Joe snaps. chapter 1 a night at the club

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This is my first attempt at a story. I used spell check and tried to use proper grammar. There will still be some errors but I feel this is the best I could write this. Yes this has themes you might not like but you chose to click on the story don’t blame me.
I want to make a series out of this if this story goes well.

It was 6:45 on a Friday night and Megan was getting ready to go clubbing with her girlfriends.
“Well this should make some losers want to kill them self” Megan remarked as she adjusted her low cut black dress. She always dressed as slutty as possible when she went out. Nothing gave Megan more pleasure than watching some overweight or nerdy man drool over her body. With 32 DD’s and a nice round ass she had the goods achieve her goals.
Walking up to the bouncer she didn’t even slow down as he opens the door never even checking her id. She was only 20 but she never has been carded.
“Like I’m going to sleep with him just because he opens a door for me” she remarks to one of her friends, laughing as they went deeper in the club.
This club was crowded and loud, just like Megan wanted them. She hated her friends they tended to make stupid remarks. She only hung out with them because she felt they weren’t as sexy as she was. Megan danced with several good looking guys grinding real close but never committing to any one of them more than one or two dances. Around 11pm a guy walked up to Megan. At 5’7 240 pounds Joe wasn’t winning any beauty contests.
“Hi would you like to dance?” he asked. She didn’t even take a minute to think as she fired off a response. “Really? You think I would ever dance with a loser like you? Who taught you style, a blind fat pig?”

As he walked away he heard her friends firing off rude remarks as well. He tried to hold his head up high but it wasn’t easy. Why did she have to say it like that? A simple no would have been fine. Why be mean for the sake of being mean? It had been like this ever since he got back from Iraq. He had been involved in IED attack and it had forced him to spend 6 months trying to re learn how to use his left side.His body worked 100% he just had not been able to get back down to his combat weight of 180. Taking his place near the back he watched Megan. She danced with a couple more guys that night, all of them very good looking.

He exits the club around 2am and heads to the back alley way to see if any of the hookers happen to still be working. He hated having to pay for sex but when you get lonely you do what you have to do. He sees someone stumbling in front of him, he speeds up to make sure they are all right when the woman falls to the ground. He rushes forward to help her up and he notices it’s the girl from earlier, the girl who wouldn’t even give him her name. Grinding his teeth he holds his hand out to help her up, regretting even stopping to help. Her eyes are glazed over then they focus on his face as he pulls her to her feet.

“Hey.. your that guy.. from the club.. what the fuck is a loser like you doing touching me? I should scream rape just to see how many people would beat your ass, and they would too. A fat loser like you touching a hottie like me. Who the fuck do you think you are?”

At that moment something inside Joe snapped. Years of being treated badly, 4 years and 2 deployments weighed down on him, all the women who ever spoke ill of him flashed before his eyes. He couldn’t take it. No he wouldn’t take it anymore. He would teach disrespectful people like this… this. He still didn’t know her name. His arm arched back and he swung with every ounce of hated he could muster and slapped her across her face. A loud SMACK sounded down the alley way as his hand collided with her cheek. She fell to the ground from the force of the blow. He reached down and ripped her up by the front of her dress slamming her against the wall.

“Who the fuck do you think you are you disrespectful whore!” He screamed into her ear. “You want to treat me like some animal? You want to accuse me of rape? Well bitch let me make an honest woman out of you at least!”

He slammed her against the wall again then slapped her on the same side of her face. Reaching up he ripped the dress down the front to reveal her big breast. Running his hands across her chest he squeezed her tits through the skimpy bra she was wearing. He pressed his face up against hers and kissed her while his left hand went down her dress to rub against her crotch.

“God you’re fucking hot, why would someone like you be so fucking mean?” He drove his point home by shoving his hand under her thong and pushing two fingers into her tight pussy. His right hand ran up her body behind her back to unclasp her bra. Once the clasp was freed he lowered his face down and starting sucking on her nipples. He tried to push her dress down but it wouldn’t go over her round ass. He didn’t know this kind of dress had to be taken off from the top. He unbuckled his pants and pushed them down to the ground exposing his hard dick. He wasn’t very big being only 6 inches long but he knew how to work what he had.
He ripped her thong to the side and slammed his dick into her pussy.
“Fuck does this excite you? You’re dripping wet!” He had no idea that Megan had worked herself up while dancing with the last couple guys, they were very hot and she had hoped they call since she gave them a real phone number.

Pushing his dick in and pulling it out at a steady rhythm was starting to affect Megan, as much as she was horrified she was getting turned on. He may be ugly but he could really fuck. Getting bored Joe pulled out and spun her around pushing her towards the wall. He slammed his dick into her pussy faster and noticed that she was starting to grunt and moan each time he went inside her. “This slutty bitch is enjoying this.. “he thought to himself. He reached around and grabbed her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples as he felt himself getting closer. “

Should I pull out, or unload deeply inside this little slut? He thought. Before he could decide he felt Megan’s pussy constricting on his dick. With no warning she let lose a scream as she came all over his dick. The sight and sound with the warm wet feeling covering his dick caused him to shoot his load deep inside her. As he unloaded his sperm deep in her pussy he leaned up against her back pushing her tits into the wall. After a few minutes he pulled away and out of her and she slumped down to the ground with her arms around her chest in some failed attempt to cover her shame.

Thinking fast he pulled his pants back up then snatched up her purse and tipped it over dumping the contents to the ground. He found her id and using his cell phone shined a light onto it. Smirking to himself he threw it to the ground. Snatched up her cell phone and took off into the night.

Laying there on the ground Megan had no idea how much time had passed when she finally got up and tried to pull her dress back on. She grabbed her purse and everything on the ground and slowly started walking home. Once she made it home she climbed into her shower and turned the water on as hot as she could stand it and just laid down and cried in the tub.

She had no idea that outside her house sitting in his car was Joe, he had read the address on her ID and had come to scope the place out.
“Well Megan Mills of 214 Murray Blvd., your life is about to get so much worst” He said in the empty car as he drove away. As so many evil thoughts ran through his head on the way home, Joe slept peacefully for the first time in the two years since leaving the army, no nightmares or troubling images haunted his slumber as he drifted off dreaming of the girl with the big tits and round ass.

story by: pvtpoet

Tags: male/female fantasy rape non-consensual sex sex story

Author: pvtpoet

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