Hell hath no fury…ch2

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Hell Hath No Fury…

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and poor Derrick had yet to come to that conclusion. He’d get his in due time, Gabby and Jacob would see to that.

Before work Gabby stopped to purchase a replacement cellphone, since she’d destroyed hers the previous night in a fit of rage. Her husband, Derrick, had called to tell her he was staying overnight at work, but Gabby knew the truth. He spent the night with his new fiancé. Although she had already fallen madly in love with Jacob after less than 24hrs of meeting, thinking of her husband’s lying and cheating ways still panged her a bit. She hadn’t yet discovered the answer as to why Derrick was doing this. If he was no longer in love with her why didn’t he just leave her then? He obviously found another woman to be with, why keep Gabby around? She did know one thing; with Jacob’s help she’d have her answers.

Gabby walked into to work and immediately gave Janie the biggest hug. “Thank you.” She whispered in her coworker’s ear.

Janie squealed with excitement. in love!”

“Shh keep your voice down… I’m still married for crying out loud. The whole world doesn’t need to know I’ve fallen head over heels for your brother.” Gabby teased. “No seriously though, this stays between the three of us for now.”

Janie nodded frantically. “My lips are sealed. Oh I’m so happy for you!”

“I’ll be happier when said and done so we can truly be a couple.” Gabby muttered as she walked away to tend to work.

Gabby’s practical nature surfaced throughout the day. Thoughts of her husband being under the same roof with her later that evening plagued her. How could she carry on the facade of the dotting wife? Avoiding sexual contact wouldn’t be too hard since they usually only had intercourse twice a week as is. Managing to sleep in the same bed would be an issue for her. Not to mention, aside from investigating him, she had to find a lawyer to prepare to initiate divorce. Calculating this in her head, she feared things could very well take quite a long time. She contemplated simply leaving Derrick, forgoing the snooping and spying. But then the memory of that rock on the blonde girl’s left hand convinced her otherwise. This wasn’t only about Gabby anymore, that poor girl looked over the moon for Derrick. “I can’t let him do this to her as well. I can’t let him get away with this.” Gabby concluded.

Jacob sent her a text shortly before lunch asking her to meet him at the same Italian place. He’d already made a break in the case and wanted to keep her up to date. Gabby arrived right on time and couldn’t help but melt in his arms.

“I’ve missed you my sweet.” Jacob said leading her to their seats.

Gabby sat. “The feeling is mutual.” She said taking his hand across the table. They weren’t able to take their eyes off each other as the waiter took the order. When he walked away Jacob’s demeanor took a serious note.

“Now I’ve been busy all morning and I’ve found out quite a Jacob began. Gabby nodded for him to continue. “Well I know who the mystery woman is. Using the address I came to discover that home belongs to her parents who are extremely prominent members in this community… Hell the state! Her father has recently announced his plan to run for Mayor next year. The girl’s name, and I say girl because she’s just 19, is Allison Tate. A source divulged to me they’ve been dating for nearly a year. And as we suspected they got engaged last night. What we witnessed, I believe, was Derrick asking for her father’s blessing. I happen to be close friends with a cousin of the family. He, my friend, had been under the impression his cousin’s fiancé was single and younger. He was shocked when I told him Derrick is 27. Oh and get this, they don’t even know his real name. They all think his name is Peter, that he is studying law out of state. My friend’s promised to keep his mouth shut for now to let me handle this.”

“Oh my god!” Gabby was alarmed to hear what Jacob was saying to her. how could he?”

“He’s a lying sack of shit that’s how!”

“You don’t Just then the waiter returned with the food causing Gabby to go quiet. After setting down the drinks and salads, he left them to enjoy their meal. Gabby still wasn’t speaking.

“What don’t I Jacob was curious.

his brother… was his brother… He died in a car accident over a year ago. He was in fact studying law… What kind of sick person steals the identity of his dead brother?”

“I have no clue… The man is twisted! I’m sure there’s more going on here than we realize. But we needn’t get sucked into all that. Tonight we tail him so I can get picture proof. We take what info we’ve obtained thus far to her father. He’s bound to have connections that can ruin Derrick for life. Then you file for divorce and get the hell out of the situation. The more I learn here the more nervous I become for your safety.”

