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Graham was the perfect guy for me. I love tall guys; he was 6’1”. I love country boys; he drove a lifted Ford F150 and went hunting and fishing all the time. I was rather mature for 15 so I liked older guys; he was 17. He had short light brown hair and blue/grey eyes and even though he was a little on the chubby side, it wasn’t enough to turn me off. All in all he was the perfect guy. But there was one problem; he was my cousin. We were only blood related because we had the same grandmother (our grandfathers were different; my mom was born from a rape incident) so we didn’t look enough alike to appear related. Anytime we went out in public people would always ask how long we’d been dating. Soon enough we made it into a game to see how much we could get people to believe before they called our bluff. Simple lies at first, like 3 years, he found me on the side of the road, and he was the hero to my distress, things like that. But then it became more. People would ask to see us kiss and, for the sake of the game, we would; small, quick pecks on the lips; enough to erase doubt, but not enough to gross ourselves out. It wasn’t until I was being creeped on that we took the game seriously. Graham’s friend Luke had taken a liking to me over the few months since he met me. We went out on dates a few times, but I wasn’t interested in him so I broke it off. Now, don’t get me wrong, Luke was very attractive; he was about with wavy blonde hair and green/hazel eyes. Most girls lusted after him, but I guess I was immune. He seemed to have brushed it off after I ended it, but in fact began plotting his revenge.

He knew Graham and I went and did something together almost every Friday, whether it be bowling or midnight fishing, and he began to scheme. One Friday, we were out on the docks, doing a little midnight fishing and drinking some beers to kick off the summer when he showed up. There were a few people out on the water, the hopeless romantics that took late-night boat rides and fucked to the rocking of the waves, but no one was close enough to the docks to really see or hear us. Graham had just gone back to his truck to get another bucket for the fish we wanted to keep and Luke made his move. Before I knew it he had his hand around my mouth, the other holding my arms to my sides, and was muffling any noise I could make. He slammed me into the wall of the on-the-water bait shop where no one could you see well, even in daytime, and whispered in my ear, “make one fucking sound and I’ll kill you, you dumb bitch.” I saw the glint of his knife as he flipped it open and I shut my mouth, silently praying Graham would realize something was wrong and come looking for me. On this night I was only wearing a tank top and a pair of daisy dukes, my usual fishing apparel, and Luke took advantage of this. He cut through the crotch of my shorts and began rubbing my virgin cunt in a painful way. He’d only tried to kiss me before so feeling this made me feel degraded and humiliated. I could feel his hard-on pushing against my butt, but I was too shocked to try and do anything to get away. As he reached to pull my panties off I felt all his weight lifted off me and heard a splash. Graham was sitting there, red-faced and angry, glaring at the sputtering Luke as he came up for air. He pulled Luke out of the water and pinned him to the wall by his neck, spewing profanities I was shocked to hear him say. “You touch my cousin one more fucking time and I swear I’ll crack your fucking neck in half, you son of a bitch.” I could see Luke turning purple and I knew Graham would kill him if I didn’t stop him, “Graham! You’re gonna choke him! Let him go, I’m pretty sure he won’t touch me again,” I said confidently. Graham looked at me incredulously, “you want to let this fucker go after he tried to fucking molest you?” I saw the defeat in his eyes and he let go of Luke, but I had one alterior motive to his release. Once Luke was standing straight I did something I’d never expect out of myself. I used all my body weight and elbowed him square in the jaw, making sure to break it. He fell to the ground yelling, holding his bleeding jaw, and swearing he’d get me one day. I simply chuckled, grabbed Graham’s arm, and went to gather our fishing stuff off the dock. It was about 3 in the morning now, the early-bird fisherman would find him and I knew he wouldn’t say anything; Graham scared him shitless. Graham was grinning at me the entire ride home until we pulled into the driveway.

I asked. “Nothing, I just didn’t expect you to haul off and take a crack at him,” he said nonchalantly. But I could see he was proud of me; his baby cousin had learned to fight like a man. “Lord knows what would’ve happened to me if you hadn’t shown up my knight in shining armor,” I said and kissed him on the cheek. As I pulled back I noticed an unusual look in his eye, one that brought the curiosity out of me. I couldn’t name what it was, but I wanted to find out so I kissed him again, this time on the lips and wrapped my arms around his neck. He responded by pushing his tongue into my mouth and running his fingers through my curly brown hair. I felt something I had never felt before. A passionate burning inside me, a heat I couldn’t contain, a soothing ache. We stayed in this passionate embrace for a few more seconds before parting. “We should probably get inside. I wouldn’t want you catching a cold,” he joked as he flicked my nose. The summer air was damp and humid and it had to be at least 70 degrees outside, definitely not cold-catching weather. We hurried inside quietly, sneaking in through the back since were an hour late. I knew his parents would be leaving with my parents in a few hours to take a trip to Las Vegas for the long weekend, leaving Graham and me at his house. We were old enough now to be trusted for a few days and the house was full of food, so we were set with everything we’d need for the rest of the weekend. Or so I thought.

