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When I was ten years old, I lost my mother to a car accident! Growing up with my mom, I didn't know who my father was, until the police came to get me that day. When I got the police station, this tall dark haired man who looked in his mid thirties, in a business suit was standing there. I noticed I had the same eyes and lips as him. I was in such a daze from the news of my mother, in which everything was starting to get blurry. Waking up a few days later, in a big, already furnished room, I had no idea where I was. Getting out of bed, I noticed all I was wearing was a nightgown. Coming down the stairs, I saw the man from the police station looking out the window, over a marvelous view.
Biting my bottom lip nervously, I quietly said, /> Turning towards me, the look on his face scared me; I was a mixture of evil and malice.
"Who are you?" I asked him in a low soft voice, this man may have looked evil but I could help it, I couldn't take my eyes from him.
"I'm your father, little girl, come here and let dear old daddy here look at you!" he replies to me in an evil tone.
Slowly walking towards him, his smile grew bigger. "Little girl, how old are you?" He asked me.
Biting my bottom lip, I looked up at him from under my eye lashes and replied sweetly, "How old do I look to
I knew I looked older then ten, my mom told me that I had her body when she was younger, that she too grew to fast for her age.
I couldn't believe the age he thought I was, his reply to me was fourteen. Surely everyone thought I was always twelve, that’s it.
I looked down shyly, and shook my head no. Looking at him, I told him that I was only ten.
A handsome smile came upon is face, this time I couldn’t help but to smile also.
I couldn’t help but look him all over, he was very attractive, but also my father. I was too young to know that looking at him the way I was doing was wrong. Looking at my expression, he knew what I was thinking.
I didn’t know anything about sex or men or even about me. I’ve never had a father before, so I had no idea what it was like.
“Come baby-girl and sit with me, while I tell you about your new step-mother and baby brother!” he said motioning me to the couch.
Walking towards the couch slowly, he sat down and I next to him. “Tell me baby-girl what’s your name?!” was what he asked me.
“I’m Jessica, and what’s your name?” I asked. He told me his name was Kris White.
Slowly he rested his hand on my leg and gently rubbed it. Looking up at him innocently, I tried to move away but he grabbed me by the wrist. “Little girl where do you think you’re going, you’re my baby-girl, and this is what little girls do for there daddy! Come on, I’ll show you baby!” he said in a low voice.
In one swift move, he picked me up, placing his hands under my knees and around my waist; he carried me to his room.
Dropping me onto his bed roughly, he turned to the door and slammed it shut then locked it.
Looking at him scared, I move to the far side of the bed. Looking at me with malice eyes that gleamed, he slipped off his slick black business jacket, and then undid his tie, watching me steadily with his malicious eyes. Getting scared of the way his eyes where watching me, I started to look around for a way out. Glancing back at him, he was undoing his dress shirts front buttons, one by one, then he said, “Baby don’t even think about trying to escape, I own this building, whoever finds you will just bring you back to me!”
Tears slowly started to roll down my cheeks, I don’t know why I was crying but I had a feeling that something bad was about to happen and will continue to happen, I get this strong feeling that I will never escape!
Throwing his dress shirt at my face, I pull it off of me, in those matters of seconds; he’s got hold of me. Grabbing me, I try with all my strength to get loose of him but realize he’s to strong for me to fight off. Holding my arms out front of me, he wraps his arms around my upper body. Laying on top of me, with all his weight on me, I can’t move my arms. I start to squirm, and kick my legs but still I can’t get loose of him. Looking up at his face, he sees the tears in my eyes and I feel him for the first time pushed up against my inner thigh. Still he was wearing his pants but it feels like he isn’t at all, using his legs, he tried to position himself between mine. Holding my legs together as tight as I can, he still managed to get between them. Using his hands he grabs mine and put my wrists together and holds on to them tightly with one hand. His free hand rips off my thin nightgown, and I scream for him to stop it, quickly he kiss me fully on the lips, pushing his tongue into my mouth. Letting go of my wrists, his hands move down my body and starts to touch every part of me roughly. Crying hard each time he touches me his hands move down toward my hairless pussy. Slowly he starts to rub my clit, and then he kiss’s my neck all over. Crying for him to stop, he does for a second and looks me in the eyes. Looking me straight in the eyes, I don’t realize he is slowly undoing his belt then his pants. Pleading with him to stop and not to do whatever it is he’s about to do; I don’t realize his pants and briefs are halfway off. Quickly I try to crawl away from him, but he gets hold of a handful of my hair and pulls me back to him. Screaming for someone to help me at the top of my lungs, I can hear him laughing behind me. Turning me towards him, he laughs in my face and tells me, no one is here to help me.
