Hannah & sophie part 1

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Hannah and Sophie
( part 1 )

It had been cloudy day with moderate winds and lightly rained the evening before well into the night and now the next day the sun was rising with a vengeance. The forest had a renewed enchantment coating every inch of foliage and all the bushes, trees and grass. Even the small stream that meandered and snaked through the heart of it, dancing over its bottom filled with small pebbles and larger stones flowed with the grace of an world class ballerina in top form. The rays of sunlight shining through the canopy gave the forest a mystical attraction of beauty that was unsurpassed by any standard.
The road cutting a path to the outskirts of the city was lined by the forest on both sides and there were sections that allowed sunlight to heat the tarmac and warm it. Many seasonal backpacked campers would walk along side the road until they came across one of the not so noticeable trails which crossed the road on their way to scattered camping sites which littered the forest but out of mutual respect for its beauty kept clean by their many users.
The big bikes roared down the snaky road, up and down the hills and through the valley that the road followed. There were at least 8 fully packed iron horses and their riders all stocked up with enough provisions to see them through a weekend of parting, boozing and general man and his pals stuff. They had been riding the greater potion of the early hours having come from out of state and now all were fatigued and just wanted to find a suitable camp site in which to set up and settle down to the partying and boozing planned weeks ago in the office they all worked from.
The leader guided his steed down a narrow dirt track of the main road with the others in tow. They rode an estimated further 20 minutes deep into the forest heart before coming across another smaller path which took some negotiating but was manageable for two wheeled vehicles and lead to a clearing about 10 minutes in. They all stopped and admired this secret little haven and the seclusion it offered before turning off and dismounting to stretch their now tired and achy bodies. It wasn’t long before they started to set up their campsite and commence boozing.
Tracking through the forest the two girls left the main trail and wandered boldly through the brush whilst giggling how they were explorers on a mission to find lands unknown and tribes lost. Neither one had any idea they would find adventure but not of the sort they so girly fantasised and giggled about. They were work colleagues from the city and often tracked through this forest. Both worked as high flyers but in different sectors of investments and banking. Both were in there late 20’s, both were single by choice and both worked out together at the same gym since coming to live in the city some 5 years ago were they met and friendship developed.
Both were built pretty much the same and it could be said that if you didn’t know it, they could have been sisters except one had a short bobbed cut and the others hair was shoulder length and curly but both had auburn colour. They were equally matched in statue, their figures were exactly the same build and fullness, 36b cup, 24inch waist with 34 hips with little difference at /> They often wore each other clothes and basically did everything together. They had found in their friendship that they both had the same taste in many things except men.
As they wandered on in their adventure chatting and observing all the pretty thing nature had to offer neither paid note to which direction they travelled. Although the forest did offer many clues neither seemed to be much interested. Their back packs were getting heavy and their bodies were tiring, sweating and thirst was beginning to rear its head. The sound of the stream close by to where they tracked was a welcome sound and both decided it would be a good idea to rest by it and cool off whilst having some lunch. They followed the sound of the stream and soon came across it. The sight of the clear water flowing over the pebbles and plants lining it highly visible bottom thru the clear waters was a beautiful and welcoming sight. They found a clear patch which was shaded by the canopy of trees above and settled down to setting up camp and their picnic.
The bikers had pitched camp and was recounting stories amongst the group of pass conquest and other male testosteroned achievements when one shushed the others stating he had heard female voices coming from the direction of the stream but the others scorned him saying he had too much booze in his belly and was imagining deep desires fuelled by the lack of any female comfort in his sad life until they all heard a distinctive female squeal coming from the direction he had said, quickly they all jumped to their feet and made their way toward the stream. The under brush and small trees made excellent cover and the soft wet moss covering the forest floor made and excellent sound proof to the intoxicated men clambering about trying to get the best view to what was going on.
The two girls had set up a picnic and pitched their tent. They had taken off their hot sweaty clothes and washed them in the stream then hung the clothes on branches and bushes around their camp site. This left them in only their bra’s and skimpy g-strings as they frolicked in the cool refreshing water. Neither one suspected they were now being watched by a group of half drunk men with increasingly growing sexual desires as they watch the pair splash and jump about. They threw water on each other and wrestled playfully with out a care in the world. Laughing and joking about the whole affair whilst teasing each other about sexual matters in the few men they had known time to time.
