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I had originally posted this story with errors and asked them to remove it and after 2 weeks they did nothing but they seemed to respond in the third week so this is actually a repost. Sorry for all the trouble.
A Dream of a Night

My name is Dean and I am 18. I have dirty blonde hair with deep brown eyes. I have an average body. I must say I am a bit out of shape but I am still me. My life changed after a magical night with a very special person. We lived in a normal suburb with you average sized houses. Kids played in the streets. Riding bike and chasing each other as they went along.

I woke to my alarm going off. I put it off and checked the time. It was 8am on a Friday morning. I apparently forgot to put my alarm off because it was a public holiday. I sat up and looked around my room and opened my curtain and the sun shone brightly in. I closed my curtain again and climbed out of bed. “Dean Honey food is ready” I heard my mom calling down the hall. I wore only boxers and a shirt when I slept. I pulled on some pants and walked down the hall into the kitchen. Mom had made me some French toast and I immediately dove in and finished it in a few minutes. As I was gulping down a glass of juice mom came and sat down next to me. “Honey looks like we got some new neighbours moving in next to us” She said as we turned to look out the window to see a mover truck standing in the street. I got up and walked to the window and saw men unloading stuff. “I am going to bake a pie to take over as a housewarming gift” Mom said and I just shook my head. Never get in the way of Mom and her cooking.
The rest of the day was uneventful. I lay at the pool trying to catch some rays on my body. “Dean Honey put on a shirt we are going over to the neighbours” Mom called from inside the house. I gave a slight groan and got up and quickly jumped in the pool to cool off. I got out and dried myself off and threw on my shirt. When I entered the house I saw Mom had baked an apple tart. I took the tart from Mom and we walked over to the house next door.

Mom knocked on the door and a stunning blonde opened the door. She had red and silver streaks in her hair. Her piercing blue stared into my mine and I blushed a bit. Her body was a knock out. I would say she had 36B cup and I didn’t get a good look at her ass until she turned around to call her mom. I must have guessed she is the same age as me. Her mom appeared in the door way. “Hi we are your next door neighbours and we thought we would bring something over as a little housewarming gift” Mom said and smiled and I held out the apple tart and the girl’s mom thanked us and invited us.
The two women walked into the kitchen and talked and our younger people walked into the living room. There were still boxes of stuff standing around but they had the essentials already packed out. The girl put her hand out for me to shake and I snapped out of my trance and shook her hand. “My name is Lucy and yours” She said smiling at me with her most beautiful of smiles. “Dean my name is Dean” I replied.
She sat down and patted the seat next to her. I must say I was a little nervous being so close to her when I sat down. She was very pretty and kept smiling at me. I smiled back a few times until she finally broke the silence between us. “How long have you been staying here?” She asked and I looked at her. “About 6 or 7 years now” I replied. “It looks like a nice Lucy continued as she looked around for her mom. “Yes it is just mind the little ones they can be sometimes annoying” I replied and we both gave slight chuckle at my comment.

Both out parents came back and sat down with plates of apple tart and we ate while the two women kept on talking. When Mom finds a talkative partner she usually gets into it. Lucy and I sat in silence only catching glances of each other now and again. We were there for about an hour before we had to go because Mom wanted to start on dinner and our neighbours were tired after their long day of moving. As we were leaving I wanted to shake Lucy’s hand but instead she grabbed me for a hug. I hugged her back and her perfect tits mashed into my chest. I went to bed that night thinking about our new neighbour.
I woke up around 9am on the Saturday and decided to stay in bed. I woke up a bit later around 11am and got up. I went down stares not bothering to put on pants. I saw Mom had left me a note on the counter. “Out for the day with our neighbour won’t be home until much later”. I smiled at that and made myself some breakfast. I went outside and decided the grass needs some trimming so threw my shirt on the deck chair and got the lawn mower out of the shed and started mowing the grass. I could have sworn I was being watched because I felt some eyes burning into the back of my head. I began thinking about Lucy and what if would be like if she came over to swim with me. I turned around to see if I could see who was watching me but I could see nothing except the sound of someone cursing when I turned to the fence of our new neighbour’s house.
I walked over to the fence and peered over to see anything but I couldn’t see anything suspicious so I continued to mow the law. When I had finished I lounged around the rest of the day. Later that evening I decided to go for a dip in the swimming pool. I walked to my room to put on my swimming trunks and walked outside to see Lucy peering over the fence. She ducked down when she saw me coming but I had already seen her. “Lucy come out I have already seen you” I announced and I heard another curse and then she peeked over smiling from ear to ear. “So you were the one spying on me while I was mowing the lawn hay” I asked and she nodded and looked at my swimming trunks. From all this work in the sun and me thinking about Lucy has made me a bit hard and she saw it and giggle and I put my hand in front of my swimming trunks to try and hide my indecency.

