Helenes daughters part two

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Helenes Daughters

Chapter Two

Helene woke and stretched, she had hardly slept the night before. Excited by the previous nights sexual fun With her friend Faye and her daughter. She had also been thinking about her own two daughters who she had found having their own intimate fun the day before. After meeting up with Faye and Anna, Helene had decided that she too would become much much closer to her daughters.

Helene had come up with a plan, and was determined to act on it without losing her nerve. She sat on the edge of her bed and lit one of her menthol cigarettes. As it was a saturday she wouldn’t get to see her sexy dog walking neighbour, but it would give her access to her warehouse without any of her staff being there, which was part of her plan.

Helene ran a nice hot shower and stripped and got under the invigorating needles of water. She began to wake fully and felt ready to start a day which she hoped would change her relationship with her daughters for the better. After towelling herself dry she opened her walk in wardrobe. Helene knew that she would have to wear something that would tease and get her girls lusting after her.

As she walked through looking at various items of clothing she dismissed most of her choices until she came to her leather collection. Helene inhaled the aroma of the various outfits hanging in this part of her wardrobe She had always loved the smell and the touch of leather and its classy yet sexy look. Helene pulled out a dark green leather skirt and jacket. From another rail she took a satin blouse that matched for colour, along with some shoes.

Once in her bedroom Helene picked out her underwear and sat on the edge of the bed to roll her stockings up her legs fixing them to a suspender belt. Once she was happy with her look she went to the kitchen and made a coffee before taking it into her office. Once there Helene took out a selection of covert cameras that she had bought from a security company when she had suspected someone was stealing from her warehouse. Helene hid these around her office before opening her emails. She read and answered some mails from her friends before taking a disk of some of her favourite mother daughter videos. She watched a couple before writing private in big letters on the case and leaving it on her desk.

Helene heard the girls moving about her kitchen and decided to go and make their breakfasts. She took off her leather jacket and undid a few buttons on her blouse before walking into the kitchen and greeting the girls. She made them porridge making sure she took her time bending over to get the milk from the fridge. Helene felt the girls eyes on her as she flitted around the kitchen.

Soon the breakfasts were finished and the dishes were put in the dishwasher, Helene announced that she had to go into the warehouse for an hour and for the girls to behave themselves while she was gone. She exited through her office turning on the software for the cameras as she went.

Within a few minutes she was in her warehouse, she made a few arrangements for later on.She then went into her office and turned on the pc to see what was happening back in her home office. As she waited she decided to phone Faye and thank her for the night before.

“Hello Faye its Helene just calling to thank you and Anna for last night it was wonderful, such an />
“Your more than welcome we enjoyed it a great deal too, and we must do it again soon”

“Well thats a very strong possibility and at the moment I have a plan on the go which may help us get a couple more to join us”

“Mmmmm that sounds fun Helene tell me more”

Helene filled Faye in on her plan, whilst she sat back in her chair Helene pulled up her skirt and fingered her pussy remembering the previous night. They exchanged some sexy ideas and fantasies as Helene kept an eye on her computer screen.

Back at home the girls changed into their day clothes and started to explore the home starting with their mothers bedroom. To their delight they found the very damp panties Helene had worn the night before. Both Vicky and Lily sniffed the panties taking in the smell of their mothers pussy. Lily the nine year old took the panties and rubbed the dampness across her face and lips.

Once they had grown bored with the panties they decided to see what new things Helene might have on her computer. Vicky checked that Helenes car had not returned and led Lily by her hand into Helenes home office.

At the warehouse Helene jumped as the girls came into view looking so cute as they walked in hand in hand. She excused herself from the phonecall with Faye and concentrated on watching the action. Vicky walked up to the desk and saw the disk labelled private, taking no notice of this she put it straight into the pc. Once the files came up on the screen Vicky could be heard asking Lily which she fancied watching. Lily pointed at one which Vicky clicked on.

The film was a mother daughter type video, the film which Helene had watched a few times, was about two girls hunting around their mothers bedroom, and finding her sex toys and started playing around with them as a lark, laughing and joking. Suddenly the mother appears very cross and makes the girls learn to use the toys on each other properly. Later on they get to use the toys on the mother.