The men all gathered near each other so that they could speak without being heard or spotted, they conversed to what their actions should be next. The all agreed to watch the show but not to intrude just yet but to wait till dark and raid their campsite but to make sure they didn’t loose the prey to take turns keeping an eye on them until pounced.
They watched the women for another hour or so and then decided who was going to take first watch as the rest went back to their camp to prepare for what was going to be an interesting evening for them. They went in an opposite direction to the stream to gather wood for a fire and suitable branches to make stakes. The campsite was cleared a little better and the ground near the camp fire they were going to build, was cleared of pebbles, stones and anything which might be discomforting to knees or an back. Darkness was fast approaching when the men had completed preparations for their soon to be female company. All their preparations were done as silently as possible. Each man took turns sneaking down to the girls site and keeping watch.
The two friends had a nice swim, bathed whilst chatting and frolicking away blissfully unaware they were being stalked and now was the target of unwanted male attentions. Neither had a clue as they both had a bite to eat and then turned in for the night that neither one would forget this night ever and all their darkest sexual fantasies would be delivered upon them.
The night fell quickly in the forest and as the last vestige of sunlight scampered over the horizon and the girls climbed into their sleeping bags the forest came to life with it many secretive noises, twigs snapping under the weight of some animals paws or hoofs. Neither girl paid attention to the hoots of the barn owls or squeaks of the door mice nor the near silent footsteps of 8 grown men now nearing their intended targets. As the men approached the girls campsite they stopped and checked out the area with a military precision. Quietly they surrounded the tent and listened.
The two girls had had a long day of trailing and were very tired from the heat, travelling and hauling their backpacks up and down valleys, across fields and finally setting everything up as they had decided to camp in this spot for few days before moving on to a new one. Neither in her deep sleep heard the knife slitting the tent material to shreds systematically and exposing the sleeping bags to the cool night air. The moon was full and high their were many stars to be seen as the night was very clear, the wind had died down and it was still.
A piece of duct tape from the role one man carried at all times on his bike as a quick back up was cut and ready to be stuck across the mouth of the 1st victim so as to keep her quiet and not to alert the 2nd of the impeding danger. She was grabbed by 4 of the men and the tape quickly placed over her mouth to silence any attempt to scream, lifted up in her sleeping bag and removed from the shredded tent without her friend even knowing she had been taken. The other girl was immediately treated to the same fate and both were carried back to the men’s camp site.
The terror in their eyes said it all. The sleeping bag were cut from their wriggling bodies exposing nothing but flesh covered by g-strings. Those items were quickly tore off and the women carried over near the camp fire but not so close as to cause harm but enough to keep warm. There were stakes sticking out of the ground but only two, too which one watched in horror as her friend was thrown to the ground by them and the 4 men set about tying her wrist to one of the stakes as one of her ankles was secured to the other. She was forced to open her legs wide as the another stake was hammered into the moist earth to the inside of the ankle and it was tied to it and then her last free arm was secured to the stake that had been hammered in above her her in a outstretched spread eagle position. Behind the masking tape she screamed violently now realising what was her ordeal at the hands of these animals would ultimately be.
Her friend could only watch in horror and squirm but she was securely held by the others and being tied to a near-by tree to watch what would soon be her fate. The rope was tight almost cutting off circulation and it was strong as it was used to secure the equipment these men had to their motorbikes.
Sophie sobbed hysterically as she watch Hannah being mounted by one of the attackers. She watched in horror as her friends attacker held her head to one side and reached down between them, between her open legs to guide a monstrous member into her love tunnel with such ferocity that her friends body arched and her nipples jumped to attention as her legs quivered from the pain and intrusion.
