Learning to eat cum 4

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Learning To Eat Cum 4

It was Sunday. Lynne and I spent a leisurely morning catching up on the news and sport. I popped down the bookies, collected a few winnings, placed some bets on the afternoon's football and met Lynne in the pub.
She looked lovingly into my eyes; 'Thanks for last night' she said, 'you made my fantasy come true, eating another mans spunk out of my pussy' I could tell she was getting hot again by thinking about it. 'And then you topped it off by adding your spunk in there and eating that as well. But tonight is the last night of your spunk eating weekend; what should I get you to do?'
'We can't tonight' I said 'It's poker night'.
'Oh yes, I forgot' Lynne replied disappointed. 'Mmmmmmm; I'll just have to have some fun with you now then' and with that she downed her wine quickly and left the pub. I finished my pint and ran after her; only to see her enter the bakers. She came out clutching a bag.
Back at her house we went up to her bedroom. 'Strip for me babe' she ordered.
I was already getting aroused thinking about what might happen next. 'Lie down' she said 'Don't want you to escape' and she pulled a couple if my ties out of a drawer and tied my arms to each side of the headboard.
She slowly undressed, looking at me as she lifted off her tee-shirt and undid her bra, letting it slip to the floor. Her breasts stood proud and she leant over my face, pushing a hard nipple into my mouth, I licked and nibbled it, causing it to swell. Next she took off her tight jeans and dropped her knickers. She ran her fingers through her dark brown pubic hair, 'You like my pubes, don't you? I nodded; 'and my pussy' and she pulled her fanny flaps apart to reveal her deep pink love hole. 'How about my arse' she said and she turned round and pulled her bum cheeks apart showing off her tight arse hole. 'Stick your tongue up my cunt' she said, and she sat on my face. I licked her tasty wet cunt but also raised my head back and ran my tongue over her arse. Lynne moaned and pushed down; with my tongue teasing her arse hole open she shuddered and came all over my face. She climbed off and then proceeded to lick my face clean of her juices.
'Ok, my fun now' she said, and she opened the bag from the bakers and pulled out a ringed donut. She looked at the hole in it; 'too small' she said, and she pulled bits away from the centre of the donut away and ate them. Once she was satisfied the hole was big enough she pulled the donut over my now hugely erect cock to the base. My cock was covered in sugar and Lynne went down and licked it clean. She showed me the sugar on her tongue and pushed her tongue into my mouth.
She then slowly climbed on top of me and lowered her pussy down my shaft and pushed her fanny lips against the donut at the base of my cock. Getting into a rhythm she slid up and down. She could tell I was close to coming so she pulled off; my cock was covered in her juices. She stared to rub my cock. I'm going to cum'. 'Yes' she said, 'shoot you spunk out'; and with one more rub the first jet of spunk went straight in the air and came down and landed on the donut. The second, third and fourth spurts shot onto my chest and the rest dribbled down my cock to the donut.
She pulled a piece of donut which was covered in spunk away, looked at it and put it in her mouth to eat. 'Mmmmmm tasty' she said; 'but the rest is for you'.
And with that she pulled away another piece of donut which was completely covered in thick creamy spunk and forced it into my mouth. She repeated this with another bit of spunky donut. The other side of the donut was cum free; but she broke a bit off and soaked up some of the cum that had landed on my chest and fed me that; she had a sexy intense look on her face as she mopped up all my cum and made me eat it; ensuring there was none left. She then untied me.
I said, 'That was horny' and our mouths met in a long deep kiss.

