractor and the hayloft. They climbed up into the loft and were surprised to see some blankets laid out on the rafters. Sitting down, Ami's father turned towards his young daughter and kissed her as deeply and as romantically as he would ever kiss his own wife. Ami just parted her lips and accepted it willingly.
They kissed for what seemed like ages, when she felt a hand on her blouse. Her father was gently rubbing the sides of her breasts. She breathed in sharply and her father quickly withdrew his hand, thinking he had overstepped his boundaries. Ami noticed this and reached over, grabbed his hand and guided it back where it was. Realizing that she was as willing as he was, her father slipped his hand into the open space of her shirt and directly onto her bra. He massaged her breasts, concentrating on her nipples…..first one, then the other until each was aroused and erect.
He then withdrew his hand and started unbuttoning her shirt, which he quickly removed. Next came the bra and for the second time since she was a little girl, her father was looking at her developing body! He bent down and took one breast into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the edge of the nipple. Ami moaned as she felt the rush of emotions, so intense! She felt him lower her onto the blankets so that she was completely on her back. His hands moved to the buttons of her jeans and then the zipper. Ami had never felt so nervous but so anxious as well. She unconsciously raised her hips as he slid her jeans down past her knees and off her feet. She felt his fingers tracing a path along her thighs and over the front of her panties! Her panties were certainly wet and she felt the friction of the fabric as his fingers gently pushed it into the cleft of her pussy.
He stared kissing her again, but this time he quickly made his way downwards, from her neck, to her breasts, her stomach and stopping momentarily above her pussy before parting her lips and taking a tentative swipe with his tongue! Ami was moaning and thrusting her hips towards his face. Pulling his face up, he smiled and moved forward up onto her body. At first Ami was disappointed as she thought he was finished, but then she felt the bulge that she had felt when they were dancing. Her father had removed his pants and underwear and the head of his cock was touching the lips of her pussy. Slowly the lips parted and she felt herself giving way to that large foreign object.
She felt stretched farther than she could ever imagine, but her father was a patient and caring lover. He took his time, allowing her to become accustomed to his girth and length. Finally, one last push and he was completely inside of his daughter! It was done, he had taken his own daughter's virginity and she was a willing participant! Slowly, she felt him begin to move his hips, in a rhythm that only lovers know and understand. She felt his pace quicken, faster and faster, their hips moved together until at last she felt his whole body stiffen and then the warm sensation of liquid flooding her insides. She looked up and their lips met. Her father's mouth left hers and started to move back down her young body. Kissing and nibbling her neck, her collarbone, her nipples. Ami's back arched to meet his mouth and her hand moved through his hair as she gently pressed his face to her body. While he kissed his fingers slid where his cock had been. She had never felt the feelings he was giving her but she knew she wanted more. His fingers slid in and out of her wet pussy while his thumb gently pressed against her clit. She bucked her hips against his hand as she began to moan "Oh, daddy!"
She felt her pussy tighten around his fingers, pulling them deeper into her. Ami felt him reach a place inside that she had only read about in health class and when he rubbed it she was transported to another world! He began thrust a bit harder and deeper and his mouth closed around her mound. Suddenly she felt a rush of fluid move to her pussy and her father lapped and sucked every drop. Not wanting this time to end she reached out and felt her father's cock begin to stiffen again. Stroking as she had seen him do the other night she felt him begin to get harder and throb in her hand. Leaning down she took the head into her mouth and she heard him say "Oh my god baby girl!" Sliding her mouth up and down the shaft she heard him grunting as he neared orgasm. He warned her that if she kept that up he was going to cum in her mouth but she continued to suck as a baby would suck her thumb. She took his entire length into her throat without gagging. She looked up at him and his head was rolled back in ecstasy. His fingers moved through her hair and pulled slightly.
All at once her father slid his cock out of her mouth and pushed Ami to the floor face down. Not knowing what he was going to do she began to get a little frightened. She knew he loved her but they both discovered some feelings for each other that neither knew what to do with. He pulled her back up to her hands and knees and began to finger her tight rosebud. He was going to fuck her in the ass! Pulling away from him slightly she heard him tell her that it was going to be alright and that he would be very gentle. Having no reason to doubt him she moved back towards him again. He slid his cock back into her sopping wet pussy and fucked his baby girl. Ami soon began to moan again at the feelings she was having. She could feel his balls smacking against her over and over again with every thrust. His fingers continued to push deeper and deeper into her ass. She was being filled in a way that she never thought would happen. He asked her if she was ready for more and she quickly responded that she was. He moved slightly and the head of his cock pressed against her asshole. Slowly but firmly he entered her. It hurt a bit but she found that she enjoyed the pain and she moved back into him. Feeling her cue he slid deeper and deeper until she was completely filled. In and out he thrust into her, each time moving a bit quicker and harder. He grabbed her hips and started to slam harder into her. His hand smacked her ass and she yelped at the sting. "Yes, daddy…smack my ass again!" she cried. Over and over his hand smacked her cheek until it was bright red and burning hot. She couldn't believe how good it felt to have him spanking her. They both began to grunt like animals in heat. His balls smacking her pussy again and again. She felt his cum start to blast into her as she reached orgasm. Falling into a heap on the blanket, Ami and her dad were panting. His lips started kissing her neck and his fingers slowly caressed her nipple. They drifted off to sleep wrapped in each other's arms.
The next morning, Ami woke with a start not knowing where she was at first. She heard her father's light snoring and immediately relived every moment they were together. She turned to face him and saw that he had a raging hard on and it was standing at attention just begging to be touched. She quickly straddled him and slid her pussy all the way down. Her father woke up to see his daughter's breasts bouncing. Moving her hips she began to ride him. His hands held her hips guiding her. Her clit started to respond to the constant rubbing she got from the way she moved. Faster and faster she slid up and down his cock. She leaned forward and she could feel him thrust up into her. She pulled him up to a sitting position and wrapped her legs and arms around him. Ami felt her pussy tighten around his cock and she knew she was about to cum. She heard him say "Ami, my baby girl, cum for daddy" and she let loose a long moan as the wave moved through her. He began to cum with her and their lips met as they climaxed.
Though they both knew they would have to leave the barn soon, neither wanted this night to end. He held her close and whispered that he loved her so much and that she would always be his little girl. She whispered that she loved him too and that she would never forget this night and that she was so happy that her first time was with someone who truly loved her.

story by: greeneyes72

Tags: fiction first time incest sex story

Author: greeneyes72

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