Guide week part 2

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Guide week Part 2

by anon y mouse

Apologies dear readers for the lack of sex in part 1 that was the sce setter for this part of the trilogy.

Milly and Julie had met on the corner of Richard’s street and were walking up to his house. A lady who Milly had cleared some leaves for called out to her.

“Young Miss” she shouted “Young miss hold up there please?”

Startled Milly turned round and recognised her.

“Mrs Anderson, good />
“Morning dear” The woman replied

“I was wondering if I could avail of your services some time.”

Milly replied courteously always here to help that is the Guide principal

“Yes dear now can I ask you phone me when you are free I have a garage to clear?”

Milly replied “I am on my way to another job right now when I am free I will make you next”

“You are an angel” replied Mrs. Anderson “Call me Petra and do please phone?”

With that the woman walked away. Julie and Milly discussed and agreed if it was a clear out and if anything like Richard’s room was they should do it together. They soon reached their destination and knocked the door. It took a while them standing there but they heard the voice saying to enter it was open.

The girls entered and found Richard in the kitchen, he had tidied up a little since Milly’s last visit and the room smelled of pine. Richard greeted them and had them sit whilst he was wiping down the table. This was not an easy task on crutches, Milly grabbed his cloth and told him to sit and finished the job off.

“And what is your rate for that job?” Richard asked with a grin

The three laughed at the remark and Milly threw the cloth in the sink, washed it and returned to the others. All three now seated Richard reached for a pen and paper lying there and began to write.

“I am making a list” he told them “Of jobs I have that may be of interest, please take it and at your leisure give me a rate”
Milly and Julie studied it and wrote a figure next to each task. Richard had not expected the list being handed back so promptly. Richard surveyed the quotes. Rubbed his chin and wrote on the paper once more. Milly and Julie watched in silence as Richard wrote. Richard handed them back the note

At the side of each task had been written agreed, except for the last which was written too little, a new figure was added. Milly and Julie had a whispered conversation and Milly wrote agreed. That being settled they sat while Richard went to get his wallet and keys.

Watching him walk on the crutches both Milly and Julie could see why he needed the assistance. Their Guide handbook was the principal they lived by, to help a person carry shopping or cross the road, or open a door was not a task they had ever charged for, it was a service they provided out of courtesy for their fellow citizens.

Richard was now ready and he handed his wallet and keys to Milly. He also had a pair of pants in a bag. He explained it was easiest as she could lock up and pay the bus. This made perfect sense the girls helped him out the door and down the step. Milly went back to lock the door and they set off for the bus.

The girls walked each side of Richard in case he was to stumble one way or the other; their training taught them if he was to fall not to stop him as they would most likely get hurt too. The book said to assist in helping to the feet. They had also done the first aid so could administer to any wounds or cuts.

The bus stop was not far and they reached in plenty of time though the walk was slow; Richard had allowed the time, he knew he could not rush. Helping him onto the bus Julie found him a seat and Milly paid the driver. It was a 30 minute ride and needed a change of bus.

Arriving at the hospital Julie went to search a chair while Milly and Richard waited. It was not long before Julie reappeared and an orderly was with them. Richard was wheeled to the front desk and asked Milly to get the appointment slip out the wallet. Check in complete they were pointed in the direction but the orderly had other tasks and Julie pushed the chair.

They approached the second desk and were ordered to take a seat and wait. There were many others in the same predicament and they assumed a long wait.

It was 45 minutes before a nurse ushered Richard into a room. The girls were told they could wait outside or come in. They opted for the former, but Richard insisted on the latter. He was their employer for the task so the girls did as requested.

Richard was sat upon a special chair and the nurse helped him remove his trousers. Milly turned her head away but Julie just watched. The nurse noticed the girls’ reactions. After a few second Milly returned her gaze to Richard who was just sat there in his shorts and watched as the nurse cut away at the plaster. It did not take long for the job to be done.

The nurses applied some lotion and went to write her notes as Richard sat there in a state of half dress. Returning to her patient once more she asked about tetanus. Richard could not remember he told the nurse it had been at least 5 years.