“I agree. This is giving me the chills.”

“Hey I’m a phone call away if you don’t feel He assured her. “I’m no longer concerned with phone records. I do want you to gather all documentation such as your marriage license, a copy of his driver’s license, and if you can anything to prove to her father Derrick’s true />
“I can do that. I’ll have it ready before you get there />
going to play things differently tonight. You’re going to tell him you’re going out with Janie. She’ll come by to pick you up. We’ll meet up near your home. The three of us will get in position to follow him. Janie’s a fine amateur photographer so she’ll be in charge of snapping pics. I’ll set a meeting with her father for Monday to show him the evidence. You will go see this lawyer I know and start up the paperwork. You’ll have to take the day off Monday to pack while he’s at work. I’d like to avoid a />
Gabby let the information soak in. “I />
“Good. Now I hate to cut this short, but I have a few more things to look into before tonight. You take care of yourself my sweet.” Jacob leaned in to steal one kiss before paying the bill and exiting.

Back at the dental office Janie was bubbling with excitement, Jacob had informed her of the plan and she was eager to tag along on their Janie’s exuberance helped to ease the tension Gabby felt.

The second Gabby got home she collected any and all documents that could be of use. Among their files she found an old driver’s license of Derrick’s. “Good thing he doesn’t throw anything out.” She thought. Also filed away was a newspaper clipping depicting the wreck that killed Peter. She dug out their marriage certificate and put all the papers in a manila envelope, then stowed it in the trunk of her car along with an overnight bag. be too cautious.” She shrugged. After that she hopped in the shower. It wasn’t long before she heard Derrick’s jeep pull up. A minute later came the sound of him entering the house.

“I’m back.” Derrick announced walking in.

Gabby peered out the bathroom door still dripping wet. “Oh hey. How was work? Did you manage to get everything done in time?”

“Um yea… I completed my assignments. You almost done in there? I need to clean up before meeting up with the guys.”

Gabby was in the process of drying off. “Give me a sec, I’ll be right out.”

They brushed past one another without saying a word as she emerged. Keeping in mind she was pretending to go out on a girls’ night, she dressed in a pair of skin tight black pants she seldom wore, bright red strapless top, and black leather jacket. Derrick entered opened the bathroom door and stopped in his tracks.

“Where you going dressed like that?” He sounded slightly irritated.

night.” She stated while applying the finishing touches to her make-up.

“With who?”

“My friend Janie from work. She should be here any minute.”

“We usually have dinner before I go />
“I’m positive you can fend for yourself this once.”

Just then there was a knock at the door.

“That must be Janie. Gotta go. Have fun tonight.”

Derrick wrapped a towel around his waist and followed her to the door.

“Hey girl!” Janie was her usual joyous self.

Gabby started to shut the door behind her.

Derrick put his hand against the door stopping her from closing it. you going to introduce me?”

“Derrick this is Janie. Janie this is my husband, Derrick. Now why don’t you go put some clothes on Derrick.” With that she turned and walked away. “See you later, have fun with the guys.” Gabby heard him slam the door.

“So that’s the infamous prick eh?” Janie asked getting in the driver’s seat.

“The one and only.”

A few miles up the road was Jacob, patiently waiting in his SUV. He noticed them drive up beside him. Watching them get out of Janie’s bug his jaw dropped at the sight of Gabby’s sexy attire. The girls giggles filled the silence as they got themselves seated, Janie in the back and Gabby up front. Pressing her small hand on Jacob’s thigh, Gabby leaned in for an embrace. Her fingers bumped his hardening member.

“Happy to see me huh?” Gabby whispered.

“Mm hmm.” Jacob mumbled averting his eyes straight ahead wanting to focus on the task at hand.

Twenty minutes passed with them parked in position down the street from Gabby’s house. Finally they spied Derrick’s jeep. Keeping a safe distance they started their pursuit. It wasn’t long Derrick’s jeep was stopping outside the Victorian home of his bride-to-be. Allison’s blonde hair flowed in the breeze as she stroll towards Derrick’s outstretched arms. Janie busily clicked away with the camera capturing everything. The hug, the kisses, the ass grab, hand holding, all was saved to digital memory. The next stop was dinner on the patio of a pricey steakhouse. Over a hundred snapshots later they made their way to a deserted park surrounded by woods. Jacob drove past the entrance to the park after spotting the jeep turn in. He parked along the street.

