Kelly – schoolgirl pocket money (chapter 2)

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Jim was shocked. He didn’t know how to react to this. His head told him he was playing with fire here, but his cock was sending very different messages to his brain. As Kelly rubbed his penis slowly, he felt it growing bigger and bigger. The spunk was seeping out of the end of it already, making a wet patch on his trousers. It reminded him of his surreptitious visits to backstreet porn shops, when after a few minutes browsing he would always have sticky trousers.

He had been married, but his wife had died some time ago. Not that he wasn’t still interested in women. Quite the opposite in fact. It was just that they didn’t seem very interested in him. Masturbation was one of his great pleasures in life, and at least it was free. Well, almost free. He had to buy his porno mags, and his porno videos, then there were the telephone sex lines which he spent so much time on. He wondered sometimes what his neighbours in this respectable area would think if they knew how he spent his time. It was alright for them, though. They all had wives or lovers. All he had was his porn collection and a telephone. Not fair really.

Kelly was still rubbing his cock, and he was afraid he was going to come, and make a fool of himself. He had to control himself somehow. He thought about his beloved car. It worked. His cock started to subside.

"You think I'm ugly, don’t you?"

"Of course I don’t. You're really pretty."

never even noticed me before. And I've been delivering your papers for months."

" I have noticed you. I've watched you from behind my curtains, and I've wanted to talk to you but didn’t dare. Why did you touch me though?"

"I was lonely, and I just wanted someone to notice me. I thought it would make you want me, but now I'm not so sure. You don’t fancy me, do you?"

Jim thought for a few seconds that he'd blown the biggest chance he'd ever had in his life. Here was a young girl who'd had her hand on his cock, and all he could do was think about cars to get rid of an erection. What on earth must she think?

"I was afraid someone would see us."

"Let's go inside then", said Kelly, and gave him a sweet little smile.

Jim followed her into the kitchen like a lamb to the slaughter, thinking this beautiful young girl had the hots for him when all she really wanted to do was blackmail him. Poor bastard.

He pulled the curtains so no one could see in, hardly able to believe his luck, but all the while scared stiff in case he got caught. He knew what he was about to do was wrong, so very wrong, but nothing was going to stop him now.

Kelly sat on the table and opened her legs just a fraction. She kicked off her clumpy black school shoes, and sat there swinging her legs tantalisingly. Jim watched her as she lifted her legs onto the table and sat there, smiling. He was utterly fascinated by this lovely creature, and stared at her like an idiot.

"What's the matter?", she said.

"I think I love you".

"Don't be silly".

"I haven't been this close to a girl like you for more than 40 years".

She giggled, and playfully touched his bulging trousers with her foot. He held her foot, feeling its warmth through the white cotton socks. She was beautiful, from her warm little feet to her long blonde hair, and she was his for the taking. God had been kind to him at last.

He wondered what to do next. Where should he start? He had here on his kitchen table a lovely blonde schoolgirl, in her uniform too, from her white socks to her grey pleated skirt, and her blue blouse. He could see her pert young breasts jutting out under the blue blouse, and he wondered what her nipples were like. Kelly drew her knees together under her, only too aware that in doing so she was exposing her little white cotton panties. Jim stopped bothering about her nipples. His eyes were almost out on stalks. Panties!

Jim had a bit of a problem with panties. Some would call it a fetish. He would stop at nothing for a flash of a girl's knickers, and here was this lovely 18 year old showing off her panties like there was no tomorrow.

Kelly could hardly fail to spot the effect she was having on him. He gawped at her in amazement as she slowly moved her knees apart, exposing herself completely to his stare. She lay there on the kitchen table, the soles of her feet flat on the table top, her skirt up to her waist, and her legs wide apart.

"You like looking at my panties, don't you?"

He gulped.

"Do you want to touch there?"

Did he? More than anything he had ever wanted before in his life.

Kelly pulled his hand towards her. It didn’t take much.

"Touch me then".

Jim put his hand on Kelly's white panties. He was physically shaking, with a strange combination of excitement and fear.