Helene watched closely at her girls reaction to the film. She was sure that the girls had probably checked her room out for her toys but they were locked and hidden away very securely. Vicky picked Lily up and sat her on her lap absently stroking her sisters chest as the scene unfolded. Slowly Vicky’s hand began stroking Lily’s thigh moving slowly higher and higher, just as she was about to move her hand under the hem of Lilys skirt Helene speed dialled home. Helene watched the girls jump as the phone rang.

“Hi girls just to let you know I am on my way back home and I will be with you shortly I hope your behaving, bye”

Helene watched a while longer as the girls panicked and put the disk back before running out of the office. Helene calmly walked to her car although her heart was pounding, the next half an hour would be make or break.

Helene opened the door of her home and walked in. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears. Although it was morning she walked straight into the kitchen and poured a very large vodka. Helene went to her office and made a disk with the cameras evidence on it. As the pc loaded the video feed onto the disk, she took a drink and a moment to compose herself and straighten her clothes.

Satisfied Helene walked into the living room finding the girls lying on their fronts infront of the tv. Both of the girls were trying their best to look like they had been there all morning.

“Have you been watching anything interesting girls” Helene asked watching the girls for any tell tale signs of lying.

“No mum” said Vicky

“Yes mum” said Lily

The two girls looked at each other and Lily began to blush. They became more and more fidgety under their mothers gaze. Finally they did all they could do and ignored Helene concentrating on the tv. Helene stood in front of the tv and put the disk in the player.

“Well girls it looks like you have taken to lying as well as your other misdemeanours, are you sure you don’t want to alter your />
Neither girl said anything but looked at each other guiltily “ok” said Helene and pressed play on the dvd. The girls sat up as soon as soon as they realised it was showing their moms office. Vicky turned towards her mom blushing hard, and looking with pleading eyes at her mother.

Once the girls were both blushing enough Helene turned off the disk and looked at the two girls. “well what have you got to say for yourselves, what you were doing is illegal its called incest and would at the very least put you in a childrens home”.

Both the girls looked as if they were about to cry and Helene was enjoying watching the girls go through the torment. She would admit that she did have a sadistic streak.

“So girls what sort of punishment should I deal out to you. Do either of you, have any ideas for how to punish two such delicious lesbian sluts”

Helene could see the words sinking into Vickys mind and a smile starting as she understood Helenes words and the Heavy hint that Helene had dropped. Vicky stood in front of her mom with her hands folded behind her back looking so nervous but so cute too.

“Well mom I guess we should agree to whatever punishment that you see fit or maybe we can make it up to you in a different way”

Helene listened glad to hear that her daughter was smart enough to pick up the hint.

“Mmmmm well that certainly sounds interesting what exactly did you have in mind Vicky” ?

The day was becoming a day of risks and hints but Vicky felt that she had nothing to lose with the gamble she was about to take.

“Well mom Lily and me really like all your sexy videos and I guess as you own them that you must really like them alot too. So maybe Lily and me could be like the girls in the videos for you if you liked”

Helene breathed a sigh of relief that her plan had worked so well. Her pussy was melting at the thought that she had her two daughters just where she wanted them. She was also thinking of the sexy adventures she and her daughters would share over the coming weeks of their school holidays.

“Ok girls go and have a good wash and return here if this is what you want, then so be it, I will turn you two into the sluts that you want to be”.

Once the girls returned Helene ushered the girls into her car and drove towards the warehouse. She felt so excited and alive, as she looked in her rear view mirror she saw the two girls looked excited too. Soon the industrial estate where her warehouse was held came into view. Helene typed a code into the gate which opened to let the car through. Helene opened the warehouse door and led the girls through the main warehouse to a locked door which opened into the area which housed the special lines she sold.

Helene explained to the girls that this was part of her business which she hoped the girls would one day help her to run and one day own. She told them have have a look around the place. The girls were amazed at all the outfits hanging up and were so excited as they ran around looking at all the stock. Helene slipped off to use her private shower as she was sweaty and sticky from the days excitement. Once dry she slipped on a pvc corset and tight pvc jeans.

When she returned to the warehouse she found Lily on the floor laughing and pointing at a shelf. Helene was bemused at her daughters behaviour and asked her whatever was she laughing at. Through broken giggles Lily explained that there was a spelling mistake on one of the products. When Helene took a look she laughed herself at her daughters mistake.

