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May 2004 it was the summer of 2004 and the time of vacations, when we all cousins who lived out of my hometown used to return to our grandpa’s home in Lucknow and w all loved each other to our heart’s bottom and used to wait whole year for this time to come, when we would meet and play together and enjoy under the shadow of our grandparents and they would also feel elated to behold us after an interval of about 1 year in that strange summer of 2004, something happened that changed my life forever.
One afternoon, I was asleep with my youngest cousin sister in a room of our bungalow suddenly and I woke up hearing a violent sneeze from the other room. It was my dear grandpa unable to sleep anymore and I just lay on the bed and gaped at the ceiling hoping I would fall asleep again. All of a sudden I looked to my side at my sissy sleeping. Her face was so serene and calm and her eyes and lips at perfect places all of which just won my heart and unable to control myself, I kissed her on her cheeks lightly and looked at her for a moment or two and left the bed to play with my brothers.
May 2011, Idling on a boring hot summer on face book and I suddenly receive a friend request. It was from my youngest cousin sis Shanti after accepting it, we chat for about one hour online about our past as we were talking after about 3 years. I barely remembered her face, so after she went offline, I browsed through her pictures in her account. Left completely awestruck by her pictures, I just couldn’t imagine that this was my sis whom I had pecked on cheek 7 years back when she was just much younger
She looked damn awesome in her pictures flaunting her dazzling beauty in flamboyant dresses posing coolly with her college friends. Those were the same eyes and lips that I had yearned for 7 years back and the only change was just that the eyes had become sexier and the lips more luscious. The next day I spent most of the time chatting with her through cell, about our past, present and future. We both were open-minded and so started exchanging non vegetable messages too. All this went on for few days till my life’s most awaited day arrived.
One day while chatting, she told me about the kiss I had given her when she was sleeping 7 years back. I was simply shocked and caught red-handed. How did she come to know about this? I had anyone seen me doing that at that time? How could this happen? Hard to find any words, I was numbed, when she herself declared that that day she was not sleeping actually. She had just kept her eyes closed, but she was awake, all of a sudden when I had landed the kiss on her rosy cheek.
I don’t know what to say to my little sis who was just 2 years younger than me. Suddenly, she texted me oh brother, chill. You did not do anything wrong so why you feeling bad about it? Indeed my little sister had become more mature than I had expected suddenly it appeared to me that this was the time when I should tell about my feelings to her, and I hoped she would understand me and so I replied back to her and oh that’s really sweet of you darling, but I want to tell you a deep secret of my life.
I hope you would react sensibly to this message. Do you promise me that? To this she replied of course, dear! Go ahead! I wrote down: Honey, I don’t know how to say this, but I want to confess this from the bottom of my heart, that I have fallen in love and it’s no one else other than you and you have done this magic many years before when we were just kids and I don’t know whether this is a grave mistake or a folly or some kind of hardcore dream I am in, but my feelings are true for you and I am sorry.
I can’t help it to vanish away from my heart and I sent the message and waiting for about half an hour for her reply, it seemed like half of my life had passed through in front of my eyes after 45 minutes of patience, a reply came from her, and it changed my whole life. She had written this: ooh baby, why did you take so much time to say this, huh? I wanted to hear it so long before but I just waited for you to tell this to me. You don’t even have an idea of how deep I am in love with you.
Your personality and your simplicity and you are just what I want. You are my love mwwaaaahhh! After this, our chatting frequencies soared up to skyline levels. We just loved talking to each other, fondling through our words and hallucinating and sharing our feelings. We started talking for long hours at night, discussing about love, what all we will do together and all such things we had nurtured in our minds in these many years. Behind all this was a strong irony that we both refused to remember it again and again.
The thing that we were blood-relatives and what all we both were doing was strictly forbidden in our society but still we just decided to enjoy our life as it is. 14th July 2011 and I was impatiently waiting for the boring class to get over as soon as possible as soon as the professor went out of the lecture hall, I bid my buddies goodbye and dashed for the parking driving violently through the roads, I reached my home within 15 minutes. All this was not just for any serial or some sexy flick on the television, but all this hurry was just because of my angel.
Yes, my angel Shanti had arrived home for some holidays to my home in the afternoon and I got to know about that surprise late that afternoon from my mom reaching home, I met my uncle and aunty and flinging my keys and bags, I ran upstairs to my room to meet my baby pushing open the door, I entered inside and there she was and my love and the girl of my life and my first and last love and my angel.
Locking the door from inside, I ran across to my bed and hugged her tightly. She started crying and kissing me on my neck. We both just couldn’t control our emotions. I reciprocated her by giving her light kisses on her eyes and forehead then, we both looked in each other’s eyes and looked with joy and satisfaction after so many years, we both were in front of each other, in each other’s arms after that we both got fresh washing our face and went downstairs then in the evening we whole families went out for picnic and returned late at night.
All of us were exhausted too much. Thank God, we had taken our supper outside otherwise our poor moms would have to make food again. So finally, we all retired to bed and as decided before, me and my sis were going to sleep in my room upstairs and everyone else would sleep downstairs. So we both ascended upstairs and went inside my room smiling with joy, thinking over the freedom they had given us unknowingly. Soon I went inside the bathroom and showered and stepped out of it in my towel when
