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Several months had passed since our first time together in Florida and Adam and I were still as close as ever. We still hungout almost daily and screwed around almost as often. His room was down in the basement and we spent every second playing with each other. We had every grown so comfortable with each other that we would stay in the room and watch each other go to the bathroom. I was the submissive one in the relationship and Adam loved to dominate me. He would tie me up or make me crawl around the house naked on my hands and knees when nobody was home. Sometimes when I was sucking his cock and I didn’t make him cum fast enough, he would lock me in his dog’s cage and make me suck him off through the bars. I had to spend the night in that cage with cum splattered all over me on several occasions.

I had grown up a lot since Florida and even had a girlfriend. She was a beautiful girl. Dark hair, hazel eyes and olive skin made this fully Mediterranean girl a true work of art. She was and although she weighed just under 140 pounds, there was no possible way that anyone could confuse her for being overweight. She did have a small amount of fat on her body but it was mostly deposited in probably her second best feature, after her face, her size 36 D chest. Just in the interest of accuracy, Jenna wears a size 10 shoe. How I got this seventeen year old beauty was beyond me.

Jenna knew that Adam and I were very close, but I was certain that she didn’t know quite how close we really were. Jenna had the kind of personality that attracted all the guys and Adam was one of the many guys who was in love with her. I think that subconsciously, at least, Adam was instilling a little payback on me for taking the girl he loved every single time he fucked the shit out of me. I had no problem with this because of just how submissive I was.

One night when Adam’s parents and two younger brothers were out of town at a hockey tournament, Jenna and I came over and were downstairs on the couch watching TV. Nothing too interesting was on so I suggested that we play a game of strip poker. I know this sounds like the cornest thing ever but that was the best thing Adam and I could come up with when we planned everything out beforehand. We played so that the best two hands win and the person with the worst hand has to take an article of clothing off. It started off pretty slowly but by the time Jenna was down to her bra and panties and Adam was in his boxers, I knew things were going to start heating up. I could tell that I wasn’t the only one checking out Adam’s hot body and hard cock that was poking up from inside his boxers.

With me stealing a kiss from Jenna while Adam stacked the deck, the poor girl’s pair of fives simply could not compete with our identical royal flushes. I could tell that she had an idea that something was going on but that didn’t stop her from unhooking her bra strap, letting it drop in her lap. Adam was amazed with my girl’s enormous breasts and asked her right away if he could touch them. With an incredible yearning in her eyes, she looked to me for approval. At that moment I knew that I had timed this perfectly. I read online someplace that girls are most horny when they’re ovulating and this happened in a steady cycle, so all I had to do was get the cycle down and she’d be willing for anything. With a smile and a nod, Adam began caressing them. He grabbed the right one in his hand, squeezing it and rubbing around Jenna’s nipple. When he pinched it, she let out a little moan as she slipped her hand down her panties. I could tell that she wanted him but wasn’t sure how I felt about it. After the next hand and another stacked deck, both Adam and I won once again and Jenna was forced to remove her panties. She got up and slowly lowered them, letting them slip off her hips and fall to the ground. She sat back down, legs partially open with that sweet scent coming from between her legs.

Immediately, Adam stood up and dropped his boxers. His enormous, thick, eight-inch cock fell out and Jenna instantly fell in love with it. I watched as my girlfriend opened up her legs and prepared for Adam’s long rod to plunge inside of her. Apparently, this was not what Adam had in mind quite yet when he crawled up on top of her and shoved his dick in her mouth. She could barely fit half of it in before it reached too far down her throat and made her gag. I got up to finish undressing when Adam began thrusting in and out, using her mouth as a makeshift pussy. By the time I finished, he suggested that we take this into the bedroom. I got up and he picked Jenna up in his muscular arms, walking into his room and tossing her down on his bed.

She was begging to be fucked by this stud and Adam would not disappoint. I laid down on his pillow with my legs open and Jenna’s head between them so she could suck me off while getting fucked doggie style. She bent over, ass cheeks wide open giving a perfect view to Adam of that tight butthole and dripping wet pussy. Apparently so she would get something out of it, he chose the latter. She wrapped her hands around me, squeezing my buttcheeks as his head probed inside of her. Normally I have to use some lube to squeeze mine in but Jenna was so horny at this point she was making all the lube he needed. I saw that look of intense pleasure on her face the second he thrusted forward and began pounding her. She started moaning and despite all efforts to maintain composure and continue sucking me off, she just couldn’t. After about a minute of Adam’s rod pumping in and out of her pussy, she finally gave up trying to even lick me and resigned herself to having her cheek smashed against my balls and rock hard cock. Her breasts hung low and swayed back and forth with every push. I grabbed them both and began rubbing and twisting her nipples to provide her with some extra satisfaction. Every time that big dong violated my girlfriend, she would thrust forward into my balls, creating a rhythmic slapping sound. After another few minutes, I could tell that she was ready to cum. Jenna was grinding her teeth between screams and I briefly wondered if the neighbors could hear us. Finally, she came with one long scream, but Adam wasn’t finished just yet. He kept sliding in and out of that newly stretched pussy for another few minutes. My girl, moaning the entire time, was working up to another orgasm when Adam finally let loose. When that first squirt of hot cum hit inside her pussy, it was just about all that Jenna could take as she had another orgasm. She screamed as every shot hit inside of her and finally when they were done, Adam and Jenna collapsed on the bed together in sheer bliss.