The nurse went back made a note and reached into a drawer. “

Ok Mr Farrington” she said “I think you need a booster, kindly stand, turn around, and remove your shorts”

Richard looked at the girls in embarrassment, he had not expected this. Doing as told Richard dropped his shorts.

“Bend forward please?” the nurse ordered

Richard did as told. The girls had noticed his embarrassment and Milly was blushing too. Julie was not fazed at all and she was secretly looking for a glimpse of his cock. She was not disappointed as Richard bent down his cock hung down and she spotted his large and hairy balls. Milly meanwhile had also sneaked a peek.

The injection completed Richard pulled up his shorts and reached in the bag Milly handed him for his pants. Now fully dressed he turned back to the girls and they left the room. Nothing was mentioned of his ordeal and they walked out into the fresher air.

Richard suggested they go have a walk in the park across the road and they accompanied him. The day was a fine one as they took a stroll. Richard was grateful the cast was off and the girls could see already he was walking better he only had one shoe and sock on which amused them all. He had to keep the weight of his other but hobbled quite expertly.

They found a bench and sat. Chatting about things in general and finally Julie broke the topic.

“I seen nicer ones” Julie giggled

“Seen nicer what?” Richard asked

Julie laughed

All three burst into laughter. Richard whispered in Julie’s ear and Milly could not hear. They got off the bench and headed for the bus.

The journey home was spent in silence but Milly caught glimpses of Richard and Julie having some sort of secret giggle. She passed it off and as she still had the keys opened the door and they went in.

“Be back in a moment to pay you” Richard said “Make yourselves a drink”

Milly poured the lemonade and she remembered Mrs. Anderson. She reminded Julie and said she would ring her now they were finished here. Julie asked her not to be too hasty; there was another task to do here before they left. Milly was mystified but money was money, a task was a task, and all the proceeds went to the Guides.

Richard returned and sat in the armchair opposite them, Milly noticed he had a magazine.

“Ok girls come over here and Julie you can see if you like any of these?”

The girls sat each side of the armchair as Richard opened the magazine. Milly blushed at what she saw, inside were photographs depicting men and women. The women were handling, or had the men’s cocks in their mouths. Milly was shocked but also curious. Julie on the other hand was informing Richard in no uncertain terms and describing the attributes of each.

“But we need a real life comparison” Julie sniggered

“Well if you are sure?” said Richard “You could compare mine and give me your />
Julie without further asking reached down and began to massage Richard’s cock through his pants.

“Seems small” Julie sniggered

“Well do you know how we can remedy that?” asked Richard

Julie nodded she did and Richard laughed. Julie asked him to manoeuvre so she could undo his belt, once accomplished she asked him to lift his bottom and she moved in front of him to pull away his pants. Milly was not sure what was happening but she was transfixed at her friend and Richard.

Richard was now bare legged and with just his shorts on, as Julie rubbed him with her hand through the material. Milly noticed that as her friend did this the bulge appeared to get bigger; she also heard Richard give out little moans. Julie then put her hand inside the shorts and fished out Richard’s cock.

As Richard’s cock sprang into view Milly noticed it was now pointing directly upwards. Julie helped Richard remove his shorts and now he was naked below the waist with just his socks on. Julie removed the socks and came back to minister to the now engorged cock.

Milly watched as her friend played with the balls and the head, making Richard writhe a little. After a few moments Julie began running her finger up and down Richard’s cock, then she followed up with her tongue. Milly observed it was just like playing with a Popsicle, the point when her friends’ mouth covered the tip Richard almost jumped out the chair.
Richard was close to coming but he wanted to make this last and asked Julie to stop.

“It isn’t fair I am naked and you are not” Richard told them you two care to undress also?”

Milly was shocked at him asking, Julie looked at her friend for an answer. Richard was watching and waiting for the response too. Julie took Milly to a corner of the room; Richard could hear the whispering but not the content. He hoped they would agree, but at this point could not be sure. Had he pushed the envelope, had he rushed the gun?

“We have 2 conditions” said Julie

“Fire away” replied Richard

“One you have to undress us and two you allow us to have some fun with each other”

Richard was delighted at the response, especially the chance to watch 2 horny 15 year olds making out.

