Have hands –will travel baby– 2

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Baby — chapter 2

Well, after finding the note and showing it to Ron, he was impressed , to say the least. Ron didn't even have to ask for his cut, I'd already handed him $120 for a two hour massage..Then I kicked in an extra $50 for the use of the table.. which means I'd still cleared $330 for a couple of hours ' work '.. plus some serious brownie points ..
Ron had gotten her call before I'd shown up. Baby had told him to give me another day off at her expense. He had just informed me of it. Ron talked very serious as we had coffee in his office.

“I'm going to tell you things now that you must be absolutely discreet about. It was reported early today to Baby that her husband was seen “in the hotel room of his leading actress in the wee hours after midnight..” I poured another cup and sat down again.. I wondered how he came by that information.
“ She's paid me a day's salary so you don't have to work—again today. If I were a bookie– I'd lay heavy odds on you getting laid tonight. You must have really impressed her last night.”
I didn't feel it was necessary to explain myself so I simply stated that “after her massage , she was asleep, and I covered her and left. Harold was my witness. “
I was discreet enough not to mention the several intense orgasms she had..
“Well, it would seem she wants you in top form tonight Dano , so play it by ear. If you wanna get Harold on your team, slip him a Johnny Walker Red on the rocks–a double while the Hot Stones are on her back.”

Ron had a client come in so I excused myself and had a big breakfast, and went back to my room. After a long nap, I woke to see it was already 5 pm . I sure wasn't hungry again, so I showered and put on fresh underwear and shorts and tank top. Since Ron had pulled a double shift, I stepped over to see him again. As usual, he was sunning on a lounge chair.
“Don't you ever work?” I asked.
“I took the rest of the day off too. We'll make it all up later in the week.. You need to be early this evening — keep your poker face on and play hard to get..don't appear eager… I have confidence in you Dano– any money you make is all yours..”
I stepped inside for an extra bottle of massage oil and left. I put the oil in my Jethro bag ,stopped by the bar and asked the bartender, Maggie , to put anything Harold might order on my tab, and be extra nice to him. She assured me she would.

Arriving at this early hour surprised even Harold, who was sitting at a table with one of those umbrella's on it.. I sat down without asking. A porter I knew immediately walked up and asked could he serve us.
“ Sure, I'll have a double Black Jack over ice and bring my friend here a Johnny Walker Red with ice also.”
“ I'm on duty, — “ I cut him off saying —
“ And make his a double also.” I put on my “poker face “ as Ron called it and talked to Harold like I'd known him for years.
“ Harold– I like you.. I can tell you're very committed to Babie's security. I'll be here for a while this evening , and I plan to ask her if you can go to the bar while I'm here. You can trust me with her….” I let that statement sink in while our drinks were served. I tipped the guy a twenty, and he left.
“ I don't know about that– she's very well known, and people will worry her for autographs if I'm not around.”
“You may lock us up inside and trust her safety to me. I may be here a few hours.” My poker face was strong as he downed his double quickly.
“ The barkeep downstairs is expecting you” I smiled, and added– “Be nice to her Harold– and you might get lucky”.. The big man actually blushed as he grinned. He tapped at the door and stepped inside her stateroom, and was back in less than a minute..
“She says to come on in– I know she's in a sour mood… I don't think you should ask her any favors..” I smiled and went in.. She was sitting at her vanity table, surrounded by mirrors and lights.
Baby was doing that thing women do with her eyebrows out by the roots..I winced at every pull, making her laugh..
”You never seen a lady do this?” I just shook my head saying–
'' It seems like self-abuse to me. I came early to ask a favor of you. Since I plan on being here with you again, cut Harold loose for a break downstairs at the bar. The barkeeps a friend of mine and I think she sorta likes the strong, silent type.”
She said nothing to me as she smiled and stood, walking to the door and whispered something in Harold's ear.. He blushed again and grinned as he closed the stateroom door, locking it from his side.