I went to the gallery to hang my clothes outside, she went in for shower. Just after 10 minutes of it, she stepped out of the bathroom and I could not believe my eyes. She was looking so sexy in that partially transparent nightgown she was wearing. She glared at me and asked what are you gaping at bro, huh? I could see the flicker of naughty smile on her face. Oh yes, she was trying to seduce me. I smiled with joy and said nothing.
I decided to tease her a little bit before having the fun. It was already around 11.45 and we were still playing mischievously with each other. I decided to avoid her for some time and that drove her wilder. She started doing things that revealed more of her body to me, but I looked the other way pretending to do something else. Soon she got out of limits and was feeling low. So I thought to pull off with my teasing and stimulate her now and when she was standing at the gallery outside in the cool breeze of the July atmosphere.
I went behind her and wrapped her in my arms slowly I kissed the nape of her neck and began playing with her ear lobes. I blew air on her neck and ear and it tickled her. She began giggling in the silent calm night outside then I lifted her in my arms and took her inside my room. Laying her on the bed, I slumbered beside her and started fondling her hands and kissed them lightly. Soon she also began rolling her hands on my bare chest and kissed on my forehead.
Slowly I began massaging her legs from above the gown. She was enjoying it as we all were tired of the picnic that evening then she said oohhhh come on bhai, you don’t need to be so formal. You can touch me directly and by the wa it's past mid night now and today is my birthday. So why don't you give me my life's best birthday gift? And she winked naughtily, I asked and what is it? You", she replied.
Having received the signal from her, I slightly lifted the gown up to her knees. Taking her feet in my hand, I began kissing her toes and her ankles. Simultaneously, I tickled her by running my fingers on her soft soles. She giggled with joy and moaned slightly. I went on kissing her legs and moved up to her thighs. They were so fleshy and milky that I could not resist myself any longer. Moving up her gown to her waist, I licked and kissed her thighs violently and placed love bites there.
Her inner thighs were so soft and white and the more I went upwards nearing to her love-hole, I could smell a faint hint of mushy aroma coming for the heavenly abode. I placed my hand over her pubis and rubbed her from above her panty. She moaned lightly with pleasure then I pulled her up and made her sit and removed her nightgown. There she was, finally sitting in front of me, only in her black lacy bra and red hot satin panty.
Wow! I wished the time would stop there itself forever then she placed her hand on my penis from above the pant and started rubbing there. Smiling I said her oohhhh come on sis, you don’t need to be too formal and winked. Laughing at my sentence, she pulled my pant down all of a sudden and my penis jumped forward with zeal like a snake just released from its basket before she could hold it in her hands, I pushed her on the bed again and began kissing all over her body beginning my journey from her tummy.
I went forward to her sides, licked her sweaty armpits, her back, in between her cleavage and finally to her soft luscious lips and to my surprise, she had applied raspberry lip-gloss, the one which always turned me on. I went on sucking her lips and licking them to my heart’s content. She was enjoying her part too and we kept on licking each other’s saliva and sucking our tongues which had lost in the process of raucous love making after a whole lot of smooching, I turned her on her belly.
I reached her back and got hold of her wonderful butts they were soft like pillows, oh no, softer than pillows. I licked and kissed and sucked them. Oh I went crazy! I don’t remember what else I did with those milky bums then I reached above and unclasped her bra hooks and rolled her on her back again removing the bra from her body, I stared at amazement at the beautifully placed and shaped breasts on her and they were not too large or too small. They were just of the perfect size and her light pinkish nipples! Ahhh!
I attacked them wildly and began cupping them madly. Her emotion flooded with moans and laughter at one time, I feared that our parents don’t hear all this, but I knew the sound of the air-cooler in their room would barely give them a hint of what was going on upstairs. Finally I reached down and pulled open her satin panty and before me was the valley of love, the valley deeper and lovelier than heaven and the place of worldly pleasure and sexual bliss.
I kneeled down in front of it, took both of her thighs in my hand and set them apart as much as possible. Now I slowly placed a kiss just 2 cm beside her love-hole. She held my head out of ecstasy. Unable to resist myself anymore, I started kissing and licking her clitoris. Separating her labia with my finger, I kept licking her inner erogenous zones with my tongue. She kept squeaking with pleasure reaching bit below.
I licked the skin around her anal hole after about 15 minutes of licking her cunt, she shuddered and splashed her love juices on my face. Then she got up and licked them off my face up to the last drop and we kissed again after that she took hold of my manhood and began stroking it. She kissed on the top of it and took it inside her mouth. She was licking and sucking violently like a small kid licking her lollipop.
I just couldn’t predict my climax and I barely managed to pull my penis out of her mouth in time and I ejaculated completely on her tummy and her milky bosoms. I went down and cleaned it with my underpants after that we talked for some time about our college life and other things. We both knew whatever we did was not acceptable to the society, but we just wanted to enjoy every moment we had till our destiny decides what to do with us.
We badly wanted to have sex, but we had to take precautions and plus we were too much tired that day. So we shoved off that idea for that night. I kept my head on her soft pillow-like breasts and kept fondling her body. She went on moving her hand through my hair and humming some soft music to make me sleep and it was too late before we realized and we both went asleep in each other’s arms. Keep checking for more stories and do leave comments guys! That would encourage me to write more. Hope to see you soon.

story by: Juliet_park

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Author: Juliet_park

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