“No Lily its supposed to be spelt like that its a kind of joke, it is supposed to be called a piddling pool rather than a paddling pool”

“But why mommy”

“Well its for ladies and girls to play what we call water sports. I know you look puzzled water sports is when people wee over each other”

“Ooooh thats funny mummy do people really do that”?

“Yes hunny they do, maybe you can try it one of these days”

Vicky was busy holding up different outfits against herself, and checking them in a full length mirror. Helene watched as her daughter picked out outfits, taking note of the ones she obviously liked. Helene was impressed with her daughters good taste thinking that Vicky would look great in any of the outfits.

“Now girls strip off and come to me, it is punishment time”

Helene took Lily by the hand and bent her over her lap. She knew that she couldn’t spank Lily as much as her older sister but was sure she could get a nice rosey blush to her buttocks. She slid her hands over the gorgeous bottom of her daughter, the flesh she had wanted to touch for so long. She spanked Lily getting the colour she wanted and just the hint of tears in Lily’s eyes she desired.

Vicky looked nervous knowing her spanking would be harder. Helene beckoned Vicky over to accept her punishment. Vicky assumed the position without being asked which pleased her mother a great deal.

Helene took great delight in caressing Vicky’s bottom stretching her asshole open as she did. Helene grazed a manicured finger nail over her daughters exposed asshole. Vicky gave a gasp of pleasure at her mothers touch. This soon disappeared at the sharp slap of her mothers hand on her bottom. Spank after spank landed on Vicky’s bottom, Helene was able to go a little harder on her older daughter and was soon hearing Vicky yelp with the spanking. A redness soon appeared all over the young girls bottom and once tears were visible Helene stopped and admired her hand work.

Helene had both the girls straddle one pvc clad leg each facing her. The girls pussies in direct contact with the shiny material. The girls squirmed themselves as they adjusted to the feeling between their legs as they faced their mother.

Helene took one of her breasts out of her corset and fed it between Lily’s lips having her youngest daughter suckle on her nipple. Helene moved her head towards Vicky’s opening her mouth she kissed her on the lips. Soon the two were in a deep kiss and embrace, suppressed passions unleashed from the two lovers.

Helene was in heaven she thought back to all the times she had masturbated thinking of this moment, never once thinking she would have the courage to go through with her perverted desires, Lily was making noises of pleasure as she continued to suckle on her mothers nipple. Helene moved lily’s head up and began to kiss her youngest offering her other breast to Vicky.

Soon Lily got the hang of kissing properly and Helene was impressed by her enthusiasm. Helene slipped her hands under her daughters and began to rub at their pussies. She found her way into their young cunts and watched as the girls moved up and down on her fingers.

The girls were in deep incestous pleasure and Helene herself was craving release. Just as she thought the girls were close to coming she stopped the action. The girls sighed with />
worry girls we will soon carry on, but I have an idea. How would you like to meet one of mommy’s special friends and her daughter. It’s about time I returned the favour to her for the times I have played with Anna. I will give her a call and have them both come over.”

Helene came off the phone and told the girls that Faye and Anna would be there soon. She ushered the girls into the shower and went to find another outfit for herself. Helene soon found a nice green satin basque, panties and stockings. She slipped herself into this along with some high heels. To conceal this from the girls she put on a pvc mac.

Soon the girls came out of the shower and returned to their mother. For Lily Helene had selected a blue satin set of underwear, padded bra, panties and suspender belt with matching blue stockings and shoes. For Vicky Helene had found a pvc dress with a flared short skirt along with a pvc thong and knee boots.

They dressed finishing just as they heard Faye’s car pull up outside. Helene watched the mother and daughter walk towards the door on the cctv. She buzzed them through the door and was pleased to see Anna was wearing the latex dress from the night before. Faye walked in wearing a long coat which she removed to reveal Shiny lycra leggings and a white lacy top with a white a satin panel over the stomach area. Shoulderless it also showed the top of Fayes breasts. Helene admired her friends looks, her red curly hair tumbling down onto her shoulders, and the glasses that made her look so seductive.

Faye walked upto Helene and kissed her on the lips, with her arm around Helenes waist she surveyed the girls standing in front of her.

“Hello girls don’t you both look so stunning, I think we are going to become very good friends and have alot of fun />
Faye walked upto Lily and ran her hands all over the young girls body, touching and feeling her through the lingerie. She shared a kiss with Lily before moving to Vicky. Faye embraced Vicky’s pvc clad body kissing her deeply,lifting the flared skirt and touching the girls ass. Faye ran a finger under Vicky’s thong lifting it to her nose inhaling Vicky’s musky scent.