“Very well” said Richard “But you now have me harder than ever I need relief”

Julie took the hint and once more played with Richard’s cock. Julie teased the head with her tongue. Whilst at the same time massaging his balls. Milly was not going to miss out as Julie removed her mouth, she took her friends place. Richard thought he died and gone heaven, two nubile young ladies servicing his cock.

Richard soon signalled he was ready to shoot his seed as he did he pulled Milly further onto his cock. Milly was gagging and spluttering but Richard paid no heed and rammed in an out of the young girls mouth.

Richard cried out

Milly felt the liquid fill her mouth and dribble onto her chin; she had no idea what to do and some went down her throat. Finding the taste not too repulsive Milly swallowed to clear her mouth, more followed it seemed endless. Julie encouraged her to suck and suck till it had stopped, and swallow all that came out.

Richard was amazed this little girl was taking all his semen, he had only found one girl before that had allowed him to come in such a way and she was a professional. Richard had not enjoyed the seedy side of it however, and never used such services again. Milly had milked Richard dry and he pulled from her mouth.

Julie was not long before she moved to lick the residue from her friends chin. Richard meanwhile had removed the rest of his clothing, and watched the friends enjoying his sperm.

It was now time to undress the girls. Richard asked them once again if they were happy to continue and they both agreed yes.

Richard took his time with each girl in turn, undoing their tunics and skirts. He removed their shoes and socks in the same fashion, caressing their feet as they came to his gaze.

“Now” Richard commanded “I want you to remove each other’s panties but slowly and then come stand in front of me?”

The girls followed Richard’s instructions to the letter, when they were naked they stood facing him as requested.
Richard admired the forms he saw Milly had small breasts but pert, her friend Julie was a little more developed. Milly had a wisp of hair around her pussy but Julie was bald. As the twisted and turned and bent for his viewing he saw the prettiest little bottoms and their flat bellies.

He indicated them to come closer and open their legs; he rubbed his hands over their bottoms and inspected their pussies in more detail. He opened their pussy lips to inspect their pink insides, and placed a finger in each.

Milly enjoyed Richard’s attentions, but when he put a finger in her pussy she squealed. Julie on the other hand was enjoying it all, the finger was especially nice. Richard was getting harder but he was not going to come just yet, he broke off and asked the girls to do their little show.

The two wasted no time, yesterday after leaving Richards they had gone back to Julies and on the pretext of Guide stuff had shut themselves in Julie’s room. That time was exciting enough, but now they were going to do it with an audience. Both girls tingled with anticipation.

Richard watched as the two girls stood facing each other, when they moved into an embrace and kissed, he really knew this was going to be special. Milly and Julie were kissing madly, tongue on tongue, their bodies so close there was no daylight. Then Milly stood still as her friend moved from kissing her mouth.

First the neck, giving sensual licks before moving onto the breasts, her licking and sucking making her friend squirm. Moving down and licking her belly, spending time in licking the button. Julie stood up and Milly copied her friends’ actions in precision detail.

The two girls proceeded to lie on the floor, and they assumed the 69 position. They licked and fingered each other’s pussies, making great slurping noises. Richard could no longer contain his come, asking the girls to untangle and lie on their backs. Their movement was just in time as Richard spurted copious amounts of his seed all over the two naked girls.

Being spent and his foot still paining, he signalled to the girls they may dress. Julie and Milly however had other plans as they each in turn licked and swallowed the sticky from each other’s bodies. Richard lay back in the armchair watching in fascination.

When they had completed cleaning each other, they finally did dress as Richard counted the money out for them.

said Richard “I find I may need you tomorrow if you are />
Milly looked at Julie and the both agreed and nodded.

“It may be later Richard” replied Milly “I promised to help tidy a garage”

Julie had the brightest of ideas. She told Milly the parents were to be asked if each may stay at the others, that way if Richard wished they could come later and spend the entire night.

Richard was in agreement and as the girls left he needed lotion for his itchy foot and went upstairs for a bath. Milly and Julie left the house with grins from ear to ear.


story by: anon y mouse

Tags: fiction cum swallowing teen female/teen female sex story

Author: anon y mouse

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