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This is the first story I write so be honest with your comments. I will try and be as detailed as possible without getting too boring.

I was asked to let my mothers friends daughter which is 15 use the pool as she wanted to have some kind of workout and she loved swimming. At this time I am house sitting as my parents were out of town for 2 months.

Let me tell you about Laura, she is latina, her mom is mexican and her dad from Honduras. This gives her a very nice tan complexion, she is slim about 5’3 with a cute baby face. I will get more into her looks as the story goes on.

Laura had apparently used the house pool before because when I got home on a Tuesday night after working 4 straight 14 hour shifts at the hospital, she was already in the pool, and I knew this because when I got home, I heard someone in the pool so I instantly assumed it was Laura I walked out and it was. I greeted her she said hello back and told me she wouldnt be a bother and would leave soon. I told her, no bother at all you stay as long as you want. I felt like soaking in the hot tub so I asked if she was ok if I got in the hot tub or if she needed privacy? (just being nice) she said it was fine so I went and put on my swimming trunks and grabbed a few beers. Once I was soaking in the tub I pushed back 3 beers pretty quickly, I mustve dozed away because the next thing I knew I heard Laura getting out of the pool and telling me not to drown sleeping. When I looked back I was taken by her cute body, she was wearing a blue bikini and she had very nice curves to her body, slim, her tits were from a quick glance about a B to a C cup and she had a very cute bubble butt her black hair wet running down her back and her dark tan skin was amazing. I quickly stopped myself from staring at her seeing how I was 10 years older than her. I replied back, “I won’t drown don’t worry.” She giggled and said “well ok, I just dont think I would be able to save your life by pulling you out”. I laughed and said don’t worry I am good. She walked over to the hot tub and asked if she could join, I said it was fine. As she stepped in I couldnt help but admire her nice firm legs and her body, her flat stomach and those perky tits. She closed her eyes and laid back in the hot tub, “dont you go falling asleep now Laura, I am to tired to save a life!” she smiled and said, “I guess I will have to wait for another day then to have someone save my life.” When she said that I laughed and told her she had a good sense of humor. We spoke for a bit, just small talk and she asked if it was ok she came over Thurs, Fri and Sat. I told her it was fine and if she wanted she could tell her mom she would spend the night since the house was empty anyway. She said she would let me know after she spoke to her mom. At that point, being as tired as I was from working I got up and out and told her I was done. I went in to shower and change and when I got out she was gone and had left a note, chat more next time, your cool people Tony, Laura.” Within an hour I got a call from Ana her mom asking if it was true I told her she could spend the night, I told her it was true, and she was more than welcome seeing as how the house was empty anyways, plus it would also allow me to go out if I needed to. Surprisingly her mom said that she would leave it up to Laura she said thank you and she also said that she trusted me whether I was the house or not and that Laura would even be fine if I wanted to stay out all night. Great I said, just let me know what happens.

Thursday afternoon came along and the doorbell rings, when I open the door it’s Ana and Laura they had brought over some lunch for us to eat and Laura had some bags with her so it was obvious she was staying. After a good lunch with them, I showed Laura to the guest room which even had its own bathroom. Ana once again thanked me and was on her way.

Laura said she would go get settled in, I told her she didnt need to tell me her every move she was free to do as she wanted. She just smiled, said thanks and was on her way. I went up to my room to get ready as I was gonna go meet a friend for a movie, I walked to the guest room to let Laura know I was gonna be leaving and the door was closed, so I knocked, she said it was open and when I walked in she was wearing cute little pink short shorts, which hugged her nice bubble ass and a small tank top. She just looked and smiled at me and I smiled back and told her I would be out late, but to help herself to anything in the house and that I would probably call to see if she needed anything depending on the time I got back.

