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Her giggles slowly turned into moans as she continued to trace little circles on her clit. I felt the cool air against my dick, sending shivers down my spine making my cock twitch. She brought her hand back to her nipples and let out a squeak of joy. That little squeal of joy just shook me to my core.

I couldn’t stand it! Throwing my head back into my pillow with my eyes shut so hard that a crowbar would have a hard time opening them, pulling at my restraints as hard as I could but to no effect. I was trapped; I screamed again and only muffled noises made it passed the sock.

I felt something wet and warm move up my shaft. My eyes shot open seeing her middle and index fingers cover in her pussy juice slide up and back down my shaft before retreating back to her mouth, tasting her juices and technically me on her fingers. She pulled her fingers out of her mouth and returned back into her pussy. Slowly thrusting back and forth in and out of her, and she pulled them out. Thinking see was going to do the same thing I just turned my head to the side and tried to mentally escape

I was in Crystal’s queen sized bed with her cuddling up on me. The both of us were naked. Her parents and older sister weren’t home at all from the night before allowing me to stay the night, and they won’t be home for a good long time. Her warm cotton sheets clung to our bodies under her blanket. She held me as tight as she could just as if I was some teddy bear, probably hoping to never let go. I didn’t want her to let go either.

Even though I had a sock in my mouth I still was able to smile, but it was short lived as I felt Bridgette’s wet fingers drag across my lips. My smile was gone and the happiness that once filled me now vanished. Bridgette leaned forward and licked my lips of her juices. I think she was a little disgusted licking my dirty sock, god knows I didn’t like it any better.

My eyes were full of rage looking right into hers as she brought her hand to my mouth and removed the sock, tracing the outline my lips with her fingers, just really taking in the moment before she took the sock out.

“LET ME GOMMMF!” I screamed at her the first chance I got till she put her hand over my mouth.

“Shhh baby.” She said in her most soothing tone, trying to calm me down but to no effect.

I gave up trying to talk my way out of this whole situation. It was a lose-lose battle for me. The only thing left for me to do was resist as much as the restraints would allow me.

Bridgette slowly brought her hand down releasing my upper lip. Wasting no time, she instantly latched on to it. Kissing it, running hey tongue over it, lightly pulling it with her teeth, basically doing anything she wanted, and everything she could get. I’d be lying to you if I said that what she was doing didn’t feel good, but I wasn’t going to let her know.

Again she moved her hand further down till both my lips were exposed. I closed my lips as hard as I could and turned my head. Not wasting any time, she brought her hands up to the side of my head and held me still, halting my only protest. Her tongue easily pierced through my lips, and just left my shut jaw in her way. I felt her tongue slide along my teeth looking for an opening that I was denying her.

Minutes passed as she fought to get my mouth open. Trying everything she could from making a pathetic whimper all the way to literally trying to rip my mouth open, and she almost did it too.

Out of no where an idea popped into my head. I made the biggest thrust I could with my hips with of my strength. My plan worked I hit her and she fell off the side of the bed. The few seconds of relief was better than anything on god’s green earth.

Unfortunately, my plan worked to well and reminded Bridgette of her goal. She cocked a smile,”Ooh, thanks for reminding me.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek and climbed back on my bed so that she was kneeling between my legs. Placing her hand on my still hard cock and slowly stroking it. Her eyes were glued to the sight.

“Finally your mine.” She whispered to herself.

Bridgette stopped stroking and took a firm hold of me, pointing my cock upwards to the ceiling. Taking her own sweet time to straddle my waist till my cock was right under her…her pussy.

‘Ha-ha nice joke you can let me go now.’ I frantically thought hoping that this was some kind of sick joke that should just end. ‘You got me! Now let me go.’ My thoughts, my hopes seemed to have dropped out of the sky as she started lowering herself down onto me. This was no joke at all. She was really going to go through with it and fuck my drug induced hard on.

The head of my cock reached the entrance of her hot, wet pussy I couldn’t help but give off a shuttered breath at the sensation. Bridgette also too let out some form of a guttural noise when we touched. She went limp for a second and fell the rest of the way down, smacking her hips into mine, and fell on me. It must have been too much, her grunt morphed into a silent scream as her head rested on my sternum.