Pinning my shoulders down, I cry and cry for him to stop it. But he doesn’t, he positions himself between my legs again; I realize with a sudden panic that he is completely naked. My whole body goes still, at the thought of this. Realizing I’m in a state of panic, he pulls the blankets out from under me and covers us up. Still panicked he brings his mouth to my ear and whispers very softly that he wants the evidence of having me all over his bed sheets. Just before he starts to kiss my neck again he tells me excitedly that this is going to hurt a lot for me. I feel tears already building up in my eyes. Noticing my eyes go glossy, he started to kiss down my stomach, softly he bites me right under my belly button. I give out a little cry, and look down at him. I try to close my eyes but he stops what he is doing and very heatedly he tells me to open my eyes. Slowly opening my eyes, I look up at the ceiling while his mouth moved closer to my small virgin pussy! In one minute I feel his lips on my pussy, and then he softly starts to suck on them. Placing his hands on my inner tights, he slowly starts to move them up higher. Many thoughts to escape run through my mind.
I feel his finger being pushed into my pussy, I cry out to the pain of his touch. More he pushed his fingers in and out of me; the pain starts to grow bigger. I start to cry, “Please stop it, please, /> Stopping, he moves up my body, again positioning himself between my legs. The head of his thick cock poking my pussy, he leans down and puts all his weight onto me. Whispering in my ear, “That was nothing, wait till daddy fucks you, baby girl!”
Grabbing my wrists he pushes my hands over my head and holds them there. Crying, and squirming to get free, he uses his leg to hold mine open, with a sudden rush, I felt him push is thick cock into my small tight pussy. I suddenly screamed out from the pain.
Groaning on top of me, he slowly pushed more of his cock into my, making me scream out and cry for him to stop.
Harder he pushes himself all the way into me, popping my cherry. A mixture of fresh blood and my wetness start to cover his cock and the bed sheets. The pain of him is agonizing, letting go of my hands, he grabs my legs and wraps them around him. This made it hurt so much more. Holding onto his back, it hurt so much. His hard thick cock pumped into me, his chest weighing down on me was starting to get sweaty.
He panted in my ear, and then he bites me.
The harder he fucked me, the more I seemed to cry, and the more I seemed to cry the harder he fucked me.
Holding onto my hips, he rolled over, and let me be on top. Sitting there not doing anything, he grabbed my hips hard, leaving bruises of where his finger tips held onto me. Holding me, he started to push me up and down on his cock, this hurt so much more then him being on top of me. Tears started to roll down my cheeks again. Realizing I wasn’t going to do anything willingly, he sat up and made me bounce up and down on his big daddy cock, making me groan in pain. Fucking me sitting up, the pain started to ease away! Suddenly I started to feel this totally new feeling.
Groaning, I said to him, /> For the first time I saw his courtier smile, which was very handsome.
Looking into my eyes, he rolled me back onto my back, and started to slowly push his dick in and out of me.
Kissing me in a long passionate kiss, he looked at me and said, girl…what does it feel like?”
I groaned to him.
Willingly I wrapped my legs around him, then my arms around his neck, looking down at me; I saw warmth and love in his eyes. Kissing me again, he started to pump into me hard again. Moaning and grunting, on top of me, he asked me, “Baby girl is that feeling getting bigger?”
really big now I moaned to him
“Baby girl daddy’s going to cum in you, okay, but first tell me when your feeling get so big it explodes.” He moaned to me
All of the sudden, I felt his cock twitch inside me, looking up at him I groaned, /> He then pumped into me a few more times, and the big explosion in me went off, and in him. I felt hot warmth enter me.
Lying inside me, he didn’t move. He started to kiss my neck and suck on it.
“Baby girl you can’t tell anyone about this okay, anyways no one would believe you and it’s your own fault.” He whispered to me.
He sat up over me, expecting the bed sheets, which was covered in blood and cum, along with his dick and my inner thighs.
Kissing me hard and rough this time, he laid back down and wrapped his arms around my waist. Pulling me towards him, he cuddled me, and fell asleep, while I laid awake, thinking.

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