“You two wait here.” Jacob instructed taking the camera from Janie. “I’ll be back.”

Jacob walked through the trees making the trek to the parking area. The distinct sound of voices growing near caused him to stop his hike. Stealth like he crouched down and inched his way closer to the clearing. There he spotted the lovers partially disrobed making out on a blanket. He peered through the camera, zoomed in and got vividly clear portraits of them. Derrick had his trousers down around his thighs, his snowy white ass looked glow-in-the-dark. His young mistress lay beneath him with her skirt gathered at the waist and her blouse half open exposing her supple breasts. From his view point Jacob could see every detail as Derrick pushed his less than average sized cock into Allison.

He could hear Allison’s moans as Derrick pumped in and out. “Oh you’re so big!” Allison screamed into the night. It took all Jacob had to suppress his laughter. Big was not how he would describe Derrick’s 5incher.

Jacob’s legs became stiff and sore after 30mins. He’d gotten what he came for and then some. Quietly he made his way back to the two women he’d left behind in his SUV.

The door suddenly opened making both women jump in a moment of panic. “Calm down ladies, it’s just me.” He soothed handing the camera back to Janie.

“You get what we came for?” Gabby asked.

“I’d say so.” Jacob described what he’d witnessed as he drove back to Janie’s bug.

Janie said her goodbyes agreeing to develop the pictures the following day.

Jacob reached for Gabby’s hand giving it a squeeze. “You hungry my sweet?”

going back to my place

“First stop by my house. There’s something I need to grab from my trunk.”

They were in her drive minutes later. Gabby got the envelope and bag from the trunk and put them in the back seat.

As she climbed back in the passenger seat Jacob raised a brow. “Staying the night?”

“If you’ll have me…”

Smiling broadly Jacob sped away rushing to get his woman home. He lived on the outskirts of town in the midst of 10acres. Approaching the property Gabby saw a large rustic looking log cabin which Jacob called home. Entering the cabin the rustic theme blended nicely with the outdoors, yet also obtained all the modern amenities. Jacob’s masculine gruff appearance matched that of his home perfectly.

“Make yourself at home.” He told her walking to the fridge pulling out numerous ingredients to construct a massive sandwich.

Gabby took a seat on one of the stools lining the large island in the kitchen. She used some of the fixings to prepare her own sandwich. He poured two glasses of tea then took a seat next to her.

“I know it’s not much, but I’m in a hurry to get you in bed my sweet.” Jacob said between bites. “Next time I’ll cook up one of my />
“You cook?”

act so surprised. Just wait, you’ll come to adore my chef skills.”

“I suppose we have much to learn about each other.”

“That we do… And a lifetime to do so.” Jacob had finished inhaling two sandwiches and began tidying up waiting for her to be done.

Gabby swallowed the last bite and dashed up the stairs. “Come find me!”

“Ready or not here I come!” He hollered back already in pursuit.

Following a trail of her garments he came to his bedroom door, he peered in silently. Not a naked woman in sight. He tiptoed into the dark room sneakily attempting to catch his prize. Not under the bed. Not in the closet. He heard the door shut behind him and spun to see Gabby bare naked with her hands on her hips. She did her best sexy walk to him.

“You suck at hide and seek!” She said pushing him back onto the mattress. She had his belt buckle undone and was dragging off his jeans and boxers in a heartbeat.

Sitting up Jacob removed his t-shirt. Gabby forced him flat on his back crawling on top. His hands lifted taking hold of her glorious tits. He massaged the mounds flicking the hard swollen nipples. Meanwhile Gabby ground her pelvis into Jacob’s erection. The pressure on her clit caused by her gyrating elicited a combined moan. Neither of them had the control for foreplay this time. Gabby lifted up taking a firm grip of his tool then made a steady decent on his shaft. Jacob’s huge throbbing cock filled her slender canal to the brim. Shockwaves of rapture shook through them as they became one. Settled in place with his cock buried deep, Gabby rotated her hips in a tiny figure eight while adjusting to the mass. This increased his delight tenfold.