Not wasting anytime time Bridgette shakily put her arms under her self to sit up and look at me. The drunken smile she wore, hidden behind the strands of her long
brunette hair. I was trying my best not to show any emotion, I wouldn’t give her any sign of how good it felt and let her know that she had won.

She started to slowly grind herself back and forth, just relishing the moment. The agonizing slow pace made it hard to keep my straight face. My face twitched a little, but that was all that she was getting.

After a while she picked her hips up off me and dropped them back down getting the deep thrusts she desperately wanted. She repeated this, coming up until I was almost free from her confines and then literally falling back down. No man could hide the pleasure from what she was doing. Her thrusts broke my stone face, and had me groaning till there was no breath left in me.

Bridgette fell on me again, breathless, breathing in short burst into my ear, “Uhhh, you feel so good inside me! You were made just for me.” as she continued to rock back and forth with her hips. I kept grunting as she would give a little sharp thrust with her hips every now and then. The slow pace was killing me.

Finally, the gods gave me a break, showing me that it was almost over. She started to quicken her pace. Her moans seemed to be getting louder with each thrust. It felt so good that it was taking every fiber of my being to hold me back from meeting her thrust with my own. Her pace constantly change from a near blur of her hips to a slow painful speed were she would grinded her self at the base of my cock. I couldn’t help it, the bitch was killing me. The constant change of pace was getting me close. She kept it up until she stopped. Her eyes closed, her jaw tensed up. After a couple of seconds of silence her screams of pleasure broke into the air, and her pussy just went insane. I could feel all her muscles contract then loosen there hold only to contract again. I couldn’t believe I just made my cousin cum.

Bridgette took firm hold of my chest with her hands to keep herself steady as she road through her orgasm. Her slow gentle movements along with her still shuddering cunt were slowly brought me to the edge.

Her face lit up as if she had an epiphany. “You she paused bringing a smile to her lips, “now it’s your turn.”

I was stunned to say the least. “No no no no no no no no nomffff.” She cut me off by slamming her lips into mine. I started screaming into her mouth but it only made her kiss me harder. I felt her tongue on mine; I remembered how good it felt when Crystal and I passionately kissed for hours on end, but that was heaven and this was hell.

Fuck! I was cumming. She slammed her hips onto me trying to milk me. There was nothing I could do to stop it, no thought, no action, nothing.

Her body went into its motions again; enticing me completely with no mercy. My instincts took over, I tried to thrust my hips like a maniac, I returned her kiss, and finally blew into her. It must have been one of the best orgasms I ever had. I felt like I had no energy left, and I just drained myself into her. I turned my head so I could look at Bridgett, but I passed out before I could. The last thing I heard was her moaning from my last spurt.

“Sleep tight, my love.” I woke up around an hour later, still naked, untied, and confused.

Did this really happen? Feeling down at my wet crotch to examine myself and to my horror, it happened. I pulled the covers up and curled up into a ball. My head was boggled I wanted to hide, but I also want to fight. I didn’t know what to do.

I picked my cell phone up to check the time. It was later than I thought. When I got home from dropping Crystal off it was around six. As I went to set it down I got a call.

“Baby are you alright?” it was Crystal, she sounded scared.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? I called you like 5 times.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“So, what’s the deal with />
still don’t know yet. It’ll probably be some blackmail bullshit. You know how she is.”

“True, she can be quite the bitch.”

“Hey! At least you’re not related to her.” forcing a chuckle,” Well I got to go I’ll call you later. Love you” I rushed the call trying to end it just incase Bridgette decided to pay a visit.

“Ok, bye. Love you too.”

I felt like shit for lying to her, and pretty much telling her to fuck off on the phone made me feel oh so much better. Then considering Bridgette and all, it made suicide seem like fun.

Whatever! I needed to get out of here. I grabbed a shirt and some shorts and headed out. Just as the front door was closing I heard some objection to me leaving from Bridgette, but I couldn’t care less of her right now.

With all the thoughts rushing through my head I needed something to clear my head. Walking was that little break that I needed. The cool night air filling my lungs, the sounds of bugs in the distance, and the peace and quiet of walking around the neighborhood made my problems just melt away.

Luckily, my good friend Will lived a couple streets over, and I knew he’s having a party. Damn I love it when I’m right!

I walked up his driveway into a sea of drunken teenagers, loud music, and the stench of vomit. Instantly, I went to the table with nearly all the drinks known to man on it and made my self something strong. With the day I had I needed a drink, and I didn’t get cheap with the stuff at all.

