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Today was turning out to be a truly horrible day. First off my name is Benjamin but everyone calls me Ben I'm 5ft 7, muscular but not overly so with long curly black hair and brown eyes.

Why was this day so bad? Well for one I was at my cousins house helping her get ready for her sweet sixteen party later today. And I hated it cause she was such a bitch and a snob to everyone especially me. 

It happened in school. She was in the 11th grade while I was in 12th. There were many other times we fought in school but this one was probably the one that caused everything to happen. I caught her one day picking on a girl and told her to lay off. I told her that she didn't have any friends and this wasn't helping her. 

She turned around and said that no one loved me and I guess that it was true seeing as that I wasn't very popular or smart enough for my parents. 

Invalid reasons for not liking her? Probably but it still hurt. From that day we never spoke again but I could feel it. She was looking at me and every time I saw her she would look away and blush and oddly enough I found my self doing the same. Why, I didn't know. 

Anna that was her name was around 5ft 5, long straight light brown hair and lots of curves. She had 36B cups and her butt was a nice size, not to mention the most breathtaking blue eyes. She was very skinny and some people might have thought her ugly but not me, and I couldn't help but thinking about her in a sexual way and it disgusted me but I couldn't help it. 

"Ben!" My aunt yelled. I looked up from the kitchen counter as her yell snapped me out of my thoughts. "Can you go and tell Anne to finish up we have to leave in 10 />
I nodded and slowly trudged up the flight of stairs. As I got near her door I heard tons of giggling coming from inside. "Anna?" The voice was that of her friend Lisa I think. "That boy that's here is your cousin right?" I heard her snort. "He's cute do you think he would date me?" I heard her friend ask.

Anna snorted again. "Some advice Lisa, my cousin is a train wreck and plus you can do better than a />
"Jeez Anna isn't that a little mean?" She scoffed. I was mad and her words hurt. But I pushed it away soon it would be over and I wouldn't have to deal with her. 

I knocked once and the room went quiet. "Anna your mother says you have to leave in ten minutes" My voice sounded hollow I heard someone gasp but I was already down the stairs. 
/> Today it seemed that fate really didn't like me. I was sitting in m car dressed in my suit waiting to leave when my aunt Helen tapped the window. Already I knew something bad was going to happen.

"Ben I'm sorry to ask but Danny isn't back from picking up his parents and my car has all the other things do you think you can drive Anna to the party />
I wanted to tell her no but I couldn't so I clenched my jaw not trusting my self to talk and nodded stiffly.

Lisa got into the front while Anna had to sit in the back cause of her dress. I couldn't help it, I found my self staring at her. She was wearing a dress with a tiara. Her straight hair was now curled and they bounced with every step she took. Her skin glittered and to me she looked like a goddess. 

The drive was about 20 minutes and all the while I talked to Lisa and from the mirror I could see Anna glaring at Lisa every time she laughed at something I said. I couldn't understand why.

I was sitting with my mother, father and little sister eating and looking around at the rest of my relatives when I caught sight of Anna. She looked sad her gaze met mine and I scowled at her before looking away. 

A minute later my phone vibrated and I looked at the text. It said: Come to the next room -Anna.

I glanced up and she wasn't there anymore. My phone vibrated again Please. Was all it said.  

I excited the party hall and down the hall was an open door I suspected she was there. This room was much smaller. It had one long table in the middle with chairs along both sides. Meeting room perhaps.

And there sitting down in one of the chairs tears running down her face was Anna. I couldn't help myself. I thought of how beautiful she looked even when sad. She looked up when I entered and in a second she had gotten up and the next thing I knew she was pressed up against me her arms wrapped around me and crying even louder. 

I could feel her boobs agains my chest and it cased my blood to rush south. "An..Anna what's the matter." She sniffed loudly before she looked up at me with her red puffy eyes, and with out warning she crushed her lips against mine.

My brain disengaged and I stood there kissing her back before I realized what was happening and I pushed her away from me. "What the hell did you go and do a damn fool thing like that!" I yelled at her.

"Ben I love you!" she yelled right back and that stopped anything I had to say to her. I could only stare at her mouth agape.

