Kyara's birthday party part 1

My name is Matthew and I am 11 years old. My best friend is Kyle. We learned about the joys of sex a few months ago. And tody we were very horny. “ Hey kyle do you ever wnt to try sex”? “Yeah today I'm especially horny”. For the past weeks we jacked off to our crush Kyara. We imagine her making out with her friend cherrymae. But I dont want to have sex with Kyle. I'm not gay. Nor is Kyle. So we got our bags and went to school. Kyara went up to us and said hey do you want to go to my birthday? Of course we accepted. On saturday we went to her house and we realized we were the only boys invited. We saw all her hot friends CK, Ashley, and Patricia. Plus Cherrymae. They were all in their panties and bra's as it was a slumber party. CK had the biggest boobs 34 C. Ashley also had big boobs at C cup. Patricaia had the smallest boobs at B cup. And cherrymae had C cup. After talking and eating dinner and playing games we had truth or dare. “Ck! You start” said Ashley. “Ok” she spun the bottle. It pointed at ashley. “I dare you to take off your bra”. "What about Kyle and Matthew?” “Never mind just do it”. “Ok”. they cheered and Ashley waved her bee in the air showing her tits. I got an instant hardon. “Now its my turn”. Ashley spun the bottle and it pointed at Kyle. “Kyle truth or dare”? Truth. How large is your cock? “6-7 inches. Why wanna see it? “Show it kyle” said Patricia. He took off his underware and waved his cock back and forth. “Wow its so big” moaned Kyara. “Matthew what about you“ Kyara asked. “9-10 here you go”. I took off my briefs and showed it. “Mmm it's even bigger!” moaned Cherrymae. “Hey we want pleasure too” said CK, Ashley and Patricia. “I can't fuck all of you”. “let's pleasure ourselves girls. Ck took off her bra and panties. Then patricia started fingering CK's ass. Mmm do it more. She started licking it faster and faster.“ Don't stop”. Then ashley started to lick CK's pussy. “Ashley Patricia's already doing my ass,suck my boobs”. Me,Kyle,Cherrymae and Kyara masturbated to them doing it. “Wait! I have dildoes.” Cherrymae went to her bag and got out the dildoes and inserted it in Patricia's ass. “It's so tight!!!” . “ I'm not having any fun” . ”Kyara I belive it's our turn to have some fun” I said. "Matthew, Kyle, FUCK ME!!! , I'm so fucking horny”. Kyle do my ass Matthew do my pussy. UHHHHHHHH MMMMMM UHHHHHHHH UHHH AHHHH. She shouted and moaned so loud. We pounded her. Then I did 69 with her. Ok Matthew suck my pussy. I stuck my toung in as deep as I could and Kyle pounded her tiny ass. “ Hey we're still playing truth or dare right?” .”Kyara truth or dare?". “Truth. Hey UH UHH UHH stop fucking me and we can play”. "No it's a better experience. So we're you a virgin before we fucked you?". "Ye-UH UHH“. “Hey Matthew we forgot about the girls” Said Kyle. “Oh we're doing just fine” CK was doing a 69 with Cherrymae. “Hey do you wanna try it with a man?” I asked. said CK. I went up to her and grabbed her boobs. ” Hmmm Oh yeah“. I squeeze them together. UHH. “I'm gonna cum” I said. “You just started”. “Yeah but I've been banging Kyara for a while already”. “Squirt it all over my face“. I did as ordered. “I think I'll do anal with Kyara”. Kyara sat on my lap spread her legs open wide and started humping my dick. “Hey Patricia, do you wanna fuck me” Kyle said. With no hesitation Patricia went up to Kyle and sucked his dick. She rubbed it squeezed it and kept doing it faster. While CK and Ashley made out. “WHAT ABOUT ME!!” Cherrymae shouted. “i'm so sorry Cherrymae” CK said. “Let's all give Cherrymae an apology fuck” Kyara said. I went to Cherrymae and started fucking her in the ass whil CK grabbed her boobs. Then Cherrymae gave Kyle a blowjob and after I came in her ass Patricia started licking it and sucking all the cum out of it. Finally Ashley went and held her boobs. She started sucking on it. And I forgot to put in the moaning. It goes like this. O MY GOD. YES MATTHEW DO MY HOLE UHHH UHHHH AJHHHH OOH OOO MMMM. AHH NOW PATRICIA LICK ALL THAT CUM OUT OF MY PUSSY AHHHH YES IT FEELS SO GOOD. ASHLEY DO IT MMMM. Cherrymae lay there on the bed cum all over her,all over the bed. “Now to my closest friend Cherrymae I'll give her a special fuck” said Kyara. Kyara put her whole hand in Cherrymaes pussy and started rubbing it. Then Kyara started licking her pussy. Then she grabbed her nipples and rubbed them. Then held her boobs squeezed it like she never squeezed anything before. Then sucked on it and played with it. “Ok let's do 69". “Sure bestie”. Cherrymaes pussy sat on Kyaras lips then she sucked her pussy. Kyara got Cherrymaes red didlo and stuck it up her ass. They came, all worn out on the bed. “I belive it's my turn for a special fuck” said Patricia. Kyle got his dick and stuck in Pat's pussy. “Ohh Kyle it's so big. Go deeper”. He started fucking her harder and harde until he came in her pussy. “ did you take the pills?" safe”. Kyle then spread the cum all over her pussy. “Hey Matthew I wann see how your cock fits in my ass.” “Ok here it goes”. AHHHHH UHHH OOOOO MY GOD UHH. “Oh my god it's so tight”
“Ya think?”. “I'll see if I can move it out”. I was able to and so I moved it in and out. And as she was a petit she enjoyed my cock more. AHH UH UH UH MUHH UH MY POOR ANUS!!!! IT'S BEING TORN TO PEICE AHHHHH. And I came in her ass stretched a little bigger. She passed out for a while. My dick was still hard. Then something came into my mind. “hey Kyara are your parents home?”. “no…. Only my…..MOM! Oh my god she must have heard us!”. We opened the door. There was kyaras mom with her arms crossed. “Mom I can explain”. “Why do you have cum all over you, don't lie it's ok”. “ok?” she replied awkwardly. “ Now let me show you how a professional does it”. She smiled,walked into the room and closed the door.

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