I woke up to overcast skies and the smell of bacon and biscuits. I shuffled, basically fell, down the stairs into the kitchen where I saw Graham eating breakfast and watching TV. I grabbed a biscuit, slathered it in gravy, a few strips of bacon, and a glass of sweet tea and sat in the recliner diagonal from him. “Hey sleepy head, nice to see you’re finally awake,” he joked. I looked at the clock; it was almost 11, way too late for me to sleep in (I’m no morning person, but I hate feeling like I wasted my morning). I simply smiled and stuffed my face with bacon, very manly I know, and turned my attention to the TV. He had turned it to the weather channel; apparently, a big storm was headed our way. I got excited at the news; I always loved storms. They were so calm and then BAM! It became total chaos within seconds! Plus, the usual low rumble of the summer thunderstorms was a like a lullaby to me.

“Hey, will you pass me that blanket,” I said, realizing how freaking cold it was in this house. “Get it yourself, lazy bones,” he joked at me. “Fine, but you’re gonna take my plate to the kitchen instead.” Knowing when I had won I handed him my plate as I reached for the blanket on the back of the couch. When he got up it slid off and, being the lazy person I am, leaned over the back of the couch to retrieve it instead of walking around. As soon as I had grabbed it I felt a smack on my ass to see Graham laughing hysterically at me falling over the couch from the surprise attack. “Screw you, Graham!” I said in mock anger, putting my poker face on to seem legit, “I’m just gonna go upstairs!” and with that I dramatically huffed up the stairs. I knew I had left him confused. He knew me well, but he had never been able to tell when I was lying and when I wasn’t, so I often played this game with him. Not before too long I heard him slowly coming up the steps. “Gears, are you mad at me?” he asked, using the nickname he tokened me with a few years ago during my mechanics obsession. I sighed loudly to let him know I was in his bedroom. He walked in and sat on the bed, “I’m sorry I scared you,” he said. I could hear a slight tremor in his voice. As I turned to see if he was really being emotional he straddled my and began tickling my sides. “Graham! Graham! Stop it! Oh, how I hate you!” I laughed as he started tickling my sides even more. Now, just to clarify, I am EXTREMELY ticklish when it comes to my sides. So much so, that even someone walking past me will cause me to jump a little, so having him tickling me was making me buck around like a bronco on drugs. Once he finally stopped the tickle torture I dove under the covers, “I’m never ever coming out again!” I said, pretending to throw a fit like a little kid. I didn’t feel any movement so I peeked my head over the covers, giving him a chance to get under with me. My back was to him and he pulled me to him, somehow managing to still tickle my sides, dammit. “Okay, okay, I give up! I’ll come out,” I said as I resurfaced from my cotton fortress. We were both sweating lightly and my face was red from laughing so hard. He brushed my hair out of my eyes and got that same look that he had only a few hours ago, causing me to feel that same trembling in my gut that got me excited. He traced his thumb down the side of my face and grazed it over my lower lip. Simultaneously, we both leaned in and locked lips for the second time that day. Once more we went to full on frenching, searching each others’ mouths like we’d find Amelia Earhart in there. Before I realized it, he was on top of me, straddling me and kissing me passionately. He didn’t try to touch me anywhere else, but I could feel a growing bulge pushing into my abdomen. I decided against bringing attention to it and continued to kiss him, forgetting he was my cousin in the heat of the moment. He broke the kiss and stared deeply into my eyes. I couldn’t help but smile at him, he was so freaking cute! I had always thought my cousin was very handsome, but never in a sexual way. However, I now looked at him like a lover, a best friend to share my most intimate moments with, and a protector. He leaned back, “We should both probably shower,” he said with a giddiness in his voice I recognized from a year or two ago when he first got his truck. use up all the hot water,” called to me over his shoulder as he walked out so I could get undressed. I had an idea, “why don’t we just shower together?” I knew this caught him off guard and made him wary so I further explained, save time, money, and water, and besides, we used to take baths together all the time.”