As I left I couldnt get that tight body out of my head, she just looked amazing and all I could think about was getting in her pants. I was driving to the other side of town so it would take me about 30 minutes to get there. When I finally meet up with my friend the night was cut short because he had to rush home for an emergency. So I had a drink and headed back home, I thought about calling but decided since I was only gone for about an hour there was no point. I got back home about 8 PM, I got myself some water and headed out to the pool to tell Laura I was here. And boy was I in shock when I walked out.. Laura was getting out of the pool and she was naked, the girl liked to skinny dip. Now I have to be honest I didn’t get the best look at her because she heard me and instantly ran for her towel as I turned back saying I was sorry. I walked back in the house and was smiling, because she did have a great body and I had gotten a glimpse of her birthday suit. It took her about 15 minutes to walk in and she was clearly embarrassed. When she walked in I was watching ESPN, and she said, “I didn’t think you would be home so soon” I put my hand up and said, “Neither did I, and I should have called, and Laura… as far as I am concerned, don’t worry your mom won’t know and I won’t mention this past this moment” She let out a big sigh of relief and said “Thanks, that was embarrassing though, and I am sorry.” I just smiled at her and looked at her wrapped in her towel wet and then I realized that she was holding her bikini, she didn’t even put it back on. “if it makes you feel any better Laura, you look great and have nothing to be shy about.” She smiled from ear to ear, blushed, said thank you
and went to her room.

Laura came out after about 30 minutes and again was wearing some short shorts and her top… This time she saw me look at her from head to toe, she joined me as I watched some TV and what happened next shocked me, she said, “Tony, can I ask you a question?” I nodded and said “ absolutely, whats up?” She said, “Well I know you’re older and I am sure are far more experienced than I am, and seeing as how what happened earlier happened, what did you think of me naked?” I was floored, I was not expecting that and I looked at her and I said, “Laura I honestly didn’t get a full look at you, I turned away, but from what I have seen, you are a very beautiful girl, and hot.” She smiled said thank you and turned back at the TV, me thinking it was done there I looked away from her and I heard her speak up again. “Am I hot for a 15 year old or am I hot?” I looked at her confused and said, She got up and said “No, am I hot for my age or am I hot enough to get an older guy?” I didn’t respond and she smiled and said “hot enough for you?” I finally came out of my trance after what seemed an hour but was only seconds and said “Laura, if I was your age I would be all over you” she walked over to me and said “but your not my age, and would it be wrong if I was all over you?” At that point I just stared at her and got up, knowing the trouble I would be in because of her age, I told her it was wrong and she couldn’t be. The look on her face was horrible, she held back tears and just went to the guest room. I felt so stupid, but I knew it was the right decision. I couldn’t help but go to the guest room, and I knocked she said to give her a minute, when she finally opened the door I knew she had been crying. I looked at her, walked to her and looked at her straight in the eyes. and said, “Laura, I didn’t mean to hurt you, the truth is you are hot, and it isn’t easy for me to say no to you, but I would get in a world of trouble for even touching you and I can’t have that”. She looked at me and said, “I understand Tony, but I also know the only way you would get in trouble is if we get caught or if I said anything. I have always liked you so much and I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to hook up, I love you, your smile, your personality, plus I have never liked boys my age. And you could teach me so much. I want you to teach me, be my first” and she dropped her face, I couldn't resist I placed my hand on her chin bringing it up and kissed her gently, she was shocked at first and then kissed me back. I ended the kiss, looked in her eyes and said if anyone were to find out about this, you know I go to jail and you would never see my smile again.” She nodded and promised me she would never say anything.