"I said I love you." I stared into her eyes that shone with hope and fear. I stumbled away from her and fresh tears spilled onto her cheeks. "No Ben please />
My lips were tingling from the kiss and I was too shocked, did she really mean that. I closed the door and looked at her. "Do you mean that?" I asked her.

She nodded. "But what about all those things you said about me what you told />
"I only said those things because I couldn't figure out my feelings for you they scared me, I said those things to Lisa because she wanted to ask you out I couldn't have that. But now I know that you feel the same way."

I walked up to her and cupped her cheek. "It would be wrong you />
"Do you care, I see they way you look at me."

"I see they way you look at me" I replied. 

"So what's stopping you then." We had moved closer and I was breathing in her scent. Cinnamon. It was intoxicating.

"The fact that this is incest and completely wrong."

"Will it stop you?"

"No" I leaned in closing the distance between us and her soft lips melted onto mine. I had so many questions but for now they could wait. 

Her tongue darted into my mouth fighting mine for dominance but I won. She moaned into my mouth. Her hands gripped my hair and she kissed me harder.  It was pure bliss.

We pulled away puffy lipped and out of breath grinning like maniacs. I sat down in one if the chairs with her in my lap head tucked under my chin. "Did you get me a present?" she asked me.

"Yea but I forgot what it was."

"Can I request another from />
"Depends on what it is."

There was no hesitation when she said it. "I want you to take me and make me yours."

"Are you sure?" I couldn't believe that she was asking that. In fact i still what we had just done.

She whispered the answer. "Tonight, but we should head back people might notice were missing."

"Ben I want you to know something, what ever I said to you I never meant it. Someone does love you and it's me and to me you are everything. I love you and I'm sorry for how I treated you."

"I forgive you but quick question. What kind of relationship is this."

"This; well we're boyfriend girlfriend." She gave me a quick kiss and ran away. 

The party was starting to wind down I saw Anna go over to her mother and whisper something before she came over to me. "Common let's go." She grabbed my hand and we made our way to my car.

We drove to her house. "We have about three hours before my parents come home." I pulled up into the driveway and she grabbed my hand pulling me up the stairs. 

The moon light bathed her making her glow. Her bare flesh looked so smooth. I got an instant boner. She lay down in the bed in all her naked glory and I shed my clothes joining her moments later. "Its so big I don't think it'll fit." She told me while ogling the 8 inches that was my manhood. 

"Take me I'm yours." she whispered to me. I kissed her inner thigh moving my way up to her flower. I could feel the intense heat coming from it. I ran my tongue over her slit and she shivered I licked it once more before sticking my tongue in and tasting her. 

I placed kisses around and on it before slipping my index finger into her causing her to squirm. I moved my mouth over her clit and flicked it with my tongue while pushing my finger in and out. I kept at it until her juices were freely flowing. 

I trailed kisses upward to her right tit where I sucked and bit the nipple before doing the same to the left. "Are you ready?" She nodded. 

I positioned my head at her entrance and slowly pushed in. She was so tight when I broke through her she gasped in pain so I waited until she gave the ok. I moved slowly reveling in her velvety feeling. 

Her walks were squeezing me all around and I could feel her stretching to accommodate me. I slowly built my rhythm pushing into her faster and faster and bottoming out in her with every thrust of my hips. 

She wrapped her legs around me and moved in sync with me gasping every time I plunged into her. Her erotic moans fueled me and I increased the pace.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder! Oh my god Ben it feels so good!" A few seconds later "Ahhha I'm cumming." I thrust into her harder and rubbed her clit with my thumb I could feel my balls tingling.

"I'm cumming too Anna!" I yelled at her. 

"Yes cum inside me" Then she yelled out as her body was rocked as her orgasm washed through her. I felt her juices squirt all over me and her pussy gripped my dick pushing me over the edge and I emptied myself inside of her. 

I collapsed on top of her panting just as hard as she was. "That was amazing />
She looked up at me with her blue eyes that sparkled in the moon light. They were full of love and excitement "It was, I love you Ben"

"I love you too Anna."

story by: SuperGuru

Tags: young first time teen male/teen female fantasy virginity incest sex story

Author: SuperGuru

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