My four mates were due to arrive at 6.00 for our poker game. It was 5 to and Lynne poured herself a glass of Chenin Blanc.
'You're rubbish at poker' she casually remarked, 'you'll loose all your money again'.
'I feel lucky tonight' I said.
'Well if you win you can buy me that dress I want; and as a treat I'll finger fuck your arse again; you seemed to enjoy that'.
I agreed; it would definitely make me play better!
The lads arrived dead on 6.00 and we started playing cards and drinking. Lynne had gone upstairs to speak to her mum on the phone. She came down an hour later and was wearing a low cut blouse and short skirt. She looked really sexy. She leant over the table and kissed me. As she leant over her blouse gaped open and I could see the guys were mesmerised by her fantastic breasts; she wasn't wearing her bra and I was sure they could see her nipples.
She went off into the lounge and wiggled her arse as she left; she knew she had turned us all on.
'You're a lucky guy' Jim said, I'd like to fuck her'. Sam, John and Barry all agreed.
We finally got our minds back to the game. I wasn't doing particularly well, an understatement, all my chips were nearly gone; we were playing a £5er a chip and I was nearly £500 down. No finger arse fuck for me I thought.
It came to the point when I had to put all my chips in, and luckily I was dealt three Kings and two Tens. Lynne came in the room and I showed her my hand. 'I want to bet more' I said.
'You're out of money' Barry said.
Lynne then had an idea 'How about if I write a note to fuck you all if Tony loses this hand; and if his hand wins he wins all the money'.
'Wow, must be a good hand said Barry; but I'm game for that, you look so hot, but how do we know you mean it?'
She wrote out a note which confirmed she would fuck or blow each one of them in turn whilst I would have to watch and confirmed she meant it by giving a quick flash of her tits.
'Yep, I'm in as well' both Jim and Sam said quickly!
With confidence I laid down my 3 Kings and 2 Tens.
'Beats me' said Barry; 'And me' said Sam. Just one hand to beat.
Jim said 'I've just got a pair of Aces' 'Yes' I another pair of Aces as well' Jim added.
I was crestfallen, but the lads held up the note; 'Pay up time' they said.
Lynne gave me a wicked look; deep down she had wanted me to lose, she wanted me to watch her get fucked.
She led us all upstairs to her bedroom; she told me to sit on a chair and not to move.
She took off her blouse and her breasts stood firm, her tits were hard, she was aroused.
My mates obviously didn't think she was going to go through with this but with her tits out they all quickly removed their clothes. Their cocks were hard but got harder as she took off her skirt and pulled down her knickers. They looked her up and down. Her long blond hair flowed down her back and her dark brown pubic hair glistened with her wet juices.
Seductively she pushed a finger into her pussy, pulled it out soaking wet and put it in her mouth and licked it clean. She went over to each of the lads in turn and kissed them heavily; in between each kiss she again inserted her finger into her fanny and licked it ensuring for each kiss she gave them they were tasting her own cunt juice from her mouth. She then knelt on the floor and gestured for each one of them to stand in front of her in turn and she took each cock in her mouth and gave it a long hard suck. With each different cock in her mouth she looked at me and licked her tongue up and down each shaft before taking the head into her mouth.
I was powerless; my girlfriend was sucking loads of cock and was loving it. I had thought I wouldn"t like this but I was enjoying watching her suck cock; and my erection bulged in my pants.
Lynne then lay on the bed. She parted her legs. Jim was up first as he had won, he had the prize of licking her cunt before fucking her. He licked her slit and then drove his tongue deep into her; Lynne moaned with pleasure and came. Jim then thrust his cock into her pushing back and fourth. Sam went over to Lynne's face and shoved his cock into her mouth. Jim thrust even harder at this sight and shouted out 'I'm coming' and his sperm shot into her body. At the same time Sam shot his load into Lynne's mouth; she swallowed some but also let some cream dribble down her chin.
Jim withdrew and Barry took over, he had been rubbing himself as he watched the other boys in action and it wasn't long before he had pumped his cum into Lynne's wet pussy. John took over as Barry withdrew, his was the biggest cock and Lynne gasped as he entered her; she moaned and writhed about, she was in ecstasy. I could see the other guys getting hard again as they watched this fantastic action. Finally John grunted and added his cum to Jim's and Barry's in her cunt,
Sam, Jim and Barry were ready for another go but Lynne said 'You should have read the small print on my note, one fuck or blowjob each; but you can wank on me if you want'.
I watched on as Sam, Jim and Barry wanked and shot their cum all over Lynne's stomach and breasts.
They all got dressed. 'We'll see ourselves out' they said and they looked at me with pity and tore up the IOU note.
'Did you enjoy watching me get fucked?' Lynne asked. But she knew the answer; I had the biggest hard on ever; I had taken my clothes off and had made my way over to the bed. 'Time for me to fuck you now' I said eagerly.
'Not so fast' Lynne said 'You've got to clean me up first, you can't stick you cock in me until all this other spunk has gone'.
'I'll get a towel' I said hopefully. 'No' said Lynne in a horny seductive voice, 'You have to clean me up with your mouth; start here with my lips'.
I kissed her mouth, she had swallowed half the cum Sam had shot in there but I had to lick her chin clean of what had dribbled out. 'Work you way down to my pussy she ordered, make sure you get it all; clean my tits and belly and then waiting for you is a cunt full of hot spunk'.
I looked at her body; it was covered in spunk, but I had to do it, had to eat my mates cum. When I had licked her tits clean I moved to her belly, somehow they had managed to make one of their squirts land in the same place and they had mingled together. Lynne made sure they were properly mixed by swirling her finger in it. She then licked her finger clean, smiled, and told me to continue with my clean up job. 'You're doing well, does mixed cum taste good?' she asked, I nodded as she encouraged me down her body; 'Just eat all that spunk out of my cunt now'.
Down I went; there was so much spunk in her fanny; I kept eating and swallowing but it seemed to be never ending. Lynne started to moan, she was going to orgasm again and I knew this would empty the last spunk from her into my mouth. She came and sure enough a new flow of cum went into my mouth. I looked up at her and showed her the cum in my mouth; 'Eat' she demanded 'and then you can fuck me'.
I swallowed and then thrust inside her cunt and had the best fuck I had ever had. Lynne writhed beneath me and we climaxed at the same time. She leaned over she said 'You have done the hottest thing ever, love you' and she kissed me softly on the cheek and fell asleep exhausted.

story by: Tony Lamb

Tags: masturbation blowjob fantasy bi-sexual cum swallowing gay oral sex sex story

Author: Tony Lamb

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