Happy birthday- part 1

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I opened the door to welcome our guests.
Jan and Tim walked inside.
“Hi Ben” they chimed in unison. “Is the birthday girl awake?”
“Oh yeah” I smiled, had our morning breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee. It’s almost noon here”.
“Oh, right” Tim answered, “We forgot there’s a big time change between here and our place. Sorry for being a bit late; the flight was delayed, and then the car we rented wasn’t quite ready at the rental place”.
“How long can you jet-setters stay?” I asked as Tim handed me a container with a large bottle of champagne on ice.
“Only for an hour or so” Tim said, “And then we have to go catch our other flight to the /> “Well, thank you for making some time for us” I smiled.
“Oh we wouldn’t have missed this for the world” Tim said.
“Does she have any idea about the surprise?” Jan asked with a big grin.
Jan has blonde hair, and is a bit heavier than my wife.
Tim is dark-haired, about 6'-6" and lanky.
“No” I smiled back, “Sarah and I have been so busy with work lately that we have basically just been eating, working, showering, and /> smiled Tim, “Then this should be a very relaxing birthday gift”.
We all walked into the Entertainment Room and sat down.
I called out, “Jan and Tim are here”.
Sarah appeared at the bedroom door with a smile.
“Hey you two!” Sarah beamed, “Great to see you!”
brought some gifts for the birthday girl” Jan said happily, pointing to the champagne.
Sarah picked up the bottle.
“Oh wow!” Sarah exclaimed, “This is my favorite! It must have cost you a /> “There isn’t a price on great friendship” Tim laughed, “and besides, the market has been good to me lately”.
into stocks now?” I asked as I walked to the bar and retrieved us all glasses.
“No” Tim said with a grin, “I bought a Fish Market, and it’s doing very well!”
We all laughed.
Tim was a great guy- very giving and loving, and Jan was equally sweet.
“You do the honors” I said to Tim.
I walked with Tim as he took the bottle to the door, twisted the wire on the bottle until it snapped, and the cork came flying out.
I filled the glasses with bubbly and we carried it back to the girls.
After a couple of rounds and some small talk, Sarah shifted beside me on the sofa.
She was intently watching Jan’s hand as the conversation continued.
Jan was slowly stroking Tim’s cock through his khaki’s, and Tim’s long dong was beginning to rise.
I could hear Sarah’s breathing increase.
Suddenly, without a word, Jan began unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her large double D’s, strapped in by a lacy bra.
Sarah looked at me in wonder.
I just smiled back at her lovingly and stroked her hair.
“What is going on?” Sarah whispered.
“Just watch” I grinned.
Jan’s eyes met Sarah’s, and then both women’s gaze was averted by the sound of Tim unzipping his fly.
Sarah’s eyes were glued to the scene as Jan unbuckled Tim’s belt, and pulled his long, semi-hard cock out of his briefs.
Jan turned to Sarah and giggled, it nice and long?”
“Um, Sarah stammered.
“It’s okay, baby” I coaxed my wife, “Tell her what you think”.
Still hardly able to speak because of the sudden lump in her throat, Sarah managed a, “Oh… yeah”.
My own cock was rising to the occasion because I knew what had been fore planned, and knew what was about to happen.
I put my hand between Sarah’s legs and gently massaged her now wet jeans.
Sarah shivered in excitement, but never took her eyes off Tim’s cock, which was still growing as Jan stroked it up and down.
Tim lay back on the couch and Jan straddled his legs, and took Tim’s long cock into her mouth, then stuck out her long, skinny tongue, flicking it up and down the length of Tim’s shaft, making sure that Sarah could see the entire scene.
“My tongue was made for this cock” Jan laughed as she shook Tim’s shaft
Tim just smiled a broad grin.
I stood and turned Sarah to the side gently, then lay her on the sofa, quickly unbuttoning her jeans.
Sarah wriggled her hips to aid me as I pulled off her jeans.
I grabbed the side of her panties, and with one quick jerk, ripped them off.
groaned as I spread her legs apart and began tonguing her clit.
I looked up to see Sarah’s face, flush with excitement.
Jan got off the couch and stripped totally naked.
Tim sat up on the couch, stroking his long cock as he watched his wife.
Jan walked over to Sarah, leaned forward onto the sofa back, her tits dangling only inches above Sarah’s face.
Tim walked behind Jan, inserted his shaft between the lips of her pussy, and slowly sank it in.
As my lovely wife watched, Tim began fucking Jan, slowly at first, then increasing until her tits were swinging wildly over Sarah so closely that her erect nipples grazed Sarah’s face.
Sarah had never been with another woman before, but to my surprise, she reached out and boldly touched both Jan’s clit and Tim’s cock as the two slammed together.
