How it all began

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How it All Began

Chapter 1

I found him in an online kinky chat room, he seemed nice and friendly, his name was John, we got to chatting, and he told me he worked as computer programer in London and spent most of his time at home working at programming and managing the computer network system for a big international company, and was allowed to do most of his work from home. This had left him with two things, a lot free time and more than enough money to build a perverted sex play room in his basement, especially for over sexed naive young women like me. I found out later that he was single good looking and in his late 20s!

We talked about a lot of things, he was smooth and knew all the right things to say, and so easy to talk to,.. so before I knew it we were talking about sex! I told him that I had a boyfriend before, and that we had been together for about a year, and that we had sex, but not that many times, and that he was now my ex boyfriend as he was cheating on me, and fooling around with one of my girlfriends, while we were together! I had told John that our sex play was pretty tame and plain, if not a bit boring, at least for me most of the time. I wanted to experiment more with crazy sex, but my boyfriend did not want to? I had read quite a few exciting sex stories, ones I had found on line. They were about naive horny young women like me easily being drawn into a life of decadent sexual perversion! Then stripped naked, bound, gagged and have no choice in their fate as a sex slave! Stories where they were then used and abused with nasty sex toys and fucked by a cruel dominant master, the thought of this happening to me was really exciting! So one time when I was really horny, when me and my boyfriend were playing around I asked him if he wanted to blindfold me and tie me up when I was naked, and fuck me hard!…

He looked at me like I was crazy, and said only a nasty perverted slutty whore would want to do something like that, and the look on his face told me he thought I was nuts? It was shortly after this that I found out he and my girlfriend had been doing it, and we broke up! That's when John told me that he was into the BDSM thing, and was, what I had read about in these stories, a Dominant Master!

But before I tell you the rest, I suppose I should tell you some of things that happened leading up to me being naked bound blindfolded, and riding a sadistic wooden dildo horse in the basement of a man I had met only days ago!

Firstly I should probably introduce myself. My name is Kay, I'm 19 years old and I live in Birmingham, England. I'm 5'8 short brunette hair, brown eyes, slim petite body with B cup breasts perky nipples, and a nice round ass. I lived with my parents as an only child, and things weren't all that great at home, my mom found out that my dad had been screwing his secretary and they were constantly arguing.

To escape the constant yelling and bickering I had come to spend most of my time locked in my room with my computer by myself!

'Whats it like to be a Dom?' I innocently asked, 'How about I show you?' Was his reply? Being a naive over sexed young girl, I had very limited experience's but was adventurous and very willing to learn. There were some really kinky and perverted things I wanted to try, that my ex boyfriend was not willing to do. I was sexually excited by what he said , but also scared to death and very nervous about doing some of them for the first time, and especially with a total stranger that had started online!. He then said he would send me a list, so I would have some idea of what my duties would be!

I thought hard about it, but it was something deep down I wanted, and after all what was the problem? He was miles away in London and it would just be online anyway, nobody would see or get hurt would they? 'Sure' I said send them, then thought, adding /> 'Good!
I have a few rules for you now Kay, firstly, you must always refer to me as Sir or Master, do you Sir' I typed
'Good, secondly you are to inform me of your whereabouts, and undertakings at all times.
Thirdly you can wear only what I tell you which might be nothing, and to go places in public wearing only a coat, and forth, you must never touch yourself without my permission, and last, you must never lie to me, even if you find something uncomfortable unpleasant or humiliating, and if you don't want to continue or do it, you must tell me,.. got it?'

Then on my computer came the list of my Duties –

1. I will wear a collar provided by my waster, assume the position and await my Masters blindfold, hand / ankle cuffs and/or chains, and irons.

2. When told, I shall be totally naked for the pleasure of my Master.

3. My pussy will always be smoothly shaved and wet so that it can be properly opened for him to play with or fuck me.

4. To be ready for punishment, spankings and any other sexual abuse he chooses at anytime.

5. My Master may fuck or use me with toys as long as he wants in any position he chooses.

6.To apply special care and attention when worshiping Masters cock, including licking balls & deep throating him.

7.Master may cum anywhere in or on my body, I will suck up all of his cum, and swallow.