We both knew the last bath we had taken together was way before either of us became sexually attracted to anyone, but he agreed. As we stepped inside the bathroom I giggled nervously; I was about to see a real penis. Not just one in the anatomy books at school or from the pornos I’d seen over the years, but a real, live cock. I knew the thought of seeing my pussy excited him so I was the first to undress. I figured if I don’t make the first move, who will? As I pulled of my shorts, panties, tank top, and bra, I saw him gulp nervously and try to hide his boner. I thought I had an okay body, nothing too special, and a little on the chubby side, but I had D-cup breasts and a firm, round ass. As I turned the water on I felt him scanning my body. I turned to him, “I don’t think showering in clothes is such a good idea,” I said as I put my hand on my hips expectantly. I knew he wouldn’t want me to see him so I turned and pretended to be messing with the water temperature. I went ahead and stepped in the shower and he followed suit, standing behind me and out of the warm spray. The shower was small, but it was the biggest in the house and if I turned sideways my hip was touching his thigh. I quickly wet my hair and reached down for the soap, being sure to let it slip out of my hands. I said as I bent down to get the bottle, giving him a nice view of my ass and pussy lips for a split-second. I quickly washed my hair and motioned for him to take his turn. He shuffled around me and stood under the spray with his back to me. Since he barely had any hair it only took him about a minute to wash his hair and it was my turn again. I began to wash my body and turned sideways so the water wouldn’t instantly wash the soap off. I know he got a good look at me washing my breasts, and I even caught him off guard when I asked, “will you wash my back?” Gingerly, he took some of the soap in his hands and began washing my back, stopping at my lower back but grazing over my ass a time or two. I said quickly as I turned around and washed all the soap off. He began washing his body and I couldn’t help but stare at his now erect cock. It had to be 8 inches long, way longer than I expected, and 3 ½ around! He caught me staring and chuckled, “like what you see?” I feigned embarrassment, “sorry, it’s just. . . I’ve never seen a guy’s cock before,” I said shyly. “Do you, uh, do you want to touch it?” his question came out more of a command and I quickly replied, “No, I probably shouldn’t. Imagine if our parents found out!” I chuckled nervously. I actually didn’t intend on him asking me that question so I was the one caught off guard. He snickered and shut off the water, handing me a towel from the towel rack and grabbing one for himself. We went our separate ways, me to the guest bedroom, him to his bedroom, and got dressed. It was one o’clock now and the sky was getting darker by the minute, exciting me beyond belief.

