Kelsey – "dad, this is like really sick.”,

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Prior: Kelsey – “No Dad Stop.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad that cannot happen Again”
Prior: Kelsey – “Paying The Rent”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad, how could you let that man do THAT to me.”

A few days later I had Kelsey get dressed so we could go for a drive. She had been moping around the house. “Where we going Dad?” She was pretty wary of everything now.
“Lets drive around the park, it will be nice.” “I think you need to get out.”

“The park was full of summer I drove real slow by the soccer fields. “Dad, what are you doing? You are watching those girls!” “NO NO, just driving around.” Actually I was watching all the
Girls, soccer, running, bike riding. I love the young giggle when they run.
I love watching the asses and tit bounce when they run.
Dad, you are. You are looking at those teens.”

After checking out the sights I got to the part of the park I was looking for, the girls 12 inch baseball
field. “Dad what are you doing.” “We are going to watch the game.”
Kelsey was crimson red.
“Dad this crazy, isn’t this like stalking.”
“Just looking, no crime in that.” I laughed.

The girls in the fast pitch baseball were the hottest.
The girls have these tight uniforms and wear knee pads. I just love this.
“While you watch, what am I supposed to do Dad.”

Glad you asked, there is a bottle of baby oil in the glove box. I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out.
“Dad, you are crazy, what do you want me to do, give you hand job while you watch?”
She started to open the car door but I grabbed her and pulled her to me.

Honey pour a little of the oil on my cock and some on both your hands.
“Dad, not in the car, someone will see us.”
“Nobody can see, no />
Jenny is the blonde pitcher for the home team.
I was fascinated watching Jenny pitch. Tall, blonde, full figured.
it baby, lots of oil, squeeze that cock tight. “
I loved when she wound up for the underhand fast pitch.
Her whole teen body stretches, taught.

Stroke it nice. Rub the balls with your other had.
Jenny is so HOT. She is a good hitter too. I love the knee pads they wear.
Maybe I should get Kelsey some. LOL.
it baby, stroke it, work it."

I leaned back in my seat. “Ok, Kels, I am gonna show you a secret
to make your Dad feel really good.
“NOW what.” Snarled Kelsey. “Watch your tone girl.”
I raised my hand and she flinched.
“Ok Dad, show me.”
better.” “Take your right middle finger, lube it up real good and push it up my ass.”

“WHAT, no way. I am not doing that.” “You are sick, disgusting and /> I laughed, can’t deny that.
“Kelsey shove that finger in my ass. “
She must have been pissed off because she did ram it in with no oil, causing me to flinch.
“Damn Bitch, I told you to lube it up and you didn’t have to ram it.”
“Well now you have a little idea how it felt with that /> I gave her a little slap to the head. “Loose that /> “Put oil on your finger.”

“Ok, pump my cock with one hand and massage my prostate with your finger.”

“DAD, this is like really SICK.”

“Lose the fucking comments and keep jacking my cock.”
it baby, keep it up.”
“OH Yea what a hit.” One of the girls on our team hit a long ball that dropped in and
scored a run. These games are usually pretty low scoring.

it, that’s the spot, move your finger in and out back and forth.”
“Squeeze that dick harder. That’s the way baby.”
“Rub over the head. Up and down Kelsey, all the way down and then back up.”
“Keep that finger Deep. Deep.”

We watched several innings while Kelsey kept up the massage. I almost came
several times but was able to hold back.
“Dad, how long do I have to do this, my hands are starting to cramp.
I had to admit it was long hand job. I settled back and let it happen. Just as
I was about to cum, I pulled her face down to my crotch.
she took a load to her face.
“OK baby let me see.” “Sweet little cum face.”
“What am I going to do with this, she was looking for something to clean her brown finger.”

“Suck it clean.”
“What? you are kidding, no way.”
“Damn, why do I have to tell you everything twice, suck it clean.”
What a face, I laughed as she put the shit finger in mouth and suck it.”

“Come on, a little cleaner, I can still see crap by the finger nail.”
She did but what a pouty little face still cum hanging down.
“Leave that cum on your face.” She started to wipe it off with a tissue.
“I said leave it on.” “No Way.”

“Then take it off with your finger and swallow it.” I said very harshly.
Little cum sucking bitch, that’s it, I laughed to myself. She was cute sucking her cum coated hand.

“Ok, lets take a walk. “ “ I want to watch the game closer.”
“Yea stare at the girls. "
"Lets go.” I said firmly.
I didn’t have the heart to tell her she had little cum squabbles on her shirt.

We walked past a bunch of MILF's on the way to the stands.

“Dad, some of those women were staring at me.” I could only laugh to myself.
Those MILF bitches know cum when they see it.
We watched the rest of the game from the stands. There were some high points like when
one of the girls with the nicest ass slid into home. She brushed her butt off right in front of us.
Nice ass for fucking I thoght.
Kelsey sat with me but if looks could have killed.
“Pumpkin, you /> Kelsey’s look got a lot worse.

The next morning at breakfast Kelsey had nothing to say. We ate breakfast.
“Hey, where are you going what’s a matter.” I asked as she started to leave.
“DAD!! You made me do that disgusting finger thing, you are watching other teens and
then you let me walk around with that mess on my shirt. No wonder those women were
looking at me.”

“Come on Kelsey, I’ll make it up to you.” “Dad, I don’t want to.”
I pulled her close to me. “You are not wearing the clothes I bought you.”
“I don’t want to wear that, it gives you too many ideas.”
“I pulled off her shorts and panties.” She didn’t argue which was a good thing
because I was pretty mad already she wasn’t wearing the shirt and thongs I got for her.

I set up a stool and spread her legs apart. I ran my hands along her thighs and then began
to rub her between the legs. Come on honey, get nice and wet for Dad.
Hmm, that’s better. It only took a few minutes and she was good to go. I certainly was ready.

I pushed my cock insider. “Dad, I don’t want this.”
“Sure you do, you will like it.”
I started up a nice smooth rhythm. I leaned forward and kissed her sweetly on the lips.
“Your Dad loves you Kelsey.”
“Why were you looking at those other girls Dad?”
I have those needs, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”
I could feel, I could hear Kelsey beginning to respond.
it baby, wrap those legs around your Dad.”

To Be Continued.

story by: bigbob1200

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Author: bigbob1200

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