8.That I will assume the position of submission on my knees with my hands behind my head or my back, and await his command!

9.Master reserves the right to share me with his friends and I will give them the same attention, I would give him.

Again I though hard, I loved to masturbate so to only do it when he said I could would be really hard, but the last duty really scared me, sharing me with others, was both terrified and excited me to no end! So trembling with the thought, I decided to obey him, an give it a try, and said' yes Sir'

'Finally for now I will require photographic evidence of all tasks assigned to you, do you understand? 'I had said yes then plugged the camera into my computer making sure it was ready.
I though about this, taking naked pictures of me, and sending them to a stranger was risky, even an idiot knew that, but there was something inside of me, deep down plus the fact I was so fucking horny for sexual abuse! That I really wanted to do this. Mostly so I could please John, to gain his confidence, and prove that I could be a daring submissive girl? In hopes I could make him hard and have him really want me as his sex slave, was so exciting!…
'Yes Sir, I understand' I typed 'Very good Kay, now then I want you to give me your mobile phone number so you can hear my voice as I command you' I easily gave him my number not giving it a thought, and moments later my phone rang ! Once I realized it was him I said
'Tut tut tut slave, you have forgotten the first rule already' came the voice at the other end. Shit! I thought, I was a stupid fucking novice at this for not saying sir if I could forget that quickly. 'Because you disobeyed my rule, you must be punished, bend over your desk slave, grab a belt, lower your skirt and panties and give your ass five hard whacks on each cheek'!

'Yes Master, please forgive this slut Sir' I added trying to please him. Lowering my skirt and panties, I grabbed a belt and leaned over my desk! Then started to tremble, afraid of the bite the belt would give me, however something again deep in my sexual being I wanted this, and in a perverse sort of way I wanted to know what it would feel like, and also wanted to please John.

It was difficult to do twisting around with my right hand one way and my left the other, but was able to get the belt to wrap around my ass cheeks enough to let out a good yelp, as the belt made contact with my bare bottom! A hot burning sensation quickly followed as I managed to get each cheek five times! Leaving them warm and glowing. But at the same time I felt myself getting wet between my legs as I did what I was told!.

'Continue Kay, five more, But this time do it to your pussy really hard, and count them off to me'!
My bare bottom was one thing, even the few times my parents had spanked me, they had never used a belt? My ass was hot and tingling, and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. This had left my pussy aching for attention as I turned around so I could whack myself! I couldn't believe it, I was getting off on this self inflected pain by whacking my sweet pink little pooched out pussy mound, and it was because John had told me to do it! …

'Ten' I cried out as my slit and clit now stung and really burned, I leaned back against my desk panting in tears, with my bare bottom red and glowing! But my pussy was my real attention now, as it was really stinging and burning! I was sure it must be bleeding but I didn't dare look!.

'Good, you understand why I made you do that, right slave? Next time you disobey me I will punish you for a longer and harder time, now stand up straight'

'Yes Sir I understand, ill be a good girl, I promise' I heard myself say, I had only been talking to him for an hour or so yet I was already acting like I was his sex slave! I couldn't believe the feeling that was coming over me, and what I was becoming? I knew I was interested in being a slave yet, I didn't realize how much my body craved to be controlled abused and so harshly used! I had never done anything like this with my ex-boyfriend, though part of me had always wished he would have been rougher and more demanding with our sex play, but this was at a whole new and sinfully appealing experience!

My thoughts were interrupted as I heard Johns voice again, 'now then my pet I want you to take several pictures for me'! I was hesitant as first, as I had never gotten naked off of someone's commands, let alone a stranger over the phone? But I was alone in my room, the blinds were closed, and my parents gone. Besides, I felt myself wanting to be naked for John, I could almost see myself standing naked in front of him, watching his eyes for approval, listening to that strong voice of his commanding me!…..

Now, still naked I took pictures of my tear stained face, then of my small breasts, and bare crimson bottom, and several more of my stinging swollen pussy that was barely covered by very little dark pubic hair, and was surprised to see it was not bleeding at all!. Apparently my body could endure a lot more sadistic abuse as a pain slut than I had ever imagined! This thought somehow pleased and excited me!

