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*Author's note* This might be a little slow, it's a mixture of fiction and truth, and is very much from the point of view of a teenage girl. I hope you enjoy…

Chapter One:
In her fifteenth year life changed drastically for Heather. She had grown up with her mother, Angie, who worked every shift she could get as a waitress, leaving Heather to care for herself in a violently bad neighborhood. Every night Heather would lock the door against the sirens and screams, terrified someone would come to get her. This fear wasn’t entirely unfounded, as several young girls had been raped, beaten, even killed throughout the years, but no one ever came after her.
Angie wasn’t so lucky. Twice she had been attacked, but managed to get away with only minor bruises and cuts, and she couldn’t step outside their apartment without lewd catcalls being shouted at her. Then again Angie was such a bombshell that it might have happened to her in the nicest of places too. At twenty eight, she still looked twenty, with long shapely legs and, a trim waist and full perky breasts. Her hair was a silvery blonde, her eyes deep blue, and her lips as plump and ripe as a peach. Every night she left work, dropping a kiss on the top of Heather’s head, looking more like a super model in a costume than a minimum wage waitress and single mom.
Heather loved her fiercely, but at times she envied her mothers looks with such force it was almost hate. By the time Heather turned fourteen, most girls her age had a full b-cup, while she struggled to fill an A. In truth she had no reason to wear a bra, but was very self conscious of her nipples poking through her t-shirts, so she wore one at all times. While she did inherit her mother’s light blond hair and full lips, her eyes were a dark brown, and though she ached for the long slender dancer’s legs her mother possessed, Heather was a mere five feet tall. She often felt like a small unremarkable toad standing in her mother’s statuesque shadow.
Living in such a bad neighborhood, and plagued with social anxiety so bad it was difficult for her to even meet a stranger’s eyes, life was a miserable existence for Heather. That is, until she turned fifteen.
Her mother came home early one night, her blue eyes alight with excitement, and confessed to her that she’d been dating a man for some time now. Heather was slightly shocked to discover that she’d been keeping a secret from her, but forgave it quickly as Angie’s story unraveled.
“He is so handsome Heather, your going to love him honey, he’s going to make everything ok for us He came into the diner tonight, told my boss I was quitting and proposed to me ” Angie held out her left hand to show off a gold band encasing a huge diamond, and Heather’s eyes grew larger in her face.
“Wow mom,” she breathed, “It’s so beautiful. But why are you quitting your job? I don’t /> “Oh Heather ” her mom practically shouted, tears of happiness springing to her beautiful eyes, “He’s RICH I mean really really rich Like I was before daddy disowned me, and he’s going to take care of all of us We’re moving in with him tomorrow, he’s so excited to meet you, he says you can finally get a puppy if you want, your getting your own room, nice clothes, going to a good school, going to be ok now ” Angie was so wrapped up in her dream come true that she didn’t notice the hesitation in Heather’s voice, when she asked,
“Tomorrow? We’re moving in /> “Yes Why stay in this hell-hole any longer? He has a big beautiful house, and a maid to clean everything, we are going to be so happy honey …Oh and he has a son, Aaron…” Her joy seemed to waver here as she tried to describe him, “He’s a bit troubled I guess. But I’m sure he’s a good boy deep down, I mean he’s nothing compared to the kids here. Anyway we’re waking up early tomorrow to go meet them.”
“But I have school-“
”No way, your not spending one more day there. You can start up in your new school after we’re moved in. Well I better get to sleep, love you hon.” And with that, she was gone. Heather sat there, stunned with the load of information suddenly dropped into her lap. She might have felt resentful of the sudden changes about to occur, if her life weren’t already so miserable. Nothing could be worse than this right? Right. She lay down that night and tried to imagine what this mysterious man and his son would be like as she drifted off to sleep.
The next morning Angie woke her up, eyes still sparkling like sapphires.
“Get up Heather we don’t want to be late ” she cried as she dashed to their tiny bathroom to apply makeup, “Go put on your pretty dress, the powder blue one k? Oh and maybe some of that coral lipstick I bought you. We want to look our best.”