“Oh Jan cried as her knees buckled, Sarah’s touch setting off her first orgasm.
The scene was just too lewd for Sarah to stop an unexpected, explosive orgasm caused by the emotions boiling within her.
Sarah moaned loudly as she came, her sweet cum covering my hungry lips.
I exclaimed, enjoying her wonderful juices.
Tim pulled out of his wife, his cock still long and curved, and hungry for more pussy.
I moved out of the way, and Jan wasted no time diving between my wife’s legs.
It was all new to Sarah, and if she’d had any thoughts of saying “No”, it all disappeared as Jan’s long tongue dove deep between her splayed pussy lips.
“Oh wow, Ben!” Jan said to me with a smile, as she quickly came up for air.
“She does taste great!” she said with a smile before quickly disappearing between my wife’s legs again.
Sarah moaned and threw one leg over the sofa to give Jan’s marvelous tongue access to her sweet lips.
Jan drove her tongue deep into Sarah repeatedly as if it were a cock.
I unbuttoned Sarah’s blouse and undid the front hook on her bra, freeing her marvelous tits into view.
Tim smiled, “Very Nice!” as he stroked his cock.
Sarah barely noticed, as she was trying to clamp her pussy down onto the marvelous tongue that was probing her depths in ways my short tongue never could.
Tim laid his long shaft across Sarah’s lips.
She didn’t even look up to see it was Tim, her eyes now closed as Jan brought her quickly to a new peak.
Jan pulled her tongue out, and whirled it around Sarah’s swollen clit.
Sarah shook violently as she came hard, coming so close to passing out that she momentarily was out of touch with reality, riding the waves of sweet bliss.
Jan moved away as I rolled Sarah gently onto her stomach.
Tim pulled Sarah by the hips onto the padded arm of the couch, spread her legs apart, and inserted the tip of his long, skinny cock between the lips of her pussy.
Tim has a good ten or eleven inch cock, so I had made sure that he would take good care of my wife when we planned this months earlier.
As Sarah slowly ground her hips in small circles, she began coming to her senses as she saw me in front of her, suddenly realizing that it was Tim’s long cock inside of her.
she said in an almost scared tone.
“It’s okay, Baby” I reassured her, “Enjoy it. Happy /> Tim stroked Sarah slowly at first.
I fed Sarah my raging hard-on, which she gobbled up like she hadn’t had cock in a month.
I held her head and gently fucked her face, getting into unison with Tim’s ever-deepening thrusts.
Suddenly Sarah pulled my cock from her lips and gasped, “Oh my /> Tim was now touching depths I’d never reached.
I took my cock in hand, and moved out of the way, stroking my erection.
My cock is thicker than Tim’s, but his was almost twice as long.
Jan moved over and sat on the other end of the sofa, furiously diddling her clit as she watched her husband probe my wife to unexplored depths.
“Oh my Sarah said as she grasped the sofa pillow, looking up at me as she grinned a smile of pleasure, is fucking great!”
Sarah watched intently as Jan moved towards her, and then lay back on the couch, her pussy ever so close to Sarah’s face.
Jan’s fingers were a blur over her over her clit.
Tim had fully sank his cock it’s entire length, and began pounding her with his full length, ramming it home, his balls audibly slapping against my wife’s pussy lips.
As Tim pounded Sarah hard and fast, she lost her grip on the slick sofa cushion and found her lips pressed against Jan’s pussy lips.
Jan had never been with a woman, but now she was there.
Sarah timidly let her tongue slip forward into Jan’s wet pussy, and Jan, having hoped for this moment, grasped the back of Sarah’s head and rotated her hips, making Sarah’s tongue slide deeper inside.
“Oh Yesssssss!” Jan moaned loudly and came into Sarah’s mouth.
“Ahhhh! That feels so fucking great!” Jan moaned.
The taste was wonderful, much like her own, which surprised Sarah, and, overwhelmed with the eroticism of making her best friend feel such pleasure, the next time Tim’s balls slapped her pussy lips, it was all over.
Fireworks exploded behind Sarah’s eyes as she passed out in a monster orgasm the likes of which she’s never had.
When Sarah awakened, Tim and Jan had already dressed and left.
They had almost run themselves late to catch their next flight.
Sarah, now lying on her back because I had rolled her over, looked up at me as I gently stroked my cock, and said, “I want more, baby”.
gone, my love” I smiled.
“Did you enjoy Tim’s length?” I asked.
“Oh yes!” Sarah smiled, “It was very different, and nice, but I like your thick cock”.
“I have another surprise in store for you” I said, “Something you might think is better still, but a bit more /> She gazed into my eyes.
“Trust me” I said with a grin.

<End of Part 1>

story by: EquusMaxx

Tags: fiction threesome group sex sex story

Author: EquusMaxx

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