“Ugh uh… mmm yea!” Jacob emitted huskily.

Raising her hips high Gabby slammed down hard making a slapping noise when her ass hit his thighs. She rode him long and rough, smacking their bodies together in a passionate rush. Encouraging her movements he dug his fingers into her hips propelling her up and down. Jacob stiffened underneath her spewing spurt after spurt of his seed deep in her womb. Gabby threw her head back wailing in orgasmic pleasure as she shook in her own erotic bliss. Exhausted she fell into his arms breathing heavily.

Several minutes passed as they regained composure. Jacob was the first to speak. “Want some desert?”

“I thought that was desert.” She sighed.

Jacob’s chest rumbled in laughter beneath her. “I mean actual dessert… I’m thinking ice cream.”

“Ok… But you might have to carry me… I’m too weak.”

“I’ll bet!” Jacob spanked her bum lightly. “Come on my sweet.”

if I must.” Gabby slowly crawled off her lover. She picked up his shirt off the ground and slipped it on.

Jacob stood to retrieve his boxers she’d removed off him. They walked down the stairs hand in hand making their way to the kitchen. Gabby reclaimed her spot on the stool and watched as Jacob got two spoons from the drawer and some Cherry Garcia out of the freezer.

“My favorite!” Gabby said taking a spoonful into her mouth.

“You know that they say… ‘Great minds think />
She agreed with her mouth full.

They gorged themselves on the sugary cold treat for a bit.

“So, you might want to inform him… that you won’t be coming back tonight.” Jacob hated that he’d had to bring him up.

“Oh… yea.” Gabby reached in her purse she’d left sitting on the counter to grab her cell. The phone was already blinking at her notifying her of a message. It was Derrick letting her know he’d made it home and asking when she’d be there. Gabby texted back that she’d be staying the night at Janie’s because they drank too much. Completing her task, she turned off the cell and put it away.

bout some music.” Jacob said standing. Gabby swiveled in the stool to watch him walk over to the stereo system. He took a second to select a CD, placed it in the player, and Boys 2 Men filled the air.

“Old school… I like.” She smiled at him when he approached.

Jacob took her by the hand. “Dance with me.”

Gabby didn’t hesitate and followed him to the middle of the room. He stopped turning to face her. Their eyes locked. They swayed together with their arms wrapping each other tightly. He let his hands roam freely along her back subtly moving downwards till he cupped her ass in his palms. Gabby gasped when his middle finger invaded her crack to rub against her puckered hole. Having never been touched there sexually she was surprised at the tingly sensation it was causing. Rising up on her tiptoes she planted her lips on his parting them to welcome his tongue. They kissed while he continued rubbing, gradually pressing into her rear entrance. Her virgin ass was so tight that he could hardly get even the tip inside. He wondered if she’d ever done anal at all… He would soon find out.

Jacob dropped to his knees leaving his hands in place. His finger still rubbing the rim of her ass started gently pushing in. The moisture on her pussy lips indicating her arousal made his cock throb. He dove in tongue first lapping up her feminine lubrication. ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ played in the background but all he heard was her increased moaning. When he nudged at her sensitive clit with the tip of his tongue she cried out. “Oh yes Jacob, just like that!” He flicked at the nub over and over. All the while his finger probed further. With his finger easing in and out massaging the entrance of her rectum and his tongue licking all over her slit and clit, Gabby exploded flooding his open mouth with her delectable juices. Her hands pressed his head further against her pelvis as her body convulsed.

Jacob stood stealing a few kisses and helping her balance. He led her to the large sofa, leaning her over the arm at one end. He knelt down behind her spreading her legs further apart. Again she felt his tongue licking at her clit, along her lips, and finally reaching her pink puckered anus. Pleasurable heat flushed her entire body when his tongue tried penetrating the tight hole. He used his hands to pull her cheeks wide for better access. Still it was clenched shut preventing progress. Wetting his pinky he poked it at her rear entrance and pushed with some force. Slowly the wet digit slipped in.

