How did it come to this? part iiiii

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I hear someone shout my name and look up. Josh is quickly walking towards me. "Hey!" I call out to him. Josh is soon walking by my side, "Where you headed dude? You're never out and about on weekends. You're always cooped up in your damn house!" He says. "I gotta get some shit at the store bud, my dads out of town with my sisters so I'm… Uhh… Home alone." I stutter as I almost slip up and say I'm with Felicia.

"Seems legit. What you getting?" He questions further. "Just some shit to munch on man. There's like nothing in my house." I answer. We stop walking as we get to a crosswalk, the sign displaying the red hand. "Thats cool, I'll come with. I'm not doing anything anyways." He says. "Okay, but you can't come in the house bud. Dad said no friends over, he sounded pissed." I tell him. "It's cool, I got shit to do later anyways." He replies.

After a few more minutes of silence and rythmic walking we reach Kroger. I walk into the store and head directly to the seafood aisle. I scan the food that sits behind the glass doors before grabbing four boxes of microwavable lemon pepper salmon. I walk back to the door and grab a cart, then continue my journey through the store. "You hate fish." Josh says. I jump as I hear his voice, I had completely forgotten he was there. "This was on my dads shopping list. I figured I would grab some while I was here." I say. Josh nods and continues walking but looks at me funny.

I head for the frozen foods aisle next and pick up two bags of apples on the way. At the frozen foods aisle I search for anything Felicia may like. As I'm putting three boxes of chicken nuggets in my cart, an idea pops into my head. "Do you believe in parallel universes Josh?" I ask. Josh looks like he's considering something for a moment, "I don't care. They could exist, but if it doesn't affect me I really just don't give a shit. I'm sure there's something out there, but as long as it never harms me, I'm cool with it." He says finally. I ponder what he said for a moment before I open my mouth, "I believe in them. What if someone from an alternate universe showed up at your door?" I say.

Josh stands there, watching me as I grab three packs of jumbo franks. "It depends on what they wanted, do they need their car fixed? Be more fucking specific Anthony." He says. "Well, what if they needed help stopping some sort of demons? What if they really need somewhere to stay?" I ask, a hint of annoyance in my voice. "Then, I would shut my door and smoke some weed. I'm not risking my ass just to save a whole 'nother universe. Not my job." He states simply. I nod, in false agreement. I head to the registers with a cart full of different things a cat-girl may like.

I open my front door with about ten shopping bags in my arms. I step inside and begin the process of putting everything away. Felicia pounces into the room and makes an odd hissing noise. I jump and almost piss myself, but she crouches and smiles when she see's it's me. "Hi!" She say's happily. "Hi, I almost had a heart attack!" I exclaim. "I'm sorry, I was getting ready to defend the house." She say's apologetically. My heart melts as she puts her head down. "It's okay, I'm not mad. You just scared me!" I say. She looks up and smiles, "Okay! I'll be sneakier next time!" She replies.

I finish putting everything away under the watchful eye of Felicia. After which, I head into the living room and drop down on the couch. "Did my phone ring when I was gone?" I ask Felicia, who had followed me into the living room. "No, nothing rang." She states simply. I nod and look up at the ceiling. "Are you hungry?" I ask her. "No, I'm fine. If you're tired you may go to sleep. I will watch the house." She tells me. I think for a moment, wondering whether or not to leave her alone again. "Are you sure you'll be okay? Just sitting and looking at the door must be boring! You can do something else if you'd like." I say. "I am still quite tired. The sound of the door woke me up." She admits.

"The house will be fine, take a nap!" I tell her. "Thank you, but where should I sleep?" She asks. I think for a moment, then I shrug. "If you would like, you can sleep with me. I think that my father would notice your scent, and my sisters beds are very small. It's your decision." I say. "I will sleep with you." Felicia says with a smile.

I stand up and walk to my room, noticing that Felicia is close behind me. I lay down in my bed and get under the covers. I look over at Felicia, who is crouching with a confused look on her face. "These are used by humans, they keep us warm. You don't have much fur, you sure you won't be cold?" I ask her. Felicia lifts the blanket up with her tail and slides under it, not making any attempt to seperate herself from me. Her body is firmly pressed against mine and my mind is blown at how soft her fur is to the touch. I try not to make it obvious that I am thoroughly enjoying her contact.

"Isn't it much warmer?" I ask her. "It is." She say's, a happy expression on her face. I nod and turn over to hide my rapidly growing erection. I close my eye's and focus on sleep. Any trace of tiredness had gone away when Felicia had slipped into the bed next to me. I decide to try something and try and inconspiculously slide my boner into my waistband. After that's done, I return to lying on my back. I let my hand gently touch the fur on her leg. She shrinks back and I curse myself for being stupid.

I lay there for a few more moments feeling rejected when I feel the softness of her fur return to my fingertips. 'Is she pressing into me?' I wonder. After a few more seconds of feeling her amazing fur with my fingers, I begin to rub my fingers in slow, randomized motions into her leg. I may be imagining it, but I think I feel Felicia press her leg a bit closer to me, causing my entire hand to be smothered in her beautiful, warm, soft fur. I gain a bit more confidence and begin rubbing my hand very tenderly up and down her leg. I distinctively hear a small purring noise a few inches to my right. I dare not look over at her as I feel that making eye contact would stop anything further from happening.

Suddenly, I feel something softly pressing into my leg. I'm confused for a moment before I realize it's her tail. My hard on is at full force as her tail flicks my leg, getting higher ever so slightly each flick. I return my focus to my hand and begin rubbing my whole hand up through her fur to the soft, perfect skin of her thigh. I feel her tense up as I make contact with her skin, then relax as I continue slowly rubbing.

After a few moments of our game, Felicia throws caution out the door and presses her tail on my shaft through my pants. I gasp and almost cum on the spot before I continue softly rubbing Felicia's waist. She turns her torso inward, now facing towards me. I take the hint and slide my hand across the skin and fur that lies between my hand and her pussy. The second my hand makes contact with her moist slit, I hear a loud mewling noise. I look up and my eyes immediately lock onto the large blue eyes of Felicia. She meows again before leaning her head in to kiss me. I slowly kiss back, amazed at how soft her lips are. I continue rubbing my hand along her pussy as she mews into my mouth.

My eyes open and I sit up. I look around at the room, confused as to where I am. Suddenly, Felicia jumps up and braces herself on the bed. "Is something wrong?" She asks, her voice full of alarm. "No… No, I just had a bad dream." I answer sullenly. 'It was a dream. Another fucking dream! What is wrong with me?!' I think to myself. I slip across Felicia and stand up. "I'm gonna go take a shower." I tell her, trying not to eye her perfect body. "Okay! I'll continue my nap!" She says in her adorable high pitched voice. I nod and grab some clothes from my drawer. I walk into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I press my back against it and slide down untill I'm sitting. My head is in my hands as I think to myself, 'What is wrong with me?'

To Be Continued…..

story by: UrbanSolstice

Tags: fiction erotica male/female romance bestiality teen sex story

Author: UrbanSolstice

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