Helene took off her pvc mac showing the sexy outfit she was wearing to the rest of the group.
Faye left Vicky and came up to her friends side putting her hand straight on to Helenes ass. The two shared a deep lingering kiss infront of their daughters, carressing each other. Passions rising at the touches and stroking, and with the thoughts of what was going to happen next with the three Sexy young girls.

The two women sat on the large leather sofa,making themselves comfortable. A wine cooler was at the side from which Helene produced a bottle. She filled two glasses handing one to Faye and taking one for herself.

As they had discussed on the phone out of earshot of the girls Faye handed Anna a bag full of sextoys. She had told Anna that she wanted her to take charge of the Two younger girls and put a show on for the two mothers. Helene and Faye sat back eager for the show to start.

Peeling off her latex panties covered in her scent, sweat and juices she handed them to Lily to smell and taste. While she was engaged in this Anna fixed a collar and lead around Vicky’s neck. She pulled up her skirt and pulled on the leash, pulling Vickys face to her pussy.

Vicky knew what to do and extended her tongue eager to taste her new friends cunt. Anna had other ideas and teased Vicky by not letting her quite reach her goal. Lily had finished licking at Anna’s Panties, and Anna called her over asking her to pull up her latex skirt and lick up the sweat and juices from her ass and thighs.

Lily did this eagerly and Helene was amazed at how submissive and eager to please her youngest was. Finally Anna let Vicky get a taste of the pussy she so much wanted to taste.

The two mothers watched on with pride at the sexy scene their daughters were putting on for them. Faye had slipped her hand into her lycra leggings frigging herself just as Helene had done with her own panties. Both of them so turned on at the depravity they were indulging in.

Anna pealed off her latex dress and stepped out of it. She lay down on the floor having Vicky carry on with her pussy eating duties. She pulled Lily down to start licking at the young girls little pussy. Both the mothers looked on getting more and more turned on, their breaths getting faster as was the playing with their pussies.

Anna looked to be in heaven with her new girlfriends and the two mothers envied her. They knew it wouldn’t be long before they would have to join in. Faye broke the spell and moved over to Vicky’s pussy and began to lick at the girl who was in turn licking her own daughter.

Helene stood before her youngest, her panties thrown off on the walk over. She offered her soaking pussy to Lily who hungrily lapped at the juices streaming from her mother. Helene played with her breasts as Lily did a good job of licking her. Helene felt more alive than she had ever done,she felt that this was the ultimate in her kinky life, surely she never get more depraved or so she thought!

Lily was the first to crack and it wasn’t long before the young girl had her first mini orgasm. Helene was sure that her daughter had not gone as far as she could have, probably scared of the new feeling inside her. Lily lay down near the three who continued to play. Helene squatted down placing her pussy on to Anna’s lips. Not long after Anna came from all the excitement and the tongue service given by Vicky. She pushed Vicky away from her pussy but continued to tongue Helene. Vicky was not to be disappointed as Faye soon moved into a 69 with her.

Helene was so proud of her girls and as her own orgasm began to build she watched the sexy scene between Faye and her oldest girl. Anna had become an expert pussy licker and was doing a fine job of lapping up Helenes juices.

Helene came with one of the biggest orgasms of her kinky life. She stood up above Anna playing with her pussy as the last pulses of her orgasm subsided. Suddenly she let rip with a jet of piss which rained downed on Anna’s body. Over her stomach up over her breasts and towards her face.

Lily to Helenes surprise rushed over and began licking at the piss on Anna’s body. She obviously liked the taste as she turned her face towards her mother with her mouth open.
Helene directed a stream of her piss towards her daughters waiting mouth, and was astonished to see Lily take good gulps of the nasty fluid. What astounded Helene the most was that Lily was so eager to try the taste, after all she knew the girls couldn’t have seen anything like this on any of the dvd’s she had left available.

Soon her stream finished but Lily still licked at Anna’s body. She continued until she was licking at Anna pussy. Helene sat and watched mesmerised at Lily’s natural ability and eagerness to play. She wondered more and more whether Lily had been with someone other than her sister. Mrs Roberts she pondered or someone else? She knew she would have to investigate further it didn’t seem right even in this depraved arena, she expected to have to coach Lily more than Vicky and at the moment it looked like it would be the other way round.