We kissed again and it was obvious to me she didn’t have much experience because she was very hesitant with her tongue, it was mainly me doing the work, she wrapper her arms around my neck and I placed my hands on her hips. I picked her up and started to walk towards the bed when she pulled back and said she wanted to go to my old room. I agreed and we walked to my room, once we got in there she approached me for another kiss. It was one of those passionate kisses, deep, meaningful and I again had my hands on her hips I started to kiss her neck and whispered for her to tell me what she wanted and tell me when to stop, she whispered, “everything Tony, everything” I picked her up by her hips and she quickly wrapped her legs around me. Those short shorts were so thin I could feel the heat coming off her pussy and she hesitantly pressed herself against my cock, which was bulging at the moment through my jeans. I laid her on the bed and began to lift her shirt she obliged and took it off, her tits were perfect, they were a perfect handful and I gently ran my hands down her sides pressing my thumbs right under her tits and she just gasped I gently ran my hands over her tits which had the perfect brown nipples, they were small just how I liked them and I began to lick, I could hear her breaths get deeper and soft moans, I noticed her hands were heading towards her pussy and I went back up to kiss her and asked if she wanted me to keep going without thinking twice she said “yes Tony, I want it all, this feels so good” I went back to give her tits the kisses they deserved as I laid across from her, I took her hand and placed it on my jeans as I unbuttoned them, she quickly reached in and gently grabbed it, I never remember my cock being so hard I kept sucking her tits and slowly made my way down to her waist. I pulled down her short shorts to reveal a moist nicely trimmed pussy. She asked if I was sure I was ok with that and I told her I was. It was a gorgeous pussy, her lips were nice and puffy with her inner labia just sticking out, it was a great looking pussy and I couldn't wait to taste it, I made my way down and kissed her around her inner thighs an I could smell that pussy just calling me. When I finally gently licked her slit she inhaled and it seemed like she almost stopped breathing until I ran it back down there was the exhale and a moan, I gently licked her all around using my right hand to spread her lips and reveal that clit of hers my left arm was on her tits gently pinching her nipples as I ate that young, teenage, virgin pussy. My tongue found itself going to her hole and I licked all around it and she was moaning more now, her breathing was louder her moans were louder and they intensity increased and I knew I was about to give this girl her first orgasm. The moans almost went away as her breaths got deeper, her hips shifted up and I stuck with her movement sucking on her clit and it happened, she let out a big moan almost a crying type moan and her body was shifting up and down and when her orgasm passed I went back up and planted a kiss on her… I went down on her for 10-15 minutes and it felt like an eternity.

She hugged me and we kissed again and then she proceeded to be playing with my dick and whispered “Can I suck it? can you show me how to give a blow job?” I nodded and she very slowly took my dick out of my boxers and she rubbed it and by the look in here eyes she was a little nervous and she looked up and said, “its huge” It really isn’t I am about 7 inches long and 6 wide, but i guess for someone who had never seen a dick it was huge. My cock was so hard it literally hurt, and I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to blow my load because eating that virgin pussy was simply amazing. She started to lick around the base and I guided her as she used her tongue, I held her head and went up and down on the shaft and down to the balls. I told her she needed to gently put her mouth on the tip and suck and lick as if it were a popsicle that she didnt want to end. And she did, slowly, but she did. She took the head into her mouth, licked around it and started to suck, as she did that I moved her head up and down and told her to cup my balls with one hand as the other grabbed the base of my dick. I couldn’t believe it, this girls mouth was so hot and the sight of my dick going in and out of her mouth was amazing. At first her mouth went up and down really slow and gently but she caught on quick, the harder she sucked the more I moaned. Laura then was going to town, she was sucking the juices out of my cock, tugging lightly on my balls and stroking my shaft up and down. “Oh my god Laura, suck that dick baby” And I moaned, I couldn’t believe it but I was about to blow my load, I never had someone make me cum just with her mouth, but Laura was going to, I think it was the situation I was in. I grabbed her hair and head and I pushed down and up with her as I saw my dick disappear in her mouth and I told her I was gonna cum and it was her choice to keep sucking or not. My moans got louder and it was coming, Laura backed off and I quickly got on my knees and shot my cum all over her perky tits. It was 4 long streams of cum and her tits were now covered in my man juice. I took my dick and told Laura to suck it a little more and she did, sucking every last drop of cum out of me. I helped Laura clean her tits off by using an old shirt I had lying around, I couldn’t even imagine how it was gonna be when I finally stuck my cock in her tight teen virgin pussy. The thought of that alone kept my cock bulging hard. We shared another kiss and Laura wrapper her arms around my neck again, I felt like I was almost falling in love with this girl as I felt her tits press up against my chest. Round 2 was around the corner and I could not wait.

So tell me what you think, if the feedback is positive I will go on with part two.

story by: MrE88

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Author: MrE88

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