Gabby gasped in a mix of pain and surprise. She hadn’t known what to expect in regards to how something would feel entering her virgin ass for the first time.

Jacob started to pull his smallest finger back out. “I’m sorry my sweet… I can stop.”

“No… no keep going. I’ve just never done this before.”

“I’ll be gentle the whole way. If it’s ever too much I’ll stop. Ok?” Jacob didn’t want to hurt her, but was ecstatic there was a part of her left for him alone to experience. No other man had gotten what he himself was about to claim… her anal cherry. He kept sliding his pinky in and out stretching her as best he could. The quickly drying hole became impossible to maneuver. Relenting he opted to get a bottle of lotion to lubricate things.

Standing back up he told her. “I’ll be right back… don’t move.”

Gabby remained hunched over the arm of the couch awaiting his return. She was both excited and nervous. Luckily he was back in a flash, lotion in hand. He kicked off his boxers before getting started. Bending over he tongued her ass once more, then slid a lotion slick finger very slowly up her bum. He worked it in and out with loving care. Gabby kept absolutely still and silent concentrating on relaxing her muscles. His momentum picked up and he was now slamming into her anus with his finger. Gabby grunted under the force of his strokes. There wasn’t yet pain, but an uncomfortable unknown sensation was felt. After a while that sensation transformed and was starting to feel good. Once her hips began humping back against his hand he knew it was time to precede to the main event. He lathered his penis with lotion for a smooth ride. Then Jacob placed one hand on the small of her back to steady her for what was coming and took a firm grip of dick with the other aiming it for her only remaining virgin territory. Still holding his cock he started pushing the bulbous head inside. She was so tight he hardly budged.

“Open up for me my sweet.” He coaxed. “Push out like you are… well you know.”

“Like this?” She pushed with her rectal muscles and his head popped in suddenly. “Oh shit! That hurts!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No I’m ok… just go really slow.”

“I will.” He promised sliding his hands up her sides and around front to stimulate her nipples while pushing further in. He got about an inch past the head before she tensed up restricting his movements. He took her hand placing it on her pussy mound. “Here play with yourself.” He encouraged her.

She obliged, rubbing circles on her clit. Jacob eased back then drove in another couple of inches. He repeated this till over half his manhood was lodged in her tight canal. Her ass was squeezing him like a vice. He couldn’t last much longer. Gabby’s moaning and panting had been building too, till she was right on the edge.

“Go ahead Jacob, give it to me!” She screamed out.

No longer holding back, he pulled nearly out then thrust all the way in her rectum. She used two fingers on her pussy while he fucked her ass. Jacob held her hips so he could pound harder. Gabby was frantically fingering herself as she felt his member swell within her ready to blast his cum.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” He grunted hoarsely.

“Yes! Yes fuck my ass!” Gabby screeched with wild abandon.

They reached the threshold together. Both moaned incoherently as an indescribable fire spread through them. They released their fluids in unison. Jacob leaned over hugging her from behind, his cock still buried deep in her ass.

“You ok my sweet?” He whispered.

“Oh yes… I’m good… that was amazing.” She panted.

“Why don’t we go shower then get to bed.” He suggested. “I don’t know about you, but I’m />
“Mmm sleep… that sounds nice.”

Jacob stood upright pulling out with a pop, and then lifted her into his arms. “Come on my sweet, your shower awaits.”

Long after they’d showered and got in bed Gabby found it difficult to fall asleep. Jacob was having the same problem. He was flat on his back with her resting her head on his chest.

Jacob heaved a sigh. “Talk to />
“I don’t want to go back…ever. This is my home now, here with you.”

“And I don’t want you to go, but it’s only a couple days more and this’ll all be behind us.”

“I know… I’m just />
“About what?”

“I’m not sure. It’s hard to explain. I’m probably />
“Nothing is going to happen. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

Deep down Gabby couldn’t shake her uneasy feeling as she finally drifted off to sleep. Only time would tell how the next few days would go. But perhaps she should have listened to that inner voice, it always speaks volumes.

To Be />

story by: ladybell81

Tags: fiction consensual sex male/female anal romance sex story written by women

Author: ladybell81

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