Faye and Vicky continued their 69, now using fingers also to probe each others anuses. As the 69 got more intense the anal fingering became deeper and more frenzied. The fingering also had the effect of making the tongue action more intense. The two were locked in a depraved circle of lust.

As Helene watched, her fingers entered her own moist channel. Lily copied her mother and the two smiled at each other as they watched the floor show. The two lovers on the floor were oblivious to being watched. Vicky and Faye were getting carried away and were in their own zones of pleasure. Helene noticed that Vicky nearly had all her fingers in Fayes ass. She knew that at some point she wanted both of her holes filled in the same way by her daughters fists.

“Oh my god Helene your girls are so good at this, c’mon Vicky fuck my ass”

Fayes breathing was getting faster and her body had a sheen of sweat. Vicky came, her hips bouncing against the floor, her eyes closed and her head tilted back, tendons sticking out of her neck. Helene herself came watching her eldest come to orgasm so powerfully tilting her over the edge.

As Vicky spasmed in orgasm her fingers were still in Fayes anus. The twitching girls powerful throes exciting Faye all the more and she too orgasmed shouting obscenities as she came down from her high.

Helene took Lily to the shower room so they could both clean up a little leaving Faye and Vicky to recover. Helene needed to quiz Lily on how she appeared to be so adventurous. The two stepped under the water, Helene enjoying the hot spray and the refreshing aroma of her shower gel. Soon she felt Lily’s Hands soaping her thighs and moving upwards and she felt her pussy twitch.

However Helene didn’t want to be distracted by her daughters sexual advances they needed to talk.

please tell me the truth I will not be angry but you seem to know a little to much for someone of your age. Have you been playing with anyone other than your sister” ?

“No mom it’s just been me and Vicky doing some of the things in the videos you left around”

“Well tell me about you diving in after that piss like a girl possessed, that’s not normal for a girl your age, that’s something grown ups do when they develop a taste for such things”

“I guess it was what you said about that piddling pool mommy it just made me think about it and what people got out of it. So when you wee’d I just sort of jumped in I guess”

Helene was a little relieved although she wasn’t entirely convinced. She and Lily dried themselves and dressed before going back into the warehouse. Faye and Vicky were still lying on the floor kissing and cuddling in quite a sensual way. The two on the floor broke their embrace and stood up Vicky walked up to her mother and kissed her on the lips.

“Thank you mom for today its been awesome far beyond my dreams”

As Faye walked back towards Anna she too kissed Helene.
“Yes thank you Helene, thank you for sharing your two treasures with me. They really do you proud and I hope we get the chance to have many more fun times />
Helene was so proud of her two girls and herself and was looking forward to many more such events. But she was still not convinced that Lily was telling the truth. If someone else had been teaching her girl the only person it could be would be Mrs Roberts. Helene decided that she needed to know for sure so on the spur of the moment she thought the girls would be better off out of the way for the evening.

“Well Faye I have had an idea. Why don’t you take the girls home with you for the evening Iam sure they would like that and it will give me a chance to sort something out. I may choose to join you later if thats ok with you? If not they can stay with you overnight. What do you think”?

“Oooh Helene that would be wonderful if your sure? Would it be ok if I invited my sister over too”

Helene had never met Fayes sister but trusted her friend and agreed. Faye and Vicky went to use the shower and Helene tidied the warehouse up, hosing away the piss on the floor. She took a walk outside and made a call to Mrs Roberts. Helene arranged for her to babysit that night although the girls would not be there.

She heard voices inside and returned to find Faye and Vicky clean and dressed. She kissed the girls and Faye goodbye and watched them leave the building. As the sound of Fayes exhaust disappeared into the distance she took a large hold all and began to choose sexy outfits for the girls. With what she had in mind they would need a sexy new wardrobe. She also took a copy of the security cameras inside the ware house before deleting the file on the system.

Helene drove herself home enjoying the drive, she felt so calm and relaxed, she pondered on this as she drove. She wondered why she didn’t feel ashamed of her actions, about how she had drawn her daughters into her depraved way of life. And how freely she had lent them to her friend and now Fayes sister a woman she had never even met. All she did know for sure was that she never wanted it to end, and was looking forward to exploring more with her girls, and couldn’t wait for the next chapter.

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