“ I have been hard on him lately, and he does deserve some downtime from me ..
I can be a bitch sometimes.. But you, Dano – you seem to have all the right answers for any situation– and I can't wait to get those hands on me again.”
Baby was in her white bathrobe and her hair wrapped in a white towel. I stepped to the table and placed a fresh crisp sheet on it.. I then stood behind her and took the towel from her head, and began to fluff her damp brown hair out with it. Using my nails, I scratched her scalp lightly all over to straighten the tangles as she leaned her whole body back into me. My breath was in her ear as I whispered

“ I brought my baggie of dust again…I'd like to spike you a martini with it..” There was a pitcher of martini already made at the bar.. She moved to the glasses and handed me one. I dusted the inside and filled it for her. Babie's dark brown eyes looked intensely at the mix while I made myself a double Black Jack , also spiked with dust. We toasted to Harold, laughing and downed the drinks quickly. The warmth spread through us fast , and I led her to the table to begin her massage.

Baby turned to face me, and slowly opened the white robe, revealing her naked tanned body.. Her breasts were her most striking feature, with erect nipples and then my gaze beheld her pubic mound. Last night she had a brown curly thatch of hair that mostly hid her labia .. She had trimmed it down to a quarter inch triangle and had shaved from her labia all the way out of my line of sight.
She let the robe fall to the floor and slipped tummy down onto the sheet.. Placing her face into the hole of the headrest, she squirmed around to get comfortable and placed her hands palms up at her sides. Her lovely ass cheeks quivered in anticipation as I oiled up my hands. The fly was making it hard for her to be still, and I saw her grind her crotch into the cool sheet…
I began at her feet, while waiting for the stones to heat up, working the oil between each toe.. Baby was affording me an excellent view of her shaved labia, the outer lips already flowered open and damp with fluids.
I planned to keep it professional– at least till I got the go ahead again from her.
My hands worked up her calves as she moaned and spread her thighs even more, a small circle of fluids already on the sheet under her dripping labia.. I let my nails scratch her lightly as I moved upward– raising goose bumps all along the length of her thighs.
I stopped just short of her buttocks, and lay a row of stones up each thigh as she groaned her pleasure. I used the backs of my nails to stroke upwards on each buttock– drawing the cold chill bumps along behind them..
I was using my 'spiders touch' – a move I knew she loved from the night before. Babie's whole ass was a mass of goose bumps when I stopped long enough to hold a couple of the larger stones in my hands, transferring the heat to my open palms and fingers. I worked each cheek with an open palm, letting the heat transfer back into her tight orbs. Rolling my palms in opposing circles, her crease opened to reveal her pink anus .. I let my thumb pads lightly massage the star shaped muscle on each side, but not directly on it.

“Oh that feels so g-good..so so hot!” Her ass wiggled backwards and upwards ,trying to steer my thumbs onto her muscle…I suddenly stopped , and placed the large stones on each cheek , and moved around to her head..Again using open hands and fingers, I scratched her scalp lightly to send tingles of pleasure downward to her neck and spinal column..paying particular attention to the area around and behind her ears..
hot !!” Her hands came off the table and around my knees, sliding her open fingers up the backs of my legs. They began to scratch their way up, till she reached my underwear. They didn't stop her as her fingers slid underneath to find my ass cheeks. Baby gripped them firmly, then tried to work her way around to the front, where my thick cock had already started to expand. I moved quickly to one side, to dodge the move,and she said–
“What did you move away for?” My fingers were now working her spinal column as I answered–
” Because of the rules you set last night.. I can't handle that kind of stuff and not get aroused– I'm human too..” I pulled the stones from her thighs and buttocks and placed them back in the heater.
Ron had said “ play hard to get..”

“ The rules are changing Dano…. I can't take the kind of pleasure you give and not respond either…I found out my husband's cheating on me.. I don't feel guilty about you anymore, in fact— I'm looking at this relationship we have in a whole new light..”
She rolled to her back and continued.
“He's done this shit before, and I was naive enough to believe him. Harold put a friend of his undercover with the film crew without my knowledge , and that's how I found out. Harold got a wire from him early this morning..”

This was more drama than I was used to , and I normally would steer away from getting between a husband and wife.. Baby had went to extreme expense for me to be with her, so I felt I should play my hand .. and no young male in his right mind would turn down an opportunity to have sex with her.

“ So—What are the rules now Baby?” I asked.
“Just keep our sex very discreet , and there will be no rules. That's what attracted me to you– being discreet …You may have me on every cruise I take with you.. We can stay in touch as to which way you're going—up the coast to Alaska or south to Mexico..Now that I know about him I can play the game as well as he.
You need to know that Harold will not tell anything he sees. He's my brother, and has no use for my husband since we married..He warned me up front about him, but I wouldn't listen..”
That statement explained a lot about his temperment and attitude towards men..and how the info on her husband had traveled so fast..