“All right.” Heather replied around a yawn, and began to drag a brush through her waist-length hair. As she dressed, feeling incredibly nervous to meet the men who would soon become her family, her mother called the school to inform them she’d no longer be attending, and then the apartment manager to let them know she was moving out. Heather heard her scoff when the manager warned her of a penalty fee for breaking their lease agreement, and she replied,
“Yes we’ll pay whatever. I’m leaving all my furniture too, you can let other people take what they want, and bill me for the cleanup.” The manager asked her something, and Angie giggled like a schoolgirl, replying “Oh you have no idea ”
Heather surveyed herself in the mirror, wondering what impression she would make on them. Her hair was shining, cascading down her shoulders, skin a pale alabaster. She’d applied the lipstick her mom suggested, which almost exactly matched the natural blush in her cheeks. Heather wasn’t completely blind, she knew she was pretty enough in the face, but as soon as she surveyed the flat state of her chest she felt her confidence deflate. Oh well, she thought, these men would be her brother and father, they wouldn’t care about her lack of breasts anyway. At the last minute she added a touch of mascara to her lashes, just as her mom was calling her to hurry.
Angie looked fantastic in a black dress that was casual but showed just enough cleavage and leg to be sexy. Her hair and makeup were perfect as usual, and she gave her reflection a satisfied glance before pulling Heather out the door.

They arrived at a fancy looking building, and were greeted by a doorman when they entered. Heather felt as out of place in this restaurant, with waiters in tuxedos, and a huge fountain, than she had in the ghetto. She clutched her mother’s hand tightly as a man led them to a table, but Angie jerked her hand free to wrap her arms around her new fiancé.
“George, I missed you.” she purred in a sultry voice, kissing him deeply before introducing him to Heather.
“This is my daughter Heather, she couldn’t wait to meet you.” George was incredibly handsome, as handsome as Angie was beautiful. His skin was a deep bronze color, his eyes green, his lips were full and curved into a kind smile. He took Heather’s hand into his own and kissed it gently.
“Your just as beautiful as your mother dear,” he said, “I’m so pleased to meet you Heather. I’ve always wanted a daughter.” Heather shyly looked away, but couldn’t help but smile in return.
“I’m pleased to meet you too.” she replied in a tiny voice, and then took her seat at the table.
It wasn’t until she sat down that she saw the other man at the table. He strongly resembled his father, with brown hair falling into his green eyes, and his deeply tanned skin, but that was where the similarities ended. While his father was impeccably dressed, he wore baggy jeans and a wife beater. A cigarette poked out from behind his left ear and he slouched in his seat glaring at Heather. She immediately avoided eye contact.
“Ah yes, Heather this is my son Aaron. As you can see he’s in a bit of a rebellious stage.” George waved his hand as if to clear the air of Aaron’s bad manners.
“Aaron this is Heather, your new stepsister. Why don’t you be polite for once and say hello?” As though her eyes were magnets, she was drawn back to his steely gaze. Aaron stared into her eyes, then to her lips, then paused at her chest before flicking back up to her face.
“Yeah, I’d fuck her.” he said casually, and a deep blush spread instantly through Heather’s body, making her feel rosy all over. There was a moment of silent shock before George’s face twisted in anger and embarrassment.
“Heather, my dear, I’m so terribly sorry. Will you ladies please excuse me while I have a talk with my son?” And with that he was pulling Aaron out of the restaurant.
“Oh honey don’t mind him, really. He’s just going through a rough patch.” Angie reassured her, patting her hand. Heather sat there, still incredibly stunned, and mortified that the feverish blush had somehow made it’s way between her legs. She was silent, marveling that a boy as devilishly handsome as Aaron had just informed her that he’s fuck her. It made her insides feel as if they’d turned to liquid, and just like that Heather had a huge crush on her bad-boy soon to be step brother.
When they returned, George’s face was once again a mask of happiness, Aaron looked a little pissed, but kept his mouth shut. The waiter arrived, George ordered omelettes for himself and Angie, then the man turned to Heather. Suddenly the spot-light was on her, and she stammered,
”Oh, sorry, um….I…” trying to find on the menu she could order. It seemed to go on forever before George smoothly broke in between her stutters,
“I think the lady would appreciate an omelette as well please. And an orange juice.” Heather nodded gratefully and heaved a sigh of relief as pressure was eased off of her.