I woke up to the biggest crack of thunder I had ever heard. I was almost positive it had cracked the window above my bed, but after further inspection it was still intact. I looked at the clock; it was only midnight and the weather man had said the storms were supposed to get to their worst around two or three. Being under the window didn’t make me feel safe so I made my way down the hallway to Graham’s room to see if he was awoke by the storm too or not. I slowly cracked his door open and I what I saw shocked me to the core. . .
Graham was sitting in the bean bag chair in the corner of his room with his head back, eyes closed, and dick in hand. I could barely hear over the pelting rain, but I did make out him moaning my name. Once more I felt that burning lust in my gut and I knew I had to get farther with him in the short amount if time we had left. I watched until he shuddered violently and cum flew out of his cock. He was sort of humping the air, I guess you could say, and pretty much yelled my name. He looked over at the door. Sure I was caught I made a run back to my room and dove under the covers, listening for any sign of him coming. When I heard the faint creak of my door opening my heart started to race. “Psst, Alice,” he whispered to me as he lightly tapped me on the shoulder. I slowly rolled over, trying to make it seem like I’d been asleep the whole time. I yawned. “I just came to check up on you, this storm’s getting pretty bad,” he said as he looked out the window. “Yeah it scared me so bad I had to hide under the covers,” I said pitifully. He sat on the edge of my bed and faced me, “do you want me to stay with you tonight?” I nodded yes, “but we’d probably be safer in your room. This window worries me,” I said as I pushed the covers down. All I was wearing was a baggy t-shirt and a pair of boy short panties, and I could feel his eyes running over my body. I held onto his arm as we made our way into his room and I flopped on his bed. “Very graceful,” he chuckled as he got in beside me. Now, this storm didn’t scare me as much as I was making it out to seem, but I was milking it for all I was worth. I had my back to him and I scooted back so he was pressing into me and pulled his hand over my chest, resting it on my boobs. I felt him situate himself a little farther behind me so I pulled my knees in closer and pulled his hand tighter to my chest, relishing the moment of physical ecstasy between us.
I woke up about a minute before the power went out. I love storms and all, but I have impeccable timing to where I will be awake when the power goes out and it scares me shitless for some reason. Graham must’ve felt me jump because he jerked up, wrong?” he asked as he scanned the pitch-black room. “The power went out,” I said, my lip trembling. For some reason it always made me cry. Maybe some childhood trauma caused it, but for God knows what reason I get overly emotional. “Shh, shh, it’s gonna be okay,” he said as he pulled my trembling body close, “I’m here and I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“Can we just talk for a minute? So I can ease my nerves? Please?” I asked. “Sure, what do you want to talk about?” he whispered comfortingly into my ear. “Actually, I think I know something better than talking,” and with that I flipped to face him, the look of confusion on his sleepy face making me giggle. I stared into his eyes, getting lost in the moment and leaned in to kiss him, lightly at first, but more aggressively as the seconds passed. He reacted positively, opening his mouth so I could get my tongue in and he did the same. Within a matter of minutes he was on top of me again; not holding me down, but not giving me an easy escape either. We got so caught up in the moment it took me a second to realize he was lightly thrusting his hips, like he was actually fucking me, and his hard-on was rubbing over my abdomen every time, when I realized I was meeting his thrusts with my own. He had been moaning occasionally, but now it was my turn to take control. I moved so that I was straddling his waist and I smiled down at him. He, my cousin, was making me feel invincible. I would’ve never had the courage to take control with somebody like Luke, but I felt safe with Graham. Without breaking eye contact I slowly traced my hand down his naked chest, stopping just above the large tent in his boxers. “No. . . Don’t stop,” he moaned breathlessly. I slowly slid his boxers down and his cock sprang out of its cloth prison. I lightly traced my finger down the underside of his cock, watching it twitch at my touch. I knew I was teasing him and it wasn’t fair to him, but it was so erotic to watch his face contort with pleasure. Unexpectedly, he grabbed my hand and closed it around his shaft, “really slow at first babe, be gentle,” he said as he slid my small hand up and down his throbbing manhood. I kept up this rhythm, increasing my speed slowly until he was bucking his hips to match my tempo. When I noticed his eyes were closed I took the opportunity to take it further; I leaned over and licked the tip of his pulsating dick, causing him to jerk his head up and open his eyes. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” he asked, “I’m not sure I’ll be able to control myself.” I answered by taking the whole head in my mouth. It was like I had pulled a trigger; immedieately he arched his back and I felt his hot cum gushing into my mouth, spurt after spurt as he emptied his balls into my throat. After swallowing it all like a good girl I looked at him; he was breathing heavily and his face had an almost pained look to it.

I leaned forward so my head was on his chest, “how was it?” I asked innocently. He kissed me passionately before responding, “Fucking amazing. I love you so much, Alice, you have no idea. I’ve been in love with you for three years now. And it’s finally time you know how I feel.” I kissed him and leaned over so I was beside his ear and whispered, “I’m in love with you too, Graham. And I needed to show my appreciation for what you did for me the other night. But I have one last request: make love to me. Fuck me. Screw me. Whatever you want to call it I just need to feel you inside me,” I was so happy. I knew he would never hurt me and he was only going to protect me. I’d rather lose my virginity to him than to anyone else.
He removed my shirt and panties from my body, and moved so he was above me again. He positioned himself at the entrance to my virgin hole and pushed forward. I moaned as the head popped in. He pushed in slowly until he hit my hymen, at which point he looked me in the eye and asked me once more if I was sure I wanted this. “I want to remember this for the rest of my life as one of my happiest moments, Graham. I wouldn’t want anyone else but you to do it.” With that he pulled back a ways and kissed me before going fully inside me. I broke the kiss as he tore through my virginity and bit into his neck at the pain. It felt like I had just been stuffed with a burning log, he was so big. He stayed where he was until I told him to continue, at which point he slowly began thrusting in and out of me. I felt that same aching heat inside me, but I also felt elation. His thrusts got deeper and faster until he would almost pull out all the way and then shove himself back in till he bottomed out. After a few more minutes I felt him shudder and that was enough send me over the edge. I had an earth-shattering orgasm as he filled me with his seed. We laid together, him still inside me till both our orgasms had subsided. I didn’t fear becoming pregnant by him; I had been on the pill for the last year and half for hormonal issues. He pulled out of me and held me close, kissing my neck and cheek and forehead while telling me he loved me. We finally drifted off to the sound of the easing storm’s light rain tapping against the window, sounding like a lullaby to me and giving me hope for the future.

story by: MyLifeIsBrette

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Author: MyLifeIsBrette

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