I leaned down and kissed her, letting my tongue play tag with hers. I'd wanted to do that since last night. She held the kiss with her hands round my neck , and I let mine caress her breasts, my thumbs rolling her stiff nipples in circles. Baby moaned into my mouth as she released her grip on my neck, going limp to enjoy the pleasure I was giving her.
I kissed my way down to her breasts, giving each nipple equal time as I sucked noisily on them. I stood away to place my stones on a line between her breasts, all the way to her trimmed mound, as I'd done before. Her body quivered in the heat of the 'fly' and the stones heat, and writhed in approval.
I let my fingers slide between her dripping labia to massage her clitoris , standing clear of it's hood. She began to moan and shake to the point of losing the line of stones from her , so I stopped long enough to remove them back to the heater.

Returning to her side, I sat on the edge of the table facing her and placed her knee over my shoulder. I used my open palms to roll the upper thigh muscle between them. Working from the knee towards her crotch, my palms soon reached her dripping lips again.
I worked my two middle fingers inside her tight inner lips as she began to lift toward my hand. My other hand was on top of her mound, pressing it upward toward her navel,pulling her labia up tightly , exposing her clit again.Baby screamed in pleasure as my fingers hooked her G-spot..
” Aahhggh!– I'm gonna c-cum!”
I stopped and brought my wet fingers out to suck her juices from them, and dipped them into my baggie of dust, coating them. I licked them again, coating my tongue with instant heat , and drove my fingers into her again..
”Oh my so hot! D-Don't stop, Dano! Let mee
I got off the table long enough to pull her down to the edge, so I could attack her clit with my burning tongue. I leaned in just in time to trap the swollen gland in my lips, rolling it round and round when she clamped her cunt onto my fingers and screamed again —
Babie's cum shot out to drench my chin and neck with several thick lines of fluids…Her hands grabbed my hair –pulling me in deep to lick up and down her labia, my fingers coming out to cup her ass cheeks as she hunched herself onto my long hot tongue.. More spasms rocked her as I tongue fucked her pussy into another , stronger climax..
“ Nnnooooooo!!!— D-Don't S-Stop!! Please I-I'm gonna
I had to pull her hands outta my hair to raise up, but I planned to plant my throbbing cock in her while she was cumming. I stood and let my shorts and briefs fall free, my cock springing up almost to my navel. I quickly put her knees onto my shoulders, and pinned her ass to the table..
Rubbing the head up and down her labia, I lodged it just inside her inner lips. Babie's eyes froze on mine as she felt the wide head spread her open, and it was hot . The dust already had my cock very warm, and when we made contact it was incredible..
She began to very short and shallow gasps as I split her like a logger driving a wedge into an oak..I got only a couple of inches inside her when her cunt muscles clamped shut on me..

”O-Oh fuck! –You're hurting me Dano—I can't take this..it's b-burning like hell.!”
I backed out an inch,and paused a second or two and pumped the inch back into her .. I “inched fucked” her for a few minutes, while using both my thumb pads to stroke her clit over and over.. Another orgasm slipped up on us as she screamed
“ No –I 'm cummin again , please hurting mee!''
Her orgasm spasmed her vaginal walls to contract and dilate, and I caught her somewhere in between and another four inches was sucked into her tight cunt. I held this there while she tried desperately to scoot back up the table..

The 'itch' had us both sweating, and she moved her hands up to wipe her brow as I withdrew and plowed back inside to begin scratching our itch ..Babie's wet pussy was soaked with her cum, and made the rest of my thick cock slide inch by inch into her… Slick as she was, her grip on me was virginal in feeling– and her sounds …. She whimpered like a child , then moved to a moaning phase, and finally the satisfying grunts that came as I began to bottom out in her cunt.
“Ungghh! Oh-Oh- Unggh!” I was relentless in my assault on her burning vagina, pulling halfway out and flexing my prostrate muscles which expanded both the already wide head and shaft, then pumping three or four inches back into her spasming walls. Baby finally dilated enough for some deeper penetration as my balls came to rest on her hot anus..

it –I'm all the way in!” I said , like it was a miracle.. I pulled her legs up and placed them higher over my shoulders.. Her cunt pulled and sucked at my cock as I pulled almost out to the head and drove it back in to my nuts.