“Hey man I didn’t think you would come.” Will’s face popped out of nowhere.

“I was wondering when your dumbass would get here.”

“Hey! Perfection takes time!” I threw back at him trying to hold in my laughter.

“So what’s up?” Will and I talked the usual teenage bullshit for a bit before we went our separate ways back into the party.

It was a good party, the drinks were flowing and the time just flew by. I was having fun besides the constant nagging of people asking where Crystal was, since we’re pretty much joined at the hip. Other than that it was good, and then it got even better.

I walked up behind her and started talking, trying to disguise my voice. “You know, those clothes would look better at the end of my bed.” I gave the words more emphasis with a nice firm squeeze or her tight ass.

Crystal instantly jumped from my grip and squealed like a little girl. “Oh my fucking god….Chris you asshole!” she started to throw some girly slaps at me, but I jumped back fast enough to dodge them.

“What I thought you would be glad to see me?” I grabbed both of her arms and pulled her close into my chest.

“I am!” She confirmed her response by pushing her body as tight as she could against mine. She felt so good against me, but it felt even better when we were naked.

“So,” she drew out the word for a couple seconds,” what />
“Oh nothing just some black mail bullshit.” Trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

Crystal freed her arms and wrapped them around me, resting her head on my shoulder “Ok, I was just worried about you, and I don’t want anything bad to happen because of me.”

“Baby, don’t worry about me. And hey,” I cocked a smile, “now that I’m here want to finish what we started.” I slid my arms down her back to her nice firm cheeks and gave a nice squeeze jogging her memory.

she melted in my arms.

Instantly she pulled my hands away from her ass and led me by the arm to find some place quiet.

It took her forever to find the damn door knob. Not wasting any time waiting for me she basically dragged me through the house. Barely able to keep my feet under me, I followed her to one of the bedrooms. It was dark, but enough light to tell it was the spare room.

We stumbled over boxes they had on the floor as we made our way to the bed. Not wasting any time, Crystal threw me on the bed and instant took her place on top. Replanting her mouth on my own; her warm wet tongue made its way into my mouth massaging my own as I tried to do the same.

She wiggled around on top of me. I had to keep a firm grip on her so she wouldn’t fall off, but she still managed to free herself. She might as well be covered in baby oil the way I trying to keep a hold on her.

All the fiction from her moving around was rubbing all the right places. My dick was stiffening under her weight as her stunning body moved up, down, left, and right over my crotch. The pleasure started to become too much, and I had to stop it fast.

Without thinking I took my hands away from her back and latched on to her well toned ass. Digging my fingers as deep as her flesh would allow me. I pulled her rear as tight as I could to my body, smashing our groans together, only separated by our clothing.

Instantly Crystal stopped moving. Gasping for air at the sudden sensation, sighing a deep moan. “Nnnnya baby.” In a breathless voice as she pulled away for a second to breath before replanting her mouth against mine continuing our passionate kiss, and continuing to grind her clothe cover pussy on me.

We finally broke our kiss, Crystal pushing her body off mine reached down grabbing the hem of her tank top, pulling it up her body ever slowly. She kept her eyes locked on to mine the whole time, but my eyes were only focused on her flawless body as it became inch-by-inch more visible. Her hourglass figure revealed it self to me, left me staring at her tummy with a dumb look on my face. The slow agonizing seconds passed as the tank top slowly made its way up to her breasts. My head snapped back into reality as her bra became visible as the only barrier between my and the sight of her perfect breasts. That little pink piece of fabric became my worst enemy.

Finally! Crystal stopped her slow torture and quickly ripped her tank top up and over her head. Planting her hands on my shoulders, she leaned down bringing her luscious lips to my ear.

“Talk dirty to me.” She whispered in the faintest voice.

“Aww, you a naughty girl.” I cooed right back in her ears.

“Just do it!” her voice was strained.

“OK ok ok! You probably want me to do all the naughtiest thing to you?” I kept my voice even, as my hands started to massage her butt quickly making it past the hem of her tiny shorts, that fit her oh-so perfectly, and slowly made there way back down her thighs. My hands took gentle but firm hands folds of her toned legs until I couldn’t move my hands down farther.

she more moaned than whispered into my ears. Pleased to get a little dance along with her show.