“And for you sir?” the waiter asked, turning to Aaron.
“Gimme a beer.” he replied, smirking. The waiter seemed a bit ruffled, asking to see an I.D., but George cut in once again,
“So sorry, but that’s not necessary. We won’t be drinking this morning. You can just bring him the same. Thanks.” Nodding politely, the waiter disappeared to retrieve their breakfast.
The food was delicious, and Heather was happy to have something to focus on as her mother and George ruled the conversation, discussing wedding plans mostly. Aaron was also silent, though occasionally she would risk a glance his way, and he always seemed to be staring right at her. Each time she blushed deeply and looked away, unsure of how to respond to such a direct gaze.
When lunch was finally over, Heather rose, relieved to get home, when she tuned back into Angie’s voice.
follow your car. I can’t wait for Heather to see our new home ”
“Wait, what?” Heather asked in a tiny not going to our place first?”
“Of course not honey,” Angie replied,”we don’t need anything. George has promised to buy us all new things.”
“But…But mom..my stuff..” she floundered, thinking of the many keepsakes she kept in her room,
“Now Heather don’t worry. We didn’t own anything of value-“
”None sense,” George interjected, “if she has some things she’d like to collect that’s just fine..Aaron can take her.” Angie’s eyes flitted to Aaron, then back to George, looking unsure.
“Is he a safe driver?” she asked hesitantly, “I don’t know…Maybe I should just take her.”
“He’s very safe.” George assured her, then leaned over to whisper something in Angie’s ear that made her gasp softly.
“Oh..Ok. But take my car It’s not a nice neighborhood, you don’t want to bring the corvette.” Aaron rolled his eyes,
“Yeah whatever. Let’s go.” He snatched the keys from Angie’s hand and headed out the door, leaving a befuddled Heather to scurry after him.
In the car, alone with the boy she’d just developed a crush on, Heather’s heart pounded. Aaron was so intimidating, and it added a strange thrill to the ride. Eventually Aaron broke the silence and asked,
“How old are you?”
she replied, her voice just an octave above a whisper.
“Damn. I got some real live jail-bait in the car.” Heather had heard that word before, but never as a reference to her, and she blushed violently. She wanted to ask how old he was but couldn’t work up the nerve to speak. She guessed he was about twenty or so.
“You got a /> “No.” she whispered
“Ever had one?”
/> “Yeah I figured as much. Probably never even seen a cock huh?” he asked as they pulled into her apartments. Heather’s blush deepened and she hopped out of the car, too terrified to answer him. She approached her door, and he followed, handing her the keys to unlock it. As usual she looked carefully around before opening the door, making brief eye contact with a man sitting a few feet away holding a green bottle.
“What you lookin’ at bitch?” the man barked at her, and she quickly looked away, sliding the key into the door to escape. She was shocked to hear Aaron’s voice respond;
looking wherever the fuck she wants.” To her horror, the man stood and approached Aaron, glaring at him.
“You got a problem boy?” he asked, spitting the word ‘boy’ into his face, and Aaron smirked. Heather’s heart raced and she clutched the doorknob, ready to dash in to safety. Aaron leaned forward, causing the man to take a step back.
“How about you get the fuck out of here before I beat your ass?” he suggested in a mild tone that was much more threatening then any yell. The man stood there for a moment, spat and said,
“Shit. You ain’t worth the trouble.” as he turned around to leave. Aaron chuckled, and turned to Heather, who was still frozen
“We gonna stand out here all day?”
“Oh S-sorry.” she stammered, and turned the knob. Heather opened the door
She went straight to her room to gather her things, and was thrilled-and terrified- when he followed her.
“What a shit hole.” Aaron remarked, throwing himself down on her bed,“So how’d a fine piece like your mom end up here?” he asked from the bed, watching her scurry about her room.
“Mom used to have lots of money,” she replied in her tiny voice as she rummaged through her belongings, “But she got pregnant really young. Her dad kicked her out and her boyfriend left so it was just us.”