'Mmm very good, nice tits a round red ass, and a sweet pink juicy swollen little cunt' perfect!

I felt myself tingle, and my abused pussy tighten as he called it a cunt, openly judging my body as if I was some sort of nasty female cunt meat, it made me feel like I was his! I could feel my pussy, no my cunt, get even wetter, almost dripping from his words, and the stimulated whipping!. As a girl just out of puberty and still growing into a mature woman my dark pubic hair was still very thin making it easy to see through. Easily showing my camel toe slit with tiny pink pussy lips and pea sized clit that seemed so virgin like, I had thought a real man would not be interested in?
But I was wrong, as my mind was fixed on the burning wetness between my legs and the voice at the other end of the line, plus his comments about me? The need for me to masturbate and get off was growing by the second.

'Now then I want you to fondle your breasts, one at a time, take your nipples in your fingers and roll them around, describe it to me''Yes Master, I'm taking my left nipple between my fingers, I'm rolling it around and oh!…. It feels soo good' I couldn't control myself, being told what to do as a pervert was driving me crazy, the slightest touch was making me wild with lust! I wanted to feel Johns hands running across my body, imaging as if he was the one playing and toying instead of me.

'Good, very good' I could sense the pleasure in his voice 'now then pinch your nipples tight, both of them really hard at the same time, until I command you to stop! I could tell he was getting excited, I imagined myself playing with my nipples in front of him, watching as he stroked his shaft to the perverse sight that I was giving him.

I pinched my nipples even harder at the thought and oh the feelings, a mixture of pain and pleasure flowing all across my breasts and chest as it drove me wild. I kept pinching harder and harder until my moans turned into erotic sobs, I couldn't control myself any longer, and I needed to orgasm sooo bad.

'Master may I masturbate, please I need to cum sooo bad pleaseeeee' I almost screamed as I begged into the phone at him for release. His reply was cold stern, and mater of fact, as if he was responding to a meaningless request, from a young child 'no, I am in control now, I own you , so you cannot touch your cunt or cum unless I tell you, ….do you understand slave?

''Yes master I understand, I am yours! My body is yours' I'm your slave! Master yes' I could hear myself almost screaming it, and I was sure my parents would have heard me if they had been home, but even then I didn't care, all that mattered was me and John, my new master. 'Good my pet, I like a slave girl who is learning and knows her place, I want you to do one more thing? Lay on your bed, and put a pillow under your bottom, so your cunt is up and sinfully exposed, then spread your legs just enough so your fingers can get at your tender slit and pubic folds then put your other hand on top of it push down, now play with your cunt until I tell you to stop, do not cum unless I tell you, or you will be severally punished'!

I didn't know if I could do that? My pussy was on fire and my legs were trembling, and it was all I could do, just to lay there naked with my legs apart with my fingers doing it. I so needed sexual relief badly, but wanted to prove myself to John, I wanted to be obedient and show I could hold off my orgasm until he told me to let it go!.

I rubbed myself slowly at first, using my two middle fingers, then traced along my wet slit in slow long strokes, to just up above my pubic mound close to my clit, my eyes were closed and I couldn't help but moan, I may of heard a yes coming from the phone laying next to my ear but I couldn't tell, I was immersed so deep in my own sensations, the waves of pleasure that were building filling me up and coming closer from the sinful touch of feelings and wetness between my thighs and pussy folds that was driving me wild! I held off cumming for longer and longer. Barely able to stand it, the time felt like hours but could have been only minutes. Eventually I heard a voice at the end of the phone say……..

.'Stop now Kay, take your hands away from your cunt and place them on the back of your head' It took all of my strength concentration and willpower to move my hands away,…. but I did it! My cunt pea shaped clit and pink lips was throbbing swollen and so already on fire from the whipping, and now stimulated even more! I was in sexual perverted heat and ready for release, my legs upper thighs and pubes were shaking violently and my flowing wetness was running down the crack of my ass onto the bed that was sopping wet now, I held my breath and waited for my masters voice.