I whispered into her ears, “You want me to touch you….all over.” Again I was rewarded with her moaning along with the bighting of her lower lip and her hair dancing on the side of my face as she nodded her head.

My fingers made way to the inside of her thighs. With the softest touch, they slowly made their way up her smooth skin. To my unfortunate surprise, as my fingers made there way up her legs they were stopped by her booty shorts. Without wasting anytime I quickly started to tug at the waist line of those damn shorts. Thankfully, Crystal quickly got the message and pulled it down along with her little pink thong, and flung them across the room.

Sitting up on her knees, Crystal then began to remove her bra. Revealing those two perfectly shaped mounds of flesh that have a magnetic hold over me, leaving me at awe for what could have been forever if she chose not to snap me out of my trance.

My eyes were finally dragged away from the sight by Crystal tilting my head up till we were looking eye-to-eye.

“Take off your shirt.” She spoke in tiniest voice I have ever heard from her, but I was happy to comply, taking off my shirt leaving me only in my shorts.

Just as I pulled the shirt over my head, Crystal threw her self back on top of me and went to town. I instantly latched my hands back onto her thighs.

Crystal was absolutely in love with this. She started to squirm on top of me, pushing her hips down trying to rub herself against my hard cock, moving her chest in all kinds of directions just trying to get any kind of sensation.

My fingers came near to the junction between her legs, but I wasn’t going to let her have it so easy. Just as they were about to touch her moist outer lips, I stopped them and moved them back down thigh continuing their painfully slow pace. Her moaning became stressed as I took my sweet time enjoying every second.

My fingers finally made there way back up and stopped. It didn’t even take her a second to realize what happened.

Just as she began to speak I traced my index finger down her slit, from top to bottom. Letting it hover over her entrance, tracing little circles as if I was about to insert it.

A puzzled look came on to her face, She tried to speak but it turned into one big moan.

At this point I couldn’t help but smile at her. The way she responded to just the lightest touch. Right now it was just all one big ego boost.

“Oh you like it when I touch you there, don’t you?” I said with menace dripping from every word. I ran my finger up and down her slit a couple more times, getting my finger nice and wet.

Crystal couldn’t help but moan, barely able speak. “GaAWWd yeah!”

I made two more passes before I gently inserted my finger into her hot, wet sex. Crystal cried out at the sudden sensation. She lifted her head up, giving me a good look at her face.

Her features were all twisted and contorted; it was a priceless look as I inserted another finger. Just watching cross her eyes as she felt the next one go in almost made me burst into laughter as I continued my assault.

“Oh! You like it when I’m inside you.” Thrusting my fingers into her emphasizing my words. I brought my lips close to her ears, a naughty little slut, aren’t you,” I faintly whispered into her ear, giving it a little lick on the outer most part.

Crystal let out a shuttering sigh as she pushed her body back sinking my fingers deeper, her muscles contracted around them. “I’m your dirty little slut, though,” she said in an unsteady voice barely above a whisper kissing my ear lightly, her breathing was becoming heavier and heavier. Milking everything she can out of my fingers while she was thrusting back in sporadic motions.

With two quick violent thrusts she came, hard. Her muscles clamped on my fingers like a vice; juices flowing past my fingers and onto my shorts, leaving a tiny puddle that I could feel through the thin shorts.

Her face scrunched up; biting her bottom lip she let out little cries of ecstasy every now and then. It looked like she was going to bite her lower lip off.

Finally, she settled down and collapsed on top of me. Her head was buried into my neck. My skin being lightly sucked, kissed, and nibbled at between her gasps for air.

I took my hands away from her rear and brought them up to hers, interlocking our fingers. Crystal let out a pleased little sigh, taking firm hold on my hands.

“I love you so much.” Her voice muffled by my neck.

“I love you too babe…I love you too.” I gave a reassuring squeeze to her unbelievably strong grip.

The room was filled with silence till her husky voice broke out in a little giggle, “Now it’s your turn!”

She violently pulled her hands away, planting them on my chest. Lifting her self up, getting her knees under her body, her luscious lips found mine once again. Her onslaught just left me in the dust just trying to keep up with her. I couldn’t help myself; my hands once again were latched back to her taut rear, making her squeak like a little girl.