“Yeah makes sense. Your mom loves the cock. I’ve heard her fucking my dad, she’s a freak.” Heather had no idea how to reply to that, so she didn’t. As she crammed her most treasured possessions into a bag, she became aware that Aaron was lounging on her bed, watching her. Not only was a boy in her room, but he was on her bed
Just thinking of the possibilities sent a wave of tingles through here body, resting between her legs, where, to her embarrassment she grew increasingly wet. Her mind kept wandering back to what he’d said at breakfast. Could he really want her? Flat chest and all? She fumbled with her bag, trying not to imagine what he might look like under his clothes, and pulled open a dresser drawer. She was about to grab some underwear, when a strange feeling came over her. She turned around, and gasped sharply to see that Aaron had crept up behind her while her back was turned, and now stood only a few inches away. Once again her eyes were dragged against her will up, to meet his gaze, and he towered over her.
“You scared?” he asked quietly, using that same mild and yet threatening tone, and she swallowed hard, nodding her head. Her heart was roaring in her ears, and she had no idea what to do, she’d never had a man this close to her. Without breaking eye contact, Aaron leaned forward, and for a moment she panicked, thinking he was going to kiss her. Instead she felt his hand slide up her skirt, to cup the burning mound between her legs.
His touch was electrifying, and her knees nearly buckled when he squeezed her there.
“Yeah, but you like it don’t you?” he breathed into her face, and when he worked a finger beneath her panties and slid it up into her, she let out a low moan, leaning against the dresser for support. He pressed his finger deeper, twisting it, emitting another breathless moan from her, and began to plunge it in and out of her wet slit.
“You like it don’t you?” he repeated, “Say it. Say you like it. You’re so wet I know you do. Tell me.”
Heather was overcome with a swirling turmoil of emotions, a deep shame at how good this felt, fear of this rough man who handled her so boldly, she wanted to tell him yes, yes she liked it. She wanted to beg him to stop. She wanted to pull him close. She wanted to push him away, but she was too timid for any of those things, instead she writhed against his fingers like a helpless worm on a hook, waves of pleasure rolling through her.
“Say it Heather.” he urged, forcing a second finger into her, “Say it for me I wanna hear it. Say you like it. Tell me.”
she panted, “You what? Say it to me. Now ” He jammed his fingers up, hard to punctuate this, and she cried out in ecstasy, on the verge of something she’d never felt before, a pleasurable tingling building, building, so intense that she thought she was going to explode.
“I…I can’t ”she cried out, hating herself for not being able to say it, working her hips against him in a frenzy as her body drew closer and closer to the explosion she knew was coming. He paused,
he said, withdrawing his hand and stepping back to her huge disappointment. He regarded her coldly.
“Maybe you are too young.” and with that he turned around and left. Heather sank to her knees, humiliated, trembling with need, hating herself for being a coward. She buried her face into her hands and cried, the need between her legs eventually fading to a dull ache. Finally she pulled herself together, grateful that Aaron had given her the time to do so. She packed the rest of her bag, and stepped out of her room. He was lounging on the couch watching t.v., and she stood there silently, facing the floor, letting her hair cascade down to cover her eyes.
“You ready?” he asked casually, as if nothing had just happened. Avoiding his gaze, she nodded, and they left. They drove in silence, she chose to stay in the back seat this time for fear of eye contact. When they arrived at her new home, a huge sprawling house in a beautiful neighborhood, George and Angie rushed out to greet them, looking nervous.
“Was everything ok?” Angie asked worriedly, “You were gone so long.”
“Yeah it’s all good.” Aaron replied casually, tossing her the keys, “We stopped on the way and got some ice cream.” George’s eyes widened in surprise and he turned to Heather for confirmation. She nodded, and he slapped his hand on Aaron’s back approvingly.
“Thanks son.”
“No problem,” he replied, “I think I got to know my new sister pretty well.” As Angie and George beamed at each other he winked at Heather, who blushed yet again.

story by: PlaysInnocent24

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Author: PlaysInnocent24

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