She watched as he drove himself into her friend with no mercy for her tears or muffled screams. Sophie could see everything in detail. She watched his dick enter her friend and then being extracted for a repeat performance. He was like a animal possessed, a jack hammer on full pelt and he was gaining friends body was shivering and convulsing beginning to glisten from the sweat now forming and she was beginning to match his assault as her body betrayed her mind. Her screaming had stopped and with every extraction of his dick, hairy with pronounced veins all over, 13 inches long, wide, 3 to 3.5 inch girth, huge bulbous purple head, it glistened more and more as it tugged her pussy, stretching it, her body responded, her pussy was pulsating, wetting itself.
It was clearly obvious that she had been made to submit, orgasm time and time again against her will. He worked on her for what seemed an eternality impaling her body as hard as he could manage and as fast as he could before arching his back and reeling up on his hands groaning loudly, emptying his big hairy ball sack deep in her stretched, bruised and tender pussy. He leaned down and sucked hard on her swollen boobs paying particular attention to her perked nipples whilst he kneaded them in his rough hands. He didn’t take his dick out until he felt completely resolved but she lay staked out quivering returning to the many intense orgasms just suffered at the hands of her 1st attacker.
As the 1st attacker got up off her the 2nd wasted no time in mounting her limp body but he didn’t do as the 1st guy…he positioned his dick between her swollen pussy lips so that he could rub himself up and down it causing friction between her pussy lips then on and around her clitoris whilst his big hairy ball sack bounced violently against the entrance of her love tunnel and puckered anal opening. He rubbed himself for fast and hard, sometimes teasingly slow and every now and then he would allow his gigantic purplish dick head to almost enter her but then pull back as her tender swollen pussy lips parted. The sensations were driving her insane with desire for this rapist and her body truly began to betray her as she desperately tried to force his entrance into her as best she could by raising her hips to accommodate entry but he was not having any of it. Her body was being racked with multiply orgasms and her pussy was dripping wet and of this intensified by the fact that she was tied down and couldn’t hardly move, all she could do was take it.
He ground his pelvis against hers and teased her accordingly. Her mind went into melt down. None of her previous lovers had ever done this, nor her 1st rapist, she had never experienced this type of treatment before. Her body had never ever responded so wantonly. She was screaming as loud as the tape would allow and her body shook as if in an earthquake had possessed her. Many times he ravished the tender young woman under him. Then he just stopped…no movement or anything. For 5 minutes he lay on top of her not moving an inch but she jerked and trembled violently as orgasm after orgasm reverberated up and down her. Then after ages of enjoying her submission he arched his body and impaled her with full force with his dick. He buried it to the hilt and left it buried in her. He didn’t pump her body but instead made circles. Grinding against her pelvic bone, her clitoris, stretching her pussy lips side to side, the feel was all too much for poor Hannah and she passed out from the intensity but her body continued to jerk and spasm. It was then and only then that he begin to impale her. In and out , in and out until his dick was thoroughly coated in her pussy juices and semen from the 1st attack. He lasted longer than any of the rest would as he had cheated and taken a little blue supplement earlier in anticipation. This enabled him to pump her harder, longer and it help to increase his vigour.
Sophie was hysterically crying now as she watch in horror her best mate being by animals and she knew this wasn’t just an ordinary fuck session or any love making involved but pure unadulterated animal ravishing, sex in its rawest form. She was horrified knowing she was next and that these men did not give a toss if whether they were female, human or whatever other than there for their pleasure. She couldn’t fathom where her friends mind set must be at this point or how it would change their lives. It was then she felt rough hairy hands from behind the tree grab and start caressing her pert boobs, tweaking her nipples causing her body to shiver and her nipple to stand proud. She tried to manage a scream but the tape on her mouth held fast and stifled any sounds she made. She was caressed the whole time Hannah was being began to feel sick.
Hannah came too just as her attacker was beginning to pump copious amounts of male seed into her unprotected womb. She realised that she had just had the most satisfying fuck she had ever experienced in her life to this point and that in reality.. Sexually.. This rapist was her fantasy come true and deep dark desires in her mind didn’t want him to stop what he was doing to her or to just disappear out of her life forever. So she pushed against him burying his dick as deep as she could and also pushing her head against his gently whilst looking soulfully deep into his brown eyes begging him to understand what she was now trying to convey without words. She batted her eyelids and eyelashes at him and cooed behind the tape as close to his ear as she could manage.