“Care to join me for a swim” I managed to say after what seemed like ages of silence between us and Lucy nodded and disappeared behind the fence again. 5 minutes later she appeared again and hopped over the fence and landed on the grass. I helped her to her feet and she walked over to the deck chair. She started pulling her white t-shirt up over her head to reveal her white polka dot bikini top. Her breast squeezed against the triangles. I stared in a trance at her beautiful body. She had a belly ring that had blue tear drop jewel in it. She reached down and unbuttoned her pants and pulled down her light blue pants to reveal her polka dot bikini bottom. I felt my dick in my pants straining against the fabric.
Lucy looked over at me and blushed. “Is that because of me?” She asked and all I could do at that moment was nod slowly. She walked over to me and grabbed my pants in the front and kissed me on the cheek. I jumped immediately at that and she smiled a mischievous smile and jumped into the pool. I jumped after her and we swam around a bit and rough housed in the water. I stole glances at her body whenever I could. I was enjoying the fun we were having. It was becoming late and the pool light went on when the sun went down. The light off the pool reflected off of Lucy and she looked like a goddess when she came out from under the water. “Are you still a virgin” Lucy blurted out and I nearly choked on fresh air there. “Why are you asking me that now?” I said surprised at her way asking it blatantly. “I know it is a bit open but I am a curious girl and I mean we both are 18 here” She continued swimming a little closer. That confirmed my suspicion of her being the same age as me. I am a virgin” I managed to get out and she giggle slightly and swam even closer. “Are you a…” before I could finish my sentence her lips had touched mine. I must say her lips were very soft and they just seem to melt into mine. She kissed me deeper and I felt her tongue exploring my mouth and my tongue danced with hers. I put my hands around her neck and I felt her arms go under mine and hold onto my shoulders. Now I am not going to lie but I must say I have broad shoulders. A gift I got from the family.

We kissed for what seemed ages and I felt her hands travel down my back to my ass and she squeezed it and my hands moved also down to her breasts. I cupped each breast in my hand feeling their weight. It was perfect. Each one the same shape as the other. No sagging… no nothing. She broke the kiss to moan into my neck and I kissed down her neck and she threw her head back and let out a soft moan as I bit lightly into her neck. I kissed down her body and kissed between her breasts. My hands fumbled with the strings of her bikini and I managed to get them loose and I pulled her bikini top away. She looked at me and I looked at her and she nodded and I went down and sucked one of her pink nipples into my mouth. Her hands immediately gripped my hair and I continued rolling the nipple around in my mouth. I flicked my tongue over her nipple and that seemed to send her over the edge and she moaned into my ear. “Dean I am going to cum” She moaned and it just spurred me on to give the same treatment to the other nipple. He hands went from my hair to my back and she softly clawed at my back like a cat. I continued sucking on her nipple and my hands went down to untie the strings of her bikini bottom and she spread her legs as the bottom floated away. My hand went down and rubbed lightly over her shaved pussy. I couldn’t believe my luck. She was shaved! “Do you want to eat me out” Lucy whispered into my ear and I stopped sucking her nipple.

We walked over to the steps of the pool. I pulled her by her hips out of the water and put her down at the edge and I got on my knees between her legs. I knelt closer and smelled her sweet scent. I spread her lips with my fingers and leaned closer and licked her. I licked from the bottom of her slit all the way up to her clit that was pulsing. “Oh Yes that is the spot” Lucy said as she took my head and pushed me closer. I licked her clit and suckled it a bit and she rewarded me with a throaty moan. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and that sent her over the edge and she pushed my head even further as I felt her orgasm and her pussy clamp over my tongue. Her juices started flowing out of her and I lapped it up it all up. She was panting like she had been running a race. I looked up at her and she gave me an evil grin and I smiled her juices coating my face. I gave her a kiss and she squeezed my cock through my pants and I knew I needed a release quickly. “Now that you have satisfied me I want to do the same to you” She said and I put up my hand. I climbed out and scooped her beautiful body into my arms and walked into the house to my room. I laid her on the bed and we kissed again and pushed me onto my back and climb onto my legs and shimmied down. She looked up and me and gave that mischievous grin again before wrapping her hand around my cock.

My cock sprang at her touch and she slowly started jacking me up and down. Slow at first then she started picking up speed. I gave a low moan and I saw her leaning over to lick the precum that was leaking out at the top. She finished licking the precum and put her whole mouth over the head of my cock. I gasped at her starting to suck my cock. It was the most wonderful feeling I have felt in my short and colourful existence. She worked her mouth up and down up and down the whole time like a machine and I knew I was getting close. “I am almost going to cum Lucy” I said and she withdrew my cock from her mouth to my disappointment but crawled up next to me and whispered “I want you in me now!” Lucy said and I rolled and lay between her legs. I rubbed my cock along her wet slit and she rewarded me with a moan and I looked at her when I put the head of my cock between her pussy lips. She looked back at me and bit her lower lip and nodded and I pushed into her slowly. I kept going until I hit something. I guess it was her hymen. She never told me that she was a virgin. “You never told me you were a virgin I always…” before I could finish she put a finger on my lips and I took that as the signal to shut up and continue. “This might hurt a bit” I said looking into her eyes and I could see the fear but I pushed on and broke her hymen. Tears began to well in her eyes and I wiped her tears away and she nodded and I slowly began moving in and out of her tight pussy. At first she flinched but then she started purring and I continued and started going faster and faster. She moaned into my ears. “Oh my gosh that feels so good! Don’t stop please keep going!” She screamed and I continued fucking her like I was possessed.

I could feel my own orgasm building in me again and I knew I wouldn’t last long. “I am going to cum Lucy! Should I pull out?” I asked and she shook her head. “No! Shoot it in me I am on the pill” She screamed and I couldn’t hold back any longer and apparently neither could she as she started milking my cock with her orgasm. I shot rope after rope of cum into her pussy. We panted like animals and the windows of my room had steamed up from the heat coming off of us. I lay on top of her and looked into her eyes and she smiled. She managed to say between her panting. “Thank you Dean” She said and I kissed her just before she finished her sentence. It was a passionate kiss between lovers. I pulled the covers over us and she slept on my chest. That night my life changed for the better.

The End

story by: Smeagalification

Tags: fiction consensual sex first time teen male/teen female oral sex sex story

Author: Smeagalification

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