me Dano—That fat dick is so hot!! Do it fast as you want.. It's not burning so bad now.”
Her penetrating brown eyes were locked with mine as we enjoyed the intense pleasure we were giving each other. She pulled her legs down from my shoulders and put them up towards her breasts, and screamed as another inch of cock found it's way inside.
I pulled her ass down to the edge of the table again, and crossed her legs Indian style on my chest.. Baby started to cum again as that last inch behind my balls found its way inside.. All seven and a half inches was sliding up to touch pussy that had never felt a cock that far in before.
The 'fly' had little to do with this orgasm– it was pure timing that made me climax with her, and pump long hot streams of cum into her spasming tunnel, hitting her cervix and gushing back around my shaft to mix with hers. She felt it and said —
“ Y-You're cum is so hot!! Don't stop fucking me Dano—Please keep it moving-I can't stop cummingg!! /> My cock felt as if she were pulling the seed of life from my very core.. milking the shaft within her incredibly tight pussy.. It went completely numb as I continued to go through the motions– Baby howled in ecstasy as she came continuously– her gasps of air now ragged and shallow. I leaned over her and pulled her arms around my neck , then wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling her off the table.. Baby hung on as I turned and sat on the end, and slid us up to a sitting position on the table..I then lay back and let her mount me from above.

We had soaked the sheet there, so I moved on up to a drier spot and let her do the work, not really stroking my cock, just cutting little circles with her tight cunt to maintain motion .. Her orgasms were steady as she began to ride me, getting faster and faster till I felt she would fuck us off the edge of the table. Baby leaned over me enough to let me suck her nipples .. I put strong suction on the buds as my tongue swirled round each one.. She screamed again, saying —
“ Oh Yes!! — Suck em Dano!! “
I bit the tips lightly to torment her more as she came down hard on me, pounding out another strong climax
This one caused her to look at me with a little fear on her face , and she went pale and passed out on top of me. I put her head on my chest and held her close to feel her cunt muscles gripping in spasms and flooding my crotch with cum..
I held her ass cheeks, letting my finger slip onto her anus.. Massaging it in circles, it gave way and let my finger inside to the second knuckle.. I held it in it spasm in time with her cunt. I removed it and slowly rolled Baby off me and onto her tummy.

My cock was to cum again.. I placed it onto her cute anus and let the slickness of our cum help as it slipped inside her hot ass. I didn't try to bury it all the way in—it was too tight for that. I was content to put about four inches inside her hot tunnel and pumped it a dozen times or so before shooting my thick cum into her bowels. It felt better than her cunt in tightness, and the heat was incredibly hot from the fly..My nuts pulled upwards into my groin I came so hard.. I stood shakily and used her bathroom to piss and clean up some.. I brought out a fresh towel and wet washcloth and cleaned her up also. Baby rolled to her back as the cool rag mopped her brow..
Smiling up at me she said “Thank you Dano—That was absolutley the best fuck I've ever had in my life!” It wouldn't be the last.. We made fresh drinks , took a shower together and repeated the whole thing over again before Harold tapped at the door about 11pm..
I slipped my shorts on and cracked it enough to let him tell me he had a wonderful time with the barkeep, and they planned to get together about midnight after her shift… He thanked me for hooking him up. He asked about his sister, and I told him she was fine and she had asked me to stay the night with her.. Harold was smiling as he shut the door..

Baby and I continued this relationship for the next nine months.. Most of the time she would fly down to Mexico and pick up our cruise on the return leg of the voyage.. We grew very close .. Ron cut me loose from him , and I worked another cruise line afterwards a few months. Baby followed me of course, with Harold in tow to watch our backs. Her hubby was in his own little world , and never once came along with her..

I saved several thousand dollars and on a summer day in 74 , I decided to come home…. Baby was in shock, and wanted to follow, but I refused, telling her to use what we had taught each other to work on her marriage..
We parted much more than friends, and not long after that, I read in the paper that she was in a fatal accident … Her brother Harold dropped off the map and I always wondered if hubby might have found out of our affair..
I made it back to my home state in N.C. and have been around ever since… Ron died in 1976 of colon cancer .. I will always admire and remember the guy who kick started my life in the massage field..
“It's a hell of a way to live—but someone has to do it !!”
Those were his words…. 'Dano'

story by: Michael Miller

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