Just when I thought I could stand no more holding my breath and with my muscles tight, and ready… he said 'I am going to hang up now….? OMG! I thought he was just going to leave me there wet and ready to explode with the anticipation of sexual bliss I never knew existed, then just hang up! …….This was unthinkable torture, my perverted mind could not comprehend not experiencing orgasm?

Under the circumstances I had no idea I could be this close and be denied as I gritted my teeth still holding my breath in perverse sexual agony waiting,….and waiting,… as I finally heard him,… say……..

You have done well my pet you may now bring yourself to orgasm , but after you do I want you to enjoy the sexual fruits of your labor! Using your fingers I want you to lick them clean and show me your well abused stimulated cunt so I can see how you have used and stimulated it is!….Then go to sleep like that, naked in your bed, wearing nothing!

It was all I could do to say, yes master, I groaned saying thank you, thank you OMG! Thank you sir' I replied, and I immediately started to furiously finger fuck my wet pussy and clit as hard as I could, it took literally seconds before I was silly and blubbering into my pillow with a shattering mind blowing orgasm, followed by my whole body tightening and releasing, several more times! Then I came over and over, soaking my hand and bed again with my dripping juices, after a while my orgasms subsided. Then barely able to lift my fingers, I stuck them between my lips and sucked them clean, repeating this nasty perverted sex act over and over, and loving the taste of my own sex driven sweet dripping />
Now, barely able to move I sent the pictures to John imagining it was him that had been finger fucking me to orgasm….Then he said, tomorrow you will keep your mobile phone with you at all times. I will message you with orders of kinky sex play throughout the day, and you will do them as soon as I tell you, and I will require evidence that these humiliating acts of perverted sex have been completed, do you understand? I said yes Master!….
A moment later I got another reply from him, apparently he had seen the pictures 'well done slave, more fun tomorrow, sleep tight, as I collapsed into the softness of my bed! It was an order from him, my master. I think most females are born to be submissive and are susceptible to slavery, in this respect I certainly was no different! I fell asleep almost instantly with perverted dreams of being naked and tied up, with John ruthlessly fucking me in every way possible I could imagine….

The next day I got a call from him, still sensitive an turned on from my first over the phone bazaar sexual encounter, I was ready to do what ever he asked, actually excited and more than ready!

He had told me to go to one of many small parks that surrounded London, and the place was called Petersham Park south west of the city, to a place appropriately called Spankers Hill it was a wooded area of this big park. Once I was there I was to call him for further instructions, he told me to wear nothing at all under my coat and only take my phone and some change for public transit ! It was another test to see if I would actually go and do what ever I was told? On the bus ride over I was quite giddy flush and self conscious being the only one wearing a coat on this warm afternoon, thinking that every one who looked at me knew I was wearing nothing under it!

The feeling was both humiliating and incredibly stimulating, I kept my head down on the ride not daring to look anyone in the eye! Once off the bus it was a brisk walk to Spankers Hill where I made the call!

His instructions seemed simple, I followed them from the parking bay that had few cars parked there, up one of the many public trails that split off to several more, and then along one to a more secluded group of trees. The one he described was easy to find as the limbs and foliage almost touched the ground. Then he told me to take off my coat fold it up and hide it in the bushes on the other side of the path some distance away! No one was around or had been along these trails for sometime, but it was in broad daylight and anybody could come by! I looked around carefully as I took the coat off! I was both terrified and trembling with fearful excitement! The thought that someone might catch me naked walking from one group of trees to the other in this public park only added to the sinful emotion of it all, as I held my breath and did what I was told!

His instructions were to look for some reddish yellow leaves where the branches had been pushed aside a number of times for entry? Once inside I was amazed, it was like the inside of a big umbrella that had a small open area and the branches came clear to the ground. I could see out but almost no one could see in, unless they looked close and knew what to look for! The leaves were soft, he told me to lay down and start masturbating and not to stop until I had gotten off at least three times no matter what! If I was able to do this I could then retrieve my coat and return home, but not before! He also said he would know, if did not do as I was told and I would be severely punished if I had not completed this task!

Wow! Was it ever exciting to be naked under this tree in a public park going after my pussy wildly! It was not long until I heard talking as an older couple walked by the trail was closer than I thought as I could easily hear their conversation, but they had no idea a naked slave slut was masturbating in the foliage right under their nose! I held my breath, but let my fingers do the work as I had the first sinful orgasm! I laid there savoring it and trying to catch my breath thinking this was going to be easy exciting and pleasurably rewarding.

