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Growing up in a rural area made it hard to socalize with people my own age or of other ages for that matter. My brother was eight years older than me and my best friend from school was 5 miles away in town. Untill I was able to drive that meant that aside from family, my friends were four-legged.

We had a pretty standard family, mother, father, two children, a cat and a dog. When I was about eight or nine, our dog was of the age to be in heat. Now although I might have had some fun then, I had no idea what was going on. Lucky was just bleeding for a while as far as I knew. I had experienced "sexual arousal" at that time, riding the bus, climbing the rope in gym class. The usual stuff, but I didn;t really know what I was supposed to do. I lived in the middle of nowhere. Well to shorten the prelude, I went on for a few more years like that, and in that time my parents fixed lucky and I discovered masterbation.

I found dad's stash of hustlers in the garage and for some reason I still don't understand, I felt it necessary to cut pages out of them. I was very slick about it though, I'd take a page that didn't continue on to the other side. But I'm getting off the subject. So now I know what my cock is for, and I know what's between a girls legs. (Thank you Hustler) My biggest problem was still that I lived five miles from anyone let alone a girl that I could fuck.

One day that I was on vacation from school and my parents were both at work I found out what all the VHS tapes beside the TV in my parents bedroom were. I opened one up to find it labled "Anal Dreams". The next was something like Debbie Does Dallas or something similar. There were about ten of these, each with two or three names on them. I was the most excited I'd ever been and my dick was trying to burst through the zipper on my jeans. So I grabbed the top one that way I could replace it exactly as it was without disturbing the others. I zero'd the VCR and put in the tape, I wanted to also make sure that it was back to where it was left off.

The first picture that was put on the screen was a massive cock splitting open the smoothest pussy I'd ever seen in the magazines. She had a dark tan with darker pussy lips. Her firm tit's flopping on the screen and sloppy pussy being pounded made me forget to grab a towel. I just grabbed my cock and went to town, being thirteen I wasn't interested in prolonging pleasure, just getting it. While I worked on my little seven inch cock lucky walked up looking at it. I didn't notice at the time, my eyes were glued to the 'Boob Tube' . My balls started tingling and I was very close to cumming but I remembered that I didn't have a towel so I turned back to grab a hand full of Kleenex and that was the moment Lucky decided the pre-cum on the end of my cock smelled good. I didn't want to cum on the floor, but Lucky didn't understand that, once that rough wet tongue lapped across the tip of my dick I was done for. I covered the end of my cock as fast as I could with the Kleenex but I still spurted cum all over the floor and a little on the side of the dog's face.

After shooing Lucky away I tried to dry the floor as best I could. "Now look what you did, I hope that doesn't leave a stain for mom to go nuts about!" She hung her head down and laid down in the corner, effecting a dogging pout. I zipped up my jeans, rewound the tape back to zero and replaced it on the shelf. I thought to stop at that for the day but about 10 minutes later I was horny again just thinking about the tapes.

I went in and lifted half the stack and set it aside to get down towards the bottom tapes. I found one labled "Baryard Fun". I thought it would be one of a redneck family, I had no idea how right, yet wrong I was. I was amazed even more than before. After seeing a woman fuck a horse and a dog. It showed a man fucking a cow, my mind was whirling whith the thoughts of women and animals then it showed me a man fucking a cow!

I called Lucky over as I took my jeans completely off and instructed her to lay down. She was skiddish because I had scolded her last time my cock was free of it's prison so I smiled as I scratched her ear. "It's ok girl, there's no stain and I wouldn't hurt you anyway." she visably relaxed then and I knelt down near her head to see if she'd lick me again. To my great suprise and pleasure, she was more than happy to oblige and began licking my shaft. I was in heaven, my cock was getting attention it so desperately needed and without me doing it.

A couple minutes of this and I was about ready to explode. I noticed lucky's hips bucking slightly but I was confused because she was fixed. 'Do dogs still get horny after that?' I ran my hand along her fur coated belly as she lay on her side licking my cock from tip to balls. I reached her black doggie pussy and almost came right then and there but I knew if I did I wouldn't feel like trying again for a while. I needed to know right now what was possible. Her pussy was to covered in fur to be wet but I could feel the dampness hiding below just shouting for attention. I rolled Lucky onto her back and sat right below her with my knees on either side of her black furry ass and her tail between MY legs.

Licking my fingers, or maybe I should say spitting on them, I sepperated the fur from pussy and rubbed her pussy making it gleam all over and pushed my middle finger in just a little. Lucky's eyes were closed and her head tipped back. She wasn't trying to get away at all as I had feared so I pushed my finger in a little more. When I tried for two fingers it was so tight I could only get the first knuckle in on each. "Oh my god girl, you're so tight and so willing!" I hoped since my dick, although stiff, was not as stiff as my fingers and might squeeze enough to fit. So I placed the head of my cock over her pussy and leaned down slowly. Lucky didn't make a sound but it felt as if my cock would break in half and when I looked down only the littlest bit of my head was in.

"You're too tight, maybe you'll stretch someday but right now I have a boner that needs help!" I sat back slowly watching the tip of my dick slide out and as it did Lucky's asshole came into view. Disgusting as it sounded, I knew that her ashole could accomodate my dick. I was the one who had to scoop the yard and so there was no doubt. I rubbed my dick over her pussy taking her juices from fingering her making sure to get all I could and positioned my now throbbing cock before her puckered asshole. "Hope this doesn't hurt either girl" I grabbed her hips and pulled myself forward slowly untill the head of my cock pierced her fur ringed ass.

I couldn't believe it, I was going to lose my virginity and it would be anal too. I pushed half my cock in and heard the fainest whimper come from my new and first lover. "Are you OK?" I spoke to her in soft tones like you would any wounded animal and reached up to scratch her soft stomach. After a moment she let out a deep breath and I could feel her tight asshole relax on my throbbing cock so I pulled it out just a little and slid back to where I was. the pleasure I felt was unbelievable and soon I was working my cock deeper inside her now primed ass. When I felt her ass finaly acccept my cock clear to the base I held it there and scratched her neck. She lifted her head and gave me a doggie kiss on my cheek, the effort making the muscles in her ass contract and I moaned softly.

I leaned back on my knees and began pumping my cock in and out of her slowly at first then gaining speed when I knew I wasn't going to hurt her. Watching my cock disappear within the walls of her ass I saw that her pussy was still wet so I placed my middle finger on the hood of her doggie clit and started rubbing it. She let out a low groanand her ass tightened on my cock making me moan in response. When I pushed my finger into her tight cunt and felt my own dick through the walls of her pussy she tightened her muscles and I couldn't take it anymore. I rammed my dick into her ass pushing her across the floor as I erupted in her ass draining every ounce of cum that I had. Her ass milked my cock and my cock throbbed in her ass while I collapsed on top of her holding her close. I stayed that way for about five minutes untill my dick finaly decided to soften and fell out of her.

"Well, that takes care of the mess problem I guess. Maybe well have to work on that tight pussy you have sometime." She licked my face again in response before I stood up to put the tape away and clean up.

Eventually her pussy did accomodate me, but that's another story.

story by: MaJunior

Tags: fiction virginity anal bestiality teen male / female sex story

Author: MaJunior

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