Sophie watched as this big man destroyed her friend in body and now she thought she saw her soul give up the ghost to him. They moved in harmony and he held her close but caringly it seemed. She thought she could hear soft cooing noises coming from her friend as this rapist seeded her. Could she be mistaken or was it the stress of this ordeal playing tricks on her mind. She was bought back to reality by the hands on her boobs now raking up and down her sides. This sent shivers and made goose pimples on her skin.
Hannah closed her eyes as a almighty orgasm took hold and he released his last shot of man-seed at the same time. Her pussy was very sore and he had done it. His seed was molten hot and it didn’t just stop. She opened her eyes to find his staring into hers as he released his cum. This made her go over the edge again even harder. He reached up and pulled the tape from her mouth and even though it hurt she managed a smile at him and pursed her lips but then puckered up. He wasted no time in filling her mouth with his tongue to which she didn’t resist. They kissed for a long time and whilst they kissed his dick grew rock solid within her again but this time he pumped her body with long hard slow strokes. Each one electrifying every inch of her vagina again and again.
Sophie couldn’t believe what she was seeing ….her friend was fucking this man back and kissing him. Hannah was totally engrossed in this rape and now strained to hold her rapist and show him she was his.
Sophie felt her ropes being cut and hands restraining her legs, arms and around her waist. She was thrown over a huge rucksack face down and held there an she felt someone move between her legs and a rough hand spread her pussy lips. She screamed behind her tape as the largest dick she had ever known was driven with force into her pussy and huge hot balls slammed her clitoris.
It was her turn and none of the 6 men remaining intended to be the weakest. Someone knelt down in front of her on both of their knees whilst they pulled a hand full of her hair backwards causing her head to jerk back. The tape was unceremoniously pulled from her mouth but before she could place a scream, her mouth was filled with someone’s rock hard dick. She was made into a human spit roast and was being cooked very well….as one pushed the other recoiled until they had a perfect sea-saw effect going on. The pleasure was very intense and the orgasms begin to fill her tender young body relentlessly as did the tears both from the attack and from this huge dick being shoved right down her virgin before had she any guys dick this deep in her mouth nor no way as deep as this rapist was pushing his down her throat. She was a practicing catholic and even though she had given her virginity to some fumbling college colleague on a drink fuelled wild weekend on holiday she was at least trying to save the pleasure of deep throat and anal for whom ever her future husband was too be.
Hannah was now deeply engrossed in pleasuring this rapist and hadn’t noticed the 3rd rapist moving in for his turn at destroying her young body but it was all made clear when the 2nd rapist finished with her and just got up and walked over to where Sophie was now performing. Fired a cigarette and waited his turn. The 3rd rapist was just pure straddled her face and plunged his smelly dick right down her throat whilst he stuck 2 fingers up her abused vagina and commenced to finger her with reckless abandonment. She tried to reel as his funky ball sack slapped her chin and the hair on them roughed her silky soft facial complexion but in no time her body betrayed her and he made her squirt time and time again, she choked at the musky smell of his nut sack and the lack of for a breath whenever he would extract his dick readying to ram it back down her throat. He shot loads of cum down her unprotected throat and all she could do to keep from drowning on it was to swallow the large amounts of thick salty fluid as it came.
Sophie was now being lifted off the rucksack and made to straddle the 4th rapist who was laying face up, on the guided his big dick which was uncommonly wide into her pussy just as the 5th rapist stepped forward so that she would have no choice but to suck his dick which now daggled in front of her face. She tried to resist but was met by the loudest slap on her but cheeks as the 4th rapist assisted his comrade. The searing pain from the slap made her open her mouth to holler but it was instead filled with big hot dick so quickly she almost choked. The 4th rapist adjusted his position so that she could be bent over more and the 5th rapist pulled her forward further over onto his now enabled the 6th rapist to kneel down behind her and aim his tool at her virgin anal hole, which he wasted no time in attacking despite her protest and muffled screams. Sophie was now accommodating 3 huge rock hard dicks, 2 more than she have had at anytime in her adult or teen />
I will end this feedback before part 2 comes to page. xx

story by: Stelladreams

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Author: Stelladreams

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