It was only minutes before several young men some distance apart, were kicking a football back and forth trying to kick it higher and farther than the other both were occupied in doing so as they jumped bounced and kicked the ball moving along the path. I started masturbating again giving little thought to them only that others were out there, as I closed my eyes and thought what kind of kinky sex play John would have me do next? With a wonderful thought of him watching me masturbate, my thoughts were shattered by the ball they were kicking! That had some how bounced up and under the low hanging branches and was now laying, right next to me! OMG? I thought as a picture of me naked with tears of humiliation on the evening telly in the hands of local authorities flashed through my sexually enhanced mind!

I had to get rid of it quickly, and not thinking had punched it out the other side, this had gotten it away from me, but had done nothing for the young man perusing it! I could see him coming right towards the place where I was at, in only moments he would be rooting through the hanging limbs and would surly find me naked and wet, and that I was naked and had been sinfully masturbating in a public park, oh my what was I going to do? My coat was across the path some distance away in the bushes! Just as he was about to spread the hanging tree limbs open, his partner yelled out, hey its over here! This had directed his attention around the tree branches where I was hiding…. holding my breath!

I heard him say, found it as they walked off down the path bouncing the ball never knowing just how close they had come to stumbling onto a naked female pervert like me! After my sex charged pounding heart settled down some, I resumed my ardent self pleasuring masturbation with renewed interest! Oh My! I thought nothing else so perverted or exciting could possibly happen as my fingers again played a tune of pleasure and sinful abuse on my genitals! But I was wrong? I had gotten off three times really good and was about to retrieve my coat. As the path seemed to be deserted

The two young men and the ball had been gone for some time now, and I was just about ready to attempt to cross the path where my coat was hidden. Just as I stepped out of the hanging branches a big dog appeared that was sniffing along the path following a scent, causing me to quickly return to my hiding place and wait. As I watched the dog, he came closer and closer, I did not realize it at the time but the sent he was following was mine, apparently the smell and the wetness of a female that was sexually aroused, was lot like a bitch in heat and boy was I ever a bitch in heat!

I watched awe struck as he sensed what he was looking for, and with his eyes looking directly at where I was standing, I had no doubt his interest was me! Standing naked, hidden in the bushes I had visions of me naked and this big dog licking me, as several park going hikers watched in shocked horror! Again holding my breath with the perverse realization he would soon find what he was looking for a miracle happened, and I was saved again? The unseen master of the dog called out Brutus! Get over here, his dog that could now see me standing naked in the hanging tree limbs! Was at first was quite reluctant to mind, then after several more loud forceful calls the dog finally obeyed and whimpered off to where ever his master was!

After this the park where I was at had become very quiet, and I was able to cross the path and retrieve my coat, in my haste to put it on I had neglected to button several at the bottom? Still excited from my near miss of being caught naked in the park masturbating, or having a big dog stick his snoot in between my over stimulated young thighs, and lick me. The thought had left me even more sexually excited!

The trip down the path to the parking bay and bus stop was uneventful as several other park goers were waiting in line to board the bus. I had not noticed the dog had returned! I was caught completely by surprise, and boy do I mean surprise,… as the dogs wet nose and hot breath followed by his warm raspy tongue easily found exactly what he had been looking for earlier! As his tongue touched my privates,… I let out a most unusual screech of surprised and arousal! I tried in vain to push his big head away, one that had easily found its way in between the open coat!

Those in line had backed away horrified allowing anyone that wished to watch, with an unobstructed view of this perverted nasty sex act! All I could say was, “He is not my dog”! Before I could do anything, I heard his master again unseen, call out Brutus , get over here boy, and leave the girl alone, but this time after sampling my wet female charms, the dog was even more reluctant to leave, as for him it was a very tasty encounter, as other park goers watched in wide eyed horror!… The dog was called again along with my embarrassed pushing of his big head away! He finally pulled back and with him licking his slobbering chops bounded off towards his master!……..

continued in Chapter Two

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