The intensity of it all never lessened. Her beautiful lips tore themselves away, moving down my chin then neck. Lowing herself out of my grip, she moved further down my body continuing her kisses down my chest then over my abs. She only stopped at the waist band of my shorts, her fingers hooked themselves under. Looking back up at me, with a no doubt evil mixed with a little girl on Christmas grin, just building up the suspense.

Crystal slowly started to pull at both the shorts and my boxers, but in no time she just ripped them both right off. We were now completely naked, in our full glory we gazed upon each other’s body.

Crystal finally broke the stare and lowered her body between my legs, her face just inches away from my rock hard cock. Gently taking it into her hand and slowly began to stroke me. Slowly at first but gradually sped up.

I was ready to go since the moment we got in the room, and crystal wasn’t making it any easier for me. She slowly started blowing air on me. The cool breeze passing over my engorged member combined with her pace brought me even closer.

Time seemed to slow down as I struggled to keep for going over the edge. Unfortunately, Crystal wanted the opposite, doing everything in her power to me off.

Out of the blue, I felt her warm, wet tongue travel up the length of my shaft. I grunted at the mere touch of it. Reaching the head she turned around and made her way down, pausing before giving me one final lick.

My eyes opened seconds after she stopped realizing the sudden loss, looking down at her between my legs with a confused look on her face, seeming mulling over the taste in her mouth. Her once lust filled eyes, are now cold. The vibrant face I loved is now blank and staring right at me.

Her face filled with emotions. She looked like she was about to cry, yell, anything. There was no telling what thoughts filled her mind.

“Did you umm… jack off… after I left?” the silence finally broken by her weak voice, trying to hide all traces of emotions.

“No,” she caught me off guard by her sheer randomness, “I really didn’t do />
“Oh” she replied trying to keep a casual tone. I was oblivious to what she was talking about.

She sniffled like she trying to hold back tears. “Ok! Then who did you fuck?” Her words set me to stone. I literally froze, my eyes locked onto hers, and my breath slowed. My mind franticly searching through my vocabulary looking for the slightest word that might help me talk my way out of this, but the rest of my body still locked in place as the first tear broke free moving down her cheek followed by another on the opposite side. Soon enough there was a steady stream on each side, her eyes still glaring at mine waiting for a response that never came.

Still I didn’t respond to her. It wasn’t that I couldn’t speak, but it was the fact that it might, just might, be a little difficult to convince her that Bridgette drugged, tied down, and raped me.

A few more silent seconds went by as Crystal still waited for my answer, and yet I still had no real response that she could believe. The tears kept pouring out as she just lost it. Curling up into a ball at my feet, she buried her face into her palms. I just watched her lay there weeping and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

she sharply took in a breath, “…why, why, why?” barely able to spit out the words before returning into her ball.

I placed my on her shoulder, but she threw it off. “Trust me, I didn’t want to…” I tried to calm her down, but to no avail.

“What the fuck does that mean? You still fucking cheated on me!” She stopped crying and picked herself up to yell some more. “How dare you! After all we’ve been through, and I thought you loved me but I guess that doesn’t mean anything to at all. I guess one pussy isn’t enough for Chris. Mr. Perfect can’t be tied down by just one girl. You know what, why don’t you just go back to that little slut since she probably means more to you than I do.”

Without waiting for me to respond she just got up, got dressed, and left. It was a painful sight watching her succulent body disappear behind her clothes.

She opened the door and stepped out glancing back at me one last time starring daggers across the room. The look just destroyed me. I couldn’t help but shed a tear for all that had happened.

I knew she noticed my tears but didn’t let herself become distracted. Instantly turning her head and left me alone in the spare bedroom quietly crying to myself. I sat alone it that semi dark room with that dumb look on my face, in tears, and in no way able to defend my self.

Time past as I sat in my little pool of self pity, but quickly mangled its self into all sorts of emotions.

I had to leave hat room. The only thought in my mind as I left was to drink till I can’t feel anything.

“Hey man what happened in here?” the alcohol on his breath was just a lovely smell.

I really wasn’t in the mood to talk. get fucked up.” Lucky from me I knew that Will never passed up an opportunity to get hammered, never.

I left shortly after that, after making sure he got up to his room and passed out somewhat safely, and I made my little stroll home in the chilly night air.

With a loud creak I slipped into the house. B-lining it to my room and passing out before anything else could happen.

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story by: Pwny

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Author: Pwny

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