"Properly, then."

He was more than a bit taken aback by all of this. 18 years old and she was behaving like a little slut. He was embarrassed by the whole thing, and she was just lying there with her legs apart, skirt round her waist, egging him on to finger her cunt.

So why not, he thought? He rubbed his second and third fingers gently up and down her crotch, pushing the thin white cotton material into Kelly's pussy. As he stroked her cunt she started getting very wet inside. So were Jim's pants, as his cock started dribbling cum.

His mind raced ahead. He imagined himself standing over Kelly, his erect penis in his hand. She was licking it, whilst at the same time dipping the middle finger of her right hand in and out of her cunt. She lifted her finger to Jim's mouth. He could smell the girly cunt sort of smell that only young girls cunts smelt of. It was beautiful. He licked the finger held out to him, and tasted the musky scent of Kelly's young cunt. Kelly was still licking his cock, and he thrust it hard into her mouth. A warm gush of sticky white semen spurted out of his cock. He felt good. The cum shot out all over Kelly's pretty young face. This was a dream. His cock kept on coming like there would be no end to it. Jim was wanking himself off over her upturned face, as the creamy white seed spurted out of his prick all over her eyes, her nose and into her rosebud mouth.

Spurt after spurt of hot spunk spattered onto Kelly's face, until it was dripping down and into her mouth. Jim's cock was still spurting as he continued his everlasting orgasm, shooting spunk up Kelly's nostrils and into her blonde hair. Would it never stop? Kelly pursed her lips, shaping them like a tight little arsehole. He pushed his spurting cock into her mouth, splashing his seed across her chin as he did so. In out, in out, in out, shooting load after load right to the very back of Kelly's throat. She opened her mouth wide. Jim's cock just kept on spunking, until her pretty mouth was full to the brim.

His cock stopped its spurting just in time to stop the poor girl from drowning. She was gagging and choking with the overflowing semen, dripping down her chin, leaving dark blue wet smears down her nice clean blue school blouse.

"Swallow it, you little whore".

Kelly swallowed the gloopy sticky semen as fast as she could. She wanted to spit it out, but Jim wouldn’t let her.

"Don’t spit it out, or I'll piss in your mouth until you choke".

He couldn’t believe he was saying or doing these things, but here he was with this young schoolgirl on his kitchen table. Seeing was believing, after all.

Kelly swallowed the mouthful of cum, as she was told. It was salty and she felt sick. She retched, and spewed up most of Jim's semen onto the floor.

"You little cunt. How dare you waste my spunk like that."

Jim's cock was still hard, with spunk still dribbling out of it. He wanted to punish Kelly for not swallowing all his come, and without really thinking forced his cock into her mouth, though she tried to stop him. His balls felt swollen and tense, and he had the feeling he sometimes had in the middle of the night after a heavy drinking session. He had to have a pee, but here he was with his cock in this girl's mouth, and he didn’t want to waste any time.

His cock was bursting, and not with semen this time.

"Keep your mouth open, you little whore".

Kelly could guess from the look on his face what was going to happen next, and she didn’t want it.

"I've got to get back now,” she said, starting to get down from the table.

"Oh no you don’t. Lie back on that table and open your mouth."

Kelly could see she was in big trouble now, so she did as she was told. Jim held his cock over her pretty little face, and began to piss all over her. Kelly started to cry, it was so awful. The tears streamed down her face and mixed with Jim's warm yellow pee. She did as she was told and opened her mouth wide. The piss from Jim's cock spattered into her open mouth, filling it until it overflowed all over her pretty little face. She grinned, thinking this was the best way to save herself from even more trouble. Jim had stopped peeing into her at last, and she lay there grinning, her mouth full of his hot piss.

Kelly slowly started to drink down the yellow fluid, as Jim watched. Slowly, it vanished down her throat, leaving her mouth salty and smelling of urine. Jim felt an overwhelming urge to taste her mouth. He put his tongue into Kelly's hot little mouth, and licked all round it. Their tongues met, and they shared the salty taste of Jim's piss

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