Not wanting to get screwed out of my turn, I got up and Adam took my place at the head of the bed. Jenna began playing with his soft, still enormous penis as I slid out the tube of lubricant that I had purchased the previous day and Adam stored under his bed. Jenna once again assumed the position and spread her cheeks wide open. Being the first anal play that she had ever experienced, I nodded to Adam and in a sweet, southing tone, he told her to just relax all her muscles and everything would be fine. I added that it might hurt a little at first but I know that she’ll come to love it. I squirted some lube onto her asshole and then a little more on my pointer finger. Not wanting to just start pounding her and have her turned off to the entire experience, I slowly slid it inside of her anus and felt it expand to fit in the foreign object. I added my middle finger and slowly slid both inside of her. Jenna winced in pain, but soon her butthole expanded again and she became comfortable with it. Adam’s cock was rock hard once again and she concentrated on sucking him off as I slid yet another finger up her ass. Finally, I could tell that she was ready for the grand finale. I lubed up my dick extremely well, wiped my fingers off on her back, gave her a pat on the butt and got in position. My head slid in with a pop and I waited there for her asshole to compensate. I began sliding the rest of my seven-inch cock inside of her. The big dick in her mouth muffled the sound of half pain half pleasure that she was emitting. When my pubic hair was finally firmly against her ass, she removed Adam’s cock from her mouth and said, with a great deal of concern, “I think I shit myself.” I consoled her that she had not shit herself; it was just a normal feeling that you get during anal sex. Seemingly satisfied, she went back to sucking Adam’s cock. I grabbed onto her meaty butt cheeks and started a rhythmic fucking motion. Slowly at first, I worked up to a fast paced pounding within a few minutes. Every time I penetrated her the full seven inches, she would let out a low moan. I could tell that her previous discomfort had passed and she was really enjoying this. Her asshole wrapped around my dick so tightly that I came after only a few minutes. I squirted my entire load inside of her and coated the inside of her anus with a thick, white glaze.

This was the moment I had worried about for so long. I knew I had to expose our secret and now was the time. I moved up in the bed next to Jenna and began kissing her. Pretty soon I felt a long, thick, hot cock resting between our faces. It slid in between our mouths and we started moving our tongues all around it. Jenna opened her eyes to see my best friend’s dong in my mouth. She was shocked at first but soon, throwing all caution to the wind, she dove right in and started playing with his balls with her tongue. After a while of double-teaming Adam’s cock, I decided to get things back on track, so Adam got up and off the bed and Jenna took his place. I got on my knees, the exact same position my girlfriend had just been in, and buried my face in her pussy. I opened my cheeks as wide as they could go and felt the warm lube drip down between them and into my crack. I didn’t get the slow and steady pre-ass fucking treatment that Jenna had received and Adam simply slobbered some lube on his cock and rammed it home. We hadn’t done anything for a while leading up to this night, so it felt bigger than usual. The discomfort quickly passed and soon he began pounding away. I felt his trimmed pubes smash against my butt cheeks over and over as I tried to concentrate on the cum filled pussy that was in front of me. I would play with her clit for a while and then use my tongue to scoop out some of Adam’s cum. I knew that since he had just came, it would take longer than usual for him to squirt once again. Jenna, on the other hand, only took about five minutes until she squirted a mixture of her cum and Adam’s onto my face. I had my arms wrapped around her simply trying to hold on when after a half hour of hardcore pounding Adam flipped me over. I crawled up next to Jenna and we opened our mouths in anticipation of the coming stream. The first squirt hit me square in the cheek, the next shot all over Jenna’s face and the next several landed across Jenna’s 36 D chest, which I soon licked off.

After that and a couple quick phone calls home with more than a little lying, we spent the night together. In the middle of the night, Jenna and I woke up and took a shower together. Adam joined in later and we had another little session. We dressed and went back to our respective houses, promising to do this again next weekend.

story by: J Stewart

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Author: J Stewart

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